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Monday, March 30, 2015

Norman Bergrun "Ringmakers Of Saturn", Project Camelot Interview

Norman Bergrun "Ringmakers Of Saturn", Project Camelot Interview.

At 46:33 in the video, when he hands her the book and shows her on the back cover the vehicle that is making those rings around the planets (this one Saturn), he's trying to describe to her how jets have that same stuff coming out of them, exhaust...the kind of stuff you see in the skies when you look up, and they're like spider webbing all over the sky. In other words, what Norman is saying when he says "things are getting critical," is that those alien vehicles out there are like flying spiders encircling planets with their webbing...and if we're not aware of it, then we'll be encased in their webbing too. Time to wake up. Knowledge is power and protection.


What Norman was meaning when he spoke of some woman who did remote viewing, was that her perceptions were minor. She doesn't have a clue. Those alien entities are not miners mining rocks in the rings of the planet. They are makers, such as the bloodsucking Anunnaki are god makers, making those rings around the planet in order to suck that planet dry, to feed off it. In otherwords, not minor, but major big problem! Like an insect overgrown...make some insecticide, quick!
The Ring Miners of Saturn.

Here's one of those strange cylindrical (cigar) shaped entities! But it's a minor compared to those ringmakers at Saturn. I think it's an entity not a space craft. Sure it's a vehicle, like my body is a vehicle. You've got to look at the way this thing moves! Haha. At 4:05 of the video, it looks like it got scared of the pilot looking at it, and it swims away in the sky, real fast, like the sky is water, and it's going like a fish, fast as it can away from the pilot. Look at the body, how it moves like a fish, it undulates. It's a live entity this thing. Or, it looks like it's live, anyway. Anyway, ANYWAY, I was thinking about what Norman said. And that if that's a baby, and it eats our negative energies, and that's how it grows....how soon before it starts to spin rings around our planet??? AH!!!!!

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