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Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Sorcery of Burning Bright Light.

Sorry to say, but.... some types of love equal self-destruction. I don't think too many beings on this Earth know exactly what I'm talking about, after all, it's hard for myself to fathom it. I thought love was suppose to be the eaaasiest thing around to do. But I find it is not so. For example, the beauty in it can be utterly abominably wicked...it can destroy you like a light from the sun through a magnifying glass, and you can say you're the insect under that ray. What happens? hahaha burn right up, self-destruct. So one has to be super strong in order to deal with such a blasphemously terribly horribly strong thing. I guess it might be the devil. The devil to contend with. If it's not that then what is it? It attracts you like a powerful magnet and you have to fight it off with all your might. And if there are any of you out there, you KNOW what I'm talking about. Have you come from the darkness too? Then the invisible light of love is truly the most challenging thing in our lives, huh. What a wicked wicked thing to have to deal with such as this. Has anyone any tips, clues, help, with which to guide me through this, this, thick of it? I have to find something, because I am always on the brink of self-destruction when that powerful love comes knocking around. It's terrifying! I guess I really do value my life. Maybe I shouldn't. Maybe I should be quick on the draw and get it over with. Melt like a witch under the influence of water. Hahahaha. It's evil. That's what it is. Well, it's only because I haven't found a way to deal with it yet. But when I do, I won't call it evil anymore. But until then....fucking evil stuff....stuff that burns, burns burns! Owch!

Help me my brothers/sisters. What did you do to help yourself out in a squash? Just send it in a message through the mind.

Self-Destructive Personality.

soul attraction to destruction

                  Perceiving people

There are a variety of maps to the terrain of the human heart. Some
are excellent and some are less than adequate, designed by people
who know little about themselves and others. A well-crafted map can
help you explore the landscape of who people are and why they do
the things they do, spotting major landmarks, obstacles and clear

Maps label things clearly to help people avoid getting lost. It is true
that labels can be limiting and self-fulfilling, but without a legend or
clearly labeled landmarks a map is useless. Like a map that helps differentiate
between a river and a forest, a mountain or a canyon, a
map that helps us differentiate between different types of people can
be quite useful. Understanding the mannerisms, behaviors and
thought patterns of certain types of people can help us better develop
techniques for effective communication and form the basis of strong
relationships. For example, a cautious person will deliberate for a
long time before making a purchase, but a passionate person might
make a decision in a matter of seconds. An intellectual person needs
time to think about the formula that will provide the solution to a problem,
while an emotionally centered person like Einstein often knows
the answer before fully comprehending the problem solving formula.
Having a clearer understanding of how people operate can provide
adequate context for shaping our own responses to our world and the
people around us.
From: The Personessence System For Understanding People


Hahaha! This is so funny! I think I've found what the nemesis is!

"Those with the goal of Rejection tend to regard relationships as unnecessary distractions, something to be avoided or at least kept at arm’s length."

Hahaha. That is too funny. It's about exactly what I'm like in this lifetime. You can read about it here:


Oh and I found something else while searching. "Jesus said that it is better to lose an eye than that the whole bodily instrument be desecrated by evil—it is better to forgo illicit sensory indulgence than to lose the infinite unending joys of the soul's communion with Spirit." I think that describes it! For example, if one is to have a soul-mate around and that soul-mate is still an infantile sleepwalker then obviously opening up your heart to that being is useless because all that blood is going to drain down into the sewer. So there is no sense splitting hairs by being with an immature imbecile. It is better to be with an idiot married man who doesn't require your heart and soul, only your friendship. It is, it is still better, than being with a poor soul-mate when you put it in the balance. You see, with the married man, there is less damage and more conservation of energy. But with a careless soul-mate you can be drowned out of all your energy and then left for dead while they go on ceaselessly with their idiocy. Or, you just might manipulate energy and destroy them, which is even worse. Then you pay a whole lotta lot. So, what is more dangerous? Being with a married man? or being with a foul-hearted soul-mate? If you're stupid enough to think it is being with a married man, then you're wrong. Because a powerful one may actually help the ailing little baby, that married man, to have some spiritual learning, while they themselves become masters of patience and tolerance. But with a soul mate who is gone bad, one may become heated in negative emotion and even destroy the very being they're suppose to be helping. It depends on how weak or strong you are. And I am weak. I would rather destroy an idiot than sleep with them. My passions may burn me, so therefore, I am not ready for such a great challenge as a soulmate gone trainwreck. I hope they get some help somewhere. Anywhere but here. Hahaha. I tell ya. I tell ya. There is a fire burning and I don't like anyone looking under the veil. So, there you go. I may be as terrible as an army with banners, but so is he, so is he. So fuck you. Let me be.

The excerpt from that one is found on this page: Soul Mates


Jan 26, 2015, 5:15pm

Well, I won't be calling falling in love "evil" anymore. I just found out, from my own efforts, what this has been all about all along. The emotions were telling me I am a very powerful person. And if I ended up with an irresponsible selfish man, then I would obviously use those powers and not in a pleasant way. I remember how many times I was told that I was a dangerous person. And now I understand what they mean. Stupid little spoilt children who come playing with electricity, don't make a happy crispy. Edward, for example, some married German foreman of a plastics company that I worked at when I was 21 or so, started dating me. We were at a restaurant and I was about to go use the washroom, when he said to me, "you're dangerous." The way he looked at me and said it, hm, as I went to the washroom I was thinking to myself, what the hell is he talking about? I have heard stuff from people who see stuff that at the time, I either didn't see, or I wasn't allowing it to be shown, and yet they saw. So yea. I now know that if someone wants something from me and they are disrespectful, they are selfish, they are a liar, a thief, a murderer, anything that dark, well....they are going to meet the dark Goddess in return, when they least expect it, yes I AM dangerous.

Well, I'm not afraid of love anymore. Now I understand it, I am armed.

I guess you could say.... as a metaphor, that my symbol would be a bright red splotch of color in the center of pure blackness. And there's the light right there, the invisible light, if you could understand what the fuck that means.

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