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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Dick-Flick

"Unuyda buhban come-in up"

Do they talk like that today? No. That was New York back in the gangsta style daze. The 'grown-up' slang lang, back then. So strange the illusion man's mind thinks up. And the Mother keeps tellin us, from the Pagan writings....Wake Up! Stay Awake!

This movie's first few lines...you'll see what I'm talking about.


with Ida Lupino & John Garfield

After you watch the movie read the rest of this. If you did watch it, this may refresh  your memory of how idiotic the movie is, and if you wait until you read all this then you decide to watch the movie out of curiousity, well all I've to tell you is it'll take discipline to watch the whole thing because it's so...stupid.
It's like the writer, producer, and director took the entire potato famine and the stock exchange crash, (like the seeds you take with you when you, hahahaha) rolled it into one and made this movie out of the unworked elements, out of all that went unnoticed and unmanaged out of those two most hoRRific incidents, dealing with the Irish and the Americans. It's like illuminati-infested lands, it's like two dull little cells in the whole body just started splitting like a head-ache and turned into a cancer and the entire body involved became infected, and this is the death, this movie. HAhahaha!

I'm going to go smoke a joint, and I'll be back. At least I'm not smoking someone else's boat, huh? HAhahahaha!
Q: What's so funny?
A: ahhh nothin. don't let it disturb you.

Everything that goes unnoticed gets undone. That is why awareness is so important. There's no easy way to describe awareness, you have to watch...watch yourself. You have to observe...observe objectively.

It's like...it's in the inside, and it's on the outside. There is no party to blame, nor is there any easy answers. You just, gotta do it.

And while it's being done, let's talk about it. HAhahaha! No apologies, I'm just saying what I saw, which is that which goes hidden while we occupy ourselves, with talk. Hmhm.mm.

The Nagual, like doe Juan said, is something that needs to be seen, watched, observed, entered?lived?, the last two being my thoughts. And silence, is best for them, huh? HAhahahaha! Yea.

I'ts so fun, doing nothing.

At the same time, observant, without any discernement, well, you will not understand what I just tolya. So what? Get discernment. HAhahahaha!

When you cheat yourselves,,,the Devil comes in, and cheats you....too. When it irritates the hell out of you, you begin to notice. So you notice. All and well. But just noticing doesn't do anything. And at this point, you can't do anything. Yet when you do, get to that point where you notice the Devil irritating you to no peace, you begin to look at a solution to get you finished with that. The moment you look for that, you will realize you've been cheating yourself for the whole time, because if you weren't then you'd know that the Devil was your Mother, your helper, and your teacher brother's very good friend, whom helps you however best that Devil can. And when you notice, at least that, you've been the one, eyes closed, to all your true possibilities, then you will begin to see how positive thought instantly, begins to work. Now you hold on to that road, and I tell you, you won't have to go far to see the benefits.


"At the speed of Light".      What's that? Oh sorry to pain you with so much of my thinking, I can see it is wearing you thin. Now you must get well, listenin, and payin haha attention...eh? Ok? Think? What's thinking but what it is supplied to do, help you in awareness to,,,your own self.

