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Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Foreign Installation. The Mind Which Is Not Your Mind.

In David Icke's book "Human Race Get Off Your Knees," it says on page 165:

"As Manly P. Hall, the 33rd Degree Freemason and 'Masonry's greatest philosopher,' said:
...it is so difficult to determine the position of the ancient initiates... They are the invisible powers behind the thrones of Earth, and Men are but marionettes, dancing while the invisible ones pull the strings. We see the dancer, but the master mind that does the work remains concealed by the cloak of silence."

Don Juan tells of a 'foreign installation' in "The Active Side of Infinity" a book by Carlos Castaneda:

"Every one of us as human beings has two minds. One is totally ours, and it is like a faint voice that always brings us order, directness, purpose. The other mind is a foreign installation. It brings us conflict, self-assertion, doubts, hopelessness."

And: "To resolve the conflict of the two minds is a matter of intending it."

"The haunting memory of your recollections could come only from your true mind. The other mind we all have and share is, I would say, a cheap model, economy strength, one size fits all. What is at stake now, is the advent of a disintegrating force. But not a force that is disintegrating you, I don't mean it that way. What I mean is, it is disintegrating what the sorcerers call the foreign installation which exists in you and in every other human being. The effect of the force descending on you, which is disintegrating the foreign installation, is that it pulls sorcerers out of their syntax. I know how difficult it is for you to deal with this facet of your life. Every sorcerer I know has gone through it. The sorcerers of ancient Mexico, acting as a group worked their best to buttress the impact of this disintegrating force. In our day, we have no means of acting as a group, so we must brace ourselves to face in solitude a force that will sweep us away from language, for there is no way to describe adequately what is going on."

Carlos talking about his recollections:
    "Don Juan was right that I was at a loss for explanations or ways of describing the effect those recollections had on me. He told me sorcerers face the unknown in the most common incidents one can imagine. When they are confronted with it and cannot interpret what they are perceiving, they have to rely on an outside source for direction and that source don Juan called "infinity" or the "voice of the spirit." He said when sorcerers don't try to be rational about what can't be rationalized, the "spirit" unerringly tells them what's what."

"What is it, don Juan?" I asked. "I see fleeting black shadows all over the place."
"Ah, that's the universe at large," he said, "incommensurable, nonlinear, outside the realm of
syntax. The sorcerers of ancient Mexico were the first ones to see those fleeting shadows, so they
followed them around. They saw them as you're seeing them, and they saw them as energy that
flows in the universe. And they did discover something transcendental."
He stopped talking and looked at me. His pauses were perfectly placed. He always stopped
talking when I was hanging by a thread.
"What did they discover, don Juan?" I asked.
"They discovered that we have a companion for life," he said, as clearly as he could. "We
have a predator that came from the depths of the cosmos and took over the rule of our lives.
Human beings are its prisoners. The predator is our lord and master. It has rendered us docile,
helpless. When we want to protest, it suppresses our protest. When we want to act independently, it
demands that we don't do so."
It was very dark around us, and that seemed to curtail any expression on my part.
Would it have
been daylight, I would have laughed my head off. In the dark, I felt quite inhibited.
"It's pitch black around us," don Juan said, "but when you look out of the corner of your eye, you
will still see fleeting shadows jumping all around you."
He was right. I could still see them. Their movement made me dizzy. Don Juan turned on the
light, and that seemed to dissipate everything.
"You have arrived, by your effort alone, to what the shamans of ancient Mexico called the
topic of topics," don Juan said. "I have been beating around the bush all this time, insinuating to
you that something is holding us prisoner. Indeed we are held prisoner! This was an energetic
fact for the sorcerers of ancient Mexico."
"Why has this predator taken over in the fashion that you're describing, don Juan?" I asked.
"There must be a logical explanation."
"There is an explanation," don Juan replied, "which is the simplest explanation in the world.
They took over because we are food for them, and they squeeze us mercilessly because we are
their sustenance. Just as we rear chickens in chicken coops, gallineros, the predators rear us in
human coops, humaneros. Therefore, their food is always available to them."
I felt that my head was shaking violently from side to side. I could not express my profound
sense of unease and discontentment, but my body moved to bring it to the surface. I shook from
head to toe without any volition on my part.
"No, no, no, no," I heard myself saying. "This is absurd, don Juan. What you're saying is
something monstrous. It simply can't be true, for sorcerers or for average men, or for anyone."
"Why not?" don Juan asked calmly. "Why not? Because it infuriates you?"
"Yes, it infuriates me," I retorted. "Those claims are monstrous!"
"Well," he said, "you haven't heard all the claims yet. Wait a bit longer and see how you feel.
I'm going to subject you to a blitz. That is, I'm going to subject your mind to tremendous
onslaughts, and you cannot get up and leave because you're caught. Not because I'm holding you
prisoner, but because something in you will prevent you from leaving, while another part of you
is going to go truthfully berserk. So brace yourself!"
There was something in me which was, I felt, a glutton for punishment. He was right. I
wouldn't have left the house for the world. And yet I didn't like one bit the inanities he was
"I want to appeal to your analytical mind," don Juan said. Think for a moment, and tell me
how you would explain the contradiction between the intelligence of man the engineer and the
stupidity of his systems of beliefs, or the stupidity of his contradictory behavior. Sorcerers believe
that the predators have given us our systems of beliefs, our ideas of good and evil, our social
mores. They are the ones who set up our hopes and expectations and dreams of success or failure.
They have given us covetousness, greed, and cowardice. It is the predators who make us
complacent, routinary, and egomaniacal."
"But how can they do this, don Juan?" I asked, somehow angered further by what he was
saying. "Do they whisper all that in our ears while we are asleep?"
"No, they don't do it that way. That's idiotic!" don Juan said, smiling. "They are infinitely
more efficient and organized than that. In order to keep us obedient and meek and weak, the
predators engaged themselves in a stupendous maneuver -stupendous, of course, from the point of
view of a fighting strategist. A horrendous maneuver from the point of view of those who suffer
it. They gave us their mind! Do you hear me? The predators give us their mind, which becomes
our mind. The predators' mind is baroque, contradictory, morose, filled with the fear of being
discovered any minute now.
"I know that even though you have never suffered hunger," he went on, "you have food
anxiety, which is none other than the anxiety of the predator who fears that any moment now its
maneuver is going to be uncovered and food is going to be denied. Through the mind, which,
after all, is their mind, the predators inject into the lives of human beings whatever is convenient
for them. And they ensure, in this manner, a degree of security to act as a buffer against their
"It's not that I can't accept all this at face value, don Juan," I said. "I could, but there's
something so odious about it that it actually repels me. It forces me to take a contradictory stand.
When it's true that they eat us, how do they do it?"
Don Juan had a broad smile on his face. He was as pleased as punch. He explained that
sorcerers see infant human beings as strange, luminous balls of energy, covered from the top to
the bottom with a glowing coat, something like a plastic cover that is adjusted tightly over their
cocoon of energy. He said that glowing coat of awareness was what the predators consumed,
and when a human being reached adulthood, all that was left of the glowing coat of
awareness was a narrow fringe that went from the ground to the top of the toes. That fringe
permitted mankind to continue living, but only barely.
As though I had been in a dream, I heard don Juan Matus explaining that, to his knowledge, man
was the only species that had the glowing coat of awareness outside that luminous cocoon.
Therefore, he became easy prey for an awareness of a different order, such as the heavy
awareness of the predator.
He then made the most damaging statement he had made so far. He said this narrow
fringe of awareness was the epicenter of self-reflection, where man was irremediably caught. By
playing on our self-reflection, which is the only point of awareness left to us, the predators create
flares of awareness they proceed to consume in a ruthless, predatory fashion. They give us
inane problems that force those flares of awareness to rise, and in this manner keep us alive
in order for them to be fed with the energetic flare of our pseudoconcerns.
 I asked don Juan: "But why is it that
the sorcerers of ancient Mexico and all sorcerers today, although they see the predators, don't do
anything about it?"
"There's nothing you and I can do about it," don Juan said in a grave, sad voice. "All we
can do is discipline ourselves to the point where they will not touch us. How can you ask your
fellow men to go through those rigors of discipline? They'll laugh and make fun of you, and the
more aggressive ones will beat the shit out of you. And not so much because they don't believe it.
Down in the depths of every human being, there's an ancestral, visceral knowledge about the
predators' existence."
"The sorcerers of ancient
Mexico," he said, "saw; the predator. They called it the flyer because it leaps through the air. It is
not a pretty sight. It is a big shadow, impenetrably dark, a black shadow that jumps through the
air. Then, it lands flat on the ground. The sorcerers of ancient Mexico were quite ill at ease with
the idea of when it made its appearance on Earth. They reasoned that man must have been a
complete being at one point, with stupendous insights, feats of awareness that are mythological
legends nowadays. And then everything seems to disappear, and we have now a sedated man."

