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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ramtha's "List" On Wallpaper

When you want to change your life into something more vibrant, then you think of everything and work it. So instead of only saying the affirmations from a book that I wrote them into, I've also put them into a tape recorder for night listening, and now I can sit at my computer, look at my wallpaper and refresh my mind. Here's Wallpaper One and Two with the whole list on them.

When you want them as your wallpaper, right click on the picture, open in new tab, and then you'll be able to copy the photo to your pictures folder.

And P.S. Don't listen to everything everyone ever tells you. I've said these things daily for two months, and nothing is happening. Ramtha says that a man takes 28 days, do you hear that, haha, 28 Days...to change the mind pattern, like a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. Hm. Hmhm. Wrong. It can take a fucking second of your life. But when is that second? Or perhaps a lifetime. And some...never... (shrugs)

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