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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Mass Mind Control

The intent of the new world order, the lizard alien led project, is to mass control the minds of all so they can do as they please, with no feelings, no soul, no responsibility, no integrity toward life itself. (Like most humans are ALREADY doing anyways).

Now, view this video and see for yourself. And if you have already viewed this a long time ago, it is time to refresh your memory and view it again. Besides, every time you view something over again, you learn something more than you did the first time, or the last time you viewed it.

The only real protection you have, is knowledge. Get Knowledge!

     I had joined the Alex Jones Show, PrisonPlanetTV this January, and by the way, I recommend everyone joining it too because they on that show know the truth and they're telling it; so I was watching that night when the so-called president obama made his sssspeech, and I was really enjoying what Alex and his Nightly News Crew were saying. I was having a hard time watching obama, and I always as much as I can, avoid looking at any of his pictures or any videos of him because he disgusts me, and I know he's lying about everything. Well Alex Jones was saying the next day, hahaha, how he felt like vomiting when he saw those people in the crowd, the sssenate and all those idiotically clapping people, and I knew exactly what he felt like because I can't stand looking at them or listening to them either. Well said Alex Jones. So anyway, you listen to this video and find out just what kind of government or sssenate or whatever you call them criminals, what kind your country is dealing with...those clapping idiots.


Interview With a Sexual Sadist - MAY BE DISTURBING  (Fucking IS disturbing!)

Or, watch the entire program:

Sex, Lies, and Sex Offenders - Part 1 - Protect your children from dangerous people!

Sex, Lies, and Sex Offenders - Part 2 - Sadistic vs Non-Sadistic Offenders - Protect your children!

Geeze louiz, humans need to learn to control their own thoughts and actions. Maybe that's why we have an alien invasion here....so many are so irresponsible and careless. "I saw that, but I'm not going to do anything about it because it's not MY problem. I'm only in it for ME ME ME!"

Here's a VERY sad story. A lovely young man and his sister were abused from the moment they were born into this cult which called itself "The International Family"

Ricky Rodriguez - Ex "International Family" Cult Member

As Rick grew up he developed a deep-seated resentment towards Berg and Zerby
because of the sexual abuse he had suffered as a child due to their policies and
because of the unnatural way in which he was raised. He would later state that he
and his sister were never allowed to be "just children", but always had to perform
and demonstrate their supposed natural superiority to other children in the group.

In his late teens, Rick began rebelling against his mother's beliefs and practices. In
early 2001, he and his fiancĂ©e Elixcia Garcia made a final break from his mother
(who had become the leader after Berg's death) and The Family, declaring to her
that "we cannot continue to condone or be party to what we feel is an abusive,
manipulative organization that teaches false doctrine. . . . You have devoured God's
sheep, ruining people's lives by propagating false doctrines and advocating harmful
practices in the name of God, and as far as I can see, show no regret or remorse."

Rick and Elixcia, now married, settled in Washington State, hoping to put the past
behind them. However, Rick became increasingly consumed by rage over the abuse
that he and many hundreds of other children raised in The Family had suffered.
Deeply depressed, he felt that his mission was to find his mother and bring her to

In October 2004, he moved to Tucson, Arizona and worked as an electrician.
According to accounts by his friends and relatives, he moved there because he
heard his mother had visited and he wanted to find her. In January 2005, he
arranged a meeting with a long-time Family Member and close associate of his
mother, Angela Smith (formerly Susan Joy Kauten), and stabbed her to death in his
apartment. He then drove to Blythe, California where he shot himself in the head.
He released a videotape to be distributed to friends, family and former members
explaining his actions. In this video, Rick says he saw himself as a vigilante
avenging children like him and his sisters who had been subject to rapes and
beatings. "There's this need that I have," he said. "It's not a want. It's a need for
revenge. It's a need for justice, because I can't go on like this."

Ricky Rodriquez on YouTube

The film he made is 56:17 minutes. At around 51:01 he says something that reminds
me about the many in humanity:

"...sort of like a monkey, typing on the typewriter for all eternity, u know?, all
eternity, he's bound to write something interesting."..."I'm thinking about that verse
of 'fainting in your mind' ...wounded spirit, who can bear?, I've sort of fainted in
my mind, and I can keep going in the physical, do good work, have a good job,
fairly nice apartment, but it's all on the surface, you know, I've fainted in my mind,
and I can't get out of it, I can't find the smelling salts to wake me up, so what am I
suppose to do?"

