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Monday, November 4, 2013

Corrupt Aliens Using Humans As A Food Source

In talking about potentials in humans, I have the ability to see visions. It's a form of communication from the Spirit. Of course that's not all it is. I am very alert to what the Spirit is expressing on a regular basis, day to day instances, such as even being able to communicate with and through little bugs and animals as well as plant life sometimes and especially inanimate life these days, such as things like the faucet, lamps, table, door etc. That's part of what this vision ability is all about. So through this I was shown a vision a few years ago.

In the vision there were many things shown to me, in abstract form. Abstract is the language of the Spirit. In one of these visions I saw myself standing, very tall, very very tall, with my one foot on the right on grass land where the humans were and my left foot standing on the black land where a bunch of demonic creatures were. In the middle proceeding far out into infinity was a very thin line, a thread of a line somewhat beige or grey coloured. I was wearing a black dress-like robe and I seemed to be a being of female-male polarity, very balanced between the two, with more female characteristics showing, since I was wearing a dress.

On the left side it was reddish light on black and as it went further left, it was pure black. There were crammed up against each other many demonic figures, like demons is what they looked like. They were in the reddish light but they were black in form and were trying to push past that little line in the middle in order to get to the humans on the other side of it. But they couldn't. That was the dividing line.

On the right side was a blue sky with the sun shining and some white clouds in the sky with a long stretch of green grass on the ground, and further in the distance far from the center line that went through my stance over it, were humans at some swing-set where their children were playing and adults around, scattered there, and further to the right where I couldn't see anymore because it was so far away, was more human life, the rest of humanity.

That's it. That was the vision. Then it changed to show another different vision, which is not important to tell about as it is personal.

So I was reading a book called, "Warning: The Alien Agenda Revealed" by Art Greenfield, and then I was doing some research. That's when I realized the vision I had was connected to this book and the research. And I had also remembered George Ivanovich Gurdjieff's story about the 'Rich Magician' who hypnotized his sheep so they wouldn't run away but would be there obliging him when he was ready to slaughter them. All I want to say is that if you as a human value your experience as a human race, then you will take heed to this message, rid yourself of fear, wake up, and begin serving others rather than being selfish and greedy for fleshly things that do not last. Love yourself and love one another is still the most important part of life, as well as "know thyself."

Anyway, click on the link above to read the book. This next part is excerpted from some of the research I did just now, which is similar to the book, explaining what is going on in the alien agenda... that some alien species see humanity only as something disposable for them. They see humanity as food, and as monkeys in a laboratory to experiment on remorselessly, similar to the kind of thing scientists do in their labs to animals, oh and sort of like the kind of things that the medical profession does to cancer patients and such with all their radiation and poisons.

The way humanity has been herded away from their gentle little friendly farms, pushed into the city by some 'alien' force which has bought up all the land in order to mass produce cattle, swine, and chickens (and genetically modified crops) in order to carelessly feed the residents of planet Earth with...and then they tell us we are doing it, but that is a lie. Not all humanity behaves the same way.

Were we to be left alone without the corrupt alien intrusion, (there are healthy aliens too, not just corrupt ones) we would all have little farms where the animals could live out their lives before they are then disposed of care-fully to be used as food. And there would be a lot less animal farming and a heck of a lot more vegetable and fruit crops. And we would nurture the soil, not with poisons, but with intelligent ways.

So there is a mind-game going on here, and they are trying to make us think that we are solely responsible for all that they have shoved upon us. But it takes two to fuckin tango, U know?

Nevertheless, we are responsible, it is our life, and we must behave like it, and begin to take back our sovereignty, fighting against corrupt forces in a new way...no dirty filthy corrupt weapons...because the Spirit is more powerful than any weapon, we need to put the Spirit to use first and foremost. We need to clean up this planet. Remove the foul alien presence, and become friends with the healthy aliens, and work together.

Here is the excerpt:

Human Genocide: Cover-up Operations for ALIEN HARVESTING ? !

When our inner voice disagrees with the standard issue 'pasteurized cover story' we wind up wondering if we haven't gone mad. But it isn't schizophrenic to think autonomously in defiance of our social conditioning, especially today when it is worn thin around the edges, offering greater glimpses of reality from the painted backdrop. If there are no aliens, then we are barking up the wrong tree wondering if Genocide is related to Aliens. However, if Aliens do indeed exist and are known to intervene in Earthly affairs, then it is more likely than not that they would be present in different venues, not merely restricting their actions to signing diplomatic treaties with our governments or entering into technology transfers with our military.

 For example, to speculate about the why's and wherefore's of such a phenomenon we could justly wonder whether Aliens may have demanded a tribute of human flesh since the beginning of their presence and intervention on Earth. If so, a deal might have been struck that this would be provided as long as they didn't 'help themselves'? Thus it would have been arranged discretely through acts of warfare in which those engaged had already agreed that they might perish, usually providing a certain freshness of meat just as we prefer veal to beef. Armies would form by recruiting youths, tender and healthy strapping boys well fed on their family's farm. Historically such corn-fed country boys would be enlisted by sergeant recruiters and taken away to die in distant places, never to be seen again by their families.

 If this has been the case in recent wartime events of contemporary history, then we can speculate that similar circumstances may have surrounded wars of earlier times. What is known today as Belgium once served as the main battlefield of Europe. It was a flat land that was used for large Military maneuvers where armies from all parts of the continent would arrange to convene to fight their wars in major large scale battles. From the 17th to the 19th century what is known today as Belgium used to be a dedicated battlefield often changing sovereignty which could more appropriately be referred to as a "killing field" where most European nations purged their societies of restless youths.

