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Monday, March 9, 2015

Ordinarily "Extra-Ordinary" Doesn't Make Sense.

You beings might think,
I'm just an ordinary being like you,
like you like you like you.
But I might not be so
or din ary
like you.

Therefore I always pace myself
when dealing with beings like you.
After all, if the angels ask me who
I am, then obviously, you too are
having a difficult time finding out.

But there is no need to be frightened,
After all, the devils are not.
Hahahaha. Not frightened, that is.
Nor should you be, of anything.
Because everything in life
revolves around love and peace.
Nothing ever did or ever would
Destroy that.

So get it. Love and Peace
Are and what to strive for.
To comprehend, to understand.
The beauty of love only flourishes
under such grand foundations.
Build a foundation of love
and all your creations thrive,
in beauty.

Ordinarily, extraordinary doesn't make sense.
You must travel OUT of ordinary.

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