This story is dear to me because I too had a brother who was raped at nine years of age by some man when my brother was hitchhiking. We lived in the country and everyone hitched a ride back then. How was anyone to know there were psychopathic predators around? He never told anyone about the incident, but he started drinking and taking drugs and hanging out with older guys who did the same, but they were always astonished by my brothers behavior. The entire family was distraught by it as well. He began trying to commit suicide. He had tried to do it about 5 or more times where everytime he was brought to the hospital and revived. Then one day he moved to Edmonton and before he left he told my two sisters what had happened to him so long ago. They told me. There in Edmonton he got into a problem with his friend over a girl they both liked. I think this was the time where my brother John decided to have the cops do him in. He went in front of the house swinging a butcher knife and threatening his friend. People in the building saw that and called the cops. John called the newspaper reports to alert them and they came over. He seemed to know he was going to be killed and probably wanted to alert us back home in Ontario. The cops tried to bust into his apartment but he would not let them in. When they finally did, they said they tasered him, but evidence showed they didn't. They just shot him in the chest, and he died. His suicide efforts finally worked. I cannot imagine being raped at nine years of age and what it does to the child. But, it should never be done. 


Oh and, P.S.

               ...the lizard beings are not a fantasy of imagination. I've seen them. I saw two of them jump into my room when I was deep in thought on a higher level of consciousness. And as I was thinking, I saw one standing many feet away in another dimension, through my mirror, and then I turned around and saw another one on the other side of the room many feet away from me too. They are tall and have big legs. Sort of like big hips, but not that way, they have an extra large buttock all the way down to the knees, as in a muscular form, whilst their upper bodies are smaller in comparison but still muscular like a muscle mans arms. The one through the mirror looked dark green or black and seemed to be mean. But the one behind on the other side of the room seemed to be jumpy and happy-like, and he was a light greenish grey color. In the meantime, there was a shadow of a tree branch which I use to have on my coffee table but it wasn't there anymore, I saw the shadow of one of those tree branches on my pink curtains that covers the window, moving up and down. And I smiled/laughed because now I knew who had been doing that holographic imaging in my place a few years ago when I had a friend over who said to me that he doesn't like my little tree on my coffee table, that there was something weird about it. And I didn't see anything weird about my cute little tree, until after my friend went home and then I sat there and saw some strange holograms appear in the tree and around it.

So anyway, that is when I SAW the lizards. I also HEARD them. A few years ago I met a man who had been the son of a CIA and I knew he was being used because his physical surface kept changing form slightly, and because I'm an artist and very observant, I saw it. The other friends around me maybe didn't see it, but when I talked to them later, the one said that the hairs on his neck and back stood on end when that guy was around.

I listened to that man talk to me, and I really liked him because I knew he was a human with a soul who was being victimized by these lawless secret government agents and the extraterrestrials who worked through them. I watched as they jumped in and out of him. Sometimes it was the guy who I was talking to, and other times it was the lizards. (But I really enjoyed the entire time talking to him. In fact it's etched in my mind, the whole experience.)

So I saw him 6 years later and he was now with a friend. We began talking again, and this time, not only did he ask me whether I remembered a certain ancient language which he spoke a sentence of it to me the last time, this time he and his friend were now talking that language to each other and it was a guttural and alien language. When they were normal, like human, then they sounded present, in the moment, and in their bodies. But as soon as those lizard beings went into their bodies, it was as though they grew to about 7 or 8 feet tall and their voice was emanating from up higher, and they were conversing with each other in a very unknown language, something that I knew was alien, and the voices sounded deep, like what comes out of very tall people. When they stopped the possession of these two men, then the men were back to normal and we walked and talked like normal human beings. But when they possessed the two and those lizards were talking to each other, I just listened and observed.

So anyway, this information is OBVIOUSLY NOT FOR IDIOTS. Those human munchkins who are so brainwashed that they think everything is physical reality and nothing exists outside of earth. I SPECIFICALLY put this, my knowledge and experience, here for THOSE WHO KNOW. This is just a little more evidence to help you to comprehend what YOU are also studying and learning.

I have to point out one thing though. I never judged them lizard aliens to be evil or whatnot. I only observed. And I don't have a great amount of knowledge of the entire system to know what to think or do about them, or if in actuality they are even the one's behind all this, (oh I know what's behind all this, "laziness" and "stupidity"), I just study and observe. That's all I can do for now.

Besides, I'm not only a little human living a little human existence, like so many fucking brainwashed little humans think. There is much more to life than inhabiting a form. So, as much as I play this idiotic game in humanity, I still very much enjoy the company I have when I get it, which is much more spiritual and pleasant than the fucking dull-shit I have to listen to when dull-little humans want to babble all kinds of bullshit at me, but not listen to what I have to say, because they're scaaaaaared, and instead of facing it and dealing with it, they have to cut me down, call me names, say to me that I'm the one with the problem. What the fuck uh? So yea. I have my own life. I'm just helping those who are intelligent enough to comprehend beyond the ignorant ego side of themselves.

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