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Friday, January 21, 2011

Television - A Way To Dull One's Intelligence.

"In this age of information you are steered away from the natural sources of gathering knowledge for yourself. You have been sold the idea that television is a great source of information. You damage your own consciousness and the potential that your consciousness has when you give over your time to television. You suppress your imagination and do not use one of the greatest gifts you possess. It will be understood centuries from now how in the later half of the twentieth century people were induced into dazed states and made to behave, to be asleep, and to be sick, through television.

Reconsider what you've learned about life and choose to listen to nature's broadcast, the voice of Earth, as she speaks."

This is excerpted out of "Earth: Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library." By Barbara Marciniak.

Don't be a 'Monarch' Butterfly...Shut off the T.V.
Go for a long-needed-walk in natural surroundings.

Monarch Mind Control

Does the Pentagon and the Whitehouse operate a secret sex-slave child porn ring? The evidence is becoming overwhelming. Cathy O'Brian, an ex-mind control victim and her "Handler" who controlled her, have put out a book recently called "Trance-formation of America". This book exposes the long-hidden underground agenda of the perverts in Washington. George Bush, Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford, Sen. Byrd and many other Congressmen and high ranking officials are involved.

This is what happened in Cathy's case: She was abused by her father, a pedophile, who took pictures of children. When he was busted they threatened him with extensive time in jail unless he turned his daughter over to "The Program".

(In Cathy's case....check this out...CATHERINE
                        You make it up, but it has to be
                        believable.  They call it suspension
                        of disbelief.
                        I like that.  "Suspension of
          He smiles at her in the mirror.

hmm[clears throat]...yea...a suspension of disbelief.)

This is how they get the kids with their parents permission. The subjects of this program were tatooed with a "Monarch Butterfly" which represents the unfolding of a "New Consciousness" within someone. "The Caterpillar into the Butterfly". (or the Dog and the Butterflyyyyy i n  t  h   e     a      i        r       way up high)

This is actually the creation of "Multiple Personality Disorder". Would you to look into anyone who has "MPD" you will find most people with this disorder have a past which includes sexual abuse.

The child, when confronted with these feelings early in life, revert to creating a second personality which CAN handle the events taking place. This "Alter" personality can then be "Summoned Up" to do a drug run, assassination, etc. as in "The Manchurian Candidate". Sirhan Sirhan, Oswald, The Post Office employees, and many other serial killers, murderers, assassins, fit the profile. Many have had hospital stays in CIA-run Psychiatric institutions. There is a pattern.


Oh Kay. What I want to talk about is this Catherine Tremel movie, Basic Instinct's scenes. One in particular. The end scene. For example...there is written up about that type of occurrence, in the Bible. It is where a man wanted to beat his enemy so much, and so, to get the courage, he punched an invisible wall, thinking he punched his enemy, and found out, to his utter surprise and delight, that his enemy was dead.

Hence, Basic Instinct's message when Catherine Tremel was grabbing for the stabber under her bed, because she noticed she hadn't killed him who was the subject of the book she was writing, so was pprrrracticing by reaching under the bed...knowing that would she to do him in then, haha, she would "Go To Jail."

Just like in the Bible story. You prAct isss ahead of time...and you get your 'dream?' come true. Mhm. Yes. That be it.

So anyway, how this relates to the lady who was in a Monarch way? Hmhmhmmm...yes, just look at it.

Aliens at the Dulce Underground Base.

Here is an excerpt out of a very long thread at Alien-UFO's.com. The topic of discussion:

A terminally ill Thomas Edwin Castello speaks out

This excerpt is from page 2.

10-21-2009, 04:55 PM

1-Who killed the engineers and guards?

Every death was caused by what Thomas describes as some kind of pulse weapon. The ET's involved were classed as scientists and were working on technology on level 4 to allow ET's and humans to communicate more effectively. The 'box on the chest' weapon described by the late Phil Schneider is quite a good description of where the blast emanated from. It wasn't a box as such, more like a belt that straps around the ET's 'heart' area. on the belt is what looks like a raw circuit board. The pulse killed the engineers/guards closest to the ET that used it. The effect was weaker with distance and simply 'knocked out' personnel towards the rear of the room.

2-Are these Aliens savages? Are they aggressive?

