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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

They ARE like an abortion!

It said in the Sophia story, with the thought of creating Man, in her head, she was so excited about it that she made a mistake, tripped and fell into here, and because she had such great power, being from the imperishable Aeons, instantly out of her came a creation it said, and it was like an abortion!

Well, there's proof in this video for sure! Oooh, it's gross. Take a look at some of the deformities in it. But most of all, I had to write this blog when I saw the one picture at 4:45 of the film, when the guy is saying the words..."As the twelve cups are man made..."
     Immediately I felt there is something so grossly ugly about this. There's a picture of a head being held up with two hands, but the arms of those hands are attached to other things. The arm on the right side looks like the back of a chair and the arm on the left side looks like a long neck sticking out of the body of a person who has a short arm with a flat black hoof for a hand next to its side. It's the most freaky scene. But you can see, the entire video before that picture has all kinds of strange ugly geometrical box shapes that don't have any beauty, any symmetry to them. I had a dream a few years ago and I saw these type of strange box shaped geometrical forms all mushed together coming from the sky, landing in a building, taking it over, then trapping people inside so that alien force could eat them, their energy. So I was trapped with everyone else, but I recognized that we were and so I told everyone to hurry and start looking for a way out. The entire building was changing shape and repeating forms so that it was more difficult for us to find a way out. But someone found a hole in the ground floor and it looked like a trap door, but it was leading through a tunnel in the basement which led to the outside. Then we called the cops and had the whole place shut down, torn apart, and buried inside some huge iron boxes under ground so no one ever got hurt by them again. That's what these pictures remind me of. That dream.

And then I remembered reading the Sophia story. Because I could never imagine what a live abortion would appear to be like, it was when I saw this ugly form in that picture I realized, this would be it! It's the thought that counts. It looks like an abortion!

You have to go through the video with your curser on the start-stop button so that you can get a real good long look at some of those strange, weird artifacts they have on there. You'll be able to take in what the man is saying as, he talks very slowly and clearly.

That video was messed up by who ever put it together. This is the original narrator with the pictures to go with it. It was an Interview by Bill Ryan to Klaus Dona.

And now too I can understand how some of those, what they call "plasma" alien shapes that fly or float around in the sky too remind you of an abortion how they continuously are changing shape and nothing ever really takes shape, they never look like anything, only some hint of something, but nothing ever, really!

Strange purple Genie shoe flying around

Strange morphing silver thing in the sky

Is this a bird, plane, or strange morphing thing in the sky?

NOPE, it's a flying dolophin!

Definitely Unidentified (I don't recommend going out and summoning some demons, like the not too swift thinking Robert Bingham tells you. But whatever, do what you want to...it's your bag)

2 Balloons, one black one white, no it's 4 balloons, 2 black 2 white, nooo it's...

Imagine having thoughts in your head like those pictures look? Just observe the ELite. They're the best example to describe that kind of incident. Imagine being influenced in your head by an abortion? Go right, no left, no inside out, no outside in! No, upside out, round, all at once, everything you can think of! DO IT! NOW! Geez, I somehow feel sad for those beings, which ones? Both!

Do you know what I think the WHOLE purpose
of this Sophia story was about?
To eject the deformity, the disease, the defect.
And the first thing that happened when innocent Sophia
(got pushed by me into this place, but everyone thinks she) tripped into this
place, is that defect got ejected and is swimming throughout
this universe. When Man was created, there's no doubt He had
to deal with it. But we all know the end of the story.
Man is Victorious! He then comes back home from where he came.
The Pure Warrior of Love. Thank you
 I hope you  have enjoyed my story.
And I hope you'll come back for more and more and more
wonderful stories, because I have a brilliant mind and the stories pour
from this brilliant mind like out of a fountain, a fountain of life, wealth, richness, like they said
I have pomegranates for my temples.
But you can't mistake the parable for the face value.
You have to use your spiritual understanding to know what that means
which means you have to have your own stories too.
See how telling cool stories can get you inspired to make your own cool stories?

One big jade cup
and Twelve little jade cups.

Do you know who you're dealing with? A really big jade cup filled.

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