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Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Best Has Yet To Come, Just As The Best Has Already Come.

As Mr. Mason says, down below, the truth is hard to find, but search you must if you are to even find it. So! Here we go. Let's have some work done. Freeman Fly says that there are rules a person must abide to would they to become a mason. The rules are rough, the hours tough, and the going even harder... no wonder they save them everywhere they go. But nevertheless, it is worth to make a decision. A decision, and stick with it. It too, is a good thing, to decide to become an angel...and stick with it. For effort is the overall master behind all made decisions. If you were to not make any decision, then the effort may not yet come. There might be a struggle within, but still no effort on the outside. So until you have the courage to MAKE that decision, all is left in limbo.

But after you have made the decision, it does NOT get any easier. The truth is not an easy thing to begin with...but in a little while, you will see why the effort is so worth it. It pays to earn what you have.

So the title of this post would mean that the neutral is also at work. Oh man, there are things that one can only put in words and wish the others will pick it up in the meaning so it doesn't go unnoticed or unwanted. But so that when you see that others also know this, it is good. So it does take courage and courage takes some effort, to show. Showing one's cards isn't necessarily being found out or even noticed. Sometimes what's right in front of one's face, is blindly not noticed. The complexities of life are truly never ending. What balances out the 3 the 4 and the 5? The grandchildren. The crystal children. May they arrive.

(p.s. I already know he's not a mason, so don't bother me with it, ok?)

This post below this one, the title itself, and then the message after it..... most people don't really understand it. Hahaha! And yet, they would act like they know everything and then condemn you for knowing what you know and them for only 'thinking' that they know it. But if they were to truly listen, then they wouldn't be condemning me for saying what's the truth; instead, they would be recognizing their inner surroundings and releasing themselves from it to observe with me, instead of arguing against my observation. So truly, it's the rude people who don't really know, who are truly hypocrites, who will condemn me, saying, I am the one condemning them, and that is bad. Hahahaha. I see it so often. People who don't even look inside are those who will take offense to the truth. They are terrified if anything, to face the truth. But the truth is not terrifying. They've made a stigma out of it by the way they're acting. And then hiding it under a bushel of hypocrisy has made it even worse...terrifying! to look at! Oh my!
I am not condemning anyone. I am taking a good strong look at everything and weighing it in each hand, observing, testing, feeling....looking to find the best way of expressing. And of course they could just as easily make the excuse that I am not choosing the correct words, instead of choosing to look under those words with their spiritual senses and understand what I'm saying so that they don't have the desire to condemn me for my words. But that takes courage. Effort. A choice.

Anyway, just because they're doing something (any group) doesn't mean they're doing right. Not everyone knows what they are doing. A choice is only the beginning. You have to understand the gemometry behind every jewel of knowledge, and if you don't right now, at least you're working on it and you will....

So all I'm, I'm speaking on this post right now, is courage, responsibility, discernment, focus. And in whatever order you find that finally works for you, employ it! Hahahaha! (What is meant by discernment is, to not start slinging mud at a second's notice, to not have a knee-jerk response. It takes slow thoughtfulness before one reaches the answer. So when you have to cry, hole yourself up in your room for a while until you have passed that wave of emotion. Then pull yourself together and get diligently to work. That's how to have discernment.)

Oh yea, Happy Birthday Rob Zombie. I know it's on the twelfth but I just thought I'd say it now, incase I'm too busy on that day to stop in. So. Hope your new year is a very good one. I send love to your wife Sheri too. Moon. This is the year. The Year of the Sheep, which is the sign of Cancer in Western Astrology, which is ruled by the planet, hahaha, the Moon. Sheri Moon Zombie. Love it. What a name! Hahaha! Great stuff, you two. I'm so glad I have known you all. I think about you once in a while Rob, and my spirit is lifted. The discipline you show in your work is exquisite. I work to emulate such discipline. Haha hahaha.. Well love your music, so I'm going to end this beautiful post with a song from your creative genius.

I wish I could put more of your videos in, they're so good, but I have to watch the drag on space. It takes too long then to click into the site. You know? Like me... getting rid of burdens, it takes hahaha discipline, sacrifice. Eeww yuck! Sssacrifice uhk. Everything is good. How can you get rid of anything? Does that make me a backward greedy? Hehehehee hahaha. Yea, if I hold on to it too long. Everything is about freedom. Thank you Freeman.

The Firm-Radioactive

Imagine Dragons - It's Time

Marilyn Manson - The Fight Song

The last song means, to get up and go. You know? Just Do It!

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