Does anyone Ever mention everything they think?
Then obviously there isn't going to be an obvious answer to anything that's read, until that red can get out into the blue...and die ego die, blue lips and all. So no. You don't even know most of your thoughts most of the time they're so covered up by your not noticing heheh them, yep. U know?
I can't finish what I'm saying. There is no way to explain everthing that's going on in nagual world/ . . ..   
That's a lot of stuff to go through, reading that is, this stuff. So? Have fun. Take the path of heart. When anything bothers you, take the route of havin a laugh at them by smiling and saying you'll get to them, on that. HAhahaha.
Never fear.
That's what Don Juan says.
And that's great. Because I understood so much of his
woerds when I read them, that I agreed. Instantly. And some people out there
thought it was a work of fiction, this Carlos Castaneda's writings.
It's a... pretty work of fiction.
...this movie, that is. 
Now let's talk about OotF 41. The Daughter, is bored. The fuckin muthah is always sick, that father who is suppose to be there...is out fishin. Why do you think the Devil is "exciting" to her? Now think a bit, about what I just said, and then you'll have your answer. But don't let that stop you from continuing to listen to me speak. So the father thinks that his world is dull, boring, and cold. So he dreams up this paradise where the sword fish are so big and the catch is easy. Just as his dull, so called 'freidn' listens to him recount his dreams, and badger him for the money HE has saved up, not fromhisOWn bank account...yu see? And the daughter on the other hand...is on the same bill...hahahahah...she's TOO thinking about sunnier lands, and warm lovely living. So he tries to discourage her from what her heart is telling her too....nor does he notice his own heart, jst earlier, was thinking the same thoughts too, wanting to pressure his buddy into spending his hard-earned cash to buy a boat and sail to the ...well without a thought. So now he cuts his daughter down telling her, she, is a nobody. Refusing to SEE, his own actions because of his thoughts, emotions, etcmmm, not being organized. Meaning....when one doesn't pay attention to their inner world, then their owter world alSo, goes unnoticed. And that is how he, haha, dealt with his daughter. WHereFore. Mirrors, we are all, one to each other. Let us look into the mirror now.
Come one, out of the fog. Come all. 
Oh my.,.Ijsthadta laugh.
What I mean, is that we were hm, hm, told, taught that we ONLY in the company of, ANOTHER, are capable of, doing something. Wherefore, we have forgot, about our OWN real self. Which is to say, one may change the whole entire place, jst by using the properties    correctly. Without the properties, you exist in a, as the psychiatrists of 'old' have spoken of, a common ground, acommonconsciousness, a collected consciousness. And a collective consciousness, sorry to tell you, is blind, at this time. So you can't start there. You will only fall hahaha, into more trouble. You must first separate yourself from the collective consciousness, to indentify who you truly are. Wonce you've identified yourself, and then disidentified yourself with yourself, then you shall be in a very fit position, hm, to help all the others out. But to think only that you HAF TA HAVE another around in order for GOD to BE tTh ere? you know? You errrrr with that kind of thinking. Because it doesn't take two or more in my name, i t   only   t a k e s   you,  alone, finding it. And by your power of knowledge of self, you help everyone else without having to struggle at it, like Gurdjieff said, you only haf ta struggle for so long before yah find what you're serching for. THen....you move along. And that, could be . . . ANYTHING. Just follow the path of heart. 
Have fun.
Back to the movie.
She's being going out with 'Goth".
Oh-oh. She's been going out with Garth.
 "This couch is hard enough to make a hamburger'".
Is what the dude said as he sat in the man's living?room where he sat
into. To msquerade kinda like that, is what we call, hahahahaha, Sub-vertive
Hypnosis....meaning, covert hypnosis. Hahah. Damn. They already knew that back then?
In order to create THAT kind of haha, dialoge? Ok. Right. Bloody well right, you got a bluddy right to say.... The conclusion of the movie; That's how you get rid of the illuminati, silently, effortlessly.
 There's another moral to the story. It's this.... When you think things through, you are thinking consciously. When you think consciously, haha, nothing can go wrong. It's when you are not thinking consciously that everything seems to go wrong. While walking and thinking in my head, my sock was falling into my boot, which is irritating. Stopping to pull it up twice or thrice, I got upset that this is even happening. So I thought in my head that the sock is up on my ankle and fits perfectly and feels so good. So that thought was really pretty, real nice. I instantly then forgot about it and went to my thoughts. Do you know, it wasn't a few minutes further into my walk and almost home, that I realized, haha, the sock had stopped midway into the falling and actually was reversing its slide down, instead it was moving up. That's what I mean by consciously thinking. It works. This is getting to be a REALLY big pyramid. I should stop. Remember, the word should cancells itself out. Hahahah

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