Daily Moon Phases

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Thievery Corp-oration.

You know, I thought of this, that their name is 'evil-sounding' but that when you listen to them, you go AWWE because they're so damn good. Well, just like the name Belialith. Sounds sooooooo evul.
But is ssssssso good.


 Hey Mulder, Where's your Lebanese Blonde? 
Andy can you see me? Ha! Haha.

Who's Skully?

This fuckin damn band is. Just listen to the SssKill.
You're so wonderful!        How to describe it?
The worst thing is to say, "how to describe it." Why? Because, HOW can one describe haha the Spirit?
You can't.
Check em out.
You CAN'T DEScribe it. You Think you can But you Know you can't...you can't describe it.....
All Dr.essed in Blacka
With Silver Buttons
All Down Her backa
 Oh crackah
ha ha ha ha 

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