The ET's are not savages at all, Thomas mentions that he never saw an aggressive ET either. It is extremely difficult to even perceive their mood as they have literally no emotion and very little movement in their faces. The area around the eye sockets is the only part of the face that he saw move. The event that happened with the pulse weapon was put down to the ET's feeling threatened.

3-Can they work with the Human Being in a civilized manner?

Living and working with ET's on a daily basis at first is an extremely strange and surreal experience. Thomas mentions he never got used to walking around the base as coming into regular contact with them. He admitted that it was frightening and nightmares occurred every night. Communication with 'grays' is very easy but there is no 'feeling' in their words. What people class as greys could never fit into society.

[4-Assuming they killed the engineers and guards can we conclude these Aliens are fast to kill instead of having a civilized meeting of what was happening in the lecture room?

They are very strict and have extremely high expectations of what should take place in the facility. If a rule was broken there was no leniency. When it came to weaponry they did not want to be around guns and signs of aggression.

5-Did they try to mix sexually with the humans? If they succeeded, were any mix children in the base?

They did not try to create hybrids The humans at the base did try to create hybrids. As far as Thomas knows this line of experimentation was a failure. He didn't see any human/alien hybrids. He did see alien/animal hybrids. There were many issues with this line of research. He regularly spoke openly with scientist with regards their projects and found that combining species is in the very early stages.

6- Did they abduct Human Beings? Took them to the base? What did they do with them?

Abductions did take place, these were all arranged. Thomas didn't ever see subjects in the base or hear of them being taken to the base. With regards to what was being done to abducted humans, they are essentially monitoring the development of a cross section of society. They were basically doing what we do to them. We experiment on them and attempt to figure out how they came to be the way they are. Much of the testing is virus related.

7 Did they abduct Humans and take them to other worlds? Where? For what?

Thomas did not hear of this happening.

1-What other type of Aliens were in the Base?

There were simply four types of what would be classed as 'grays'. There were no reptilians or human looking ET's.

Gray type #1 - 3 feet tall, dark grey, extremely slight with larger than average heads.
Gray type #2 - 6 feet tall, muscular frame, light brown colour, more visual 'personality' than the other species.
Gray type #3 - 6 feet tall, slight frame, long features. Pure white skin with lots of boil/wart type marks.
Gray type #4 - 7+ feet tall, Unbelievably slight frame. Difficult to comprehend their look. Dark grey (almost black)

More info can be given on the above descriptions if needed. Grey type #4 looked 'reptilian' due to posture and 'scaly' skin.

2- Are they still there, and how many species; how many Aliens are in total?

As for as Thomas knows they are still there and the base is still operational. As mentioned above there are four species at the facility. From looking at the operational personnel roster on a weekly basis whilst working at the base the average number of non humans was 1700. It should be noted that this figure only covers 'operation' personnel. They were many at the facility that had no role there. They simply lived in caverns surrounding the local area.

3-What kind of powers they have?

Nothing out of the ordinary other than the ability to communicate by way of telepathy. Their technology is what makes them seem so far ahead of us not their physical form and biology.

4-In addition of telepathic communication, did they learn how to talk like humans?

No, they ran a trial using external voice boxes produced at the base but the sounds were unintelligible and the project was deemed a failure. A language of symbols was devised which worked well but telepathic communication was the most efficient.

1-What kind of illnesses they brought?

Various forms of flu. There may be more but Thomas was not aware of any.

2-What kind of things are they afraid of? Are they afraid to our weapons? Afraid to anything else?

They are very nervous and are constantly watching you if you walk into a room. This could be classed as suspicion. They are extremely afraid of our weapons, and feel threatened if they are around them. A non lethal weapon was developed for everyone in the base because of this.

3-Did they take a bath?

Thomas is not aware of any kind of cleaning procedures carried out by the ET's. What the ET's did in there living quarters was seen by only a handful of human staff at the facility.

[4-Were they able to reproduce here in Earth? Were female in the base? Were Aliens children in the base? Born in planet Earth?

They could reproduce here although it is a very artificial process along the lines of cloning. The four alien species were neither male or female. Once a 'clone' was produced they instantly looked 'adult' although they needed a large amount of mental development similar to what a child needs.

5- Any human got any of their illnesses?

The simple answer is yes. Many vaccines in circulation today originate from research into ET viruses.