I wanted to get angry, call him a paranoiac, but somehow the righteousness that was usually
just underneath the surface of my being wasn't there. Something in me was beyond the point of
asking myself my favorite question: What if all that he said is true? At the moment he was talking
to me that night, in my heart of hearts, I felt that all of what he was saying was true, but at the
same time, and with equal force, all that he was saying was absurdity itself.
"What are you saying, don Juan?" I asked feebly. My throat was constricted. I could hardly
"What I'm saying is that what we have against us is not a simple predator. It is very smart, and
organized. It follows a methodical system to render us useless. Man, the magical being that he is
destined to be, is no longer magical. He's an average piece of meat. There are no more dreams for
man but the dreams of an animal who is being raised to become a piece of meat: trite,
conventional, imbecilic."

"This predator," don Juan said, "which, of course, is an inorganic being, is not altogether
invisible to us, as other inorganic beings are. 1 think as children we do see it and decide it's so
horrific that we don't want to think about it. Children, of course, could insist on focusing on the
sight, but everybody else around them dissuades them from doing so.
"The only alternative left for mankind," he continued, "is discipline. Discipline is the only
deterrent. But by discipline I don't mean harsh routines. I don't mean waking up every morning at
five-thirty and throwing cold water on yourself until you're blue. Sorcerers understand discipline
as the capacity to face with serenity odds that are not included in our expectations. For them,
discipline is an art: the art of facing infinity without flinching, not because they are strong and
tough but because they are filled with awe."
"In what way would the sorcerers' discipline be a deterrent?" I asked.
"Sorcerers say discipline makes the glowing coat of awareness unpalatable to the flyer,"
don Juan said, scrutinizing my face as though to discover any signs of disbelief. "The result is that the
predators become bewildered. An inedible glowing coat of awareness is not part of their
cognition, I suppose. After being bewildered, they don't have any recourse other than refraining
from continuing their nefarious task.
"When the predators don't eat our glowing coat of awareness for a while," he went on, "it'll keep
on growing. Simplifying this matter to the extreme, I can say that sorcerers, by means of their
discipline, push the predators away long enough to allow their glowing coat of awareness to grow
beyond the level of the toes. Once it goes beyond the level of the toes, it grows back to its natural
The sorcerers of ancient Mexico used to say the glowing coat of awareness is like a tree.
When it is not pruned, it grows to its natural size and volume. As awareness reaches levels higher
than the toes, tremendous maneuvers of perception become a matter of course.
"The grand trick of those sorcerers of ancient times," don Juan continued, "was to burden the
flyers' mind with discipline. They found that when they taxed the flyers' mind with inner silence,
the foreign installation would flee, giving to any one of the practitioners involved in this
maneuver the total certainty of the mind's foreign origin. The foreign installation comes back, I
assure you, but not as strong, and a process begins in which the fleeing of the 'flyers' mind
becomes routine, until one day it flees permanently. A sad day indeed! That's the day when you
have to rely on your own devices, which are nearly zero. There's no one to tell you what to do.
There's no mind of foreign origin to dictate the imbecilities you're accustomed to.
"My teacher, the nagual Julian, used to warn all his disciples," don Juan continued, "that this
was the toughest day in a sorcerer's life, for the real mind that belongs to us, the sum total of our
experience, after a lifetime of domination has been rendered shy, insecure, and shifty. Personally,
1 would say that the real battle of sorcerers begins at that moment. The rest is merely
"What-what-what do you mean," I heard myself say, "by taxing the flyers' mind?"
"Discipline taxes the foreign mind to no end," he replied. "So, through their discipline, sorcerers
vanquish the foreign installation."
I was overwhelmed by his statements. I thought don Juan was either certifiably insane or he was telling me something so awesome it froze everything in me. I noticed, however
how quickly I rallied my energy to deny everything he had said. After an instant of panic, I began
to laugh, as though don Juan had told me a joke. I even heard myself saying, "Don Juan, don Juan,
you're incorrigible!"
Don Juan seemed to understand everything I was experiencing. He shook his head from side
to side and raised his eyes to the heavens in a gesture of mock despair.
"I am so incorrigible," he said, "that I am going to give the flyers' mind, which you carry
inside you, one more jolt. I am going to reveal to you one of the most extraordinary secrets of
sorcery. I am going to describe to you a finding that took sorcerers thousands of years to verify
and consolidate."
He looked at me and smiled maliciously. "The flyers' mind flees forever," he said, "when a
sorcerer succeeds in grabbing on to the vibrating force that holds us together as a conglomerate of
energy fields. When a sorcerer maintains that pressure long enough, the flyers' mind flees in defeat.
And that's exactly what you are going to do: hold on to the energy that binds you together."
I had the most inexplicable reaction I could have imagined. Something in me actually shook,
as though it had received a jolt. I entered into a state of unwarranted fear, which I immediately
associated with my religious background.
Don Juan looked at me from head to toe.
"You are fearing the wrath of God, aren't you?" he said. "Rest assured, that's not your fear. It's
the flyers' fear, because it knows you will do exactly as I'm telling you."
"Don't worry," don Juan said calmly. "I know for a fact those attacks wear off very
quickly. The flyer's mind has no concentration whatsoever."
After a moment, everything stopped, as don Juan had predicted.
I closed my eyes and rested my head on the arm of the stuffed chair. "I don't know which way
to turn, don Juan," I said. "Tonight, you have really succeeded in getting me lost."
"You're being torn by an internal struggle," don Juan said. "Down in the depths of you, you
know you are incapable of refusing the agreement that an indispensable part of you, your
glowing coat of awareness, is going to serve as an incomprehensible source of nourishment to,
naturally, incomprehensible entities. And another part of you will stand against this situation with
all its might.
"The sorcerers' revolution," he continued, "is that they refuse to honor agreements in which
they did not participate. Nobody ever asked me whether I would consent to be eaten by beings of a
different kind of awareness. My parents just brought me into this world to be food, like
themselves, and that's the end of the story."
Don Juan stood up from his chair and stretched his arms and legs.

"Consciousness communicates continuously. Consciousness vibrates, or can be led to vibrate, at certain electromagnetic frequencies. Electromagnetic energies of consciousness can be influenced to vibrate in a certain way to create a source of food. Just as apples can he prepared and eaten in a variety of ways, consciousness can be prepared and ingested in a variety of ways.

Some entities, in the process of their own evolution, began to discover that as they created life and put consciousness into things through modulating the frequencies of forms of consciousness, they could feed themselves; they could keep themselves in charge. They began to Figure out that this is how Prime Creator nourished itself. Prime Creator sends out others to create an electromagnetic frequency of consciousness as a food source for itself.

The new owners of this planet had a different appetite and different preferences than the former owners. They nourished themselves with chaos and fear. These things fed them, stimulated them, and kept them in power.

These new owners who came here 300,000 years ago are the magnificent beings spoken of in your Bible, in the Babylonian and Sumerian tablets, and in texts all over the world. They came to Earth and rearranged the native human species. They rearranged your DNA in order to have you broadcast within a certain limited frequency band whose frequency could feed them and keep them in power.

The original human was a magnificent being whose twelve strands of DNA were contributed by a variety of sentient civilizations. When the new owners came in, they worked in their laboratories and created versions of humans with a different DNA - the two-stranded, double-helix DNA. They took the original DNA of the human species and disassembled it. The original DNA pattern was left within the human cells, yet it was not functional; it was split apart, unplugged."

"The Original Planners set out to insert their own version of a plan to coincide with a time when the frequency of Earth would be altered, a time when the owners would perish if they could not change their own frequency. Emotions are a source of food. There are those whose food source is love, and the Original Planners intend to alter the frequency of Earth to that of love. The current owners' food source of fear, anxiety, chaos, hunger, and despondency must be removed. Guess who is removing this food source? You are!"

"Consciousness feeds consciousness. It is hard for you to under­stand this concept because you feed yourself with food. The food for some beings is consciousness. All food contains consciousness at some point in its own development, whether you fry it, boil it, or pick it from the garden; you ingest it to keep yourself nourished.

Your emotions are food for others. When you are controlled to bring about havoc and frenzy, you are creating a vibrational frequency that supports the existence of these others because that is how they are nourished.

There are those who live off the vibration of love, and that group would like to reestablish the food of love on this planet. They would like to turn this universe into the frequency of love so that it can have the opportunity to go out and seed other worlds.

You represent the renegade group of light, and you have agreed to come back on the planet. You are on assignment. You come into these physical bodies and take them over, and you intend, through the power of your spiritual identity, to change the physical body."

