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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Question Everything. Ask Every Sentient Being For Their Help In Finding The Answers.

I have some tiny ants at my kitchen sink that I feed. I found out they like protein the best. I put some pulverized peanuts on there and they like it. But when I put a piece of crushed up cooked chicken, they loved it. So I go downstairs to fill up my tea cup, have a bite of my chicken stew and look at the little ants gathering food and playing in the little area I have for them. I didn't want them going into the sink because they end up getting washed down the drain. So this method has worked finally. They seem to understand to stay away from the sink.

Anyway. I was there looking at them under those nice new kitchen lights that were put in recently, (after the zero below weather busted one of the copper pipes in the cement wall which had to be dug out to be found then fixed, and so the ceiling had to be gutted to find where the water was coming from. So now I have this really pretty light fixture up, track lighting, instead of those ugly fluorescents that were there before.) and they invited me to talk to them, as they had seen I had some really heavy stuff on my mind. So I was glad to communicate. I said to them in my mind.... "so what really happened to Sophia?" And just as I had finished saying it, one of the darling cute little ants had been at the very edge of the sink and fell straight down into the sink. It was dry. I laughed lightly because it was so cute. I wet my finger to go pick it up, and then put it down on the knitted cloth that I keep next to my sink with a little decorative pot that keeps the cleaning things in it. Just as I had put it on there, where the food is right behind it at the wall, I realized that was the answer. Sophia fell into here. She just fell. She lost her balance, tripped, fell. That's how she ended up in this place.

Anyway. I have many questions. I question whether those aliens made our physical form. I question whether they would have put 12 strands in our bodies. I feel we manifested here and already had 12 strands worth of DNA, but they didn't like that so they cunningly proceeded, under the prodding of their 'Prime Creator,' to dismantle us in whatever way they could because he was envious, jealous, hateful of us, who he must have thought of as competitors to his 'one and only state of authority' amongst the rest of the beings that he had made, not in love, because none of them had souls is what is said, but out of arrogance, to make himself puffed up. That's probably why we have good aliens, because they were smart enough to recognize they were getting lied to, cunningly of course, by their very creator. Ah, that's my brainstorming right now. But I definitely am asking questions, pouring through it, over it, up and down it, and seeking every little detail that I can find, to put it together correctly where I have a clear view of the truth. Then I'll move on to the next step.

They did say in the Nag Hammadi Gnostic writings that when Sophia fell, after she cried her heart out because she realized she was without her mate, and saw how her unwanted accidental creation had stolen power from her, she was compassionately sent 12 of the best of the best of all of them. Supposedly this came in the form of a being, whom they call Jesus. For whatever's sake, let's just call the being Him. And therefore, because we have a tidbit of information, and we don't know how screwed up the writings there are because the alien forces seem to get into everything, such as getting into mankinds' minds with their scheming ways, techNOLogy or whatever, we can't know exactly what is written truth, or falsified...let alone what type of experience it was when Sophia fell into here. What was the place like? What was already here in the darkness? How did Sophia appear: did she have a body? was she a form or not? what kind of vision did they have then? compared to what we are dealing with now, etc. John Lamb Lash did a lot of research on this exact subject. I got his book, "NOT in His Image," hahaha, love the title, and he speaks a lot about how messed up and nonsensical the writings are (the Nag Hammadi Gnostic codices they found in 1945), but that there is some helpful information. He's correct. You have to comb through everything, then comb through everything in your mind piecing it all together.

[ A Reading Plan for The Nag Hammadi Library by John Lash: "Anyone who delves into the Nag Hammadi Library (NHC) cannot fail to observe the chaotic and incoherent nature of the materials, to say nothing of their density. On the first approach to these arcane texts, even the most dedicated reader may easily be repelled. Attempting to go deeper, s/he is likely to become overwhelmed. What is to be done? Few people today have time to study these texts in depth, yet many people who are attracted to the radical message of Gnosticism could benefit from accessing the gems buried in this dung heap of theology, mythical lore, and mystical speculation. The core teaching of Gnosis is there, a message from the Mysteries. The question is, How to get to it? All  the material in the Coptic Gnostic writings is difficult, but there may be a way to make the onerous task of reading the NHC a little easier. The purpose of reading these texts cannot be comprehensive understanding of any kind by which I mean on overview of how it all hangs together. It doesn't..." ]

With the state we are in now on this planet, they could lie to us about anything and make us think that it's true. After you read "Alien Interview" you'll see the extent of competition that goes on in the universe amongst different type of beings, or aliens, whatever. It seems to be the Prime Creator has them 'divided & conquered' where probably the term originally came from, so he could hold roost over them all, since he seems quite loveless, at the same time is very cunningly fictitious about it. And that's the picture I get of it all when I put the pieces together in my mind.
      The alien Airl, who gave this interview to Matilda O'Donnell MacElroy said that those alien beings who are controlling this planet right now, constantly are making sure that we don't get to see a speck of alien paraphernalia in our lives because they fear this would bring back memories, wake us up to their scheming, awaken the powers within us and remove ourselves from this dense earthly prison of 3D existing, fire, water, air, earth. Think about all the X-Files with Mulder and Scully how they consistently had to deal with some secret organization always trying to hide anything to do with alien existence from us. That's a tidbit of information right there.

