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Friday, March 13, 2015

Removing Denial & Looking At What's There...Freely

     "The creative spirit is a holy and whole-making spirit, a living spiritual being that literally animates and potentially, depending upon how we relate to it, either destroys or heals us. Speaking of this same sacred spirit, Christ said in the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas, “If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.”
                                                                                         -Artist As Healer of the World

Here are some excerpts I put together to help us understand some things:

John Lash
Some texts such as On the Origin of the World (II, 5) are preponderantly concerned with the threat posed by the "extraterrestrial" Archons.
Make no bones about it, these astonishing writings make it eminently clear that the alien mind parasites are psychic intruders ("They take away souls by theft." V, 3 : 33.10) who use the false ideology of "Salvationism" to enslave humanity to an alien agenda ("It is enslavement that we should die with Christ."  VII, 2 : 49.20-30).

Extraterrestrial Denial in Western Society
--Why does "mainstream" science (and media) continue to deny the historical and on-going existence of Extraterrestrial contact with human beings on Earth?
--Ancient Gnostic disciples of Jesus critically illuminate this denial.
"Extraterrestrial denial within Western science and Christianity, manifests from a consciousness, in which human beings have been seduced to pursue materialistic power and oppression against one another. Gnostics suggest this apparent seduction has been amplified by Manipulative Extraterrestrials which Gnostics had sought to help warn humanity about."

"Christianity was created by elites, and in the guise of spreading the message of God, was executed to spread Empire through the creation of an elite-driven religious bureaucracy. Christianity was the tool that Romans, and other Empires since then, have used to pacify and oppress 'the masses'.

Western "science" became the secular mechanism used by the 'Empires' of the West, to correspondingly oppress the masses through the development of destructive technologies associated with a political-military-industrial complex, and through manipulated "official" pools of knowledge. These highly managed pools of knowledge are under elite ownership. These managed pools of knowledge are also collusively directed in the capitalist system, through formal educational systems, broad socialization, and interconnected mass-media organizations from television to the print media. In reality, the spreaders of Christianity and "mainstream" science in the evolution of the industrialized West were pursuing a collective agenda, to maintain oppressive power, which required denying Extraterrestrial contact. The apparent conflict between "religion" and science, is a managed conflict and is a mass deception strategy through political theatre, which is orchestrated to give the appearance of an uncontrolled and critical debate. In reality, both sides of that debate are controlled by the same confederacy of elites, who are linked to the joint pursuit of 'Empire', through the opportunistic use of religion and science under capitalism. Those (extraterrestrials and 'elites') seek to oppress 'the masses', and to subvert a critical empowering awareness of the humanity identity in the Universe, relative to Extraterrestrials. Revealing an Extraterrestrial presence by modern science and institutionalized Christianity, would inspire a Gnostic-like awakening, including a re-appreciation of the human identity in relation to God.

Indeed, ancient Gnostics appeared to view the God associated with the evolution of Christian dogma as a "false God", created under the influence of what was referred to as the Manipulative Extraterrestrials associated with the Old Testament (and other religious systems cultivated by repressive Empires...)

John Lash
"The Archons are intrapsychic cross-species, agents of error, whose main expression is salvationist ideology, framed in totalitarian religion. The entities, alien cousins to humanity, are deeply implicated in what we believe about ourselves, about human potential, God and the Gods.

They use HAL or simulation to skew the workings of the luminous epinoia, the power of imagination endowed in humanity for the express purpose of detecting and resisting those deviant influences.
"What is that Talent which it is a curse to hide?" William Blake asked.
Gnosticism teaches that the talent of imagination is central to the divine birthright of the human species, and must be owned, lest it be lost - or worse, co-opted and deviated toward non-human designs."

(And this is a really important part, check it out) 

"Moreover, imagination is integral to the human bond with Sophia and even plays a role in her transhuman process of "correction," i.e., realignment to the galactic center, the Pleroma.    
--And the luminous epinoia was hidden in Adam, in order that the Archons might not reach that power, but that the epinoia might be a correction to the deficiency of Sophia. The Apocryphon of John, II, 1 : 20.25--
This is THE core message of Gnostic heresy, but you will not even find it acknowledged as such in scholarly expositions of the Coptic writings."

What this is saying, is that, for us to get back to the home that we, Sophia, came from, which she had accidentally fallen out of and into this place where her powers being so strong created a strange species that are negative, what we have to do, is use our imagination to help Sophia correct that situation...and what John Lash is saying here, is that we need to realign to the galactic center which is the Pleroma, in their terms, home in ours. So, the luminous epinoia is our imagination, and it is a POWER. So we have to use our epinoia and get ourselves home free.

But if we allow the elites who are controlled by the extraterrestrials, to have power over our thoughts, and therefore our imagination, and if we let our imagination run wild with fear thoughts and imaginings, and misunderstandings, and all ugliness like old age and death, etc, then we allow ourselves to become slaves. We don't need that, do we? No. We can get our knowledge from within by listening closely to our inner feelings, our heart, our intuition. Let's imagine positive experiences, joy and beauty. And stand up for our rights!

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