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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Spirit Communicates In Abstract Language. Evidence:

Something very unusual happened today, Tuesday January 14, 2014. Right out of the blue.

      It all started when I visited the comments section of Alex Jones' video "Revelations On The New World Order." I had read half of them yesterday, as I enjoy becoming informed about what the people have to say, and I didn't finish the whole thing because there were soooooo many and I needed to get other things done that day. So I visited them today, and I started at the very bottom this time going up. When I got to this one young man's comment, Christopher Traylor, well I really liked his comment. I thought that it was divinely expressed. So after I read it, I clicked on his name which took me to his YouTube site. There was only one video on it. So I pressed on to check out the video. This is the video. It's called "Just for you!"

Now when I saw it, I was amazed at the beauty of it. I felt drawn in. For such a short amount of time...it's a unique feeling to get so drawn in that it leaves a great impact on you. You know? Timeless.

Well I moved along, finished reading all the other comments, then went to work on research again. I opened up the link in my blog "Every Monarchy Today Is A Fraud Because Of The Roman Catholic Church." There, I opened the link at top to see that the article which I had excerpted from there, didn't start until at the very bottom of that page. I went there and found where the original link to that excerpt was and went there. "The Greatest Fraud (The Donation of Constantine) by Nicholas de Vere." When I read this entire article, I was so impressed with the intelligence of the written work, that I took the name of the author at the bottom of the page and did a Google search on him. "Nicholas de Vere." I clicked on "Images for Nicholas de Vere" and that is when I began observing all the similarities in facial structures throughout the different ages of portraits and pictures of the men portrayed. I mean like, REALLY similar, that I thought this might be the same man reincarnated all throughout the ages haha. Seriously. To this very day.

First place I stopped at was here: "Edward De Vere: The Man Who Was Shakespeare"

Then I went here: "DRAGON Labyrinth 2012"

I scrolled down the page for a short while and oh my goodness....guess what I saw???

This picture: "Dragon God-Kings & Cosmic Punctuation."

(do you see how the "Keys" make the cross at the bottom of this picture? And how in Christ-opher Traylor's video "Just For You!" has the cross at the END of the video, like these keys are at the END of the picture, the bottom left-hand corner. Dahrling, this is the abstract language! And do you know how LIKE attracts to LIKE? Well when I went through all the comments on Alex Jones' video site, I saw the name "King David" being used, and the strangest thing is, that is where I put my first comment. (I was upset that King David was negatively expressing himself about the situation, so I replied about that. Then I realized after reading all the comments, that this guy is intelligent. He was just going through a down period, just like you and I go through every once in a while, and so we need to help bring each other back up again.) So King David is the sign that I'm talking about. That Christopher Traylor is probably the one who has the Holy Grail's DNA, he just may be the offspring of the Christ, who the Cassiopaeans tell us had three wives and each of them had one child, so that is three children who all had offspring, which is the Holy Grail...about 300,000 of them on Earth today! And because of the Archontic intrusion in our world, the Merovingian, the Holy Grail, the Christ DNA, was knocked out of position because of that false Constantine Donation by a fake saint germ/psychopath.)

I was SO surprised. When I thought back to that young man's comment, I recognized that he had that type of divinity emanating in his words which resembled a king, a young king, a king nevertheless. And then going on to his YouTube site and seeing that video he had up "Just for you!"

Whell, it took me FULL CIRCLE through Nicholas de Vere, who I also felt was divine in his expressions, to the picture on HIS site, (well maybe not exactly his site per se, but HIS site definitely!), Dragon God-Kings & Cosmic Punctuation, where there is a full circle of dragons biting each others tail around the same universe picture of an EYE that was in Christopher Traylor's unusually abstract video. The Spirit speaks in Abstract Language! You can imagine my surprise. And then I landed on a site with Nicholas de Vere in an interview, and I lay on my bed listening to the sound of his voice and I knew there was something divine in that voice. Not only the language, the voice too.

Nicholas de Vere on Royal Vampirism, Guardians of the Holy Grail.
  (Royal Vampirism? Yea, the Archons had vampirised the Royal Line and replaced themselves, the psychopathic line, into it instead, through that Constantine Donation Deception!)

ExQUIsite. His voice sounds like half an English accent, half a French accent, and like there are other accents there too, such as, like my landlords nationality, Romanian. He must know many languages for me to hear so many accents. Wow. What a very mysterious find I came across today. I am now going to research the heck out of this one. Ha! Totally.

Well, gotta go. Lots of work to do.


