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Friday, January 30, 2015

Who Are The Aliens? Who Is Cosmic Awareness? What Do They Want From Us?

Right from the get-go of reading the book "Lessons of Enlightenment" by Cosmic Awareness, I get an iffy feeling. There are many things unresolved when I look at it. That is why I wrote in my last post to be careful, to not jump in wholeheartedly, because there are aspects missing, and it seems like they are being purposely hidden. I don't like that. I like straight-forward honest communication. After all, that is the way of the Spirit. To be true. True from one's own self, and the other, true from their own self. That way things get accomplished much better, smoother. But with these communications, there feels to be some kind of deception. And I'm not joking. Every time I go to read that stuff, I'm excited to learn new information, to hear the loving communication, but everytime I go to read it, I'm distraught or perturbed or stepping on the brakes, I don't know what word goes there to best describe, but I don't like reading it anymore. I now have to step carefully, read everything thoroughly, with caution. You know? That's not easy reading.

The story of Sophia, the one I read in the Nag Hammadi Library, that Gnosis story, when I read it, I felt like this was it. Everything there just seemed to fit. I had to think a lot about it, and the more I thought, the more it made sense to me. There are a lot of things I don't yet understand about that story, but it gets clearer every time, as I progress in this life of mine. The pieces of the puzzle are fitting when I look at Cosmic Awareness' book. When Sophia fell into this place, she smashed into it and it cracked like ice, as John Lamb Lash described in his book "Not In His Image." I really am grateful that John Lash thought enough about all this, that he wrote that book. At the same time, I'm not in agreement with everything he says, but with most of the things he says. So you see, there's no deception there, because everyone has their own way of seeing. And on most of the material, we see eye-to-eye. But this Cosmic Awareness material always seems to bring out this wariness, incertitude, lack of confidence about what is being given. It feels sometimes like a being with a black velvet glove on an iron hand. I mean, maybe not that intense, but my sensitivity to this whole thing, just enhances that feeling of mistrust. I don't mean to be mistrustful, I don't mean to be rude....I'm just saying it like it is. Which is the way it should be said all the time. Honestly. So anyway, Sophia smashed into this place and instantly were created the Archons. There were a bunch of creatures that looked like a baby inside a womb, what's it called? Fetus. There were so many and Sophia didn't know what to do with them because she never expected this creation to occur. Her mind was on the creation of Man, so this was a surprise to her. She thought to help them, so she made a leader over them and this one turned out to look like a lions head with flashing red eyes and a snakes body. Something like that. So this being was half male half female but it took the form of a male in order to dominate over the slew of fetuses. So that being was known as the Prime Creator because it was given power over the others. But it was a disobedient ruler, and it stole power from its mother Sophia. Which is not done. This was the first time ever that someone did something like that to their Creator. So this was a disobedient, cunning, nasty little child that Sophia had popped out of her mind. And this is basically what Cosmic Awareness says he is.

(Isn't Narcissus the symbol of Mercury, which is the symbol of intellect, which is the symbol of, the BRAIN! Pinky and the BRAIN. Guess what? After all those aliens created Man the physical form, then Yaldaboath, the nasty arrogant disobedient ruler created the brain and put it in Man. Supposedly to use him to siphon off the brilliant energy that goes through Man the Being. Because Man was there, in the universe, but he was without a physical form. So Yalda-boy thought he would create a physical form which resembles Man so that man will be seduced to go jump into that body, and then he could imprison him in it, and like I said, steal energy if he can...if only he could understand. But half a being can only comprehend so mawch, U know?)

Now let's go to Dr. Corrado Malanga and his studies on alien abductions. This man is a scientist who also uses his higher self in his studies. Unlike the ignorant scientists who only do it for money. Dr. Corrado Malanga, as soon as you read deeply of his stuff, you can trust this man. He tells it like it is. These are his discoveries, and he describes it from his understanding. But you can easily comprehend in your own understanding what he is saying. It comes through clear. You know? So reading his material, I came across the feeling of pieces of the puzzle fitting together along with that which I learned from the Sophia story.

