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Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Magic of Music.

The Best of Paganini.

JD writes, “Current research shows a short-term, fifteen minute gain of IQ, an average of 9 points after listening to Mozart. What causes this?”

This Awareness indicates this has to do with the effect of the music on the brain in helping the brain into a kind of harmonious pattern seeking, or pattern familiarization mechanism. The brain becomes familiar with certain patterns. It exercises by way of listening to patterns in music, and the music is lively, which helps speed up the brain, and it is harmonious, which helps to relax the brain.
It is a kind of exercise for the brain so that gradually the brain becomes more orderly in its thinking processes. There are likely to be other forms of music, classical music especially, that will also have similar effects on the brain. However, there are also certain types of music that numb the brain, slow it down, and are likely to cause a drop in the IQ. These of course would be the more monotonous type of repetition and dull beating and rap-type music.

“Is listening to classics while pregnant or in infancy similarly beneficial?”

This is in the affirmative. Experiments have been done with plants whereby certain types of music were played and the plants responded by growing and budding and flowering, while other types of music played and the plants began to wilt, weaken and eventually die. Certain heavy metal music, music without harmony and without pattern, without any kind of melodious quality tends to weaken plants. Music that has a high harmonious value and quality, melodious in its expression, tends to give plants more energy. If you equate the effect music has on plants as likened to the effects on the human brain you will find a similarity in its effect on the plants and on the human brain, the intelligence of the human brain. 

This Awareness indicates also that dissonant music, music that is disharmonious and clashing, tends to tear down the aura and make it fuzzy, weak, and disturbed, and music that is harmonic and rhythmic in a melodious and harmonious manner will tend to strengthen and build upon the aura. Thus, if you have an entity that is ill, the entity’s aura may be torn down by very dissonant disruptive music and then rebuilt by very harmonious music and it will have an effect on helping to heal the entity’s sickness. For example, “The Rites of Spring” by Stravinsky, followed by the music of Mahler or Tchaikovsky, or Rachmaninoff can be of great value in helping to tear down the aura and then rebuild the aura.

We have a related question from MM, New York City. “On cable TV you see all kinds of weird irrational things, obviously alien manipulated. There is a lot of material that defies the brain and senses, music particularly. Yesterday I saw a music video where the image of a Draco and a Zeta were flashed for one second while the music played. It was very weird. There are bands like ‘Electronic I’, ‘Army of Lovers’, and ‘Pet Shop Boys’ that are very high tech and alien related. My question is that, in most occult western esoteric traditions pop music is said to destroy the chakras and soul, and that only classical music should be heard. I personally only listen to classical music. How true is this, and especially in regard to these New Age bands with alien overtones, specifically “Go West” by Pet Shop Boys? I would love to know the hidden intention or message of that music video, whether Pleiadian or Draco.”

This Awareness indicates that generally speaking, the harmonious music, wherein chords are harmonious, is uplifting and harmonious to the soul. Generally speaking, music that is dissonant and clashing tends to affect the nerves, and can create a problem for the energies of an entity’s psyche or soul. Emotional levels, for example, may be disturbed by clashing disharmonious music.
This Awareness indicates however, that when an entity evolves far enough in a soul sense or spiritual sense, the entity may find that certain dissonant sounds, a minor chord instead of a major chord, can be extremely beautiful, and also entities may find that the augmented fifth, or some change in the chord to create a particular area of dissonance within a harmonious chord, can also add a new sense of harmony that is quite beautiful when placed in relationship to others chords, so that music, such as that written by the Rimsky-Korsakov, who wrote ‘Bolero’ and ‘Scheherazade’ –this writer of Russian music and his student Khachaturian, used tones that were not classic harmony but had certain elements of dissonance in such a way as to create a different kind of beauty.

