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Monday, January 12, 2015

The Djinn-gerous Cabal --- Tracked By Hunters!

NEO – CIA Torture Report Ties Cheney/Bout to 9/11 Nukes - by Gordon Duff on Jan. 8, 2015

The Dangerous fuckin Gin. That bottle can drive you maaaaaad!

(Short Excerpt:)
"The nuclear pits had been moved by truck to the Port of Houston, where they had been placed on ships and transferred to the Canary Islands and later to Mauritania. The weapons were, according to Able Danger documents, stored at a mine controlled by former South African Prime Minister De Klerk inside a region controlled by the rebel Polisario Front. From there, weapons were sold to  Taiwan, South Korea, Saudi Arabia and other nations, along with restocking Israel.
Other weapons were set aside for use by belligerent intelligence agencies. IAEA sources report weapons from Hanford/Pantex were used for the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995, at the Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia in 1996, the destruction of the World Trade Center in 2001, and the Bali bombing in 2005. The IAEA confirms up to 50 nuclear weapons have been used surreptitiously since 1945, often in configurations that minimize blast and radiation."


NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | Making History & New Beginnings

"Neil and the team found chests/boxes apparently filled with gold, jewels, museum artifacts, modern global currencies in all denominations (including 2015 US dollars printed by the Federal Reserve), and of equal magnitude, invaluable documents that detail the truth behind some of the atrocities committed against humanity.  (These documents will be used to fortify Neil’s lawsuit when it is refiled.)  If that wasn’t enough, there was even a full-sized helicopter stored inside.
Upon exiting the bunker, Neil was rewarded for his determination and courage.  The Elder gatekeeper presented him with numerous sealed and locked boxes which, as you will see in the video, required serious manual labor to break open.
Precious few have seen these boxes, much less seen them opened, because only a few have ever gotten close to them before.  Most don’t believe they exist but here is undeniable proof that they do in fact exist.  Here is the first disclosure of what one box might contain."

Fuck you Neil. I love ya, haha. How the hell is anyone gonna get to you if I'm there holdin space. I'm with you Neil. I am YOU. and YOU are ME. Now, if all human sentient species could follow that blue print, ha ha, we could devour the world and have a real earth, not a fake earth with rulers above it, but a real Earth and Us as caretakers OF it. Gladly. We are with you. Now.... and forever. Mother....


The US dollar is now backed by gold but the war criminals remain free. - By Ben Fulford, Jan. 6, 2015


Here are a few tips. The Jesuits have always wanted to rule the world, so they began using others as their 'face mask' to do their work, while they get blamed and the Jesuits stay 'clean-looking' or non-existent. Who was it that said the phrase, 'Satan wants you to think it doesn't exist'? Well they were planning to have the Americans fight a war against, oh... I don't know, I think it was Russia, so that something could happen so that Temple Mount in Israel could be decimated and they could build some kind of world government on it and rule from that place. I mean, they think on some perverse religious terms even though they don't have a clue what love is. (But our Sentient Friends tell us that there too is where the largest porthole (place where holograms can be played out to deceive, as well as the truth be shown through) is to be found. K?) So, there's your cue. If they can't get that, then must watch other signs around for their activity. Here's an excerpt which may help you to comprehend how determined they have been throughout the ages:

Page 245:

"The president of the Jesuits now spoke in these terms...
     ...These elements may be admitted when we have to consider our whole plan in the fullest light, whilst the analysis of each separate question or problem should present a character as deliberate and cool as that of the synthesis ought to be warm and enthusiastic. I admire these two different kinds of talent, but I have rarely seen them united in the same individual. I have almost always found that those who were eloquent in the one way were mute in the other, and vice versa. Let us strive to combine the calmness of reason with the fire of enthusiasm. Christ, who saw the germ of so many splendid truths, teaches us that in order "to make ourselves master of the strong man, his house and his goods, we must first bind him." Let us, therefore, become perfect in the art of loading the proud and the powerful with chains. Let us lay to heart this maxim as the rule of all our efforts: --one sole authority-- that of Rome; one sole order -- that of the Jesuits. And since our age does not boast a single mind capable of aspiring to the universal empire, for kings have enough to do to retain a hold upon their petty kingdoms which are slipping from their grasp, let it be ours to aim thus high, whilst empty heads are dreaming. Nulla dies sine linea. Let not any opportunity escape us of observing what are men's tendencies; the better we know them, the more useful they will be as instruments in our hands. Let us, at all events, so conduct ourselves that our future glory may compensate for our present abasement; for whether our name be destined to perish, or finally to prevail over kings and nations, let it, at least, be synonymous with the loftiest reach of greatness and daring which the world has ever seen or ever will see."

The Jesuit Conspiracy. The Secret Plan of the Order - by Abbate Leone, 1848

And one more thing. Ask yourself, how much do you value your home? This place where you're at right now. Put real value into it, and get the answer.

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