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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Disclosing Countries' Leaders Agendas

Have I got some news for you! Read this:

Disclosing Countries' Leaders Agendas
Blue Star the Pleiadian
12-25-13 to 2-25-2014


      Now, there are many insolent world leaders who have no pity, no compassion, no visions of a better life for the peoples they are supposed to be caring for. Many scurrilous plans are afoot while many other plans are being tested to see how well they will work. These are the leaders of the world who are now more so than ever before screaming and clawing at one another because each of these men AND women are suddenly consumed with an insatiable thirst to rule this world by any means necessary. It is always interesting to watch how thieves and murderers have a falling out with one another; they have NO honesty yet their jealousy knows no bounds. Israeli’s Netanyahu is NOT the savior of the Jewish people that he is thought to be by so many peoples. He is in fact a tyrant, a megalomaniac and a man who has been using Hitler’s former plans as a foundation he needs to set the Jewish peoples who live all over this planet into a “we are the world” position of strength and prominence. He is willing to do so regardless of the lives it would cost. He is a very angry, very loathsome individual. You see, he learned from all of Hitler’s mistakes of judgment. He also has planted many cells in many countries but particularly in the country of America. There are literally hundreds of them that have been sent into the entertainment industry, politics and medical fields as a means of not only sabotaging peoples’ minds, but to become part of the movers and shakers who willingly take these cells in and befriend them. Yes, some of the people who do this do KNOW who the other person is. Some do not know but suspect. However, money does talk and they LIKE to listen to it. 25 years ago this plan was initially implemented in a bigger way than it had been. All Netanyahu has done is refine it more.

      Truly Israel is a small country with many good people living there, but they willingly believe the lies which have been the basis of their religious beliefs, and these beliefs are the antithesis of the truth. No Jew was chosen to be part of the “chosen people.” ALL people are the chosen ones! You see, it is so easy to con-dition a person’s mind to believe that he or she, in this case the entire Jewish tribe, was chosen by God. It makes them feel special; Many Middle Eastern people are willing martyrs to their faiths, even though they are incorrect. With Netanyahu however, he carefully and insidiously plants the same type of thoughts in the peoples’ minds there and does so because his agenda is world dominion. This is a very dangerous individual! Tell me Planetizens, which is the greater wrong here? Is it Netanyahu who has his tentacles wrapped around all countries, or is it his own people who choose to unquestioningly believe in him and follow his orders? There is a small minority of men there as well as a few females in Israel who are quietly trying to defuse his plans; however they are too small in number to succeed. Netanyahu is unfortunately very adept at buying other world leaders. He promises them much and speaks of them scornfully behind their backs. He sees the world as his playing field and he has no intention of losing.

      He is in collusion with nearly all of the prosperous world leaders. He knows how to control peoples because of all he learned from studying Hitler’s plans; “use compromise skillfully but be sure it is to your advantage, order, order, order those under your command to do your bidding and “disappear them” if they do not.” Also, “find each country’s weakness and hammer on it, lie as much as possible and threaten everyone who defies you. Use money and power schemes as a means to bring the other countries to their knees then divide and conquer ALL.” Now, Hitler was far too flamboyant in a decadent way, yet Netanyahu believes he knows where Hitler failed and is obsessed with having Israel rule the world. Netanyahu knows when to become quiet and when to strike and he always strikes without compassion, without full warnings and justifies as little as possible of what he does. The Jews have become almost robotic over the years, much as have the Arabs. Each generation contaminates each upcoming generation and so the dance of the macabre has continued. However, NOW each world leader senses an urgency about fortifying their positions in the world and continuing to align with other leaders who can bring them more control. Each believes they are the most cunning, the most intelligent and THE ONE who will best the others. They are ALL wrong!

      Kim Jong-Un the alleged leader of North Korea is a classic example of a man with little intelligence but one who has learned cunning. He is indeed like Netanyahu in many ways; he is a danger to this world! These two share much more in common than you ones realize. Kim is a lunatic to be sure while Netanyahu is cold but cunning. Kim believes he can takeover South Korea and then invade other countries. He is a true sadist and should be seen for what he is. He has murdered many, many people, yes, children as well, Kim is a true sociopathic entity. He is deeply damaged emotionally yet is almost paranoid about many things. He has a serious alcohol and drug problem and takes great pleasure from causing pain to others. Like Netanyahu however, Kin too has secretly studied Hitler’s dogma and plans to use those ideas against the world in general. Yet each of these two men are dangerously jealous of the other and consider the other to be inferior. There are many death plots in the planning state for Kim and more than a few for Netanyahu. Other leaders in the Middle East are equally loathsome when it comes to the treatment of the peoples, but some stand out more than others. The Mid-East shall implode; it is just a matter of which circumstances will take place that will cause this to happen.

      Queen Elizabeth and the Vatican control ¾ of this world’s assets and landmasses. She is of the all-too-common belief that she was appointed by royal birthright and can do whatever she wants to. Few peoples in this world realize that ALL royalty have prearranged marriages and consorts are chosen by status. Now, you ones would be amazed at the numbers of inbreeding which occurs in the royal families! Africa is at the core of a huge bidding war; the one who wins Africa is seen as the one who can control other hemispheres. So the Africans, the true Africans suffer and die as a result of the inhumanity which haunts their continent. Pay attention please to how the world leaders live; how lavishly their “perks” are while the peoples continue to live and die in poverty. The political climate EVERYWHERE is now approaching a deafening crescendo of the big party split. This is good; it is necessary and could happen no other way. Very shortly you will learn of scandals in politics which will have far-reaching consequences. Please to continue to send Light to all countries but especially to your OWN. It would require many, many pages of writings to bring you updates on all that is coming so instead I will leave you ones with some sage advice. “Change” must ALWAYS be the catalyst for present and future growth. This is but one pivotal reason you are here; to not only bear witness but to continue to BE. You are doing a marvelous job, even though you can not see it in yourself. You are becoming role models not only for the new peoples, but for yourselves! Never stop believing! I wish for you to enjoy the upcoming New Year and use your “gifts” to enhance ALL that you Created. I am signing off now …

Salude … Blue Star the Pleiadian

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