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Friday, August 29, 2014

Orchestrated. Truly.

Oh look! Somebody abducted me so I got these weird music scenarios downbelow and I don't know whther the;ll  suit you or come off as your suit too comes off. Think about it, don't think about it. Feel....feeeeeeel ..... feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel.....ah powah kawah po se po se

John Lennon Number Nine Dream

What mo can I say?

Marilyn Manson - This Is The New Shit

Hello. There is a way to follow the yellow brick road. First ofall ya haf ta be really really loffly. Second offal, ya haf ta luff your mother nature so that you can see inside your own self wat is happening. If you can't see that... You can't see me. I am too busy to be burnt out by your bull-shit. So whatever you want to do, go ahead, go RIGHT AHEAD, make my day. Make my day, my day, my day, my daaaay. Make my Day.
 Yea fuck off. I love ya. Just shut up and leave me alone so I can figure you out. When I do, I'll let you know and I'll come out of hiding. Here's the song.

If you don't get it, it don't matter, because someone out there sure will, get it.
Hah Ha ha ha hahaaaa

Down in the Dark Marilyn Manson   where nine nine nine means yes yes yes

                                                                      You see? Down in the Dark, you'll find me and Mar
                                                            ilyn Manson Down in the Park saying N N N meaning Yes yes yessssss. That's right. Yes. Uh hah hah haahahahahaaaaa ah! what a stormy night..............................

Le Fleur Duet, Lakme

This is utterly beautiful.

So check it out.

Stayin' Alive - Bee Geez

The Script of the scriptssss

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Andrew Bartzis -Transcript Reading of The Script Writer.-