What really surprised me was that he said the aliens are only half of a being. And I had experiences in my life which showed me that. I have had an alien type of being come disturbing me. I was looking to find out why the god of the roman catholic bible threw Lucifer out of heaven, and I wasn't going to stop searching until I found out. Well, that's when a being came into my territory. They acted like they were Lucifer. But whenever I asked them any questions of a serious nature, they always dodged them. They were interfering too. When I was doing the laundry once, they said to me to not throw that green duffle bag into the washer. But I just ignored them and threw it in, and when it came out, everything in the wash was green. But I knew this was their way of trying to ingratiate themself into my life. I am always watchful of anything they tell me. In the absolute beginning of this visiting, this meeting that he pronounced on me, because I wasn't looking for some heinous false relationship with a liar. I decided to just allow it, and observe, so I can learn as much as possible. Well he used to compliment the heck out of me, and I felt like this guy is trying to pull the wool over my eyes. So instead of taking it, I started swearing at him, cutting him down, making him feel bad, because I didn't want those compliments. It seems like he was desperately trying to shove compliments down my throat so that it would make me pliable in his 'hands.' Anyway, after a bunch of experiences for a few years with him, I ended up having an incident where he showed himself to me, albeit maybe it wasn't a real picture, maybe it was a hologram, I don't know, but I do know that when I saw him, I saw only half of his body, the right side of him, which looked like a human, a very beautifully well designed human, and then I saw the other half, the left side was a black shadow. So straight through the top of his head down the center of his body he was halved. He had only one side of him that was able to be seen by me. So when I heard Dr. Corrado Malanga say that they are only half, I saw that for myself!

Then there was another incident just recently, in the Christmas holidays of  2013/14. There is a very wealthy man who my landlord has been friends with all his life. He use to be a body-builder and took steroids. Then he bought a bunch of gyms and became a multi-millionaire. Well, I don't know how to describe this other than what I experienced. I was very angry that day when my landlord invited me over that evening where there were a few people over his place celebrating Christmas that evening. I was very angry because I had just found out that my brother's wife who hated my sister who had just passed away, I found out she had stolen jewelry from her jewelry box and lied to me about it. It took ten months to find the truth. So I disowned them. And that night, they all wanted me to sit and talk with the rich guy, you know, beautiful woman, wealthy man. So I sat there and he was kind enough to listen to my story. And because inside of me was a raging negative feeling, anger, I suddenly saw into his eyes and they were the golden-greenest eyes I'd ever seen. One of them, the one on the left side had a black slit for a pupil. The one on the right had a round pupil. They were speckled throughout, like some animal's eyes. He was really kind to me, and they were really beautiful eyes, but as I looked deep into those eyes, it felt like I was looking at only half a being. It was the most absolutely strangest thing I had ever felt. How could a person be only half? I thought of his eyes for a long time afterwards wondering why it felt like I was looking at half a being. Well the strange thing is, the next day, (sorry, the next week. When I think of the incident it runs one next to the other in my mind, because nothing much happened inbetween), they invited me to go to his house to celebrate new year's with them, because I had no one else, my sisters both had died six months apart. When I walked into my landlords house and looked at that rich man's eyes....they were brown. Plain brown. And looking into those eyes of his, I didn't feel like I was looking into half a person. So I knew those gold-green eyes I had seen in him were not him. When I eventually brought this incident up to his attention, he told me that sometimes his eyes change color. Well, if that aint a lizard alien jumping in for some negative energy to feed off...seeing I was very angry when I sat down to talk to him the night before. So there again was another experience of sensing only HALF a being. I didn't see the being's body but through his eyes I sensed only a half of a being. And just yesterday I read Dr. Corrado Malanga saying the aliens are only half a being.

So in order for them to be full beings, they have to incarnate on Earth. Do you see Cosmic Awareness incarnating on Earth? Do you see the greys, or the lizards incarnating on Earth? They don't want to lose their pride. It's a low thing to be a human being. But they keep coming around trying to steal from us something we have, so that they don't have to incarnate and earn it. Like Jesus said, the wolf tries to come through the side, through the window! or the back door, but there's only one door open to Heaven. Hahaha!
Thank you Dr. Corrado Malanga for your research. You have helped more people than you realize!

Oh and, for closing this post, let's take a look at what Danny Wilten named his book! Orion in the Vatican. Isn't the Vatican known as the whore of babble-on and on and on? Certainly! Talk is cheap when it's done that way. So the Orion nebula is where Yaldaboath the lion-headed, flashing eyed, snake bodied being is at. The creating of stars, the covered throne, is in the bottom part of the "8" shape of the Orion constellation. It's in the sexual organs of that Orion constellation. That sexual organ area is what they say is birthing stars and stuff out into this, this place. That's where they say all this stuff here in this place was born from. So they call it God. But they don't know who created this God. Sophia! And since they don't know about Sophia, then they don't know who created HER! So there you go. Danny is smart to say he's staying on the surface of the evidence, because there is a lot to the metaphysical stuff, and I tell ya, there is a lot to learn of the spiritual stuff. I've been working the double numbers now, master numbers, for quite a few years. They started off slowly and then they just started coming in at me allllll the time. There is a LOT to learn about spiritual stuff. But this here is just a small fragment of what I can explain. So who is your god you roamin's? What is the ass-ass-in? In the Vatican. That's where the donkey makes his home. Anyway, I'm getting out of line. Thank you. Bye.

By the way... they are a lower life form, lower than animal.