6- What kind of medications they have?

Thomas does not have any information about any medication used by the ET's.

7- Describe their body: Usual weight; Strength; Weakness?

Approx weights, same as a small child or young teenager. They have no strength at all. I will put together a more comprehensive description of all four races when I have a little more time.

1-Did they drink water or liquid?

They absorbed a solution once a day that provides them with all the elements they need to survive. This was produced in the base.

2-What type of diet they have? What do they eat or drink? Do they eat human meat, animals...?

Their diet consisted of the solution mentioned above and nothing else. I will go into more detail about the solution when time allows. It will dispel some myths about the ET's eating humans that can be found around the web currently.

3-Do they sleep?

They rest but it would not be called sleeping, its more like being put into stasis. They can work for a week solid if they have to.

4-Have emotions? Do they cry, laugh, get depress? Do they failed and have practice the known seven sins: "Lust", "Gluttony", "Greed", "Sloth", "Wrath", "Envy", and "Pride".

They simply have no emotion what so ever. To see a living creature with no expression and emotion is the weirdest experience. Employees at the facility are conditioned to be able to deal with this.

5-What kind of entertainment they engage or practice?

As far as Thomas is aware they do not need entertainment.

6- Do they have a religion? What type?

Their religious beliefs are very similar to human religions in that they believe there is one entity that can be classed as the creator.

1- What kind of tech they use? New technology? Computers, Radios, MP3, I phone?

Their technology is fantastic, I will write a post dealing with this shortly. I will cover technology in general use in today's society that is based on ET technology.

2. Can they travel back in time? To the future?

Yes, and so can we. The way this works is unbelievably simple. Again this will be covered in the post that I will write covering their technology.

3- Do they need a vehicle to travel?

Yes they use physical vehicles to travel. More detail coming soon.

4- Are all of them have the same type of intelligence or like Humans some more advanced and educated than others?

They all have the same level of intelligence but they all specialise in certain areas similar to humans. Some are scientists, some are specialists in diplomacy, some are military orientated.

Are they good, bad, criminals... or perverse?

They are general good 'people'. The thing that can make them seem to be bad is their complete lack of emotion and expression.

5- Do they progressively learn? Go to schools?

Yes, they are constantly learning and attend what we would call lectures. I will cover this in more detail when time allows.

6. Do they have access or communication with their planets?

They are in constant communication with their home planets as are some the human personnel at the base. More detail coming soon on this.

7- How is their society divided: Profession (Doctors, Teachers, Lawyers...)? Hierarchy? Type of Government?

Their society is similar to our in many respects in that each of them fills a role in their communities. They abide by a dictatorship government.

8- How you describe the Aliens in the base: the type of soldiers, or doctors, or politicians...or conglomerate?

Could you explain exactly what you mean by this question? Do you want to know what roles the ET's fill in the facility?

9- What is their Agenda?

Their agenda is simply about learning and bettering their civilization. The way they go about this learning process is sometimes cause for concern. The way they go about some tasks could be considered threatening.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Could it be that "Death" is the Ultimate UFO Abduction?

Meaning... there is no such thing as death.

What you Will.

Therefore, when you believe in death, you allow yourself to be abducted through this holographic process into 'lost' worlds where the 'bad' aliens use you as 'slaves,' in a manner of speaking, because there are no bad aliens and there are no slaves. It is an experience to find knowledge of yourself and your environment, is all. So, would you to desire death, have it. At the same time, don't expect everyone desires it or is going through the same thing. There are infinite realities all going on at the same time.

In this video Peggy Kane talks about some veeeeeery interesting things. Come see.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Know Our Great Power.

Gnosis. Something you must discern for yourself:

"Know how what has departed came to be, in order that you may know how to discern what lives to become: of what appearance that aeon is, or what kind it is, or how it will come to be. Why do you not ask what kind you will become, (or) rather how you came to be?"

The Perception of Understanding
The Concept of the Great Power

He who will know our great Power will become invisible, and fire will not be able to consume him. But it will purge and destroy all of your possessions. For everyone in whom my form will appear will be saved, from (the age of) seven days up to one hundred and twenty years. (Those) whom I constrained to gather all that is fallen - and the writings of our great Power, in order that he may inscribe your name in our great light - and their thoughts and their works may be ended, that they may be purged, and be scattered and be destroyed, and be gathered in the place which no one in it sees. But you will see me, and you will prepare your dwelling places in our great Power.

