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Sunday, January 12, 2014

S.O.S. - Stop Out-of-Control Science by The Health Ranger

This is an excellent article showing what dangers are already all round our planet and that we need to stand up for our right to live healthfully without those dangers.... and CLEAN THEM UP!

S.O.S. - Stop Out-of-Control Science by The Health Ranger

Stop Out-of-Control Science!

GOOD Science is the quest for understanding and knowledge.
DANGEROUS science is the quest for profits and power at the expense of humanity.

Science must exist to serve the long term interests of humanity, not to serve the short-term profits of corp-orations.

 To PROTECT the future of life on Earth, science must operate under the Precautionary Principle: "If an action or policy has a suspected risk of causing harm to the public or to the environment, the burden of proof that is NOT harmful falls on THOSE TAKING the action."

In other words, scientists must PROVE their experiments are NOT dangerous before being allowed to unleash them upon the world!

GMOs, chemical pesticides, antibiotics, nuclear power, vaccines, fluoride, are all examples of DANGEROUS SCIENCE that was unleased onto the world without any proof of their long term safety.


Level I : Physical pollution - such as dust or other relatively inert material.

Level II : Chemical pollution - reactive chemicals that interact with biological systems.

Level III : Radiological pollution - ionizing radiation that persists in the environment (Cesium-137, for example).

Level IV : Self-replicating pollution - GMOs are "replicating" pollutants that can never be entirely cleaned up. The same may be true with self-replicating nanotechnology and bio-weapons.

Level V : Artificial Intelligence - absent strict safety testing and controls, A.I. may gain awareness and decide human beings are a threat to the future of life in the universe.

-The Health Ranger

'scientific' experiments threatening the survival of the human race:

1. Nuclear Power - Fukushima disaster in particular.

2. GMOs - Self-replicating genetic pollution.

3. Nano-Technology - Self-replicating microscopic machines.

4. BioWeapons - Self-replicating microscopic weapons.

5. Atmospheric Experiments - Haarp and high-altitude spraying.

6. Artificial Intelligence - A.I., when coupled with killer drone hardware.

7. Particle Accelerator Physics Experiments - Large Hadron Collider.

8. Pollinator Disruption Chemicals - Synthetic pesticides that destroy honey bee colonies.

9. Weaponized Vaccines - Live cross-species viral material being injected into human targets.

10. Antibiotics - They cause the rise of deadly superbugs.

11. Water Pollution With Fluoride And Mercury - 'scientific' dentistry.

12. Nuclear Weapons - And the global threat of nuclear winter.

SOLUTIONS for stopping dangerous science before it's too late:

*RECALL all non-safety-proven technologies from the world: GMOs, fluoride, flu shots, nanotechnology, nuclear power, antibiotics, bioweapons and more.

*REQUIRE proof of safety before non-natural chemicals, processes or technologies are allowed to be released into the world.

*END PATENTS on all seeds, genes, medicines, molecular and other 'intellectual property' that is used to enrich corp-orations and exploit humanity.

*Develop and TEACH a scientific creed of serving humanity, protecting life and operating with ethics. Require all scientists to sign and swear an allegiance to the creed. (And hold them to it, or fine them and remove them from their place if they refuse to abide by it.)

*DECOMMISSION all nuclear power plants around the world and end the era of dangerous nuclear power on planet Earth. (And pull those free energy inventions off the governments back shelves which they stole from humanity for many decades.)

*OUTLAW the genetic engineering of seeds, eggs, and embryos. These are crimes against nature that put our very survival at risk.

*Operate scientific experiments only under STRICT QUARANTINE (physical, logical, chemical, or as appropriate).

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