9:33am Wednesday January 15, 2014

Here is Christopher Traylor! Wow, this man is excellent. This is the message I read yesterday, and he has put it into a video, and I'm showing to you what I saw yesterday in his words. This guy is truly divine, kingly. Check it out people:

( "The Dragon" is a term I use generally to mean the dragon archetype resting within the Dragon blood and passed on through the genes. It is the conduit through which flow the memories of the wisdom and experience of the Dragons who have gone before. The word "dragon" is derived from the Greek "edrakon", which is an aorist of the word "derkesthai", which means "to see clearly". "The Dragon" therefore is the inherited Dragon archetype and that archetype is the conduit of clear sight through which racial knowledge flows. Clear sight also and principally refers to transcendent consciousness.")

     Yesterday as I was reading the DeVere Lineage on the Dragon Labyrinth 2012 site, I realize there is a lot of complicated information and knowledge on there, and that many people who aren't into researching will have a hard time comprehending the material. Most things need to be read in a mult-dimensional way, otherwise you fall into the trap of labeling something as simply 'good' or 'evil' without comprehending the subtleties and nuances of all the multidimensional things to be found in there. To a regular person reading this who knows a little something about the elite, they're most likely going to think this stuff is evil straight off the bat. But you see, there is more to life than black & white judgments. One must, like David Icke says, suspend your personal judgments in order to open your mind and search for what IS there, besides what you only think is there. Ok, here is an example of what I mean. It comes from the book by John Lamb Lash called "Not In HIS Image." Page 304:

     "The Dreamtime is actional in all events in nature and within the human psyche. In this way the purity and essence of primeval or first-time reality pervades all phenomena in the passing moment. For Gnostics, the magical ancestors of the Dreamtime were the Pleromic Aeons. With the boundless, selfless generosity typical of divinities, they endow part of their infinite power in creatures of their Dreaming, inhabitants of emergent worlds.

     The Sophia mythos explains specifically how the imaginative power epinoia came to be endowed in humanity. In episode 6, the Mother Star (Sabaoth) becomes the central sun of our planetary system. Concurrent with this event, Zoe, the "first daughter" of the Aeon Sophia, imparts "the luminous epinoia" to humanity. Right after the shaming of the Demiurge, Sophia points out to the chief Archon that Humanity stands above him, and will prevail over him:

Now when Sabaoth had taken up the place of refuge in return
for her metanoia, Pistis the Sophia gave to the Mother Star her
daughter Zoe together with great authority so that she might
instruct her about all things that exist in the Ogdoad. (On the
Origin of the World, 104.26-31)

Zoe is "life force," but not just as manifested in biological creaturely life. Zoe is everlasting, self-renewing life."


From the post before this one, I have a link which I would like to excerpt from,
 "Revelations Awareness, The Cosmic Newsletter 2008-9 Issue No. 627."

Cosmic Awareness' closing message, page 15 of 18 pages:

     "There is indeed a closing message at this time. This Awareness has introduced some very complex and challenging information in this session, but it is good that this is so, for it is time for the many to expand their consciousness, to open up to the new concepts that will one day be the everyday reality of the majority of beings. The concept of multidimensionality, the concept of parallel lives, probable lives, the concept of aspects of consciousness being integrated into an individual thus creating several aspects within one host's body; these are all concepts that are true and of value, but for many are not understood, or even reflected upon.

     These times coming will require an expansion of consciousness and awareness, to bring into effect a reality that is based on such understanding and truths. This is what exists beyond the box, and for many who are not comfortable with this, and who would rather have a supreme deity who governs them and commands them and tells them what to do and feel, how to act and how to be, such concepts will not only be challenging, they will be considered as evil. However, evil is in the mind of the beholder.

     For an individual to think beyond the box, to be willing to live a life based upon a reality that is other than that which is prescribed by those who have power and define reality, is very much needed at this time, for the Ascension process requires it. It requires an expansion of awareness and consciousness, a reaching out to new levels of awareness and reality, for reality will always reflect awareness. It is time for individuals to understand that they are MUCH MORE than what they think they are. Each individual is much more than what he or she might think they are.

     This Awareness has much more to say about multidimensionality and IT will indeed speak more to this theme in times to come. This Awareness is done and complete at this time."


An excerpt from "My Kingdom is Not of This World - Interview with Nicholas De Vere Von Drakenberg by Tracy R. Twyman"

TT: If a person believes that they have the Dragon gene, and they want to start developing the powers inherent in their blood, what course would you suggest they follow?

NDV: Developing powers for their own sake isn't magic, it's greed, and greed and ambition are the destroyers of transcendent Dragon perception. Power flows naturally for those whose vision is clear, and clear perception will determine that those powers are used with detachment. Jesus said "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you." The fact of the matter is that to Dragons, Dragon magic is simple and straightforward and fundamentally it relies in discovering simplicity and stillness within the self.


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