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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Queen of Cups & King of Cups

On Friday January 11, 2013 I got an Extended Celtic-Cross Reading by a 'psychic?' lady who is 71 years old. (I know why she called it an "Extended" Celtic-Cross Reading...because she was talking so much about her own personal life, instead of what my life was showing in the cards, that it was awfully extended...Take my advice, seek out the younger generation of Card Readers, let the old generation do their reminiscing and remembering of their life, in their own time.

reminiscing:  present participle of rem·i·nisce
Indulge in enjoyable recollection of past events.)

Oh and, for those who know about card reading, and I don't, she used the Celtic Cross method. She said that she picks one card which represents my personality. Looking at me she said I reminded her of the Queen of Cups, the 'sweetheart' she called it. Then she proceeded to look for that card, wasting time because it took her so long. She would have done better to just let me finger it out of the deck. It would have been a much more personal match. It was when she asked me to pick three cards out of the deck with my left hand that I picked the High Priestess, the King of Cups, and some other one, I don't remember which. Maybe I would have picked out the Queen of Cups if she hadn't decided that my personality reminded her of that particular card and took it out of the deck.

Look what I found about this method from a site. Click on the link to read all of it. Here's an excerpt:

I have very rarely used a significator, but I understand the need that some people place on having one in their spread, as the representation of the querent, it does place them squarely in the spread. My main problem with that is quite simply, the querent's life is in that spread anyway, so I feel there really is no point in stating the obvious.

The other reason I don't use a significator is that we are actually reducing the deck by a card that may actually be required during the reading. For example, you use the Queen of Cups to signify your client, but what card will the Tarot now use if it wants to show another woman of the same qualities in or around the life of the client? Or if the client needs to take on the qualities of this queen, or indeed will encounter her, then how shall she be represented? It's a personal choice really and it seems that however people were taught is how they will continue to work their spread. I feel it's worth considering questioning the need to ever use one at all, whether you're a beginner or a professional reader."

She told me I'm the Queen of Cups. I don't know anything about these cards so here is my research on what this stuff means.

Queen of Cups Tarot Card Meanings Keywords

Upright: Emotional security, calm, intuitive, compassionate
Reversed: Emotional insecurity, co-dependency

Queen of Cups Tarot Card Meanings and Description

The Queen of Cups is the Queen of the realm of emotions. She is a beautiful, introspective woman who sits on a throne at the edge of the sea. In her hands, she cradles a beautiful cup with handles shaped like angels. The cup is closed, an indication that the thoughts of the Queen originate from the unconscious, from the depths of her own soul. Wearing a gold crown and silver robe, she is alone, sitting and staring at this cup, which she holds before her with both hands on the base. The stone throne upon which she sits is decorated with images of sea-nymphs, fish, and scallop shells. The sea and fish are symbols of the unconscious mind and water in general represents emotion, spirit, and feeling. The cloudless bright blue sky and placid water of the sea surround her. Her feet do not touch the water; they rest comfortably on colourful rocks washed up in front of her.
Upright Queen of Cups Tarot Card Meanings 

