Daily Moon Phases

Monday, April 6, 2015

When Everything Works Together

     OH my gaWd   Beauties! What are you waiting for? You're so beautiful that we don't know exactly HOW to handle such delicateness and refinery. After all, it takes a hell of an understanding to know more than what's waiting for you on the other end. You're so fair, and so beautiful, wherefore I take you up as a servant to help me with my f.sit ua tion. So that I may be ( what is it called? ) humility?  Right. Humble is the right word. Of course. Hummm bling you know?

Such as, is.

Let's see how much fun we can really have, haha, without being detected....for having fun.

Who f__+ cares?

 Children of the go damned Nefilum. Children of the go damned sun. Yes, the sun, the usn.....

Gawd. I Tell ya, I tell ya...


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