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Friday, January 16, 2015

Love Grows Perfection.

For all those who don't think perfection exists, wrong! It does. You have to earn it by creating it through your own efforts. So it is do-able.

These next excerpts from some books I've just read, make a whole lot of sense.

Class! Open your books to ....

     "The Wheel of Time" by Carlos Castaneda: "Human beings are perceivers, but the world they perceive is an illusion; an illusion created by the description told to them the moment they were born. Their "reason" makes them forget the description is only a description, and before they realize it, human beings have entrapped the totality of themselves in a vicious circle from which they rarely emerge from in their lifetimes.

     In essence, the world their "reason" wants to sustain is the world created by a description and its dogmatic inviolable rules which their "reason" learns to accept and defend. The concealed advantage of luminous beings is, they have something which is never used: Intent. The maneuver of shamans is the same maneuver of the average man. Both have a description of the world. The average man upholds it with his "reason", whereas the shaman upholds it with his intent. Both descriptions have their rules, but the advantage of the shaman is that intent is more engulfing than reason. The basic difference between an ordinary man and a warrior, is that a warrior takes everything as a challenge, while an ordinary man takes everything as a blessing or a curse." ( The warrior involves themselves in everything in their life, whereas the ordinary man is like a spectator of his own life rather than a participant in it. )

     "Teleportation! A Practical Guide for the Metaphysical Traveler" by Gwen Totterdale and Jessica Severn: "Quantum physicists explain that "time" and "space" as they have been defined, really don't exist except as a concept, a framework. Many go on to describe, the human body is simply a pulse, a vibration that holds certain elements together through each individual's unique DNA. Simply put, individual consciousness is energy holding physical matter together.

     Human minds, individually and collectively, are amazingly powerful. This mental energy can be directed to exceed many of the limits within, which we have been operating under. This is why we collaborated on this book about teleportation. We wanted to move beyond limiting belief systems; to explore new realms of consciousness, and share our results with others. To bring to light, new methods of travel, of communication and connecting. To assist in activating those parts within us, and you, that want to grow!

     "Distant Mental Influence" by William Braud: "A third conclusion---actually more than a suggestion at this point---is that the magnitude of the PK effect appears to increase as the target system becomes more meaningful to the influencer. The magnitude is smallest in the case of the fish targets, greater for the warm, fuzzy gerbil targets, better still for the human red blood cell targets, and greatest when the target system is another person. It is almost as if the magnitude of the effect increases as the similarity of the target to the influencer increases."

     "Magic. The Principles of Higher Knowledge" by Karl von Eckartshausen: "Every link of a chain affects backwards the next link in succession, and forward the next link preceding. A Human Being has three bodies, the physical, astral (soul), and the mental (spirit mind). That is why the body clings to the physical world and the Spirit to the Spirit World. That is the reason for the two-sided inclination or the Law of the Flesh, which struggles against the law of the Spirit. In Latin: SENTIO LEGEM CARNIS REPUGNATINIS LEGI MENTIS MAE. This is the inconceivable mystery of the nature of Human Beings, at times sublime, magnificent as an angel, and then reduced to the level of a worm.

     The closer a Human Being is to his future destination, the closer he is to perfection. Progressing by degrees, means taking steps which bring you closer to perfection. Being further and further away from your destination with every step you take, means you are going backwards. It also means you become less and less perfect, and achieving with every step you take in that direction, more and more imperfection. God is Love -- the Creation of Infinite Love -- Positive Activity. Human Beings are the first being created in God's image; created for Love and to Love.

     The first Law, the Law for Human Beings, is Love, because Love is the assimilation with God, becoming alike, resemblance, progressing to higher perfection.

     Blissfulness of the Spirit will multiply in accordance with love's activity. The more perfect the Spirit, the more perfect is the Love. The more perfect Love is, the greater is Love's endeavor to increase it's sphere of activity. The Brothers of the Higher Order link up with Human Beings through Love. The more perfection a Human Being achieves in active Love, the more he is capable of assimilation with Higher Beings. Alike clings to alike, but in order to make that connection, you require a tool, an organ, through which a Spirit Being can influence a Physical Being. The Spirit Being cannot directly influence a Physical Being, it requires an organ to accomplish this. Spirits can directly affect Spirits and the physical can directly affect the physical. The physical acts upon the Spirit indirectly, and the Spirit acts upon the physical indirectly. When two beings are in the position where they act upon each other, the condition which causes this reciprocity, is called union. Beings of a Higher Order can therefore communicate with beings of a lower order, and beings of a lower order can communicate with beings of a higher order.

