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Friday, April 10, 2015

Michael Tsarion - The Irish Origins of Civilization

There are some really good "Face shots" in this video. I don't know why I can't find any on the web under Images. But geez. You see, I'm an artist. I notice these things. I love beauty. Some of the pictures Michael Tsarion uses to advertise his work, are dull. Yet here we are, in this video, with some of the most exquisitely beautiful face shots... I say. People need to learn to occupy their mind when someone is taking pictures of them, so that the truth comes through, instead of the surface creature with that dull mind. You know? Only the vey best photographers know this. To do it. When taking pictures of a person who they are going to have displayed, they want art work. So they'll distract that person...whatever it takes, make them blush, make them angry, make them cry, make them laugh...anything to distract their mind from the process taking place, so that they could get a snapshot of the real individual hidden behind that skin. Now you know. That's what I'm talking about. And the real individual is the one you really want to talk to, to know, to be around. No one wants to be around flesh on a coat hanger. They want the living soul behind that face to shine through it, to be with that one, not their body. Hahaha. Simple! Amazing human grace!

This isn't a face shot that I was talking about but nevertheless, it's from the video. Go take a look. Especially if you've any artistic talents in you...so you could see what I mean. This video captures a most beautiful essence in the man.

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