 It could be construed that this was done by related monarchs by arrangement among themselves to ensure greater political stability to their autocratic regimes, but Belgium today also happens to be the location on Earth with the largest number of UFO sightings. While it has been scoffed off as due to an overconsumption of monastic beers, it more likely testifies a specific focus of visiting Aliens on such a location. It also happens to be where Shape headquarters was relocated in the sixties and where we find an Alien controlled European Union under the Alien leadership of the goblinesque EU President Baron Herman Van Rompuy and his sidekick Baroness Ashton.

 What possibly used to be 'sharecropping' contracted out to a few Royal families in Europe today appears to have evolved into a more direct form of control by Aliens placing their own at the head of new larger regional farms on Earth. It can be presumed that for the Amero region in North America a similar controlling secret government exists as well as for the other major regions of the planet, awaiting their merger into a single Alien Global Farm Government.

 It wasn’t until late in the afternoon of Feb. 25 that the press pool was permitted to see where the attack occurred. There were groups of Iraqi prisoners. About 2,000 had surrendered. But there were no bodies, no stench of feces that hovers on a battlefield, no blood stains, no bits of human beings. “You get a little firefight in Vietnam and the bodies would be stacked up like cordwood,” Daniel said. Finally, Daniel found the Division public affairs officer, an Army major.

“Where the hell are all the bodies?” Daniel said.

“What bodies?” the officer replied.

 Daniel and the rest of the world would not find out until months later why the dead had vanished.

 Thousands of Iraqi Soldiers Vanished from Battlefield

 Some have suggested that it is an Alien presence similar to the carnivorous Wraith seen in the series Stargate Atlantis, others that there are dragon-like Reptoid alien predators called Dracos assisted by Grey EBEs, yet others that they are dimensional entities called demons at the service of a more formidable and Evil being called the Devil. Regardless of what they are, and whether Stargates come into the picture or not, we can note a historical pattern of human farming and alien control of Earth using advanced technology, and assisted by a cult following which in today's variant are known as the complicit Illuminati and their more or less clued-in masonic underlings.

 Regarding the different aspect of Alien penetration of our airspace as being possibly related to war deaths and genocide victims disappearing, here is one of the unusual news reports which brings us to ask ourselves questions. I just wonder why many bodies seem to not be accounted for. Is it because it is the ugly and grizzly side of war nobody wants to deal with and rather than confront the unsavory reality of the death toll bodies are tossed into secret mass graves and disposed of summarily? If so why no witness accounts? Also, why go to such pains to repatriate many other bodies of fallen soldiers for national burial or to be returned to their families? The missing bodies have gone somewhere, but where?

 In an earlier posting I mentioned that some years ago the American forces in Afghanistan had herded suspected Taliban troops into the shipping container storage boxes which are placed onto tractor trailer trucks or train cars. They were then reportedly taken hundreds of miles away and once opened they were discovered dead of asphyxia lumped atop one another as they had been packed in like livestock. Just how many of such shipments were made, and to where, cannot be known without access to classified military logs and we can even wonder whether these may not have been shredded since. Suffice it to know that such methods of moving living humans were used by the American commanders in the battlefield.

 Obama Orders Probe Into Deaths of Taliban Prisoners in Afghanistan

 It can also be noted, if you examine short wave radio military broadcasts from both camps engaged in battle, that the numbers of casualties reported are alarmingly different from one another for a given battle, causing great difficulty in ascertaining how many dead there actually were. While this has been attributed to purposeful false reporting for propaganda reasons involving troop morale, that explanation is difficult to validate given the systematic pattern of such discrepancies and their invariably large discrepancies at each occasion.

 Regarding the American military use of space age laser weapons in occupied Iraqi territory, I ran a Google search using as keywords "iraq laser weapons" and among the many interesting links it produced the following news item:

 Laser Weapons in Iraq

 The wounds inflicted by these weapons may well resemble the wounds produced in the very unusual and unexplained human and cattle mutilations seen in numerous remote areas of Earth. Regardless of what is actually going on behind the scenes, we must be vigilant as it is not only to investigate the deaths of millions of our former compatriots of battles past, but also to uncover the underlying mechanism of death, possibly administered by the Order of Death also known as Skull & Bones? Does our Elite serve up their compatriates to Aliens as sustenance to be devoured and/or for their souls to be harvested, in order to save their own necks as well as ensure their own dominance over our species of farm animals, perpetuating the inhumanity of the human condition?



0:24:42 / 1:24:15

Doctor: Well I've nothing to tell you except that Miss Damien has taken my advice as a Doctor. She's been living in an area of infection, and she's removed herself from it.

Stranger: I take it you consider me part of the general contamination?

Doctor: No, you've come here for information not diagnosis. I usually charge a fee for insulting people.

Stranger: I'm willing to pay for data of any kind.

Doctor: Yes, I'd gathered that. But I have nothing for sale.

Stranger: I suppose you're being very ethical, but I'd like to talk to Madeleine, in your presence if you wish.

Doctor: Miss Damien is living under a different name in a different world, she told me to tell you if you inquired, that she was busy growing a new soul. Now would you please keep off the grass. Good bye Mr. Courtland.

Stranger: Goodbye Doctor. Doesn't it ever worry you playing the Old Mighty in this fashion?

Doctor: Not particularly. I'm used to it.

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