Know how what has departed came to be, in order that you may know how to discern what lives to become: of what appearance that aeon is, or what kind it is, or how it will come to be. Why do you not ask what kind you will become, (or) rather how you came to be?

Discern what size the water is, that it is immeasurable (and) incomprehensible, both its beginning and its end. It supports the earth; it blows in the air where the gods and the angels are. But in him who is exalted above all these there is the fear and the light, and in him are my writings revealed. I have given them as a service to the creation of the physical things, for it is not possible for anyone to stand without that One, nor is it possible for the aeon to live without him. It is he who possesses what is in him by discerning (it) in purity.

Then behold the Spirit and know where he is. He gave himself to men that they may receive life from him every day, since he has his life within him; he gives to them all.

Then the darkness together with Hades took the fire. And he (the darkness) will release from himself what is mine. His eyes were not able to endure my light. After the spirits and the waters moved, the remainder came into being: the whole aeon of the creation, and their <powers>. The fire came forth from them and the Power came in the midst of the powers. And the powers desired to see my image. And the soul became its replica.

This is the work that came into being. See what it is like, that before it comes into being it does not see, because the aeon of the flesh came to be in the great bodies. And there were apportioned to them long days in the creation. For when they had polluted themselves and had entered into the flesh, the father of the flesh, the water, avenged himself. For when he had found that Noah was pious (and) worthy - and it is the father of the flesh who holds the angels in subjection. And he (Noah) preached piety for one hundred and twenty years. And no one listened to him. And he made a wooden ark, and whom he had found entered it. And the flood took place.

And thus Noah was saved with his sons. For if indeed the ark had not been meant for man to enter, then the water of the flood would not have come. In this way he intended (and) planned to save the gods and the angels, and the powers, the greatness of all of these, and the <nourishment> and the way of life. And he moves them from the aeon (and) nourishes them in the permanent places. And the judgment of the flesh was unleashed. Only the work of the Power stood up.

Next the psychic aeon. It is a small one, which is mixed with bodies, by begetting in the souls (and) defiling (them). For the first defilement of the creation found strength. And it begot every work: many works of wrath, anger, envy, malice, hatred, slander, contempt and war, lying and evil counsels, sorrows and pleasures, basenesses and defilements, falsehoods and diseases, evil judgments that they decree according to their desires.

Yet you are sleeping, dreaming dreams. Wake up and return, taste and eat the true food! Hand out the word and the water of life! Cease from the evil lusts and desires and (the teachings of) the Anomoeans, evil heresies that have no basis.

And the mother of the fire was impotent. She brought the fire upon the soul and the earth, and she burned all <the> dwellings that are in it. And its shepherd perished. Moreover, when she does not find anything else to burn, she will destroy herself. And it will become incorporeal, without body, and it will burn matter, until it has cleansed everything, - and all wickedness. For when it does not find anything else to burn, it will turn against itself until it has destroyed itself.

Then, in this aeon, which is the psychic one, the man will come into being who knows the great Power. He will receive (me) and he will know me. He will drink from the milk of the mother, in fact. He will speak in parables; he will proclaim the aeon that is to come, just as he spoke in the first aeon of the flesh, as Noah. Now concerning his words, which he uttered, he spoke in all of them, in seventy-two tongues. And he opened the gates of the heavens with his words. And he put to shame the ruler of Hades; he raised the dead, and he destroyed his dominion.

Then a great disturbance took place. The archons raised up their wrath against him. They wanted to hand him over to the ruler of Hades. Then they recognized one of his followers. A fire took hold of his soul. He (Judas?) handed him over, since no one knew him (Jesus?). They acted and seized him. They brought judgment upon themselves. And they delivered him up to the ruler of Hades. And they handed him over to Sasabek for nine bronze coins. He prepared himself to go down and put them to shame. Then the ruler of Hades took him. And he found that the nature of his flesh could not be seized, in order to show it to the archons. But he was saying: "Who is this? What is it? His word has abolished the law of the aeon. He is from the Logos of the power of life." And he was victorious over the command of the archons, and they were not able by their work to rule over him.