~ Nothing is 'for free.' Everything takes effort. And it takes many many hours to transcribe an hours worth
of show. I wanted to learn in the meantime so I could get something more out of it, while I shared the
transcript with all others. It's a great learning process one goes through, doing this.
The Art-work of transcribing. In the first half I nearly LITERALLY transcribed all the words heard, all the
sounds just to see what the population considers literal, without thinking of depth. Ha ha. Hahahaa ah ah.
It's like a Falking car crash. (But Eagles fly high and see very close) Geeze Louize, that's a hard read when
you go back over it. But in this one, I kept the integrity of the feelings, such as the sounds, but most of all,
I displayed the meaning, and much more clearly, behind the words. So it's like; we have a psychic self
which picks up on impressions, and we have a physical self taught to be literal in everything. But we can't
ignore our spiritual selves. Well! How can you exist without it? Hahaa.
If you take away all the sounds, the expressions, then you're left with a mechanical/computer type
transcript, difficult to understand the underlying factors. And if you put in all of the sounds, then you come
out with something really garbled-sounding and difficult to read because of the excess. Therefore, both of
those ways are the same...unreadable. So I've wrapped the two together, "sound" and "meaning" in this
transcript, to make a much clearer reading available. Like a tele and a micro scope view all together.  And
so it is, an Art-work.
May we begin:
Andrew: Ok, do you wanna bring in the next caller?
Claudia: Hello.
A: Hello, and this is Caroline?
C: No, Claudia
A: Claudia, I am sorry, sorry, sorry
C: Claudia ya, (Houdemoraha?) from Holland. Good morning! and good evening to you Andrew... Hello?
A: Good morning. So how did you find out about the show?
C: Oh, uhm, well I was surfing the internet on YouTube, and there, I came across your material, of the 20
galactic series of the galactic history, and I got so inspired by that, that mm I, I, uhm, started to translate it
in Dutch for all the Dutch people here, because I was so, yea, in in awe of the material, I thought, well
people have to know about this. So uh, yea you're my inspiration, what can I say? so...
A: What kind of questions did you have for me or did you just want me to just jump into a reading? Your
choice, you have the Akashic Record of this world and 20-thousand other worlds open to you, no
pressure. (Hehehehe)
C: Ah,hahaha, well uhm. Well since I'm so interested in in in Earth History, how fit I into that history, that's
my, a very big question with me, where did I come from, what's my soul family and, yea, you can go ahead
and you know...
A: Alright, what I want you to do is, I'm gonna tune deep into your energies, I want you to tell me about the
first ten minutes of your day when you first woke up. What did you do in that mechanical moment when
you first woke up? Did you remember a dream, what did you rub your eyes? I'll give you about ten
seconds, twenty seconds out loud and I'll tune into that Akashic Record of you waking up.
C: Well uh, can I tell about yesterday's dream because this morning was very early and I woke up by the
uhm, the the, how do you call it? The uhm...
A: Alarm clock?
C: uhm I don't know the word, the clock the alarm clock! yes. So can I tell yesterday's dream? because...
A: Yup tell me about yesterday's dream.
C: Ok, because it was about you. I dreamt I woke up and I was thinking 'what did I dream, what did I
dream?' And I thought, 'Oh my god I dreamt about me having the reading with you, and then you told me
something very very special, something very unique. And I don't remember what it was. And then I woke
up again! And so it was like a dream, within a dream. Something like that, so...do you want me to go on?
A: Alright, I've tuned into you and you have the classic questions, who you are, where did you come from,
how you are affected in time. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to build a story here, and it's going to
go a little back and forth, and it's going to show patterns of what you've been doing. So the last lifetime
that you incarnated was in about 1766, 1765 is where you died. You were born in about 1720 right around
there, and you were in....Sri Lanka, travelling on a boat, you died at on the ocean, travelling between Sri
Lanka and the Island of Bali, delivering...sacred geometry goods....(talking to himself)--alright I'm piecing
the story, grab onto the timeline here--...just a second here, I'm separating your timeline.....
The life in Sri Lanka. Ok, this is the lifetime that is your anchor lifetime into this end game. You, similar to
the other caller, was locked into a non-end-game. Stuck on the four paradox timelines with no way to
manifest your way off unless someone opened a doorway into your mind so that you could come into the
dreamworld and create yourself in the dreamworld in the end. . . and then reach back to all other parts of
the timelines and paradoxes and connect to yourself and soul-chards and then show them the way home by
creating maps.
Your life in Sri Lanka at this time "-time-" in that 1700 time frame, you were a very young kid that became a
fisherman, and from this fisherman you became a person of merchants, and you got hired onto a vessel
that was going to Bali, that was a British sailing vessel. When it landed in Bali there were Balinese sorcerers
there waiting for the sacred geometry objects that were off-loaded. And the Balinese sorcerers looked at
the British people and said 'I'm going to buy you, you, you, and you,' and the British said "Ok!" And they
sold you. Even though you were never intended to be sold. So you were a slave at that point. In Bali,
Island of the gods, as part of a karmic resolution being. Now do you understand what I'm saying?
C: Mm yea wow. I mean uh, I have an Indonesian mother, in this lifetime
A: You have a Balanesian mother? Nice, haha...
C:  Ah, Indonesian. Javanese.
A: Java. Hehehehe. Well, as you got into Bali and they bought you as a slave, they weren't nice to you, and
quite un-nice actually, very little food, very little water for a very long period of time, until they came to you
and gave you a piece of sacred geometry artwork and said "figure out how to use it before you die, and
you could go free."
C: Hhm.. (it's a laugh)
A: Ok, and it was a stone statuette that had no moving parts. So you were in your little cell that had,
underground, that had a little grate that you could look above and the light would come through every now
and then, and morning to night you had about five hours of light that you would move your body into
barely, weak, and you dragged this thing over there and looking at everything that could be moved. And
shortly before you thought you were going to die, you put your hands on the statue, and you said. "I
surrender to the Earth." And then the statue came alive and hugged you, and brought you into the arms of
the Earth Mother.