"As the frequency of fear begins to diminish upon this planet, many activities will be promulgated to bring about an increase in fear because those who live off the fearful frequency will be losing their nourishment, their food. They will make an attempt to reinstate that frequency before they change their nourishment to the new frequency of love.

The Lizzies have set Earth up with devices that can broadcast and magnify the emotional turmoil on this planet. That turmoil is sent to them, and it sustains them in some way.

In order to come to a planet, you must have a portal or way to get into it. You could fly into space, say to Jupiter, but if you never find the portal that allows you to enter the planet's time frame of existence, you could land on a place that looks desolate and without life. Portals allow you to enter the dimension of the planet where life exists. Portals open onto the corridors of time and serve as zones of multidimensional experience.

There have been different portals on Earth that have allowed different species, creator gods from space, to insert themselves. One of the huge portals that presently is being fought over is the portal of the Middle East. When you think back over the history of Earth, you will recognize how many dramas of religion and civilization have been introduced in that portal. It's a huge portal with a radius of a thousand miles or so. This is why there is so much activity in the Middle East. This is the portal that the Lizzies use."

"The creator gods are coming back to raid you again because they don't want to starve. They understand that there is "systems busting" going on through you, so they are here to create greater havoc and fear, to fight once again for this territory. Their food source is important to them. They are losing control of the planet, so they are going back to their prime portal in the Middle East, where their nest is located underneath the ground, to create fear and chaos.

The Original Planners wish to bring freedom of choice with respect to frequency back to this planet. The gods who have been in charge here for this last period of evolution use frequency modulation and do not allow freedom of choice. They rob your psychic energy by giving you a false picture of reality in every way that you could possibly imagine."

"Your emotions are not just food for others, they are food for the self. This is how you nourish yourself and create your identity. This is your identity, as frequency through your emotions. Emotions feed you and feed your call letters into existence.

You are going to deal with each of your boundaries, simply ­ because that is what you do not want to do. You would love to say, "Golden stardust, eliminate all that has limited me. Boom! I am free!" Ideally, it would be so simple. That is a classic example of wanting to recircuit and bypass the feeling center.

You have certain emotional beliefs or feelings that assist in making these boundaries outside of yourself, so when you break a boundary, you have to deal with the emotion that put the boundary there in the first place.

Through your emotional body ­ you are connected to your spiritual body. You may want to bypass something that is difficult, yet you have to feel your way through it.

You want to sweep difficult things under the rug and say, "I don't want to do these," when the difficult things are your gemstones. Even when you discover you have 101,000 boundaries, do not feel frustrated. Simply say, "This is interesting." Look at the boundaries you have set up and, instead of swearing at them, simply observe them and see whether you can discover how they came about. See what purpose they served - what grocery store you shopped in when you bought those items.

As soon as you acknowledge and recognize and are willing to release something, it moves.

When you cling, or have fear, or think "I like that boundary; that serves me very well," then you limit yourself.
You must learn to love your emotions."

And in the Cassiopaeans Transcripts, which seem to have been deleted from the internet, but on this site here  were pasted in some of the transcripts:

Q: (L) Well, if we are sources of food and labor for them, why don’t they just breed us in pens on their own planet?
A: They do.

Q: (L) Well, since there is so many of us here, why don’t they just move in and take over?
A: That is their intention. That has been their intention for quite some time. They have been traveling back and forth through time as you know it, to set things up so that they can absorb a maximum amount of negative energy with the transference from third level to fourth level that this planet is going to experience, in the hopes that they can overtake you on the fourth level and thereby accomplish several things.
1: retaining their race as a viable species

2: increasing their numbers

3: increasing their power

4: expanding their race throughout the realm of fourth density

To do all of this they have been interfering with events for what you would measure on your calendar as approximately 74 thousand years. And they have been doing so in a completely still state of space time traveling backward and forward at will during this work. Interestingly enough, though, all of this will fail.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Some Of The Best Writings In The World


Only very recently have I found this out. This Buddha-ism stuff is GREAT. I love it.
Here's a really cute little story from a book from that website:

The Eightfold Path for the Householder - Jack Kornfield

"There’s a story of a pious man who very much believed in God. One day, at the place where he dwelled, it started to rain heavily and it rained and rained, and a big flood came. He went from the first floor to the second floor of his house and the water rose until he was on the roof. Someone rowed by and said, “Get in, my friend, I’ll save you; the water is rising.” He said, “No, I believe in God; I really have faith; I believe.” So he sent the rowboat away.

It rained more and the water got all the way up to his neck. Another rowboat came by, picking up people. “Get in, my friend, I’ll save you.” “No, thank you. I have trust. I have lived my whole life. I believe in God; no need.” The rowboat went away. It got up to his nose so he could just barely breathe. And a helicopter came over and lowered down a rope. “Come up, my friend, I’ll save you.” “No, thank you. I believe, I have faith, I trust.” So the helicopter went away. It rained some more and he drowned.

He goes to heaven after that. Soon after that he gets an interview with God. So he goes in, and he sits
down and pays his respects, and then he says, “You know, I just don’t understand. Here I was your faithful servant. I was so trusting, and prayed, and so believing, and I just don’t understand what happened to me.” And he recounts all of his circumstances. “Where were you when I needed you?”

God looks up and kind of scratches his head and says, “I don’t understand it either. I sent you two rowboats and a helicopter.”

The moral of the story is, know the difference between fantasy and reality.

When you open your eyes to the real and present world you are in, right here, right now, then, like Seth says, in the Seth Books, the point of power is the present, and you are in the Now. When you're living in a cage in the thoughts, then you're like a prisoner of the past or future and therefore how can you take care of the present when you don't see it? Only when you're free from the past and future, then can you truly partake of the present. Would you to need some guidance to do this correctly...go watch the little children. They are fully immersed in the present moment. And so adorable too!

And David Icke writes some of the best books in the world. His research and consistently intelligent thinking make his works a very informative read.  In his book:

Human Race Get Off Your Knees; The Lion Sleeps No More

there is a part which synchronizes with the excerpt I put up top. On page 162 it says:

"Obama is a political used-car salesman who has been installed to sell the Rothschild-'yes we can.'
It's tyranny with a toothpaste smile. As a cartoon I saw said: 'The wolf found that shepherd's clothing worked even better.' Where is the anti-war movement as it was under Bush? Where is the challenge from the 'left' about human rights, surveillance and injustice that we saw under Bush? They've allowed themselves to be neutered, their balls no more, in the wake of the fantasy called Barack Obama."

You see, the money system on this planet is the same as the reincarnational structure of the seven hills with a wall. (You can read about that down below in my blog called "The Two Babylons.") The Zionist Rothschilds covertly lead you to think everything about the money game is being played naturally, when in fact it is all manipulated by them in order to entrap you so you will become what they desire, a slave to them. That is the same thing Yaldaboath wants from Man, because Man has the brilliant Mind and Yaldaboath wants to destroy Man for that fact, so Yaldaboath could sit on his throne unchallenged, and the kingdoms will worship at his feet. So the way Yaldoboath works that, is for mankind to forget who they are and what they are here for by making them drink the cup of forgetfulness when they enter into the planet Earth for yet another life, which he desires for you to think is only some material expression, so he can hold you under him as a slave.

When you're being manipulated and brainwashed by the so-called governments of this planet, (where there really is only one government, the government of Yaldaboath, who those Zionists, the Rothschilds, being the children of the Devil who is Jehovah or Jove of the Jews, who they worship, the one who brainwashed the nations, their god, the Zionist's god, they are who have always been the one Mankind was fighting. Like it was said, we are not dealing with physical forces but the forces of principalities, the invisible to our physical eyes, beings of the universal system of hierarchy.) so, once more, when you're being manipulated and brainwashed by the so-called governments of this world, well, you are also being manipulated and brainwashed by the so-called governments of the reincarnational industry. They keep you trapped in usery and taxes, like money. They use your emotions from a past life, which you now have forgotten all about in this lifetime, and they say you now have to work to repay for those things you did in some other life you can not even remember now.

But the hypnotists found, when a person is brought under regression and made to relive those instances in their lifetimes which were all backed up in their system somewhere, they found this work instantly frees one of all that was clogging them up and affecting their present life now. So with this method of showing you what your past deeds of emotional ties were, you can instantly be cured of any ills which those things have caused you to endure in this life.

Well the same thing happens in the user/taxes bullshit of the Zionist-Rothschilds money scheme. When the usery on money stops, and the taxes are thrown out, then the whole system becomes free flowing and healthy again. Usery by the way, would you to not know, means when they make you pay extra money for borrowing money. So you don't pay back the exact price you borrowed but much more, and the longer it takes to pay it back, the more money you will be paying. Same as the emotional usery and taxes. Saaaaame thing.

So it is the sickness of those who hate and are ignorant, which keep Mankind from being free, because their god Yaldaboath wants man to be fettered down, and they're doing it to this very day.