The archons searched after that which had come to pass. They did not know that this is the sign of their dissolution, and (that) it is the change of the aeon. The sun set during the day; that day became dark. The evil spirits were troubled. And after these things he will appear ascending. And the sign of the aeon that is to come will appear. And the aeons will dissolve.

And those who would know these things that were discussed with them, will become blessed. And they will reveal them, and they will become blessed, since they will come to know the truth. For you have found rest in the heavens.

Then many will follow him, and they will labor in their birthplaces. They will go about; they will write down his words according to (their) desire.

Behold, these aeons have passed. What size is the water of the aeon that has dissolved? What dimensions do aeons have? How will men prepare themselves, and how will they be established, and how will they become indestructible aeons?

But at first, after his preaching - it is he who proclaims the second aeon, and the first. And the first aeon perished in the course of time. He made the first aeon, going about in it until it perished, while preaching one hundred and twenty years in number. This is the perfect number that is highly exalted. He made the border of the West desolate, and he destroyed the East. Then your seed and those who wish to follow our great Logos and his proclamation - [...]

Then the wrath of the archons burned. They were ashamed of their dissolution. And they fumed and were angry at the life. The cities were <overturned>; the mountains dissolve. The archon came, with the archons of the western regions, to the East, i.e., that place where the Logos appeared at first. Then the earth trembled, and the cities were troubled. Moreover, the birds ate and were filled with their dead. The earth mourned together with the inhabited world; they became desolate.

Then when the times were completed, then wickedness arose mightily even until the final end of the Logos. Then the archon of the western regions arose, and from the East he will perform a work, and he will instruct men in his wickedness. And he wants to nullify all teaching, the words of true wisdom, while loving the lying wisdom. For he attacked the old, wishing to introduce wickedness and to put on dignity. He was incapable, because the defilement of his garments is great. Then he became angry. He appeared and desired to go up and to pass up to that place.

Then the appointed time came and drew near. And he changed the commands. Then the time came until the child had grown up. When he had come to his maturity, then the archons sent the imitator to that man in order that they might know our great Power. And they were expecting from him that he would perform for them a sign. And he bore great signs. And he reigned over the whole earth and all those who are under heaven. He placed his throne upon the end of the earth, for "I shall make you god of the world". He will perform signs and wonders. Then they will turn from me, and they will go astray.

Then those men who will follow after him will introduce circumcision. And he will pronounce judgment upon those who are from the uncircumcision, who are the (true) people. For in fact he sent many preachers beforehand, who preached on his behalf.

When he has completed the established time of the kingdom of the earth, then the cleansing of the souls will come, since wickedness is stronger than you. All the powers of the sea will tremble and dry up, And the firmament will not pour down dew. The springs will cease. The rivers will not flow down to their springs. And the waters of the springs of the earth will cease. Then the depths will be laid bare and they will open. The stars will grow in size, and the sun will cease.

And I shall withdraw with everyone who will know me. And they will enter into the immeasurable light, (where) there is no one of the flesh nor the wantonness of the first to seize them. They will be unhampered (and) holy, since nothing drags them down. I myself protect them, since they have holy garments, which the fire cannot touch, nor darkness nor wind nor a moment, so as to cause one to shut the eyes.

Then he will come to destroy all of them. And they will be chastised until they become pure. Moreover their period, which was given to them to have power, which was apportioned to them, (is) fourteen hundred and sixty years. When the fire has consumed them all, and when it does not find anything else to burn, then it will perish by its own hand. Then the [...] will be completed [...] the second power [...] the mercy will come [...] through wisdom [...]. Then the firmaments will fall down into the depth. Then the sons of matter will perish; they will not be, henceforth.

Then the souls will appear, who are holy through the light of the Power, who is exalted, above all powers, the immeasurable, the universal one, I and all those who will know me. And they will be in the aeon of beauty of the aeon of judgment, since they are ready in wisdom, having given glory to him who is in the incomprehensible unity; and they see him because of his will, which is in them. And they all have become as reflections in his light. They all have shone, and they have found rest in his rest.

And he will release the souls that are being punished, and they will come to be in purity. And they will see the saints and cry out to them, "Have mercy on us, O Power who art above all powers!" For [...] and in the tree of iniquity that exists [...] to him their eyes. And they do not seek him because they do not seek us, nor do they believe us, but they acted according to the creation of the archons and its other rulers. But we have acted according to our birth of the flesh, in the creation of the archons, which gives law. We also have come to be in the unchangeable aeon.

