Daily Moon Phases

Thursday, January 31, 2013

DizzIen The WutchawatchawatcaWant

(Dizzyin, the "whatcha-whatcha-whatcha Want?)

Lobrman pincher. RIhT. (Doberman pinscher - Hound of Hell, right.)

Robert Plant - Billy's Revenge - Toronto 1988

I don't haha feel like telling a story about this plce or any other. Therefore, take whutcha get, and take it kindly.  



oh so many pretty designs one can

haha, when they want to.

Tge oint izzzz: you can't know a song, by the name of it. Hahahahaha. You can know a name, by the sound of it. Like z0z0....remember? the fuuuun guy? (pigs in the whistle, I can't make out what I said here last night, hahahaha)

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