That is why knowledge is good, as, it will help you to wake up. And love is good, because it will help you to control the material side of the emotional mess which you don't want to be in to start with. And so, it's all a trap which when you know it is, you have a better chance of becoming free from it.

And therefore it is obvious. Would this to be a "good" place, you would not have your past lifetimes willfully hidden on you so you have to go tripping around wondering what is going on. You wouldn't be living under the tyranny of the government on the planet. This is not a place of Love or Knowledge. It is up to you Mankind to know this, and find the solution back out of here. Mother-Father said, it's the same way as you came in....that's the same way to get out.

From Stevan Davies translation of The Apocryphon of John, here is:

The Providence Hymn

I am the Providence of everything.
I became like my own human children.
I existed from the first.
I walked down every possible road.
I am the wealth of the light.
I am the remembering of the fullness.
I walked into the place of greatest darkness and on down.
I entered the central part of the prison.
The foundations of chaos quaked.
I hid because of their evil.
            They did not recognize me. 
I came down a second time
            continuing on.
I emerged from among those of light
I am the remembering of Providence
I entered the middle of darkness,
            The inner part of the underworld
            To pursue my mission.
The foundations of chaos quaked.
            Threatening to collapse upon all who were there
            And utterly destroy them
I soared upward again
            To my roots in light
            So as not to destroy them all yet.
I descended a third time.
I am light
I am dwelling in light
I am the remembering of Providence
I entered the midst of darkness
I came to the deepest part of the underworld.
I let my face light up
            Thinking of the end of their time
I entered their prison
            The body is that prison
I cried out:
            “Anyone who hears,
              Rise up from your deep sleep!”
And the sleeping one awoke and wept
            Wiping bitter tears saying
            “Who calls me?”
            “Where has my hope come from
                          As I lie in the depths of this prison?”
“I am the Providence of pure light,” I replied,
“I am the thought of the Virgin Spirit
            Raising you up to an honored place.
            Rise up!
Remember what you have heard.
            Trace back your roots
To me.
            The merciful one.
Guard against the poverty demons.
Guard against the chaos demons.
Guard against all who would bind you.
            Stay awake!
            Rise out of the depths of the underworld!
I raised him up
I sealed him with the light/water of the five seals.
Death had no power over him ever again.
I ascend again to the perfect realm.
I completed everything and you have heard it.”

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Two Babylons

The Two Babylons Or The Papal Worship Proved To Be The Worship of Nimrod & His Wife, 1916 -  by Alexander Hislop

I'm reading this book right now, and I came across a phrase I would like to comment on:

"There never has been any difficulty in the mind of any enlightened Protestant in identifying the woman "sitting on seven mountains," and having on her forehead the name written, "Mystery, Babylon the Great," with the Roman apostacy. "No other city in the world has ever been celebrated, as the city of Rome has, for its situation on seven hills. Pagan poets and orators, who had not thought of elucidating prophecy, have alike characterised it as 'the seven hilled city.'" Thus Virgil refers to it: "Rome has both become the most beautiful (city) in the world, and alone has surrounded for herself seven heights with a wall."

I was looking at what the Cassiopaeans were talking about, oh and, as well the RA beings. They say there are 7 densities. The first one being the stone, the next the plant & animal, then the human, then the alien, then the uhm, the place you go when you leave this planet from a bodily expiration, and then the sixth density which is only thoughts, beings as thought forms, formless, and last of all...well none of them really know what the 7th density is, but they say it's a going home back to Prime Creator.

Well, what I've seen from this is...interesting. When you read the Apocryphon of John, it talks of Sophia having created a being all by her own self, where she was not rightly doing, in doing so. So! That being, called Yaldaboath, or Blind God, is the one who created all those 7 heavens (and hells).

So I'm thinkin about it....the Babylon sitting on 7 hills...hmmm...what could that mean? Such a GREAT Mystery. Albeit, now that the extraterrestrials had some say in all this, we can see, it's not SUCH a great mystery after all.

"Seven heights with a wall." That tells me John's secret is correct. The wall is where Yaldaboath's creations end. And would any of them beings be wondering what's in the seventh heaven, well check it out. After him, the wall. The wall is what keeps him out of the TRUE HEAVEN. The Silence. So, he's ignorant of where his mother came from and where he came from his mother. Well hmhmhm, Sophia hid him in a great cloud so the immortals wouldn't know what she had done. There is a wall.

But of course she repented later, crying out for help, and she got it. Nevertheless it was said her powers were so great that once she had executed them, nothing could stop them. So people, stop blaming God for your bad luck, remember you came here to help out...and so, start doing your response-ability. Would it be nothing more than using your thoughts, feeling with your heart, and proceeding on from there. Look...how can one blame anything on anyone when they said Sophia was innocent? So would Sophia be innocent...then her son is nothing more. The same. And we? The same. So the only thing left to recognize is love. That is what fulfills the 'picture.' That's what I'm seeing.

Go in the path of Heart, is what don Juan said. Warriors, there is no better place to be than that with Heart.

Let's continue on:

"...in these Mysteries. These "mysterious beverages" were composed of "wine,
honey, water, and flour."

Four is the number of foundation. Wine, Fire ---- Honey, Air ---- Water, Water ---- Flour, Earth.
Now what?

Now Light is not Air, nor Water, nor Earth, nor Fire. And it is known, by the evidence of now even the sorcerers of don Juan's lineage that humans are Light. He called it an egg-shaped emanation of light, or a ball of light. They said that same thing before don Juan was ever even around in the body that he just recently took with him into infinity, when they said in the gnostic writings that Man came down into this universe as a Light, and everyone was surprised by that beautiful magnificent light when they saw Him, Man.

So, I'm seeing the chemistry, or the elementary arts right here. The elements are what he is now clothed in. Nevertheless, Mankind does not need to be under the heavy blanket like as though a bushel over his Light, huh? You know. Would Mankind be the Master over the elements then Mankind must realize his true self. Read Carlos Castaneda's works. Haha. It's a good start.

And therefore, four being the foundation, meant to be a what? Who said? And what for?
Always ask questions. Don't be bound by the demons of poverty. You have everything you need. See. You're already perfect, hahahaa...it's hilarious. But of course, nothing to laugh about negatively. You see. Joy is the Warriors best friend.

Like Alexander Hislop communicates in this book:

"Without such confession, in the Church of Rome, there can be no admission to the Sacraments, any
more than in the days of Paganism there could be admission without confession to the benefit of the
Mysteries. Now, this confession is made by every individual, in SECRECY AND IN SOLITUDE, to the priest sitting in the name and clothed with the authority of God, invested with the power to examine the conscience, to judge the life, to absolve or condemn according to his mere arbitrary will and pleasure. This is the grand pivot on which the whole "Mystery of iniquity," as embodied in the Papacy, is made to turn; and wherever it is submitted to, admirably does it serve the design of binding men in abject subjection to the priesthood."

                                                                           Why would you give yourselves up to being bound when you are not meant to be bound? The light begins to shine upon the mystery and there is no mystery anymore. Fear is an aspect of binding. It shows ignorance. To have fear is to be in ignorance. As the Cassiopaeans said, all you need is Caution. That's all. Fear is unnecessary.

And caution means what? To look into it. Not to take everyone's word for truth. To know within your own self what is the truth, by living it.

And so when you forget to know thyself and have faith in thyself because you're giving all your attention and faith to some stranger who is not a friend but only say they are, then....

"They, therefore, require implicit faith in their dogmas; all men were bound to believe
as the Church believed, while the Church in this way could shape its faith as it pleased."

And you're caught in the snout of the swine. What for? For nothing. Then get yourself back into your own attention. Like Gurdjieff says, "observe yourself," "don't identify," "watch yourself." And like my mom use to say, "watch everything you do." And like the Spirit tells me, "listen to yourself," and "be yourself." And you don't need any church or anyone telling you what's what. It's yours to discover. Keep in touch with the Light you are.


"The goddess who was revealed to the initiated in the Mysteries, in the most alluring manner, was
also known to be most unmerciful and unrelenting in taking vengeance upon those who revealed these Mysteries; for every such one who was discovered was unsparingly put to death. (POTTER'S
Antiquities, "Eleusinia") Thus, then, the cup-bearing goddess was at once Venus, the goddess of
licentiousness, and Nemesis, the stern and unmerciful one to all who rebelled against her authority. How remarkable a type of the woman, whom John saw, described in one aspect as the "Mother of harlots," and in another as "Drunken with the blood of the saints"!"

What Alexander is saying here is, the secret societies, such as those who hide behind the church, and high-art self aggrandizing organizations, that is, their religion, they look oh so pretty and wow spectacular, but when you allow yourself to be bound by them, then they rule over you and will murder you would you to reveal their true face. You see. Yep. Haha. So don't be bound by any demons of poverty.

