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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Immersing Yourself

     Notice when you are thoroughly immersed in a song, you can hear not only all the sound coming from the instruments, but that the instruments inside of you are playing their own song which helps you to feel a larger picture, picking up, deciphering, living through, a story inside of you. Notice how one tone, just one tone, can seem to last ever long, so long it's like you have become that note that tone and are holding it, living it as it tremolos through you. The single vibration can carry you for such a long way you lose track of time and time doesn't exist anymore.

Then the next day, while you're busy, you take a listen to that same song, but the song flows so fast and you don't hear those same notes you just heard the other day. What do you think? What do you think about the components that allowed you to experience one day the note of a song so long, but the next day it just passes right by you without you hearing it? It's like a reality that's grey...the colours aren't clear, they're blurry, and the feeling is unnoticeable. But when one is immersed in the life they live from within them, the colours are so bright, vivid, rich, alive...

When you can gather all your energies in a point...it's timelessness. It's just like when you 'fall in love' and all you can think of is that one who you're immersed in your mind with. You want to know all about them, and it, the way they affect you, yourself, the way you're affected, why is it so intense? and you want to drink in the essence of the whole thing so that you can better understand it.

Immersion into it is like 'falling in love,' so therefore, immersion is a type of love, a love that brings you closer to the essence of the meaning behind something, anything. When you have to read a book on a subject that you've never found interesting before, but now you have to discipline yourself to read it and understand it....well the best way to go about doing it, is immerse yourself into it and bring your personal life into it so that it gives this, otherwise, what you thought earlier was, a nothing, a no meaning kind of thing, new meaning to the whole thing, something you can fathom because you are interested in your own life, it is through your life you draw through the senses your experiences, and now you can draw through that book all those things which integrate you to that subject. That's how you make learning exciting. Because now you are aware of yourself, what you think, what you feel, what you are perceiving while reading that book. Even if the author of the book seems dull, it's the subject of the work that is exciting, for, you've immersed yourself into it and have 'fallen in love.'

It's a discipline. Sometimes you have to do it that way. But most of the time, you should be immersed in your heart, to see what it feels like, what is happening in your inner world. To delve into your heart and find what it is that delights and attracts you to want to know more. That's the beginning of life within you. When what you have within, is only a potential sitting on neat shelves all around you, and there are so many beautiful things neatly placed all around you, just waiting to be noticed, used, experienced...well it's all inside of you. How can you use someone else's tools to feel with? It's through your own heart that you feel. That's your tool to greater awareness and to exquisite experiences. The inner being has so much flavor, it's like a gourmet chef inside you creating all the most delicious experiences for you to have. You just need to immerse yourself in all the flavors, to taste them.

Pick some things around you in your life, and immerse yourself!


And if you want to,  just listen. You can click the link then come back here to all the deep rich greenness and just look and listen. You don't have to watch the video if  you don't want to. You can just sit here in peace, and let the sounds and meanings flow through you, until you feel like you've gained your inner understanding of yourself back again. You don't have to do this or that or anything that you thought was expected of you. Find your comfort zone and relax into it. Be yourself.

I Go Crazy, by Paul Davis


Enjoy yourself.
You are worth it.

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