These harmonies were not the regular major thirds or even minor chords, but were of a different nature to bring about a new kind of harmony that had notes which carried a certain clash along with the harmony. This Awareness indicates that Shostakovich for example, carried this even further. In modern times the C major seventh chord is used quite frequently, and its sad dissonant sound is greatly enjoyed. However, two hundred years ago it was considered too dissonant to be heard in a composition. It wasn’t until the composer Erik Satie started using it in his compositions that it became recognized and slowly became popular as a legitimate musical statement. Later writers disregarded the scale of seven notes with its sharps and flats by creating 12 notes in the scale, using all the sharps and all the flats along with the regular notes, and indiscriminately playing the
various notes without regard to the “Do Re Me Fa So La Ti Do” scale. This Awareness indicates that this allowed them to get around the entire scale without being held by restrictive rules and harmonies, whereby music then became more wild, even though still classical in nature; a pattern being broken, so that they used the full range of 12 notes instead of 7 notes of the scale. This Awareness indicates that even this did not harm the soul or harm the emotions or disrupt the patterns of harmony within the psyche so much that the psyche lost any sense of structure, but when music entered into modern rock and roll and heavy metal and lost any form or pattern other than rhythmic beat and repetition of notes, the guttural voice and disharmonious sounds and repetitive beats of rhythm began to create a new kind of disturbance to the order of the soul, or order of the human psyche.

The deep beating affecting the gonads, the guttural sounds affecting certain basic animalistic instincts within the psyche, being equated or related to animal growling and the deeper chakras and the harsh screaming of the vocals along with music that followed no particular melody or pattern; all of this began to tear away at order, the harmonious order of the soul.
You must understand that the chakras in the human body equate to the “Do Re Me Fa So La Ti Do” of the scale, and when the music does not follow these harmonic notes of the human chakra, it begins to disturb, disrupt, and create confusion in the chakras, and therefore, the psyche becomes chaotic and loses its order, and the base gonad levels from the beating of the drums and low bass tones become dominant in the chakras of the human. Thus, consciousness descends to the gonad level and to the lower chakra levels.

This Awareness indicates however, if the composer and musicians use rhythm, even repetitive beats, but also play harmonious melodies or provide tones that invoke feelings of wonder or awe or higher intelligence, this kind of music can inspire and help to heal the human psyche. There is much good to be found in popular music, especially if the melodies and lyrics are used in a manner that uplifts. This Awareness indicates that even music and lyrics that are dark and seem to wallow in the lower levels and invoke depths of sadness can help entities to rise above their own imagined darkness. Some of the songs written by Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan have the ability to tap into levels of human tragedy and somehow manage to uplift and raise this sense of tragedy and despair, which can help entities to climb out of the repetitive negative emotional patterns that they are trapped in.

This Awareness indicates that music is akin to magic. Even the words “Music” and “Magic” are similar in their construction. This Awareness asks you to remember that there is good magic, which seeks to uplift and help, and there is bad magic, which seeks to tear down, destroy and create chaos. Music is a tool that can be used for good or for ill, and as always, the choice is yours.

Excerpted from "Cosmic Awareness Newsletter May 2017."

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Power Path On Our Full Moon Day

Changing the business of life. Yes, I'm fully aware that the business aspect needs to be organized. We see there are systems already in place, but that they are all crumbling because they don't exist on integrity...and therefore, we slip in and begin placing our business in amongst that old order and begin to organize ourselves, wherefore it will be suddenly blooming right out of the old, using up the old energies for the new energies which have just come in. Move over rover, this is someone else's sober work to do.

      Today I'm going to open up a book to your attention. It is "The Power Path; The Shaman's Way To Success In Business And Life" by Jose Stevens.

This book opens up and begins here, and with insertions of my wisdom. He starts with a couple of excerpts from other authors. From the author Peter Senge, "Synchronicity: The Inner Path of Leadership," I'll just take a snippet: "Ultimately, leadership is about creating new realities..." And from the author Victor Sanchez, "Toltecs of the New Millennium": "The World that we perceive, such as the self (our own ego), is nothing more than a description---a fantasy (my wisdom: in other words, misplaced attention) that only seems real due to our insistence in acting as though it were real... When we stop our contradictory description of the world, which we construct daily, we see that it is the true path of freedom that allows us to construct better worlds for us to inhabit."

Ok, now we move on to this man Jose Stevens' book, his writing.

My wisdom: These, I call Shirts. They are Disguised.

"-Corporate leader
-Chief executive officer
-Chief financial officer
-Chief information officer
-Vice president
-Head of human resources
-Team leader
-Communication officer
-Board member
-Department head

Those are the highly recognizable titles of modern business leaders, the movers and shakers of corporations that shape today's world and dictate the course of so much of the world's progress."

My wisdom: And these, I call Shirtless. The Undisguised.

