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Monday, November 18, 2013

The "Case" of Humanity

Or is it the Casket?

Ramtha, and Rob Zombie are correct. Humans are nothing but carcasses or zombies walking around, more interested in their dead surface than the life that could be theirs if only they would pay some attention to other than their infant interests.

The problem with IGnorant humanity is that instead of communicating with each other, they just manipulate each other. And the reason why they manipulate instead of communicate is because each one has their own personal agenda to be greater than all the others, to have the most, to get only what they want, who the fuck cares about everyone else. And therefore it is no wonder the 'evil' aliens were attracted here, and it is no wonder the "Illuminati" were created and employed in EXACTLY the same manner this blob called humanity was already dealing with one another.

And many times I thought how nice it would be to just extinguish that entire blob of defect, but because the Son through the Father has seen the truth, the Father's Will, well it's going to take a different avenue...which means each ignoramus individually must be dealt with, in order to break them nutcases out of the nut and free some conscience out of them.

And I take this time to thank those entities, those forces, for assisting me with this grievous problem.

No matter how many religions, so called churches these days, have spoken love yourself and love others like you love yourself, they have totally IGnored the entire message, and opted instead to hate their own self and hate all others the way they hate themselves. Nice picture huh? Now picture me looking at this heinous race, from the very beginning, watching and dealing with this. You can't force anyone to do anything. It's up to them to open up their ears, their eyes, their hearts, their minds, in order to learn. But when they refuse consistently over so looooong a period of existing, it really becomes a matter of what we are now dealing with today. The absolute negative. This just may utterly destroy them, but... I was told to take risks. And since I have never taken any risk of this measure before, it just may decimate them all...but, I have faith, because when I am told by Father to take a risk, then I know, in my own self, this is the last resort and only one left and it shall be employed. This individual treatment, is a lot safer than the OTHER kinds of treatment I was thinking of doing.

Good Luck to you all.

Signed :
The Black One.

And now it has gone into the day after the full moon...into seizure...

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