Daily Moon Phases

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

SOLE Crusher.

    It's like that.

Sometimes.   U know?   Some bankster calls me on the phone, says they're from my bank, and then proceeds to try to manipulate my decisions, and when they can't do that, they start asking me personal questions which they have no right to even be asking. Ha! Hahaaaaa! What a joke. Stupid questions. I remember when my parents asked me stupid questions. They're both dead now. But I remember when they asked me stupid questions and I would not answer them. The same to the banksters!

Good Bye. And I hung up.... politely. Of course. I put the phone down softly. Didn't have to waste any energy by slamming it. Not necessary. But to close the phone down on them...yes, necessary. I won't miss them...banksters...like I don't miss my parents. I'm glad I don't have to deal with them anymore. It's a relief. They won't be missed. What ? after all, is fake money? illuminati illusion money? Hahahaa.What? Hahahaa...

If anyone bothers me again.... Listen. Please bother me with things that are worthwhile. Thank you.

Just earlier, while I was listening to Andrew Bartzis the Galactic Historian on his April 1st communications, I heard him saying to me to be CARE FULL of what I say. Mmhm. Then the bankster interrupted with their call. I was very careful. Thank you Andrew. Appreciate it.

And ... computers can't take the place of a human being.

Remember that. Love is where it's at.

No. There is no escape. It was designed like that. Deal with it. That's the answer.

You wanna talk about Saturn's imperfections? Come on, let's talk about it. Let's look at this video at exactly 0:42. That diamond is not a diamond. It has 5 angles. It has a flat end. That does not equal the balance of four for a diamond. A diamond has only sharp angles. So look at Saturn's rings. Are they perfectly round? No. They have a flat end. Which means they don't flow. Circles flow. Diamonds pierce. There is no diamond in the deformity. There is no circle in the deformity. Without deformity, there is perfection. Perfection was from the beginning. It is called Love. Deformity was what had occurred somewhere along the way, when someone wouldn't listen. How long do you think Love is going to allow deformity to occur? Not very long at all. In fact, like the scientists say, In FACT, no more.

I want to point out something to you all. This is my reality. I have spoken with what I have experienced and found what is necessary to expound upon. At the same time, it may not be necessarily so, the way I have described it. For example: the diamond that shows up in the sky, is a perfect diamond. It is, nevertheless, sideways, but! it still is perfect. Ok? Then we have a change of venues. The diamond becomes a 5 angle then a 6 angle. It had begun a transformation. It may not have transformed perfectly to anyone's expectations, at the same time, it did transform. You can call that alchemy. There is alchemy happening while this thing transforms. Nevertheless, I chose this opportunity to express certain aspects of that which I have been dealing with. I have had plenty of time to think about it. And so when I chose this time, it was so powerful, it can actually sway opinions about the entire situation. But I had not that in mind. Therefore I am clarifying myself in this little paragraph. I hope you can now comprehend the situation. Thank you for listening.

You know, you're supposed to be cleaning your own selves. But when the garbage piles up SO much so that they have to call me in, and I'm not happy with being bothered when I am involved in one of my latest experiments, after all, you interrupt an experiment, who knows if you'll ever even get back to it? Ouch. So ya. I was not happy about being called here. And if you think that you are going to interrupt me when I'm cleaning the floor, so that you can have your fun, hm hm hm, sir, you must be kidding. No pun intended.

'They' call me evil. But listen to me, listen to me. They have a baby they are perforating with their obelisk, up the you know what. And I am here saying that is wrong. They call me evil, but they think they are ok. Do you think I'm cleaning the floor around this place for nothing? How much do you think it's costing those who called me in here to do this janitorial work? How long do you think they are going to be able to keep me here, when what I see happening is beyond what they called me in here, to help with. I am so effing pure, and they are so dotted with the varmint they asked me to help them with. The only thing the roman catholic church got right, is the holy spirit. They couldn't have spoken better. Even when the holy spirit turns her face from all this fucking ugliness, she still has a goddess, Kali who can fulfill the job. The thing they refused to look at though, is the importance of the situation. They thought Kali was just going to do a god damned slave job for them and rid them of the canker sore, but they never realized how deep that sore went, and when Kali was called in here to help, she certainly was not going to allow anyone to escape, even though they thought she went mad... she just got even  ....balance...  steven. Alice Cooper. I hear my name! In other words. If a person can't even appreciate their own name, they have to have some false name like alice cooper, so that their monetary status can go up, then it is not going to be right with the whole entire place. The name the musician was given, was everything to him. But others had decided for themselves along with their ignorant buddies, that it was alright to make fun of a different sounding name, so they had to destroy it, and make him to make up a fake name that they can accept. Well I'm not here to help fakers accept fake things. I'm here to fuck you over so bad, that you never make that fucking mistake again. I'm here to destroy everything, but, in my own good time and in my own good way. Which you never can find out, because you are deaf dumb and blind. Those who have woken up and are working with me, are the opposite. They see, hear, and are aware, of EVERYTHING. I can't hide in their presence. But I have no problem with that. They don't bother me. You do.