Well hi again. I have to show you this. Here's an excerpt from the book (Force Feeding You) Lessons of Enlightenment, by Cosmic Awareness:

"Pleasure and pain, the spiritual judgmental pronouncement. Make no further
mistake: there is no other accurate judgment.

Spirit is consciousness and intention, and is experienced as thought and feeling.
Uninterrupted spirit, aided by images of mind, creates desired physical experience.
Pleasure is the validation and reward of spiritual fulfillment. Through this
path, the Universal Spirit is allowed to sense Itself through many widely varying
experiences carried out by all the physical forms. Each form, whether it is
vegetable, mineral, animal or human offers its unique portion of the totality of
experience by accomplishing its own expression. Indeed, every unit of matter is
imbued with conscious spiritual intention following the pleasure/pain, attraction
and repulsion principle—including subatomic quanta."

What the fuck is that? Huh? In the Sophia story and in other parts of the Nag Hammadi Library, it shows us that our Father the Ultimate Creator doesn't need anything from anyone. He created us all out of Love, gave us free will and set us on our way. This one who calls himself "the totality of All That Is," and like I said earlier, he was most likely the one who said, "and I am the only god and there is no other god besides me, and I am a jealous god...." This, this bullshit about pleasure and pain being the only accurate judgment, make no further mistake, is only a method to tear you apart from your own self. Separate and meddle within, or what was that saying? Divide and conquer. That is what Dr. Corrado Malanga said the aliens were teaching. To split the human's understanding of themselves into parts, the spirit, soul, mind, emotions, body...that is dividing them in subtle ways to weaken them away from their wholeness and whole understanding so that they could meddle, interfere inside of them, to steal or manipulate, puppet them as they please. The Mother says to awaken and to stay awake. To not allow any form of bondage to be placed upon you. Because those demons are always looking for ways to interfere with you and your sovereignty. The author of that book is so full of shit. Everything he teaches is based on materiality, on matter, not on spirit. And everything I read sounds so deceptive and selfish. He hasn't changed one bit! They try to deceive us into thinking that he has changed for the better because he learned form the Son, Jesus, who sits on his right-hand. Well that's a load of crap. I can see in this present day, this book spills all the bullshit right in the face. Evidence peers its ugly head! Don't ask me to clean up my language. Clean up what you see in that writing by Cosmic Awareness, and you have the truth. You can see he's only in it for himself. It said in the Sophia story that once he was told by the angels, posing as his advisers (to trick Yaldo and help Sophia) to breathe into Man out of his own breath, because Sophia wanted to get her power back which he had stolen, then he breathed into Man and lost some of that power. That's what he's been after Mankind the whole time for, to try and steal back that power which he had stolen from the Mother Sophia. So get that. It shows in the writing all through that damned book!

He says: Uninterrupted spirit, aided by images of mind  Well, that book by Danny Wilten explains how Michaelangelo painted that picture of god in a brain, stretching his finger out toward Man, and it signifies that he is trying to puppet Mankind through the brain. But seeing Mankind is not obedient to a deceiver, himself who calls himself their only god that there is no other above him, he tries to turn their attention back to himself in any way possible, even hypocritically talking about love. What's love got to do with it? We've seen what kind of love he has. It's no wonder they tagged Eros with Narcissus and Mercury with Brain, and Pain and Pleasure go hand in hand in that combination. That's all he's telling us about. There is no talk about Sophia, any kind of female form or figure, nothing of higher Spirit, only about how self-gratification works. If you do as I say, you get pleasure. If you don't do as I say, you get pain. That sounds a mite like forceful intimidation if you ask me.

 You know... don Juan Matus from the Carlos Castaneda books said that there is a big shadow being they call the eagle which eats every Man's consciousness upon death in order to feed on their experiences they had through life. That is why the Toltec Sorcerers all work on their inner abilities so they don't have to die, and instead they sneak past the eagle with their consciousness, fooling the eagle with the replica they created by doing recapitulation. They give that to the eagle and it takes it, while they escape free from its mouth. So you see, all the picture is coming together. The symbols are telling the story. Here's a picture of the Orion nebula. It sort of resembles an eagle.

To see the picture in full, right click the picture and open in a new tab.

 Eros = False love.

It says in this picture of the Milky Way Chart: "Despite the brilliance of the Lagoon Nebula and similar objects like the famous Orion Nebula, such areas are usually little more than hot blisters on the flanks of giant interstellar clouds."

Which makes me to think about something I've read in "The Apocryphon of John." It says:
"through the gift of the Spirit the four lights (appeared) from the divine Autogenes," "the light-aeon Armozel," "the second light (is) Oriel," " the third light is Daveithai," " the fourth light Eleleth."
And Sophia is from the light Eleleth. Which is where the tiny little hot blister Orion nebula is at.
So just think. It flanks GIANT interstellar clouds, which sounds like the first, second, and third lights that came before the fourth one that we're in.


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