The Queen of Cups is nurturing, caring, compassionate and sensitive. She is a good wife and a loving mother as she is emotionally secure and can connect on an emotional level with others. She is admired for her fairness and honesty, and is warm-hearted. Often a healer, counsellor or psychic, this is a woman who seems to know what is wrong even before you open your mouth. She seems to have exactly the right solution to problems relating to relationships, emotions and feelings. She easily tunes in to what you are feeling and is able to help you make sense of it in a sensitive and compassionate manner. As such, her intuition is very strong and she has a unique talent at being able to pick up on emotional energy.
As with the Court Cards, the Queen of Cups can manifest as a person in your life or as a part of yourself. She often appears as a mature female.
No intuition is more powerful than that of the Queen of Cups. She is the pure force of Water, and her connection with the subconscious is rivalled only by the High Priestess. She is often like a mirror, reflecting the hidden depths of others back to them, so they can see their own mysteries for themselves. Thus, the Queen of Cups indicates that you need to trust your intuition and listen to your inner voice. Trust the sensations and the feelings you are getting from your outside environment.
When the Queen of Cups appears in a reading, it suggests that you need to empathise with others and to show true compassion. Focus on the emotional well-being of others rather than relying on rational or logical explanation. You are here to support and to teach others, by drawing upon your own intuition and sense of calm and emotional connectedness. Learn how those in need cope with life’s challenges and share your knowledge. Hug someone you care about.
One of the greatest assets of the Queen of Cups is her ability to sense the needs of those around her. Due to her associations with the element of water, the Queen of Cups can be passive and receptive. Her sensitivity draws those who struggle and suffer towards her. In many ways, she is a safe harbor for others. Her ability to connect on a soul level enables her to remedy the broken hearts of others. Her warmth and genuine caring make her a beacon of light. Because she is so responsive to the feelings of others, the Queen of Cups must constantly uphold her boundaries between herself and others. If not properly protected, the Queen of Cups can lose her own sense of self. This is her greatest vulnerability.
The Queen of Cups tends to think with her heart, rather than her head. She may lack common sense and rationality but she is highly intuitive and sometimes psychic and dreamy. Similarly, if you are finding that the logical approach is not working, then the Queen of Cups encourages you to follow your heart and not your mind. You may be required to turn inward and explore your emotions about a particular situation.
The Queen of Cups symbolises achievements made possible by the use of imagination and creativity. This is a woman who is highly imaginative and artistically gifted, affectionate and romantic in outlook. She is often involved in creative or literary pursuits, and enjoys art, good music, literature and things of beauty. Therefore, you may be more inclined to pursue creative projects, particularly if it acts as a form of self-expression.
Reversed Queen of Cups Tarot Card Meanings

The Queen of Cups reversed suggests that you may be feeling out of touch with your emotions or that you are forced to restrict how you are really feeling deep inside. You may be struggling to express yourself effectively, instead bottling up your feelings internally. If you do not address these emotional issues, they will eventually reach boiling point. Your stress levels may increase and your ability to cope with everyday issues could suffer.
The Queen of Cups reversed suggests some dissatisfaction or feeling of disconnection from your spirituality that has arisen in your life. This may be as simple as a growing realisation that you need to find your path and get more involved on a meaningful level with others in your faith.
The reversed Queen of Cups may also suggest that you are allowing your imagination to run away with you. You mean well but unfortunately you cannot be relied on. You are letting your emotions take hold and you are not thinking clearly with your head. At its worst, the precious qualities of imagination and flowing fantasy might turn out to be weakness and thoughtlessness, turning in any direction that any wind may blow, getting lost in a dream world of unreal fantasies. You are becoming easily overwhelmed by emotion, and you are becoming moody, unstable, brooding, suspicious, and overly secretive.
The Queen of Cups reversed represents an overemotional wreck who can be driven to manipulative and vindictive behaviour. Your mood swings are making life difficult for others and you are emotionally draining on those around you. You tend to play the emotional heartstrings to your advantage. Within you, you may also harbor angst and self-loathing for your inability to do more with yourself and your talents.
In relationships, this card heralds a time when separating the emotions from any sense of sensibility may be difficult. Strong emotions may seem to take all parties on a roller coaster ride. Within projects, jobs, or workplaces, all members may feel their emotions are a little frayed from stress. With this in mind, the reversed Queen of Cups also warns against entering into any agreements with those who seem to play on your sense of guilt or pull on your emotional heartstrings, for they may not be what they seem.
The reversed Queen of Cups can indicate an over-reliance on other people’s emotional responses, which may result in a co-dependency type relationship. You may want to examine your current relationships. Is there co-dependency? Are you giving too much of yourself and not getting anything in return? This Queen nurtures for the sake of inducing dependency, and places undue importance on being in a relationship, no matter what its quality. There could also be a tendency towards having too many expectations from your partner.
A reversed Queen of Cups can also indicate the abuse of alcohol and substances, particularly if this abuse is driven by your emotional state (i.e. you drink more when you are feeling upset).
And then the lady said, a King of Cups is coming into my future.
King of Cups Tarot Card Meanings Keywords