Selection made from James M. Robinson, ed., The Nag Hammadi Library, revised edition. HarperCollins, San Francisco, 1990.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Time Travel With Art Bell - From 2035.

 I was listening to some Art Bell videos where they were talking about time travel. In the first half, the 2010 videos, a lady said something about how her and a lot of different people around her were saying the same thing, that in 1998 time seemed to have changed somehow.

And then in the next series it was in 1998 and Art Bell was wondering what will happen at 1999-2000 with the computers and banks, and he had a special line out for time travelers to call. A young man called in saying he was from the year 2035. He said that your (United States's) last president was Bill Clinton. (But his wife is a half breed lizard)

Well, his term was between 1993 and 2001. Meaning the 1998 incident that the people felt, was real. That could only mean the next president who was what's his name? Bush junior was a "Lizard being" disguised as a human! (@ v @) That perhaps the consortium placed them beings there, in hopes of deceiving you to think they were human, by outward physical appearances. (@ v @) People are prisoners of war who need to get free.
You see how what you see is not necessarily what you get?
Check out this time travellers message in these two videos:

To listen to both sets click here:

                                C2C 2010 with Art Bell

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Extremely Low Frequency Radiation Vibration

Picture this: Sitting in a meadow on the grass with tall flowers all round you and trees surrounding the meadow holding in the peacefulness of atmosphere, the sky above, soft clouds floating, the sound of insects' music, and the sun shining with its gently penetrating rays.

Do you feel it, hear it, see it? Those are extremely low frequency radiation vibrations. They're so low a frequency you can't tell they're there, but they work, radiating their gentle vibrations through to you in the lovliest way communicable. They take you out of all the nonsense the world is full of, and bring you back to your true roots, your self.

Manipulate it all out of the manipulators hands and put it back into your own hands just by realizing you can do this. Mind over matter! Matter is out of the mind...so why not? Take this matter into your own mind and manipulate it to your hearts content!

Today I was thinking of those people we call true alchemists, who take the poisons out of their system by grounding themselves into the heart of the whole. Their inner selves stand up to all exterior bullshit which tries to get into their minds. They are those beings who could eat Mercury and it will have no effect on them whatsoever.

And there are those who in the fear of this world and all its concerns will surely die would they eat a tiny amount of Mercury. Those fooling around with it to see how they could become like an alchemist, are going to find it's not in there. They need to realize, true alchemy...not alchemy on the surface.

All this brings us to this video (I've left a link below), where Dr. John Coleman talks about how the inhabitants of Earth have been manipulated so much that they have nearly lost their self-knowledge, and therefore things like lab-created diseases used to depopulate the place are working on them. So what you must remember.....is who YOU are. You ARE Sovereign. Find out by searching your inner self and believing in what you acquire from your search. Find it. Hold it. Keep it. It's yours to have.

                               Extremely Low Frequency Radiation Vibration


 (p.s. what I mean by "take the poisons out of the system" is get rid of the lies, the riff-raff of nonsense you've heard or seen or experienced around the true Self. For example, Dr. Phineas Parkhurst Quimby, giving one example, helped a woman to heal her cripple state by talking to her. He found out she had believed a passage out of the bible in a literal way, or just a misconscrewed way and that is what caused her illness. She believed a lie. When she listened to Quimby talk of the truth after a couple hours or so, and she understood it within her self well, then she was able to walk again, completely healed.)

"How long shall man wander in darkness, looking for wisdom
when it is in himself - and he does not know it?"

It is the higher principle of our nature.
Now let this higher principle rise with me
above all the opinions of men about another
world made by superstition
and look and survey one vast space
where perfect light and harmony exist.
Now turn your eyes to the Earth and see
men's eyes turned upward to see this world
and listen to their stories about it.
See them down on their knees
begging an unknown God
to guide them to this world.
So the superstition in regard to it
is that the spirits of all those
that they have created and believed in
come from this vast place
where men never come
nor ever will come
till he breaks the fetters of idolatry
and by the buoyancy of his wisdom
rises by his own wisdom
unfettered by superstitions
into the glorious light of science. (silence - my input)

- Dr. Phineas P. Quimby