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Saturday, April 11, 2015

IF only people would just stop ExPecting things to occur, and just ALLow them to occur.
(There is no Post Title, this is the Post Title. hahaha!)

There's a lot of stuff already, so there's no room for more. What we need to do now is look at the value of the items we have, and force ourselves to make a choice. The best way to force ourself is to look at the absolute use of it. What we have. Think of it as, if you had this tomorrow, three days from now, would it be just a pile of junk sitting in the way of something more urgent much better than the thing just sittin there? Or is it going to BE a part of that urgency? So we need to start looking at these things that way, in order to get the true value. See? We don't really make the choice. Our intelligence does. After that beauty says this this and that, then it's up to us to look at it, ask ourselves, "is there a better authority?" and then just do what we are needing to be doing. It's fun, once we get INTO it. But really...getting in to IT is a very typically difficult thing to do because it's so huge, and complex, and so that's confusing, when you realize, we're only children, it's the creator of us to begin with (intelligence is). Do you think that force may have what we lack, so we don't have to struggle to get that? immediately? Yea, you bet. I wouldn't be here if I wasn't sure that was the case.
Fer Fucking
I like fur.
Soft, fuzzy.
I'm not alone. I have
this cute darling animal
in the form of a skin right next to mine,
I'm O.k!
Let's have some confidence then, if we can't seem to have some faith. Hahahaa. I don't mean it naustily, I meant it nauturally. Alright. I notice that when I smoke a little bit of the Herb called 'marijuanna,' I begin to be able to just communicate naturally with any and all creatures, including YOU. Hahahaa! Yes. Really. The plant I am referring to, has some properties which are helpful to finding a deeper truth. I'm certain AyeAWhatska? is also damn good....but just don't ask me to go and try some with you. I'd rather drink alcohol and smoke herb. That's my kind of waking up. I don't need a 2 x 4 over my head, hahahahaaa. Havin fun. As you know it, your friendly neihbrohood the rose of sharing.

If all, if all, if all, of us,
would come together
then there would be
no more

Hahahaha. It would be ONe hahhaa. so hilarious. I just don't see how people could continously not see what this is all about? It's so funny!

But Fucken Eh, It's all right. I've noticed that this stupidness has helped me as well. I'm a lot finer these days. I feel fine. Hahaha. I AM Fine. That's a good way to be. Should one blame anyone for feeling fine, or being fine? Not at all. Blame the fucker who's still sittin at the table laughin at the plan we brought out when we first thought it up!

Have Fun.
There's no law against that.

Thank you. I love you all.

Now let's have some music!

Hey Little Horn Marilyn Manson!

                 You see? Zorro. He takes from the criminal rich (not the good ones) and gives to the needy. Marilyn teaches   us that, what's inside your heart is inside mine too. Let's understand that. We all need love.

Mister Mare Lin Man Son, You'vereally made the grade. Fuck them, and come with me......

Oh the poetry, Marilyn. You should see it some time. They've placed like, mmm, like dinner cards in front of us, and I, I don't have time to make arrangements, let alone, Be there.

Have fun. I'm fucking leaving. Unless someone more responsible holds up this house. Thank you. Good Bye! (I have this Hotel in Space I'm building. It's AWE. One day, you'll see what I'm saying.)

And I'll stick around ... is there such a song? And I'll stick around? Well? Let's see if we can find something similar!

Oh No!  Mr. Bill !

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