"-Wise man
-Medicine woman
-Spirit walker
-Psychopomp (Walker between the Worlds)
-Soul retriever

These are just a few names applied to extraordinary men and women who have acted as leaders of their indigenous communities on every continent of this planet. They have been the movers and shakers of their worlds, the ones who have made things happen despite massive obstacles and unfavorable odds."

My wisdom. So, it's not 'I want to do this or that'. Want has nothing to do with it. Just fill the "need" whether shirted and disguised, or shirtless and naked. They're both important to know how to dress and undress in. That is, to change costumes.

Let's continue:

"What, if anything, do these two apparently diverse groups have in common? Is there a relationship between them? Is there anything to be learned from the mystically oriented indigenous leaders that can apply to the modern business community? At first glance it may be difficult to see the connection between these worlds; with closer scrutiny, however, you will find within the indigenous traditions a vast and deep knowledge base crucial to the businessperson who is ready to understand the next phase and take the next leap in the business world.

When you stop to consider, is there such a difference between the challenges of a medicine man or woman confronted with a patient's illness and a business consultant confronted with a seriously fractured corporation? When a seer is asked to predict the outcome of the hunt, is that such a different circumstance from a marketing expert attempting to predict the outcome of an advertising campaign? When a shaman is asked to remove a curse, is that not like a manager being asked to find out about and remove the obstacles to productivity within a department? The obstacles and challenges are actually not so different. The difference lies in how each group traditionally sees the problem and how they go about attempting to fix it.

For years our business has been to live in both of these worlds, studying with mystics privately and outwardly working as executive coaches and trainers. The theme of power is central to both worlds, and we discovered that we could be more influential individually and as consultants if we trained in the ancient methods of acquiring and utilizing power."

And there it is. Now we understand what is happening in our World today. There is a shuffling about going on. Yes, the marriage has occurred. The alchemical marriage. The up and the down has combined. The left and the right has combined. The inside and the outside has combined. It is now a new existence.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Shiva The White Lion.

      Shiva will dance with you. He's light on his feet. "Come on over." And dance! Let's dance! I'll be your China doll and loll in your arms.

 Why should I waste all the skulls around my waist throwing them at you? I quite like the necklace on my hips, hahaha. The reddier to cling-clang and make some bony music with you. Everybody wants some. Everybody needs some. You too?

How about right now, in the depths of the heights, from the bottom to the top?

Right. Right now.

It's been fun staying calm. It's time to cling clang long.

Let's start with the Sea of Virgo, Vol. 6 Lesson 1.

The Mind

Sea of Virgo, Vol. 6 Lesson 1

The Sea of Virgo relates to the nature of the order of the Universe, the structure of the mind, and the effects of that order upon that structure, as well as the structure upon that order of things. The first lesson is that which relates to the orderly mind and its relationship and structure.

This Awareness suggests that in considering universal essences that entities assume, temporarily, that the universe contains within itself that consciousness that permeates all its parts and thus is a universal living Being.

It suggests that consciousness expresses itself in two major ways. This Awareness suggests one of these is through experience; the other is through form.

There are varying degrees between the form and the experience. This may also be termed the matter and the spirit.

In considering the nature of consciousness in terms of matter and in terms of spirit, or the experiencing of consciousness, there are degrees between. Within the confines between spirit and matter is that which is called Mind, and that which is called emotion, and that which is called feeling.

The feeling level is that which is closer to the spirit aspect or the experiential aspect of being, while that which is called mind or thought is closer to that which is the material aspect of being. Thought, essentially, is an action where the experience is recorded, condensed down into pictures or symbols and recorded either in memory or in writing or in the spoken word or in some form of material expression, such as art or architecture or other types of structures."


So many experiences one can have with the Mind.

It's just like colouring pictures. Or you can have them in black and white.

May 7, the Queen of Diamonds birthday. Diamonds and Pearls. Some have been swallowed by them.
It would be nice to have someone as strong as a diamond and as gentle as a pearl, because that would be a nice balance. But heck, everything and everyone gets weighed in the balance. Who can escape? Not now anyway. Too much under the bridge, so to speak.

"Who, In Fact, You Really Are," Shiva. And if you email me asking for it, I'll send you the PDF to this book, otherwise, you'll have to find it for yourself. It's out there, somewhere.