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Monday, January 14, 2013

What IS The Truth?

Just as the Cassiopaeans, Pleiadians, and the Law of One beings all said....there are infinite number of Universes, so who is to say your Universe is the 'right' one.

That's right huny. The next time you look at me and think, what the fuck? because I'm having so much fun....remember....a fun Universe is RIGHT here. Hahahahahaa....An Ima gonna enjoooy myyy self. Thank you very much.

Don't believe me. And I don't have to believe you.

Hahahaha...Yes yes yes. Check it out fer yer own self luvy.

How To Change Your Belief System, by Teal Scott.

Here comes trouble. What you term as trouble anyway. The Devil in Disguise. Er what you call the Devil. There are aaall kinds of Uni-Verses everywhere....

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