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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Springmeier Does It Again! ... What Frightened You, Fred?

This movie is exactly what I'm talking about in a few posts below. The brainwashing hahaha going on in this one, is like, hello. Too obvious.

Anyway. The "chapel" graveyard? The ringing of birds outside? There must a been two of em programmers around...one to voice out the orders and the other one to whistle loudly as though a bird had come along, to sink the orders into the loyal dogs mind, the just not prisoner anymore, you know?

HAhaha. Let's check it out dolls.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents: What Frightened You, Fred

This is the hilt of what Fritz Springmeier called "Illuminati Brainwarshing."

Most Likely to Succeed

This is my favorite Alfred Hitchcock show. So far I haven't seen any better hahaa. Brilliant.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents:  Most Likely to Succeed

Hahahaha Hahahaaaa

Yes yes yes yes. Whell now. I've been looking around and......I found, this one. What do You think?

Alfred Hitchcock Presents:  The Matched Pearl

Isn't there none much better?

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Opening To Awareness

Alright. Earlier I said to myself I do too much thinking. It's showing an arch above my right side eyebrow. So I looked to my left side of face and asked that side, ruled by the right brain, what am I to do? And the left side of my face said, "You know everything already." And it seemed she said it in a kind of 'pained' way. And I realized it was because I was holding so tight to my thoughts of the mind, I hardly allowed her, the inner essence, to come out and help show me the way. So I said to her, ok, I'll stop thinking so much and allow myself to become aware of the inner essence which has all the answers already, anyway. And so, here I am, thinking again, haha, about what the Alien Airl said, the one from The Domain which she communicates about in the "Alien Interview" which was written back in 1947 and snuck out by great fortune and now into the public since I think, 2007. So it's relatively new, at the same time, exceedingly interesting.

She said how this Earth is a prison planet which the "old empire" have turned into that. They electrocute our spirit so amnesia sets in, then they hypnotize us with lies, illusions, fantasies, and send us into a prison body, a fleshly material human form, on this planet. Most of us, perhaps 99.9 percent do not know who we are, where we came from or where we are going. We're like....zombies. And I was watching on the internet the Alfred Hitchcock hour in videos and had the thought, what when, we were one of those people acting in the movie, and now we are watching ourself, but we don't remember who we were, because after every lifetime is done, after the physical body expires, we are sent immediately back into another birth on this planet, an amnesiatic hypnotized being all over again, so that we never find out we are prisoners and get out. Don't go to the 'white light' when you find yourself out of body...it's a trap.

This was the video I was watching when the thought came to me.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents S06E11 The Man With Two Faces

Oh and also, one more thing. As I watch these Alfred Hitchcock guided movies, I can't help noticing there are so many references to the illuminati brainwashing that goes on with the people they take as slaves. Hints everywhere. Would you to read Fritz Springmeier's pdf books found all over the internet, you would get the same flavor as I do. Like Alfred Hitchcock knew things that he only put into choices of films or his own films, without being able to explain it in words. Like for example, your right side of the face wouldn't understand it any better would it be explained in words. But a little hint goes a long way. Let your left side of the face, that is, your right brain, do the work. Open to awareness and find out.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The difference between Vice & Device.

Nothing. There is no difference. They're both the same. Like money, something you're made to be familiar with, well, it's just like that. You either go out to spend your money and paint the town red, or you keep it in a blue box, for when you think you may really need it.

That's the difference between Vice, and Device. You use the vice as a device in order to get what you need to get. For example, sometimes it's not easy when you must cross to the other cliff and in the between is a huge flowing waterfall and, mm, depth to which it falls. One must get smart and turn the vice into the device. Since teleportation is considered to be a vice, because it's taboo to talk about it, like it is to talk about drugs, well then, use the vice as the device and teleport to the other side of the bridge, I mean, the cliff. You now have more time in which to do, that which you need to do.

Ta da! Fit for a king. Whoever told you to stop smoking, had no knowledge that a Vice can be a Device to get you one step further in the game you're playing.

Thank you very much my dears.
Let us now turn to..uh...snow white? Hah ha ha and the three bears?