There're also other descriptions of this babylonian mystery thingy. For example, the Cassiopaeans told us the Lizard beings, yes that's right, check out David Icke's work, that they were looking to snare Mankind with sexuality, and when Mankind went for it, the jealous Lizards immediately bound them through a type of operation where they, like the Pleiadians said, unraveled their dna until only the bear minimum which would mean, to survive, was left in tact. Oh it's still there, mind you, only in a big pile in the middle of your library. So you'll need to sort it all out your own self. Which is like saying, go with your own feelings. Listen to yourself, not others outside of you when you want to know what book goes where. Be in touch with who you are. That then was the other meaning of that pretty babylonian goddess...the lizard strategy, and Mankind being sucked into it without looking before leaping.

Anyway. In order to be a true master of the correct kind, you must know yourself. Know what's all around you after that. Then you have the inside and the outside all taken care of, and you move much better then. Lovely! I mean, how would you like to be a slave? No one wants to be a slave. So it frightens them that they see someone way too awesome, and they become, well, like that. So be sharp as serpents and kind as lambs. Then the elementary kingdom will be your friend.

                                                                                           "for its situation on seven hills."

                                                                                                 "seven heights with a wall."

".....the "Mother of all harlots," and in another as "Drunken with the blood of the saints"!"
Ok. First The Mother of all harlots. She would be rather a very friendly being indeed, huh? Quite. Obviously. She's a friend to all the others who are harlotic. Now...to be drunken off the blood of saints? Hmhmhm. Whell that only could mean one thing. They are SO impressive, she is drunken, or love-sick of them all. Wouldn't you say?

What open observation does. Instead of the "DOCtrines" of the church, you now have another way of viewing what is called haha, "reality."

"Now, assuming that Ninus is Nimrod, the way in which that assumption explains what is otherwise
inexplicable in the statements of ancient history greatly confirms the truth of that assumption itself.
Ninus is said to have been the son of Belus or Bel, and Bel is said to have been the founder of Babylon.
If  Ninus was in reality the first king of Babylon, how could Belus or Bel, his father, be said to be the
founder of it? Both might very well be, as will appear if we consider who was Bel, and what we can
trace of his doings. If  Ninus was Nimrod, who was the historical Bel?"

But of course. This was the Son of the Mother. While Jesus, ohp, I mean Nimrod, was the Son of the Father. You see, there are two structures which when they come together create a type of being. Therefore, the type of being which is knowledgeable about the specific types of beings who create those beings, are beings who are in compatability with them. Not the way it sounds. Because Bell is a brother to Nimrod, hahaha. Strange brew, gal what's inside of you? Well. Let me explain one thing I have went through. When Belz came up to me and knew everything I was all about...hmhm....I was amazed. Same thing may have happened to Father. When Christ showed up out of the Mix, He was the Father's Son. Hear See, haahah roaming catholick cherch. Perch? Angels? Devils.

Anyway. The meaning behind all this is....keep your Spirit. That's what Bel did when He was observing which "play" he came out from. There is no judgement whether evil or good. There is only understanding. The dragons themselves taught us...knowledge is one thing,  understanding,.....haha, another.

It's simple. The Mother, who I am, had a strange structure, haha, compared to Father. Hahaa. Nevermind. Anyway. Uh! The Mother had so Fuckin Much inside of her TOO, that Belz came OUT of Her. She may have been already formed and done...the Father, hahahaahahha...too. Therefore. Belz compared to Nimrod, it is not a good way of doing things. Just as Lucifer and Christ work as a team, so Bel too works with the Mother.

The Myster y is that, Father CREATED BEL. They were in Mother's System. Mother was not aware of them. Then one day...way after all this other stuff...nevermind.  Let's go back to the remainder of the story. Father also CREATED CHRIST. This was HIS first son. But the mother's son Bel was created first so that HE could assist the Christ. Christ is the second born, meaning kind, lovely, gentle. Bel is the oldest son which means, responsibility to his siblings. The helper of the rest of the family. Can you see how complex a system can be, and how simple? You have your own ideas. Yes? Hmhmhm. Not usually. Gurdjieff told us how many of you actually think for yourself. Not many at all.

The burnt one. Haha. The black one. Just because beings see something black and think it is burnt, does not mean it is. Black is black. I am black. The children of the Father are golden. There you go. Use your imag i na tion.

The ill-umiNuts will tell you only what they know, that is, what their father Yaldaboath taught them. At the same time, like David Icke says in his book "Human Race Get Off Your Knees," page 163:

"Most people see events in terms of polarities. It is either/ or and black/ white. You are either for something or against it. Yet rarely is any situation so polarised, so clear cut, and unless we look at the shades of grey, we are never going to see what is truly happening."

'Nebo' in the Croatian language means haahaa, Heaven.

"Now, Hermes was the great original prophet of idolatry; for he was recognised by the pagans as the
author of their religious rites, and the interpreter of the gods. The distinguished Gesenius identifies him
with the Babylonian Nebo, as the prophetic god; and a statement of Hyginus shows that he was known
as the grand agent in that movement which produced the division of tongues. His words are these: "For
many ages men lived under the government of Jove [evidently not the Roman Jupiter, but the Jehovah of the Hebrews], without cities and without laws, and all speaking one language. But after that Mercury interpreted the speeches of men (whence an interpreter is called Hermeneutes), the same individual distributed the nations. Then discord began."

For many ages way too long, beings lived under a spell, not at all a curse, only a spell, for a spectacular amount of non-time. Way too long. And then, the plan unfolded. How to help them wake up to their splendor which is what they are. ? How to.

So we got together, and as you were deceiving yourselves, we were deceiving you haha, out of deceiving yourselves. What the fuck. The truth was tooooo haaaaard to do. So we had to revert to baby food, for a while.

Later, ya'll turned into adults, and stauted eating your OWN foods. Yay! I'm proud. Not that it's a badge I carry around. Pride is haha not the best of intentions. Nevertheless, it'll verk fer now.

All my friends love a lowrider
The lowrider is a little higher
Lowrider drives a little slower
Lowrider is a little goer
(In Croatian, the sound 'goer' means "talk")

Lowrider knows every street, yeah
Lowrider is the one to meet, yeah
Lowrider don't use no gas, now
Lowrider don't drive too fast

Take a little trip, take a little trip
Take a little trip and see
Take a little trip, take a little trip
Take a little trip with me

Wow. That sounds good.



Let them sleep. Come. We'll go talk in the other room....

A Very Beautiful Writing.


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Psychopath Khazarians, Sabbateans. Devil's Seed. Pests...Pestilence.

Here's a PDF book you can copy and keep in your documents and send out to anyone who
needs to become familiar with the truth in order to set them free from the psychopath Khazarians, Sabbateans the devil's seed. They had this book banned, so it's circulating on the web. Copy it while it's

 Secret Societies and Their Power in the 20th Century - By Jan Van Helsing

Page 65,66
“Do not their TALMUD and their Rabbis write that it is no sin to kill if a Jew kills a heathen,
but that it is a sin if he kills a brother in Israel! It is not a sin if he does not keep his oath to a
heathen. Therefore, to steal and rob (as they do with their usury) from a heathen is divine
service. For they hold that they cannot be too hard on us nor sin against us, because they
are the noble blood and circumcised saints; we, however, are cursed goyim. And they are
the masters of the world and we are their servants, yes, their cattle!

Should someone think I’m saying too much – I am not saying too much, but much too little.
For I see in writing how they curse us goyim and wish us evil in their schools and prayers.
They rob us of our money through usury and, wherever they are able, they play us all
manner of mean tricks…

Martin Luther’s last recorded utterance on the subject of the Jews was, “You should know
that the Jews blaspheme and violate the name of Our Saviour day by day. For that reason,
you, Milords and ladies, should not tolerate but expel them. They are our public enemies
and incessantly blaspheme our Lord Jesus Christ. They call… Mary a harlot and her Holy
Son a bastard… If they could kill us all they would gladly do so; in fact, many of them
murder Christians, especially those professing to be surgeons and doctors. They know how
to deal with medicaments in the manner of Italians – the Borgias and Medicis – who gave
people poison which brought their death in one hour or in a month.”

Should Martin Luther be condemned as being a rabid hater of Jews? Not necessarily! It is
abundantly clear from a careful reading of the above statement that Luther was attacking the
basic Talmudic philosophy which motivates many Jews, like the Rothschilds for example.
It will also come as a great surprise to many American readers to learn that a number of
their “glorified” forefathers were much more outspoken on this issue than Adolf Hitler.