     When Human beings make a connection with beings which are next in order of the higher order of succession, they are then in the company of the World of Spirits. Relationships of this nature, between Human Beings and the Spirit World, do exist, and they are, therefore, not an impossibility, even though they are seldom. Since these relationships seldom exist, it does not live in the inability of our nature to relate to the higher beings but rather in our incompleteness to assimilate. These imperfections prevent us from this kind of relationship. It is not the fault of the Soul, that is not the reason why the sound of Harmony does not reach the Soul. The cause is the organ, a disharmony of this organ, which is the ear. If you accept the possibility rather than contradict, that Higher Beings can communicate with Lower Beings, then the question arises: How is this done? Which organ do you employ to achieve this communication? How does one Being have an effect on the other?

     Again, like to alike, or, the like affect alike, Spirit affect Spirit, mind affects mind. The influence of Higher Beings makes itself known and relays messages directly through the power of our Soul, and therein lies the connection. It is therefore impossible that the Higher Beings affect Human Beings through a hidden manner or through the power of the imagination. It is not necessary that all communications of our Soul have to be transmitted through the outer physical organs before they can be perceived. Can the influence of Higher Beings not be perceived directly through the finer organization without notifying the physical organization first? The Spirit affects the Spirit, as the reflection of light upon objects. Human Beings communicate their thoughts to other Human Beings through sound. A specific modulation of the sound creates the word. Words are expressions of our ideas or concepts, that is why we have speech. That is how we communicate our ideas and our feelings to other Human Beings. In the physical world, the most perfect language is the spoken word...the language of signs being the most imperfect. Infallible is the language of the Soul in the eyes of the Human Beings. Objects evoke ideas through impressions which they make on our nerves. The power of the Soul to renew this impression lies within the ability of the imagination. When the imagination is triggered by certain sounds which cause the other person to connect with other objects, this then translates and is expressed through a feeling which the Soul experiences, the spoken word, our language. When you want to speak to another Human Being, he has to understand what you say. You have to be capable of making sounds using words he or she understands, therefore the idea can be conceived...otherwise understanding is impossible.

     Should I endeavor to make a person understand things he has never seen or heard of, of which he has no conception, it is still possible to communicate on hand of similar objects or by other examples through things of which he already has knowledge. We can hear in our dreams, we can see in our dreams. What does that tell us? Human Beings are capable of seeing things which they saw only once, without using the rays of their physical eyes. To hear sounds which they heard once before, without using the physical ear. In our dreams we are capable of actually seeing and hearing. That is accomplished by bringing into motion the finer nerves which gives us the feeling of seeing. This is done in the same manner as when they were brought into motion through an object when our physical eyes were open."............."Higher Beings do not communicate with Human Beings as Human Beings communicate with Human Beings. The tone of their voice touches directly our finer nerves and through this movement of understandable pictures, they enter into our Soul, which is prepared and receptive at this point."

"The Kolbrin, An Ancient Book" (by Ancient Beings) Chapter 18; A Scroll Fragment - Two: "Oh how I rejoice that God has made me as I am! Truly, He is in all and encompasses all. In His magnificence and majesty, no man can conceive Him, for His divine nature is beyond the understanding of man. His creation is awesome, His ways unfathomable. The love of God for His wayward children has been limitless and abounding. It has remained changeless throughout the ages, filled with His noble purpose. He created so that He might express and share that love which is the very essence of His nature, with beings created in His likeness, beings which could absorb and reflect that love. Yet that His love might be wholly free, man was endowed with freewill, the freewill he has used perversely."

"The Ladder Of Lights" by William G. Gray: "On these Inner levels, the Seraphim act in a most valuable way by burning out of us the accumulation of useless mental and spiritual rubbish we tend to carry about with us. The difficulty is to make their action selective so that they will only work upon material due for destruction. If the material were physical, we could localize it in one place such as a hearth, where it might be dealt with at one time. On Inner Dimensions we cannot exactly do this. Since we are unable to localize spatially, we must isolate the tares from our spiritual grain, first by identifying them consciously, and then withdrawing our attachment to them in such a way that we may invoke a Seraph to burn them without injuring us. We should remember that Inwardly our unwanted attachments have as much, if not more reality, than physical objects in the Outerworld. Therefore we may reasonably treat them by equivalent methods. Old rituals in which representations of demons signifying our worst aspects were consigned to a bonfire were dramatic appeals to the Seraphim to exercise their cleansing flames. We could do much the same today by writing out our faults on paper and burning it. They are indeed the Lords of purgatorial Fire. They do not punish---they purify, and if we have failed to correct our faults by other means, the Seraphim will not let us into Paradise without using their fiery swords on us. Our only hope of avoiding pain during this experience is to relinquish our hold on what the Seraphim burn. This is what is meant by true "detachment". Simply letting go of what is useless to ourselves and others."


And there it is. A whole lot of love from a bunch of books put together to deliver some help to our understanding.

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