Thank you Bill. It was valuable information, but not in ordinary way. To be clear, this interview was total joke to me.

It contained no useful information, only new type of propaganda. This interview had no focus, subject jumped like a ball of ping-pong. We already know that whistle blower industry produces 90+% of crap, even Discovery channels are full of triangular UFO's and the most stupid can predict that food is primary resource. Every time question intended a clear answer – interview jumped to new subject.

Which propaganda?
Bill is so brilliant, that elite wasn't capable to handle it. They hired the best man, but Bill turned him from enemy to whistle blower. In Bill's shoes I'd like it a much.

There is couple of leitmotifs in this interview:
1) Though elite seems to be cruel and corrupted to us, actually they do right thing and there is no alternative to that. Very important new theme and good way to hijack resistance. It happened before with nature lovers. They were turned in to green terrorists who help to separate man and nature.
2) Elite is so all-powerful that we have no chance, the smartest thing to do is go with them.
3) They are magical 33, no identity, no clues. So stop to blame free masons, politicians, jews and so on, we have new enemy – 33.
4) Test for reaction. If successful then show have continuation, else new script will be written. Some themes for future conferences were introduced like thing from moon, space as ocean and creatures in it, 30/70 thing ...

About Charles
Men who struggles to express himself verbally can't be a elites intelligent problem solver. It can be good driver or assassin.

Without “proper blood”, education and without social skills the “special” ability to act quickly in critical situations isn't useful for any elite. Why? Because they, the members of elite, make decisions and policies and make quick decisions if needed. The workers are just expected to act accordingly. So by description and by verbal expression Charles should be good for military.

In real life
From my experiences working with people for government and international organizations:
1) Stupid or hones people can move up the ladder but always end up as upper-middle level managers. This is maximum level for people called useful idiots.
2) To become an insider no one offers money to you nor makes sinister proposals. You must be smart enough to understand what they want and please masters, then you will be promoted. Sadly it imply to be sociopath and skilful criminal. Higher positions require you to have some dark secret like pedophilia – guarantee for your loyalty.
3) To be insider in any criminal or secret/closed organization you must have a long history of proven qualities which exclude the chance to become next whistle blower.
4) Workers have no idea what insiders really think and can't whistle or fart any useful information.

In truth seekers world we must isolate two different directions. Real, sometimes boring work to identify malfunctions in our society and joyful esoteric digging.

From first side let be honest, it all goes down to jewish culture. People who truly believe being real humans. They call us animals and zionist influence in the world is their biggest secret. They were first money makers and collected wealth helped them to corrupt other areas. They are behind “goy” management religion called christianity. They were able to infiltrate lot of organizations in history and corrupt them. Europe conquered America and East is taken over by money.

Now we have zionists behind the money. Money is behind politics, media, wars, food and pharma. Of course there is lot of inner fights too, because those in top, are way from being normal humans.

It is really so simple, but they do not want us to acknowledge it. They do anything to keep this simple truth hidden. By this reason we are entertained with countless esoteric stories. Yes life exists in space, yes we may have aliens behind zionists, yes ..., yes ... But those stories are not important for our future.

Before revealing natures secrets or finding unedited version of history, we must to stop accepting aristocracy in any form (royalty, elite, ascended masters, messiah, aliens, opinion leaders, truth tellers) and do it without destroying civilization we rely on. We must to become individuals who interact with other individuals and stop to be a cattle.

Strange observation
Current planet runners, in some unknown reason to me, always say what they are planning to do, people just watch and hear but do not understand. They talk about ideas of founding fathers, economic success, better management, guided something and so on. It is all true but founding fathers were corrupt, we are part of economy as commodity, better for them and guided by them. Next time listen and do not assume that they talk from your perspective.

We are allowed to grow cows for milk and meat. We are not allowed to do this with humans. Why? Because cow has no understanding of this process. Maybe this is the answer to our problem - stop to be a cow.