Benjamin Franklin (1706 – 1790) for example:
“We must protect this young nation from any insidious influence… that menace, gentlemen,
is the Jews. In whatever country Jews have settled in any great numbers, they have
lowered its moral tone, depreciated its commercial integrity, have segregated themselves and
have not been assimilated. They have sneered at and have tried to undermine the Christian
religion upon which that nation is founded by objecting to its restrictions; have built up a
state within a state and have, when opposed, tried to strangle that country financially…
They are vampires, and vampires do not live on vampires. They cannot live among
themselves. They must subsist on Christians and on other people not of their race.
If you do not exclude them from the United States in the Constitution, in less than 200 years
they will have swarmed in in such numbers that they will dominate and devour the land and
change our form of government. If you do not exclude them, in less than 200 years our
descendants will be working in the fields to furnish them substance, while they will be in the
counting houses, rubbing their hands. I warn you, gentlemen, if you do not exclude the
Jews for all time, your children will curse you in your graves.”
[~swarmed in eh? Like bugs. Like preying mantises]

He knew what he was talking about, because the American presidents, Franklin Delano
Roosevelt, Harry Solomon Truman and James Earl Carter were hidden Jews (hidden Jews
are Jews who take on a different name and sometimes another religion to cover up their
Jewish origin. But they still follow their goals, because if not, they will die a silent death
through their rabbis! You don’t believe this? Read: Die Shlimmsten Feinde unserer Volker,
i.e., "The Most Dangerous Enemies of our Peoples" by Jean Boyer, Edicion Actualizada,
Bogota, Colombia, 1979. It will blow your mind!

And George Washington (1732 –1799), the first U.S. president:
“The Jews work more effectively against us than the enemy’s armies. They are a hundred
times more dangerous to our liberties and the great cause we are engaged in. It is much to
be lamented that each state long ago has not hunted them down as pests to society and the
greatest enemies we have to happiness in America. (Maxims of George Washington, by
A.A. Appleton and Co. pp. 125,126)

Some readers may think that I’m one of these Nazi German fellows who live back in WW II.
That is simply not the case. These chapters do not specifically relate to the Jewish people
as a whole (some of my closest friends are Jews). There is a great difference between a
Khazar, A Zionist, A Talmudist, the Hebrew Blood Alliance on the one side and an ordinary
“Jewish” person in the street. I am concerned about what is written in the Talmud, and
about the fact that the Talmud is applied today. And as I will describe later, it is important to
understand who “trained” these Jews, what had been written in the Talmud, to understand
who their “Lord” is: it is Jahveh - El Shaddai, the one who came down from heaven (not
alone) with fire and smoke in a flying cloud!"

~Earlier in the book, on page 13, 14, he writes:

"According to them, Jesus called the Hebrew god “JAHVEH” Satan and reproached the Jews
for having made the devil himself into their only god. Traces of this can still be found in the
Gospel of John in the New Testament, where Jesus tells the Jews “You belong to your
father, the devil…” (John 8:44). There had to have been an immense falsification of the
teachings of Christ!

To understand the profound shock that hit the Templars, one has to think of their strong
faith. The God that the Church taught as “Father of Christ” was, in Jesus’ own words, the
devil whom to fight he had come to Earth! A study of the Bible soon revealed to the
common sense of the simple Templars that the teachings of Jesus and the Old Testament
were diametrically opposed and therefore could never belong together. Furthermore, the
Jews never called their god “Father” but “JAHVEH” and “EL SHADDAI.” El Shaddai, though,
was Sheitan, i.e., the fallen angel! (Sheddeim = depravity, el = archangel. EL is often
wrongly translated with God. “GOD” however is IL in the old oriental tongues)."


~Here is something revealing about the "False" Jew: the Khazarians and Sabbateans, the Zionists. I've done some research on psychopath's and look...even this New International Encyclopedia describes a psychopath.

"Among the distinguishing mental and moral traits of the Jews may be mentioned:
distaste for hard or violent physical labor; a strong family sense and
philoprogenitiveness; a marked religious instinct; the courage of the prophet and
martyr rather than of the pioneer and soldier; remarkable power to survive in
adverse environments, combined with great ability to retain racial solidarity;
capacity for exploitation, both individual and social; shrewdness and astuteness in
speculation and money matters generally; an Oriental love of display and a full
appreciation of the power and pleasure of social position; a very high average of
intellectual ability."
-- The New International Encyclopedia.

This is taken from the pdf book:

The International Jew, The World's Foremost Problem - Henry Ford

Thursday, December 22, 2011

A NOTHER Secret World of Knowledge.

The Fuckin Zombie band. No Ohter. For example, Marilyn Manson when I thought he was good, had everyone in tact. But as soon as I began finding out how rude and cruel he was, instead of behaving the way he was SUPPOSE to behave. . . I realized Rob Zombie and his work is the best. He has a wife, takes care of her, he doesn't fool around with children, no time to...he is well off, and yet doesn't act like an asshole such as the Rothchidss do. The man is supreme. What else can I say? Much. Nevertheless, he has collected all the excellent musicians Marilyn Manson was not being responsible for, and he's created haha, a lot more great music, as we know.

So! Here is a video you will enjoy. Cheers!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dangerous Aliens

Maybe not all extraterrestrials are dangerous, but some of them are....just like some humans huh? Hahaa...

So anyway. I was reading a pdf paper about humanoid reports made in 1958 and I came across this one which reminded me of the alien attack of the two hikers on Feb.14, those two lovebirds who had a thing fall out of the sky near them and then investigating it they were attacked, and eaten most likely. Here's the part I read which reminds me of that kind of alien:

1958 Humanoid Reports pdf.

Location. Near Domsten Sweden
Date: December 20 1958 Time: 0255A

"Stig Rydberg & Hans Gustavson, investigating a strange glow, found a rounded
object 10 or 15 ft wide and 2.5 ft thick, emitting very bright white light, standing on
3 legs in a clearing. There was a smell “like ether & burnt sausages.” 3 or 4 small
figures about 4.5 ft tall, of a shining dark gray color, were rushing around
apparently aimlessly. These beings had no definite legs, arms, or heads, but were of
variable shape. They attacked Rydberg & Gustavson and tried to drag them
towards the UFO. They had a “raw, funny” smell. Then Rydberg broke free &
sounded the car’s horn, they let go of Gustavson and rushed to their craft, which
took off vertically with an intolerable shine. Hypnosis indicated that the story was
not a hoax."

OK? And here's the link to the video. The next link is a more in depth look at the monster. And the next link is about some Russian explorers or something, who got ferociously attacked by some other space freaks. Well that's my opinion anyway. I mean, you can't call them sane and intelligent attacking a bunch of sleeping beings, huh?

Entire Case Tape 347 Alien Attack (real)

Unknown Alien Creature grabs a tourist face

Dyatlov Pass incident - Most Bizarre Unsolved UFO Case

There are all kinds of dangerous aliens. This is from way back in 1958. Another report just after the one on top:

Location. India, exact location not given
Date: late 1958 Time: daylight

"In a rural area two witnesses saw a disc shaped object land on some rocks; four
three-foot tall figures emerged and seemed to have difficulty in walking about. Two
boys that had been seen playing in the same area previously, were found missing.
Later one was found dead, with several organs removed as if by expert surgery. The
other was found in a catatonic trance and died five days later without ever saying a

Gee...why do you think the false governments would be hiding this information from public knowledge? They even tried to lie about the cattle, horse, and dog mutilations. A real governing agent, or government would be at work sending out knowledge to protect those being governed. So you know when you're not getting protection, you know you don't have an authentic governing body.

In Jacques Vallee's "Passport To Magonia: On UFOs Folklore and Parallel Worlds," you basically have to do your own studies. Use your own mind. Listen to other's stories, share your own, and gather knowledge from what you learn out of those methods. Here's an excerpt from the book:

"There currently is considerable puzzlement among the public, and especially among the young, whenever the attitude of scientists confronted with such phenomena is discussed. Sometimes their questions contain a note of anguish. Typically, they ask the following: "How can we react to the flood of absurd, incoherent stories about flying saucers?" "What is the use of pursuing a study of science if it cannot be applied to the rational analysis of such phenomena?" "In a time when the young are encouraged to follow with enthusiasm the progress of space exploration, why should the subject of life in the universe be a forbidden topic?"
"Several organizations exist in the United States devoted to the investigation of this problem. They seem to have the support of some reputable scientists, and they often allege that the government is convinced that the phenomena have an intelligent origin; but that it hides the truth from the public. Should we not join
such organizations to gain knowledge of the subject?"

A tentative answer could perhaps be formulated as follows. First, it is a mistake to believe in Authority, or to put blind faith in official reports, scientific theses, or the theory of a particular author, whenever a point of research is discussed. As objective as my reader perhaps thinks I am, I cannot help but have a general image in mind as I write this book, and so do all writers, even writers on subjects as amenable to objective analysis as chemistry or geometry—no matter how loudly they deny being biased.

