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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Key To Ascension

Here is the key to ascension.

In Allogenes, it says:

"He is Vitality and Mentality and That-Which-Is. For then That-Which-Is constantly possesses its Vitality and Mentality, and Life has Vitality possesses non-Being and Mentality. Mentality possesses Life and That-Which-Is. And the three are one, although individually they are three."

     And this is the key. If you read Ramtha's books about his life, and if you read Saint Germain's books about his life, and if you've read about Jesus Christ, if you've read about Buddha, then you will see each of these beings were involved in NOTICING the life in and around themselves very ACUTELY. They were INTERESTED. They did not waste their time on chit-chat, chit-chat, or other wasteful activities (74. He said, "Lord, there are many around the drinking trough, but there is nothing in the well." ). And by BEING interested, that is part of ALL THAT IS. Their MIND'S were FOCUSED, their MENTALITY was at work. Key word: work. The VITALITY that flowed through them was focused on deciphering life all around and within themselves, and they were like scientists observing that which is, not that which they make up as fantasy in their mind, but that which actually presents itself, is what they paid attention to! So you have Number 1. That Which Is. Number 2. Vitality. Number 3. Mentality.

When you use the vitality that is with you, through your mentality that you have, to observe that which is, then you find the truth, and that truth turns you into yourself where you find EVERYTHING ELSE. That brings you to ascension. Do you see how simple it is? It's up to you to do it. No one else can live your life for you. No one else can observe through your eyes, feel through your heart, and think through your mind....unless you allow it. And then you have the Archons, who will gladly take over your thoughts your feelings and your life....if you don't want it.

They're the janitors of life. They pick up the waste.

When you look over your left shoulder behind you and make death your best friend, then continue to become impeccable like don Juan advised...then when you next look behind you and you see death trailing farther behind, and then one day you look again and see behind you that death is entertaining someone else back there instead of trailing behind you... well what did you think? You think a predator is going to stick around and try to eat something that is stronger than it? No. Even the predator uses their mind and goes looking around for weaker prey. Hahaha!

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