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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

How To Know Whether To Trust Or Not To Trust.

This is from the book called "Who, In Fact, You Really Are" by Cosmic Awareness.

     "In terms of one's security in BEing, in relation to others, there comes the concern about the "face," the appearance one presents. This may be compared to the packaging of the individuality where one presents his individuality with a certain type of wrapping, ribbons, artwork, or other trappings to enchant the public who the individual wishes to relate with.

As the individual creates his or her own type of packaging, there comes that feeling which comes to all, where the purpose is looked at....the purpose of relating to another....can be many levels. When the purpose is to relate because there is a relationship and someone with whom to relate, then this purpose is in total balance and harmony, and needs no further realignment or adjustment.

     But when the purpose of relating is to acquire, to evaluate, or to sell (this in terms of the business of selling one's wares, oneself, or of buying something for one's own gratification or needs), when the motive is based on business of this type of exchange, then the relationship is not in total harmony or balance, and adjustments must be made to bring the scales back into alignment.

     In the world of business, which may be anything from selling your product to selling yourself to another, or purchasing a product or another through partnership, agreement, marriage, or some other form of contract; In the world of business, entities can look out and be concerned about their own packaging and whether or not they are presenting their best face, putting their best foot forward, or whether they are letting it 'all hang out' where the shopper can see the blemishes, spots, discolorations, and in this manner experience what may be called "truth in packaging."

     Where the entity presents himself with the concern of selling his or her ideas, being, to a buyer; this action of seeking to impress can become a reflection of one's self worth, where the entity having a certain respect for oneself presents that respect in terms of packaging. Or, this can be a packaging where the outer surface areas present an attractive adornment that becomes a saleable product, but within that package is nothing but greed, hostility, hatred, and other forms of GARBAGE. (Like monsantos and their GMO's hidden in the food).

     The problem for entities in relating to the world "out there, outside of myself," is the problem of discerning, "How far should I give myself in this business arrangement, of selling myself and my energies, of taking and exchanging energies with others? How far shall I go into this action when so often I give forth my best and receive rotten fruit in return?" This is the problem that causes the breakdown in trust.

Consider the concept of trust:

- How far should I trust this or that entity?
- How far can I trust myself?
- Should I trust you?
- Should you trust me?
- Is there any reason for us to trust one another?

This Awareness asks you to look also at the concept of distrust:

- Should you distrust everyone?
- Should you distrust yourself?
- Should you distrust yourself for distrusting everyone?
- Should you trust yourself in distrusting everyone?

     It is suggested you look carefully at the concept of trust and distrust, and visualize a scale balancing, where your values as they truly are, regardless of the packaging, with the blemishes, with your highest and lowest qualities, your most beautiful and precious parts, and those parts which are most ugly, and all of these being placed on one side of the scale, and on the other side of the scale another entity, having also blemishes and jewels in the being.

     Looking at this entity that represents all entities outside yourself, ask yourself, "How much of myself shall I entrust into this other entity in order to balance the scales between us? Shall I give him or her my best, or my mediocre, or just hand them some of my garbage?"

     Look carefully at the concept of entrusting yourself your concepts your ideas your being your feelings your love your devotion your loyalty. In entrusting these qualities of yourself, your energies, your work, your vitality (entrusting this to another entity on the other side of the scale); Why should you entrust this in order to have a balanced scale? Would it not be just as easy to keep yourself and all that is yours to yourself, and let the scales go awry? Or should one balance the scales?

     The entity who cannot exchange energies with those forces outside oneself, begins to collect the energies of the Universe upon oneself in a manner where the life becomes heavy and the concept of "being oneself" becomes heavier and heavier, and the matter of being oneself becomes very grave indeed. And the gravity does weigh the scales of life down upon the shoulders of that entity, where the entity is constantly struggling to maintain that which is "self," and the very action of living becomes a hardship of the most burdensome type.

     Where the entity begins to lighten up on self and becomes less self-concerned, and more aware of others and the relationship with others, where the entity can exchange, give and take energies from others, and where the entity can learn to relate; the possibility of lighter living becomes such that harmony, balance, joy, and beauty become the way of life rather than struggling, as with the heavy self-concerned entity.

     When the entity, in learning to give and exchange aspects of oneself

                                                                                                                       with another,

                                                                                            begins to look more deeply
                 at the concept of trust.... the awareness may come
that there is no need for trst when one becomes
aware of another, and relates clearly with
that other.

For, when there is clear relationship, the balancing of the energies occurs without the need for trust, and the action of trust is more of a by-product of the clear relationship, rather than a cause bringing about the relationship.

     When any entity asks you to trust them, be very careful and distrusting of such an entity; for there is no need to trust anyone when you truly know that entity to be what they are.

     There is no need to trust or distrust when you see the entity clearly and when you can relate clearly enough to discover any areas in your relationship with that entity that needs to be examined more carefully. In this manner, the truth in packaging appears more like a packaging which has see-through wrapping where you look through all the glitter and glowing of the entity to the reality of the substance within. And when you cannot find the ingredients (you cannot bake a cake) clearly, you examine this before wasting your precious time, life, monies, wealth, or values upon that entity.

     Would you to choose to take your chance and believe the packaging, discovering the contents are empty or foul, then you have learned a valuable lesson regarding that product and therefore have received your reward for your investment. If you do not learn your lesson from this, and continue believing all the further packages, coverings, and taking everything at face value, (most politicians), then you can expect to continue experiencing the deception of the packaging syndrome.

     When you examine closely, looking deeper, and learn which products, which producers, which entities are of rare quality, and do your business and relationship with these entities, then therein lies the possibility of an integrity in relationship that grows ever and ever more strong, and begins having its effect on the world around. In this manner, a marriage, a partnership, a business arrangement -- these harmonies can bring about alchemical effects in consciousness that give a type of security and harmony to other businesses, other partnerships, other marriages and their offspring.

     There is no way to discover the inside of a package by what is presented outside, except by looking more deeply and carefully. Therefore, when entities are careless in terms of their relationships with others, when entities grab this or that package for the color, the glitter-glamour of the outside trappings, then the entity begins having empty packages of substance or quality in his or her life.

     In order to be living in levels of intense relationship of deep quality, one must deserve that by being able to return in like manner the same kind of deep respect and value, to the other. For the world of business, the balanced scale goes equally on one side as for the other. And when you think you can cheat the other, gaining a greater quality but giving only a small portion of yourself, you shall find that this is only an illusion and you have short-changed yourself on the larger scales of karma and life -- the Divine Justice, the scales of the Universe."

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