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Sunday, November 17, 2013


Q:What if you don't have a sparkle in your eyes, because there's no smile inside?
A: Then use your lazer beams. You don't need a sparkle.

Honesty is the best policy.
But you don't have to show everything you know.

Just go with the flow.

Q: "Are we dunsville?"
A: "Oh, is that place finished too?"
M: (for mediator) Whell then, let's move along!

Have I got news for you, Illuminati, and stupid Humanity. I know what you both want.
And I know, you are not going to get it.


(This Law states, if I'm not going to get what I want, then you won't get what You want Either!)

(Now imagine Alfred Hitchcock, the way he talks... and read this next statement).

This Awareness wishes you to look at your life
in a manner of moment-to-moment
wherein you see yourself moving from one moment into another,
that you realize, each moment has its own incompletion : that there is a Law known as the Eternal
Unfulfillment, which states there can never be completion or fulfillment in any moment,
for if there were, there would be no further moment ; and as each moment contains
within itself all that is essential for that moment, so also each moment contains
within itself an emptiness, a vacuum, an unfulfillment that is essential and necessary
to lead into the following moments. The Law of Eternal Unfulfillment states that every
moment has something missing and is incomplete, and every moment has something that is
present, total, and complete.
And when one can accept this Law of Eternal Unfulfillment,
the greed-creating obsession to be fulfilled will cease to be.

I do, like to twist the dagger.
Now on to our movies...

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