Therefore one must borrow from books only those elements that appear properly documented, and they must be confronted with a larger human context. A good researcher should not be afraid to change his mind; he should not feel desperate because his comforting beliefs leave him as soon as he begins to think critically. If he applies these rules, he may not solve all the problems he attacks, but at least he will be less likely to fall victim of every delusion or fad that is associated with them."

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Beelzebub Visits West Virginia

Mothman Prophecies by John A. Keel pdf

 This guy is HILarious! You can tell he's a great writer by the very first thing you read in the book. The chapters. Ha! Check this out:

1 Beelzebub Visits West Virginia
2 The Creep Who Came in from the Cold
3 The Flutter of Black Wings
4 Take the Train
5 The Cold Who Came Down in the Rain
6 Mothman!
7 The Night of the Bleeding Ear
8 Procession of the Damned
9 "Wake Up Down There!"
10 Purple Lights and April Foolishness
11 If This Is Wednesday, It Must Be a Venusian.
12 Games Nonpeople Play
13 Phantom Photographers
14 Sideways in Time
15 Misery on the Mount
16 Paranoiacs Are Made, Not Born
17 "Even the Bedouins Hate Their Telephone Company"
18 "Something Awful Is Going to Happen..."
19 "Where the Birds Gather ..."

Fortean Organizations (Removed)

All of it sounds so euwy gooey good to read hahaa!

Actually, something freaked me out while reading them titles. I was stuck at the first one for a while and just had to make that the blog title. Then I got to Purple Lights and April Foolishness, and Oh my Gawd! First of all, I was born on April 1st. Then when I was around 18 years old, I had gone out on a date with a guy that lived in the neighbourhood, and it was the end of the night, he had the truck parked in the driveway at my parents house. As I sat there, suddenly this great big purple violet light came out of the sky like a huge falling star, but I knew it wasn't that, it was too weird. A great big ball of light was coming out of the sky at me and I looked around the night scenery and everything was lit up ultra violet. It happend so fast, that as it was occurring Darryl had dropped his cigarrette under the dashboard and bent down to pick it up when I said, did you see that? And when I looked over at him, he was just getting back up from retrieving his cigarrette. And I'm like, oh man. It was frustrating that he didn't even see it. So I was the only one there who saw it. It was so cool. Never seen anything like it. But there are times in my life where I see a dot of purple light somewhere sometimes. Lately I was with a friend who is pretty interesting to begin with, fascinatingly intelligent. And I was partying with him when I saw all kinds of ultraviolet purple lights all over his white t-shirt. I was like "wow, cool." It made me to think of the crown chakra. They were like large strokes of paint brush work about 5 inches long and 3 inches thick, of ultra violet purple lights all over this guys shirt, hahaha. Strange stuff. So there you go. I'm interested to find out what else is in this book. Well, I'm getting to reading now.

Oh and one more thing. Wednesday is Mercury, Friday is Venus day. Hehehe.

Here's an excerpt from the book, pg 23:

"The ancient Ethiopians viewed their gods as black, snub-nosed entities. The Greeks and Romans populated their mountaintops with longhaired, handsome gods and goddesses. The Indians of South America worshiped bearded gods who traveled the night skies in luminous discs of light, as did the ancient Egyptians. But religious views were modified in the nineteenth century with the coming of the Industrial Age. The lights were still there but a new frame of reference was needed to cover their activities.

Somebody somewhere does not want us to understand the true nature of this phenomenon and its true purpose. For years the UFO enthusiasts believed the U.S. Air Force was the culprit and that government agents were tapping the phones of teen-agers and little old ladies, tampering with their mail, and following them around in black Cadillacs. I wish the answer was that simple.

We have been victimized by this phenomenon, not just since 1947 but since ever! It is the foundation of all our religious and occult beliefs, of our philosophies, and our cultures. The ancient Chinese marked out the routes of the lights in the sky (LITS) and called them "dragon tracks" because, apparently, fearsome dragons appeared along with the mysterious lights. In a later age, these became fairy lights and were associated with the little people who actually plagued whole generations not only in Europe but also in North America ... for the American Indians were telling stories about the little people long before the Europeans arrived here.

During the witchcraft craze a few hundred years ago, people really thought they saw witches flying through the air ... with lanterns hanging from the front of the brooms. The vampire legends of middle Europe are almost identical to the modern UFO lore. As late as the nineteenth century the devil existed as a physical personage to many people.

If you saw a strange light in the sky in 1475 you knew it had to be a witch on a broom because you had heard of others who had seen witches on brooms skirting the tree-tops. Now in 1975 you might decide it is attached to a spacecraft from some other planet. This conclusion is not a qualified deduction on your part. It is the result of years of propaganda and even brainwashing. If you are under thirty, you grew up on a diet of comic books, motion pictures, and television programs which educated you to believe in the extraterrestrial hypothesis. A small knot of nuts has talked to you year after year on interview programs, telling you how the sinister air force has been keeping the truth about flying saucers from the public; that truth being that UFOs are the product of a superior intelligence with an advanced technology, and that the flying saucers have come to save us from ourselves. The gods of ancient Greece are among us again, in a new guise but still handing out the old line. Believe.
Belief is the enemy."

And Page 53:
"UFOs often zero in on lovers in parked cars. Many—most—of the monster episodes in my files took place in remote lovers' lanes. Young love has to run enough hazards without the fear of a hairy weirdo hammering on the windshield. What concerned me was the two-hour time lapse or spell of lacunal amnesia which apparently took place. What could have happened to the pair during that forgotten period?

The phenomenon has an almost pornographic preoccupation with our mating practices. One of it's most celebrated games is the manipulation of romantic relationships. Early investigators of the fairy episodes, such as novelist Sir Walter Scott, noted that fairies seemed to delight in bringing people together and fostering love, or, conversely, indulging in conspiracies to force lovers apart.

The Bell witch of Tennessee is supposed to have manipulated the love life of a Bell daughter, almost tragically. Brad Steiger, one of America's best-known investigators of the paranormal, has been involved in several poltergeist cases in which the mischievous poltergeists tried to wreck romances and marriages. Nothing can quite affect a new groom's virility like being physically hurled from his wedding bed by an unseen force and pelted with flying ashtrays thrown by invisible hands. Unbelievable though it may seem, such things do happen.

Flying saucer contactees often have their marriages disrupted, even destroyed, after they begin their liaisons with the space people. And there are many cases in which flying saucer enthusiasts have been brought together—literally hurled together—through their mutual interest."

Page 56:
"As I write this book, I keep getting phone calls warning me to stop. They have even called my wife at her place of employment, telling her to stop me or they will. These people have also called my friends making the same threat. I have no way of knowing who these people are, yet they are calling too often to be crank calls. Several times I have written material that has disappeared from my home. When I leave home for any reason, I always lock all doors and windows, yet several times when we returned home, we found our home had been ransacked, drawers pulled out, papers strewn all over the floor, and valuable tapes missing, and my tape recorder broken. ... I have mailed letters, dropped personally by me in the Post Office letter box, that have failed to reach their destination."

Page 58:
"Jim Hacket was lucky. He only lost his shoes. Elsewhere throughout the Ohio River valley, dogs, cows, and horses were dying suddenly and mysteriously, usually from surgical-like incisions in their throats. Animal disappearances and deaths go hand in hand with the UFO phenomenon. The most puzzling aspect of these deaths is the absence of blood. Often the carcasses seem drained of all blood. The wounds don't bleed. No blood is in evidence in the grass or dirt where the victims lay.

Among my grimmer memories of 1966-67 are those times when I knelt in farm fields to examine dead animals, particularly dogs, who had suffered amazingly clean and expert cuts. These deaths were not localized, but came in nationwide waves simultaneously with UFO waves. This pattern has been repeated since. Prior to the October 1973 flying saucer flap there was an epidemic of animal deaths throughout the Midwest from Minnesota to Mississippi, causing quite a stir in the local press."
[ This is like saying the aliens needed blood from physical beings in order to manifest on the planet. ]

"As I have noted, UFOs, hairy monsters, and Mothmen all appear to have the ability to ferret out human females during their menstrual period. I began to seriously wonder whether blood and flesh were not vital ingredients in the mysterious transmogrification process. Did energies from the superspectrum need earthly biological materials to construct temporary entities? It does seem as though many UFO and monster sightings are staged as distractions, luring crowds of people to places like the TNT area while animal mutilations and disappearances are taking place almost unnoticed only a few miles away."