Upright: Emotional balance and control, generosity
Reversed: Emotional manipulation, moodiness, volatility

King of Cups Tarot Card Meanings and Description
The King of Cups sits on his throne on a grey stone block, calmly in the midst of a turbulent sea and wears a necklace with a fish amulet. The fish is the symbol of spirit and creativity and represents the balance of the unconscious with the conscious. Behind him on his right, another fish jumps wildly from the tumultuous ocean, and, on his left, a ship sails steadily in the choppy ocean. These images are a sign that the unconscious has been allowed to break through and has been recognised by the King, yet it remains within his power and does not overwhelm him. The King of Cups does not repress his emotions and unconscious impulses but has learned to accept and deal with them in a mature and balanced manner.
Upright King of Cups Tarot Card Meanings

The King of Cups, like all the court cards in the suit of Cups, represents emotion, creativity, and the unconscious. Unlike the preceding three court cards, however, the King of Cups expresses much more restraint in his emotional state. He is a master of his own feelings, and remains in control of his emotions. Not to say that he represses those feelings and sentiments. On the contrary, the King of Cups represents the balance between the emotions and the intellect. He is a master of compassion and kindness and his card often indicates strong bonds in a relationship based on temperance and understanding.
As such, the King of Cups indicates that you feel very emotionally balanced and in control. You have a very deep understanding of your feelings and emotions, and are able to connect with this when necessary. As you deal with some of the scenarios that life throws at you, draw on this deep emotional maturity to help you navigate these challenges. Also, know that this is an incredible gift you have and be open to sharing your emotional stability and calm approach with others.
If you are facing challenges, then the King of Cups is an indication that you must create balance in the realm of the emotions. The King of Cups represents compassion; one of the most powerful and beautiful qualities of the human spirit. Ask yourself, “How can I develop a stronger awareness of the unconscious without being overwhelmed by its power? How can I develop a stronger sense of compassion without falling into the trap of sentimentality?”
The King of Cups encourages you to be considerate in your dealings with others and as you counsel others. You may need to understand why strong feelings have surfaced and how to best cope with them. It is important that you do not repress emotions but instead explore them with an open heart and an open mind.
Sometimes, the King of Cups can represent an older male who may appear in your life. This card represents a man of business, law or divinity, who is kind, considerate and willing to take responsibility for his actions. He is paternalistic but in a sensitive, generous manner, and he enjoys the quiet power associated with providing loving energy to others. He is able to listen mindfully to others and he responds calmly in a crisis. He uses diplomacy rather than force, and reached out to help, not to stifle or have it only his way!
Similarly, the King of Cups shows you generosity, graciousness, love, calmness, caring and will give you his healing ways. He has power in the business world and loves law and order. You would love him to be your doctor. If there were a crisis at hand, this is someone you would hope to have near.
The King of Cups is highly diplomatic and politically correct. He has a real talent at being able to balance the needs of many people and keeps everyone working together harmoniously and productively. He knows how to show care and sensitivity as he leads others towards a common goal. He responds carefully to others’ emotional needs and can diffuse a tense situation by reading and responding to the different people involved.
If you are being challenged personally, the King of Cups suggests you will need to remain emotionally mature in dealing with the negative energy from others. You need to be clear in your own mind about what your boundaries are and what is and is not acceptable on an emotional level. This King is level-headed and in control of his emotions. He uses his emotional intellect to make smart decisions and does not let other circumstances or whims sway him from his central belief system and his morals.