Why do our dreams while we are asleep, sometimes seem more real than the reality we experience when we are so-called awake in this reality?

     Patterns. There's talk about patterns.
I have noticed my body gets into a pattern and just sticks to it like inertia, like decomposition sticks to death. These patterns aren't positive. I find they are negative. It takes focus on these patterns, specifically, to remove them, for them to go away. And it takes some amount of effort, and some amount of time. This place is as though patterned into death. But, I read, a few posts down in Trimorphic Protennoia, that there is a different pattern that we may observe:

                 "And I spoke, I, together with the Archons and Authorities. For I had gone down below their language, and I spoke my mysteries to my own - a hidden mystery - and the bonds and eternal oblivion were nullified. And I bore fruit in them, that is, the Thought of the unchanging Aeon, and my house, and their Father. And I went down to those who were mine from the first, and I reached them and broke the first strands that enslaved them. Then everyone of those within me shone, and I prepared a pattern for those ineffable Lights that are within me. Amen."

Imagine. We are able to follow a pattern OUT of here. Out of this prison. Hmhmhm. I like that.

A pattern, for those ineffable Lights, that are within me.

You have to understand hidden mystery language in order to "get it." Got it? Good.

     Back down further in the last post you have the Pleiadians story, a lovely story indeed. Tells much. So they tell of this 'PRIME Creator' who sends them out to gather information for him. It's not play. It's WORK. It's not fun, it's LABOR. There's no sense of love in that pattern. Everything is all about greed. About how much it can get. It's no wonder a monetary exchange was created in this hmhm (clears throat) galaxy? Or is that UUUniverse? Look at it this way. There's no warmth, no love, no sharing, no giving freely. It's about counting how many pennies one may get because one has earned, or how one can steal what one wants...no wonder the ten commandments. There's an insinuation in them that these things happen and if you're really cunning you can get away with it, like the so-called 'angels' do who fly around this universe. Or you can call them devils, because of course there had to be a split between good and evil for an ignorant god to be able to deal. If there was only intelligence, there would be no need for the negative, because that's just over indulgence. Trying to get something for nothing, like he did with Sophia when he stole power from her, to aggrandize himself with. So you see. When you take a look at it for what it is, you begin to see quite clearly.

The gift of giving has its own reward when your heart is willing. The love it brings into the life of the other, the joy,...that is worth everything! But with this kind of system, or pat-ter Nul stuff, you only get one arrogant mulish's point of view. Take, rape, victimize, fill with fear, and live off their deflating energies. It's evident when you take a good look at what's there, instead of letting it fly in one ear and out the next, as if the fictitious display is worth it or something... Why be caught with a rope around your neck? The picture of baffle o mut in the sky, just like those pictures in the grand cathedrals of the Orion nebula. That's the picture. It's somewhere out there, far away. Unreachable. Why? Because the lie. The insecurity in the being would not be faced and dealt with, so there has to be a distance and a separation in order for that being to look biiiiig and miiiighty, so as to instill fear in those who might rattle it's tiny little interior.


    Here's an excerpt from a PDF book talking about "Wetiko: The Greatest Epidemic Sickness Known to Humanity, by Paul Levy":

"Forbes writes, "The overriding characteristic of the wetiko is that he consumes other human beings, that is, he is a predator and a cannibal. This is the central essence of the disease."[ix] Predators, "full-blown" wetikos, are not in touch with their own humanity, and therefore can't see the humanity in others. Instead, they relate to others either as potential prey or as a threat to their dominance. As if a different breed who is more animal-like predator than ordinary human being, someone fully taken over by the wetiko psychosis consumes others' lives, physically, emotionally, psychically and meta-physically, beyond just the material body and physical possessions to the level of meaning itself. Wetikos are the "antiartists" of our culture, embodying the opposite of what creative artists do. Unlike an artist (please see my article 'The Artist as Healer of the World'), who creates life-enhancing meaning and enriches the world without robbing others, a wetiko takes and consumes without giving anything back, continually draining and impoverishing the planet of resources."

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