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Friday, January 24, 2014

New World Order, the Mattoid Idiot.

This is an excerpt from Cosmic Awareness’s book called “Who, In Fact, You Really Are.”

“In building your career and your philosophy, in building your temple, which is your life, do not go too far in any one area without checking the other corners. For entities who build only on one corner can very easily become that which is called the “mattoid idiot”—the entity who becomes so specialized in one field, in one area only, that they are totally ignorant of all else.

An example of a mattoid idiot in a gross form is the prehistoric dinosaur, which went so far in his direction of building up a protective shell, building great horns or tusks, building the scales, these prehistoric animals which built great bodies, great wings, great stomachs and small heads, those animals which built themselves armored shells in order to be safe, those animals which over-specialized in one area and one area only, ignoring all other areas, those animals who were so powerful and so absolutely indestructible suddenly were unable to cope with changes which occurred in the world and atmosphere around them, simply because they were over-specialized. The heavy armor, the lack of food to feed their large bodies, the small brain and small head that could not think or cope with the changes: those animals then became extinct to some degree.

There are many mattoid idiots living in human bodies at this time: idiots who are specialized, who are geniuses in one area and one area only, yet totally idiots in all other areas, retarded in all other areas. There are entities who have no being, who have pure reasoning with little substance or feeling. There are entities who have so much feeling they cannot think, they cannot reason, they cannot do anything but feel, cry and express their emotions. There are idiots who are geniuses in terms of powers of suggestion and control, but have no inclination as to what their own real potential is, all they can do is direct others and they themselves cannot accomplish any form of art, any form of metaphysical or mystical insight, and cannot themselves bring about any form of material creation. There are those who are so wrapped up in the material world that they see everything as matter, and nothing in terms of feeling, in terms of the Universal forces, or in terms of control in life. They simply see themselves as being that which matters, and whatever they can get from the other entity is fair play to them.

It is suggested that you not let yourself become a mattoid idiot, for in so doing you may find yourself growing higher and higher, building a Tower of Babel toward the highest and the best, building a Tower of Babel toward the heaven you seek, only to find that your tower collapses and falls and leaves you with nothing but a remembrance and a feeling of frustration and heavy karma, which must be cleaned up before you can build again.

This Awareness suggests that your career can only be secure when all four corners are satisfied.”

New World Order: Blueprint of Madmen

Alex Jones is sooo hilarious in the first part of this film. Just keep watching and then you’ll see what I’m talking about in this blog.


February 24, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

In what has to be close to the ultimate in corporate hypocrisy, employees at a Monsanto company cafeteria have won the right to have their employee cafeteria serve non-GMO food:

GM foods not served in Monsanto cafeteria.

Now what leaped off the page at me here was the Monsanto spokeman’s more than hypocritical statement that the company is all about free choice. But just ask the farmers around the world who, by one corporate trick or another of those companies promoting their genetically modified seeds, are forced to buy their products. But this is the tip of an iceberg. Hungary has recently destroyed all its GMO corn fields, and in a landmark case in France, a French farmer has won a lawsuit against the corporate giant in which he claimed to have suffered from exposure to the company’s pesticides.

What remains amazing, at least to this author, is that while other countries seem to have the pluck to challenge these corporations and their alleged “safe” GMO foods and crops, we in North America seem to be unable to do so. We, apparently, do not have the right to eat unmodified food, and indeed, our own government will not even allow the labeling of food products to distinguish between natural and GMO foods, while it continues to persecute growers of natural foods and organic dairy products free of hormones and other additives.

It is, however, small wonder that people in other parts of the world are waking up to the growing encroachments of the barbaric and out-of-control US corporate-industrial-military complex. They are, quite literally, making people sick. Things won’t change, however, until GMO foods and the people’s right to eat and consume what they choose, including organic foods, are made part of the public political debate. It may therefore be the time, as Congressman Ron Paul increasingly calls for an audit and end of the Federal Reserve, to subject the food and drug counterpart, the FDA, to similar Libertarian philosophy and scrutiny, because you can rest assured that those elites who are storing seeds in seed vaults in Norway and other places, are not storing the GMO seeds they make the rest of us eat.

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