Page 60:
"Ships in the Atlantic were reporting huge luminous "cigars" discharging small globes of light which sailed toward New York and Long Island. And on Long Island and neighboring Connecticut, those globes were cutting nightly capers. During my frequent treks out to Long Island, I saw several of the objects myself and I collected some eyewitness testimony that boggled my already much-boggled mind. One family of seven people swore they had seen a circular object land near a wooded area on Long Island. They stopped their car to watch and were astonished when they saw two figures, normal-human-sized beings, exit through a door in the object as a large black car crossed the field and stopped nearby. The two beings got into the car and it drove off. The object took off quickly and disappeared into the night sky. Similar incidents had been reported in South America, France, and England, but this was the first time I had come across one in the United States. The family was terrified. They knew they should report it to someone but they kept silent until they heard me on a radio program a few days later."

Here's a short video with John Keel talking about what UFO's probably are...energy.

John Keel Fortean Lecture 1992

The thing is, John Keel is most likely correct. When we look at Carlos Castaneda's books about him being the apprentice to don Juan Toltec Sorcerer Seer, don Juan tells Carlos that the Seers of old from the lineage of sorcerers he was with, saw mankind as really being an eggshaped or round shaped ball of light. What he says is that mankind is stuck in one perspective, in one alignment of seeing and therefore he only sees himself as a physical image, which is an illuision. He is really an eggshaped emanation of light. And so, these beings who are visiting planet Earth are possibly taking the illusory shapes with which mankind is used to seeing himself and surroundings in, and they are using it to be in the same place with mankind, albeit, for very short periods of time since they usually disappear after a very short while. Just some thoughts.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Demons, The Alien Mind

This here is an excerpt from  "Alien Mind - A Primer"  by George LoBuono

Chapter 15. Within a Hyperversal (Demon) Community

Note: [ I.F.S.P. = Intergalactic Federation of Sovereign Planets ... I.E. Demonics.]

"They get universal news, and they live for “millions” of years, according to at least one hyperversal’s (demon's) report. As a result, some Hyperversals (demons) can be subtly condescending - as though to suggest that the hell of IFSP (demonics) destruction and criminality that we’re going through is intended to dissuade us of our sexuality - for ecological reasons.

*In other words, too bad that we’ve lost control of our government, but when left as we are, humans could become a threat. The question, from our perspective is: a threat to what, or whom?

One of the most arrogant Hyperversals (demons) have stated that there is no legal order to rely upon. His drift was that humans must conform within a hierarchical kind of schema, or perhaps perish. Meanwhile, there is a precisely defined, when not mathematical order of being in all that happens, nearly tao-like consequences, albeit more active in character than is the traditional Taoist outlook. It’s inconceivable that hyperversal (demon) societies don’t have carefully evolved legal structures, although some may assert that humans haven’t signed legitimate treaties with off-world governments.

Ironically, humans who fawningly accept the dogma of the Verdant/gray (demons/demons) IFSP (demonics) don’t hear a word about Hyperversals (demons).

Instead, they hear infantile remarks about “angels” and invisible others, instead. And why do IFSP (Intergalactic Federation of Sovereign Planets)(demonics) aliens omit mention of Hyperversals (demons)? Apparently, it’s because some Verdants (demons) in the IFSP (demonic) want to play God and take the lion’s share of whatever they can get—for the Verdants (demons), primarily.

One Verdant (demon) tried to convince Phillip Krapf that Verdants (demons) are the only superpower, when, instead, they aren’t even remotely like such an entity.

* The greater order of being isn’t about power and control but interacts mutually on more highly evolved terms, irrespective of technological prowess.

Absence of sexuality among some Hyperversals (demons) has made them more civilized and capable but I’ve noticed that some can dunder into a place and, whether wittingly or not, play to an epic sense of grandeur.

They can casually sit and watch humans die by the millions, in part due to IFSP(demonics) manipulations. Meanwhile, Hyperversals (demons) will openly explain what is going on, even though we can’t possibly compete with IFSP (demonics) goons when our public remains uniformed, our government hijacked and corrupted by cabal elements who, whether they know it or not, work to divide and corrupt humankind (to the advantage of IFSP (demonics) aliens).

Watching from a distance, the typically detached and aged yet “healthy” hyperversal (demon) can observe, adding his or her own, colossal sense of drama to it all - while our planet gets trashed by a criminal regime that cuts secret deals with the IFSP (demonics).

One hyperversal (demon) remarked that such a situation can drive a planet to death, a people to slave-like desperation, and, in the end, life has simply been extinguished. Ironically, potential problems for Hyperversals (demons) will have been eliminated."


These Demons can be read about further in here. But I don't know how much of it are lies just to hoodwink the reader. To me, it all sounds like a great big lie. Check it out for yourself.

                              The Contact Has Begun. Part 3


And here's a short PDF story.... Close Encounters On Capitol Hill, by Robert M. Stanley

Monday, December 5, 2011

Illuminati Corporations Making Mercury Laden CFL Lightbulbs And Aerosol Sprays

The idiotic Ill-uminati corporations poisoning people and the environment, then blaming it on humans and manipulating them to feel responsible or guilty for something the original human-being never did, nor would do without the ignorant Illuminati's deliberate brainwashing and manipulations. Who is still making the aerosol spray cans from bug spray to hairspray and shaving lotions? Who is making mercury filled light bulbs which poison us and the environment? And who is being told to stop using aerosols? and to stop poisoning the environment? Ha! It's so ridiculous it's idiotic.

They're a hoax. The whole game they play is idiotic. They constantly polute the environment, then send the media on a campagn to bombard humanity with the lies that humans are causing these horrific crimes against nature, when in fact, it is the Illuminati who have STOLEN the places of power through murder and mayhem, in their effort to rule the world and are doing it themselves through force of tyranny. What world will be left for them to rule the way they play? Fodder for extraterrestrial entities who will rid themselves of the so-called secret societies, then clean up the waste through their unknown technology, and hence, yea, through the help of the distorted view of some lost secret society people, will then take over the planet.

People need to see what the situation is, roll up their sleeves, and get working. The Illuminati, like their name says, are sick. Do you let sick people rule the world? No. You need healthy people ruling. Goodness!

Shining a light on fluorescent bulbs

"dangerous vapors and the spread of mercury dust"

"It was just a wiggly bulb that I reached up to change,” Bridges said. “When the bulb hit the floor, it shattered."

When Bridges began calling around to local government agencies to find out what to do, "I was shocked to see how uninformed literally everyone I spoke to was,” she said. “Even our own poison control operator didn’t know what to tell me."

The state eventually referred her to a private cleanup firm, which quoted a $2,000 estimate to contain the mercury. After Bridges complained publicly about her predicament, state officials changed their recommendation: Simply throw it in the trash, they said.

Break a bulb? Five steps for cleanup:

That was the wrong answer, according to the EPA. It offers a detailed, 11-step procedure you should follow: Air out the room for a quarter of an hour. Wear gloves. Double-bag the refuse. Use duct tape to lift the residue from a carpet. Don’t use a vacuum cleaner, as that will only spread the problem. The next time you vacuum the area, immediately dispose of the vacuum bag.

“It’s kind of ironic that on the one hand, the agency is saying, ‘Don’t worry, it’s a very small amount of mercury.’ Then they have a whole page of [instructions] how to handle the situation if you break one,” she said.

Limited options for safe recycling:

"The disposal problem doesn’t end there. Ideally, broken bulbs and their remains should be recycled at a facility approved to handle fluorescent lamps, but such facilities are not common."

"In fact, qualified places to recycle CFLs are so few that the largest recycler of of fluorescent bulbs in America is Ikea, the furniture chain."

“I think there’s going to be hundreds of millions of [CFLs] in landfills all over the country,” said Leonard Worth, head of Fluorecycle Inc. of Ingleside, Ill., a certified facility.

"Once in a landfill, bulbs are likely to shatter even if they’re packaged properly, said the Solid Waste Association of North America. From there, mercury can leach into soil and groundwater and its vapors can spread through the air, potentially exposing workers to toxic levels of the poison."

“One lamp, so what? Ten lamps, so what? A million lamps, well that’s something,” said Worth of Fluorecycle.

“A hundred million lamps? Now, that’s a whole different ballgame.”


So where are Tesla's discoveries, like for example, free energy ?  No emissions there to be bothered about.
And where are the light bulbs that last over a hundred years ?  No pollution there to be concerned with.

The World's Oldest Lightbulb:

"The world's oldest light bulb has been burning for 109 years - so little wonder it has a fan club with thousands of members and its own website.
As EU rules deny householders the right to use traditional filament bulbs, the so-called 'Centennial Light' has been on almost constantly since 1901."

"The bulb was designed by Adolphe Chailet, who competed with the likes of the world famous Thomas Edison to make the best bulb.
Despite his amazing design Chailet was never as successful as Edison even though his bulb was proved to survive higher voltages."

I'll tell you why. Because Thomas Edison was an Illuminati Freemason.

The Light Bulb Conspiracy

"Planned Obsolescence"