Reversed King of Cups Tarot Card Meanings

The King of Cups reversed is incredibly emotionally controlling and manipulative. This is someone who is toxic, moody, sulky and withdrawn from others, particularly if things do not go his way. He can be vindictive and vengeful and has a talent at being able to punish others through emotional manipulation. He uses emotional blackmail to get his way and to push his own agenda. He leaves you feeling uncertain about yourself and as if you are the problem, not him. This only leads to emotional instability within you, which is entirely undeserved. If this sounds like someone you have met in the past, there is still some work to be done in releasing yourself from his controlling forces.
A reversed King of Cups can also represent a mature and loving, emotional person, who has let their emotions begin controlling their life. The King of Cups may depend too much on others and view himself through the eyes of others. He may fall into delusions or alcoholism, or others forms of escapism to deal with emotional pain. This could show you trapped in a relationship with someone that is dependent and emotional, or a co-dependency situation. You may be struggling with self-deception and/or the deceptions of others, and the most important thing in this situation is to see yourself and others as they actually are, with clear and loving eyes but not foster any sense of dependence or weakness through your own actions.
In a relationship reading, the reversed King of Cups suggests that you feel quite confused about your relationship and your emotions are out of balance and out of control. You are uncertain about your true feelings, and every day they seem to chop and change, leaving you completely confused. You need to be careful, too, about the messages you are sending to your partner as he/she may become easily confused too if you are ‘up’ one day and ‘down’ the next. It is probably best to keep some distance now until you work out your feelings and are more in control of your emotional state.
Finally, the reversed King of Cups suggests that you need to take greater control and responsibility for your emotional state. Right now, you are a loose cannon, letting your emotions rule and flip-flopping from one point of view to another. You want to take charge of your life but then you are waiting for the Universe or for fate to show you the way. You need to be more accountable for your emotional well-being. 
There was a High Priestess that came up right away in the deck. The lady thought it meant something to do with entrepreneurialship on my part....but as soon as I saw it, I knew it meant something a whole lot more. Before I came to that lady's table, her husband actually seduced me into getting my reading done because he was so intuitive and I thought he would be doing it, but it turned out his wife was doing it, and she wasn't very psychic. The lady before I came to her table was named Kelly. She was a younger lady, and I had woke up that day and put into Google "who are the Celtic?" So would I have even wanted to get a reading, which I did not, I would have went to her. I think I wasted $75.00 on that 71 year old lady....
While talking to Kelly, I began opening up about a long black dressed woman in my visions and dreams. Kelly told me that was me. I told her I had been wondering who she was all my life because she appeared to be me but I thought it was a twin representation of me and I wondered was she evil or divine. She said it could be something about my past lives where I may have had some negative things happen and so she's represented by wearing that black. I wish I would have talked to her longer, or even got a reading from her. But as I said, I wasn't going to the psychic fair to get a reading, I was going to look through the books and buy some semi-precious stones, none of which were there this time. Maybe that's why I got hoodwinked into getting my reading done. I was also very emotional that day because the day before and that very day I had been having highly spiritual breakthroughs, which made me to start crying and fretting, because of some unknown stuff which was now starting to become clearer to me. Anyway, that High Priestess that came out of the deck was the representation of that 'twin' I had been talking about, to Kelly. But it went right past the eyes of that 71 year old CARD reader. If only she actually had PSYCHIC abilities.

 Also there was the Temperance card in my spread. The 71 year old said it was my haha guardian angel. But I as well had a different feeling about that one. It's about balance. And what does that lady know about balance? Nothing.

About the King of Cups: "The moderation theme of the Cups suit is critical. If you strive too far into the fiery side of the King you will be burned by his inner flames, but if you slip into the deep water of his emotions you could be overwhelmed and drowned. Stay in the middle and you'll be safe."

I know.
The customer is always right.
That lady had no clue about me or my life. She was as shallow as a puddle after rain. I may be sweet looking on the outside, but there's a lot more to me than the angel face. Without a black side as a balancer, where would I be? So fuck you and your dullass reading, lady. Take up another hobby.

Priestess is Nagual.

And since my higher spiritual nature is coming through very strongly at this time
Temperance is the key of the day, lest my Tonal end up dead.
Like the doctors in the medical profession, psychics would do well to allow the client to state their circumstances, then would the doctor/reader not be a specialist in that area, i.e. healer/psychic, then they are to refer them to someone who is better suited for the task. Otherwise they're just money grubbing greedy people only thinking about themselves while trying to pull a fast one over the public. Fuck them all alike the dimwitted money grubbing greedy ignorant doctors and 'psychic' readers. (Mind you, not all psychics or doctors land in this definition. Some are superb.)

Nobody's Fault But Mine

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  1. Thank you. Your account of the reversed queen of cups helped me very much with my practice as a young reader.