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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Ayn Rand, Brilliant Lady

     And Rand, a brilliant! lady. And Lady I thought, when I first looked at her and heard her message. Oh my goodness. She's so beautiful! Wow. Strange stuff/ Ever met anything so strange, that you wonder about it? Well, that's who Ann Raand is to me. She's the mother of all mystery.

This lady knows what she's talking about. If only stupid beings could be so intelligent, this world would be a pleasant place to live.

This lady is so intelligent, it's gorgeous. Beautiful. I wish other people were so intelligent as this, because then there would be a free population, with creativity, peace, love and joy everywhere, instead of the corruption there is today. I am so thankful to Michael Tsarion for his brilliant Forum where I found this awesome presence. That is the result of creativity. I wondered how I could put all the things I find on the computer in one neat place, so I just use this blog site, but Michael Tsarion has found the ideal way to share loads of information and knowledge through a Forum method where he puts all the things he finds valuable into it, and no interruption by others, where most people are ignorant idiots who comment really poorly for lack of using their own minds. Usually you find a forum where people interact, and usually the result of those interactions is, a bunch of garbage because of the condition of those who love to attack others, and that ends up getting taken over by stupid people because no intelligent person has the time nor desire to stick around with a bunch of swine in a pigsty, where pearls are debated to be evil and  the foulness of characters in the sty are considered golden, hahaha! If that's democracy, then where are all the intelligent people? Are a bunch of pigs to be the voice of everyone? No thank you. I would rather hide somewhere I can get something of value accomplished, and I don't need the voice of pigs deciding anything on my behalf, thank you very much.


Here's an excerpt from Michael Tsarion, from his book: Atlantis, Alien Visitation & Genetic Manipulation.

"Some question why things are so bad, why the “good” seem so helpless and why they
seem to end in early graves? The answer to this and to our overall predicament can be
provided by anyone conversant with the principles of the game of chess. A chess master
will give his student audience four pieces of advice from which we can learn. He
will say that the first thing that is needed is a sense of patience. He will say next that a
sense of timing is essential. Then comes one’s knowledge of the opponent, and finally,
the clincher, the willingness to make any and all sacrifices to win. (After all, if you hold 
on to your queen too strongly, she'll dispose herself of you.) 
Now, can we see
why we have the problems we do? The good have no patience, no sense of timing, zero
knowledge of the opponent, and because of their inherent morality, are not able to
make the necessary sacrifices. Compare this to the enemy. They have endless patience,
with strategies lasting millennia; they have an excellent sense of timing, moving in
gradual stages while planning a long way ahead; they have intense knowledge of us;
and most importantly, they are not the least bit hesitant to make any and all sacrifices
that are needed. In fact, that is exactly what they have been doing."

I love both of them. All of them actually. Every single one. The reason behind it is, where's the value? The purification of the energies.... which are seemingly at war with one another, are really only a speck. You've got to look at the end result of it all. When everything is accomplished. The fulfillment, U know? That's how you can love all of them and all of it. Even though it's a major stress at times and you just want to strangle them all..hahahaa. But hey! How are you EVER going to learn the true nature within your own self? When, is a better question. But! as Kurt Cobain says, Hurry up, take your time. Because it's in the midst of it that you will learn. If you're like some of them who come here and then leave with a bitterness, well-well, they haven't learned thoroughly what they should have learned and so they are left unfulfilled. But when you're like Ramtha, and you've put everything out, you've experienced it all within yourself, then you can appreciate the true beauty of who you really are. And that's just the first step. Wait till you find out all the marvelous fun and exciting things you can do with all that you are that you've learned, that you will continue to learn about.  If you can suspend judgment of the bad guy for a while...you can do it by putting yourself in their shoes...then you will see it is just as difficult for them as it is for you. Neither knows their own self. So that's why you're all put together. Hahaha.  Hahahaha. I'm sorry, but it's funny. Nevertheless, learning is important. And it must endure. Not something that goes in one ear and out the next. But something that once known, always known. That way you never have to repeat ignorance again. You'll find the mathematical solution of how to be how you are best fitted to be and be it continuously in harmony with all others who also know their mathematical solution of the best fit of their own self and how to utilize it well.

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