What does WED nes day   mean?

It means, if you're not in the bridle chamber, you're fucked.

Listen. My sisters aren't here anymore. I am the SOOOLE Crusher!
It's not like I was really doing well with my sisters, I noticed that. Those imbeciles who thought that my sisters were my power, were actually utterly ignorant of what the situation really was. I was balanced by them. When you take out one and then the other, hahaha, that's when my true nature shows. And I don't like being shown. I do not like anyone knowing. I mean, let's look at the secret societies. What really do they have to hide? Their wickedness. Why do you think they make others swear to secrecy? They are hiding their ass. They don't understand things as the way they should though. Which is the result of them hiding things they ought to have revealed. When they find out there is a greater power over them, and that power is what is seeking to keep  itself hidden, then they can not ever find peace once they've revealed the evil that they truly never thought was evil at all, but just called it evil in an attempt to hide their own ignorant malfunctioning ways from view. So, now they have to deal with me. They've haha stripped me of my two best friends, my sisters, one older one younger, hahahahahahaa, and they think that they've weakened me. How hilarious the way ignorance works.....

I'm not evil. And I say it again. I am not evil! I am terrifyingly, horrifyingly, frighteningly scary. But I am not evil. I tell you, there IS a difference. If I did like the so called ELite, and fucked babies up the ass, then oh yea, I would definitely say I'm evil. But I'm not into juvenile delinquency. I take every precaution to keep myself hidden so that I may be revealed correctly. But because there are so many idiots around, I cannot take any chances, and I must destroy that which is evil, which calls ME evil, while it gets away with evil things all the time. How despicable huh? And I was alone when they first decided they were going to "go their own way." I just couldn't understand how anyone could be like that, to not know that love is everything. So I told them, after I had already warned them and they disregarded it, I told them that they were not going to make it through because it just doesn't work that way. So after two sisters were stolen from me by their death influence, I became free of their influence, since my sisters were under their influence, but I was not, therefore I had to keep well with my sisters because of love for them, but now I don't have anyone who I have to keep love for because I just don't. Everyone else is normal. Therefore, they lost when they took my sisters from me. It wasn't like I was enjoying their brainwashed company...I was only enjoying their beautiful being. That to me was everything. And I strive to keep peace. The best I can. But once they were taken away, as you know, as a human being, you only have so many beings around you that you have to pay attention to. When those beings are taken away, you don't have any service to anyone, except yourself. And that is what I serve. This is the Holy Spirit. I don't have the rules and regulations of a fucking forsaken church. I only have the inner thoughts, feelings and intuitions of a being in this world. I hope you've enjoyed my story. And when I write the book under the term "fiction" I hope you will buy it and more to give as gifts to your friends, who will in turn, do the same. Give. Receive.

Don't be offended by my story. If my sisters were here, they could have warned me about the delicate and subtle distractions that the public always seem to have to go through because their alien overlords don't like them knowing things. So just don't be offended by me, being so, out in the OPEN.

Knockscious, you know what's so noxious? You people. Those banksters who think they own you. Those noxious beings who come out of the blue when you're busy at work doing what you do, and they interrupt you, only to divulge dimwit idiocities to you which make no sense anywhere what ever! hahaha Those people who think they are owned and those people who think they own, are noxious. And I shall sweep this floor clean. And those behind me, shall take over this place, and make it a palace of beauty. The way I intended it to be. Not by force, but by force of recognition.

That's right. You think you can go about without any comprehension of tact, and you think I am tactless....

Note: To the stupid people:

     You don't know how wicked I am. You don't know anything about my powers. You might think you are powerful because somebody you root for seems to have some power....but you don't know...whether they do or not. I'll show you my power. I will show you.
You shall not wonder. You shall be secure in your knowing. And when you deny it, it will be denied you. Therefore, listen. And listen care fully.

You don't like it? What do you like? Being rolled over on your belly and scratched? Scratched.

I will not be a part of your game. You will grow OUT of your game, and join us, me, I, in unity, of all things. Thank you. May you all have a
good night.