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Friday, January 24, 2014

Unstable Insane Illuminati Madmen

Here is a great video by Alex Jones explaining just what the madmen are up to. Of course hahaha they want to rUle the Werld! and so they've planned to kill 6.5 billion people so there are only five hundred million which would make it really easy for them to rule over that much. They can't seem to figure out that peaceful and harmonious living amongst all beings is the answer...and that giving us back our free energy creative inventions that they've stolen, can actually make this planet a very pleasant place to be on...and then we could add a few more billion to make 20 billion and still everyone would be able to live a very sweet and pleasant existence.

So, watch this movie to inform yourselves on what insanity is all about, so that you don't take that road to ... you know where.

New World Order: Blueprint of Madmen

P.S. For those people who are still ignorant of what's going on, it's not the American's who are trying to take control of the world...hahaha... The group who has conspired for many years to take control of the planet is not from any one country. They are a small group of psychopaths all over the planet. You can read a few blogs down about the Committee of 300 to get an idea of what's going on. The plan that those psychopaths have is to get you to hate a certain country, whether the Americans, or the Arabs, or the Germans, etc, so that they could have you fighting against each other which makes it easier for them to get in there and control, meaning to take over your rights by handing you some solution that will only benefit them and not you. So be aware of what you are thinking or feeling. Stop judging the people around you based on surface information. Do your own research. Watch, look, listen, and understand.

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