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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Joan Fontaine - Libra Snake.

Fontaine walks in the door to be greeted by a little girl who says "I'll make it inAuminute"...about the tea, for her new teacher. What a strange lingo.

The Witches/ AKA The Devil's Own (1966)

Here's some help
When you're jumping from rock to rock and you have to watch your footsteps everywhere so that you stay on the rocks instead of slipping off them into the burning water which surrounds them, or freezing water, whichever....
this is how you do it....
When you find yourself depressed and starting to cry because it's mid winter and the sun don't shine for long enough, then you must quickly imagine you are crying tears of joy, and that the sun is shining inside of you, wherever it is.
That is when you find you have jumped from one rock to the other and you're safe, because you've balanced yourself and now there's no danger of falling in, on either side.
So remember. Switch from one pole to the other, one side to the opposite, before you have a chance to slip and fall.
Fountain : noun. 1. A natural spring of water

Brook :  noun. 1. A small stream

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  1. I like this analogy very much. Thank you for posting it.