C: Mmm, wow..
A: And at that point, the gates opened and you were inducted into a Balanese Earth shamaning group that
specialized in geomancy, and repairing Earth's sacred geometry grid...as it was being attacked at that
moment, by the British! And there was an open trade between the Balanese sorcerer and the British,
different British groups, for sacred geometry technology. The Balanese is the island of the gods for a very
reason. All the gods were locked onto Bali and were vowed from affecting the rest of the creation of the
system of domination and control in THIS timeline that is not a paradox yet. Because the only way to end
it is, EVERYTHING that was created before, makes it here in its perfect format, so in the perfect format all
beings can create perfection. And what is perfection? --when one single moment that we all let down to the
Earth Mother-- where we let go of the facade, and don't let ourselves die. Where we take the POWER of
the Earth Mother and blend it in Co-Creation with our own Heart, Activate our DNA.
So, once you became inducted into geomancy and Earth sorcery, you began travelling on special Balanese
boats that would go to Japan and work with the Shinto Priests. And there is where you would walk through
portholes, and you would be a thousand years in the past or ten thousand years in the past on another
paradox timeline, looking for other versions of yourself, so you can point them in the right direction, to
make sure you got onto that boat, to be sold as a slave.
C: Hm, oh wow. Was it a life as a man, or?
A: That was a life as a man, correct.
C: Yeah, yea. Wow.
A: So that's your frequency. Forced into slavery, that in slavery, you found your PUREST solitude.
How did YOUR life begin? This life now, that you have.
C: Yea.
A: How much have you been battling the slave problem?
C: Well, I think my father was from African heritage, and my mother is from Java, Indonesia, and they're
both former Dutch colonies, so through my bloodlines I felt I had to heal and clear a LOT, and that's all
I've been doing my whole life, it seems.
A: Resolving other peoples karma?, through your DNA lineage technology... but, when are you going to
resolve YOUR karma, and not other people's karma? That's what this lifetime is about. To know your
purpose. Your purpose is to literally solely focus on your OWN karma. So that you become a karma-less
being, and therefore free all of your other brothers and sisters that are linked to your DNA lineage
C: So what's my next step then, to do that?
A: It's about understanding the person that surrendered to the Earth. That didn't allow themself to die.
C: Hmmm.....
A: You have to take it to a more modern way. You live in a world that's 3-D Matrix, and so you still need
food and water, you still need love and support. You can't be the shaman in the cave, or the buddha under
the tree for years. You have to do it in the NOW. And that other people see that they could do it too. For
every hour that you're healing yourself, you're doing six or seven hours of healings on other versions of
beings who are helping themselves resolve karma. Because you have taken an "I AM Presence" time Now
to resolve your DNA lineage technology. So, how do you DO that? Well, what have you been doing the
past 6 months?
C: Working on myself. Really.
A: Doing what? Meditations, healings, have you gone under a waterfall, I mean, have you gone exotic?
C: Uh, I'm sorry I didn't understand that (garbled)
A: Have you done any work, maybe Ayahuasca?
C: No! Do you think that's an option for me? Ayahuasca?
A: Not only do I think it's an option, I think that any plant medicine in sacred format that has a shaman by
it, will help you go by Light-years.
C: Oh k..wow.
A: So, it really comes down to: "what are your READY for, as a brand new explorer in consciousness?"
Because you haven't explored your OWN DNA resolution. As much as you think you're resolving your
stuff this lifetime, you have brought, you came in with ancestral karma, and that's actually what you're
solving. It's not YOURS. You asked what you're here to do. Resolve your own, not others. See, what is
being passed on to you, as ancestral karmic debt, from your mother and father, in Un-awareness.
C: Ok.
A: What was your mother and father like?
C: They were pretty much dysfunctional through all the hardships they went through.
A: Ok, so as a child growing up....
C: They were loving people.
A: ok. So as a child, as a child growing up, it's fair to say that you got IM-pressed into your belief system
about how dysfunctional they could be, and that they couldn't heal, they could never get centered, they
could never get balanced. And now, this part of your life, where you are trying to do that, those
foundational programs that were impressed into you as a kid, are the only thing holding you back.
C: Hmm, ok...
A: Uh? (meaning YEA. Deep thinking on that one. Haha. 'One sound' question in his voice.)
C: wow...
A: What was it like when you were 13 and 14? I'm tuning into your Akashic Record, and I, I see a whole
lot of spiritual change for you.
C: What? When? When I was thirteen?
A: Thirteen or fourteen.
C: What was I doing?
A: Yea, where were you living?
C: I think... Well my parents separated then. They got divorced.
A: Where were you living?
C: Ahh, at my parents house.
A: What country? Holland?
C: Yea, yea.
A: Same house, that you grew up in?
C: The same house I grew up in, yes.
A: Alright, there's an Akashic Record moment right when you're turning 14, a few months before you're
turning fourteen where you're coming home from school, and there are lost memories there. There is as
much as 60 minutes of your life that doesn't exist.
C: Oh?
A: Have you ever thought about, maybe you have been abducted?
C: Abducted!?
A: Yep.
C: Well.....uuh, No. What? It happened then?
A: Do you remember at all, missing time in your life?
C: Uh hh... No. ..No.
A: How much of your...
C: But Yea! Yea actually...
A: Go ahead.
C: Yea maybe I do because, ee everything seems like a blur when I was in my, in the puberty, so...it was
very, uh, not defined. I was very unhappy with them.
A: You had Arcturian Consciousness Exploration vessels removing you from the reality, between age 13
and 24.
C: Ok, so hahaha...well, doesn't surprise me.
A: Are you familiar with the Arcturians?
C: Ah, well I've heard about them, but, not what they are about.
A: Ok, they come over from a home-planet called Arcturius. They are 5th and 6th density beings of Light
that have (operatives) operate on collectives of collectives. They are the good guys... as one could say 
what is good or what is bad, it doesn't really matter... But their perspective comes from a very positive
change for Earth. And they come here to Earth looking for other members of their Arcturian soul families.
And you're part of them....
C: So am I Reptillian?
A: You are part of an Arcturian soul family that was soul-charded during a massive un-creational event
while you were travelling here to Earth during dimensional portholes trying to save other beings here, and
got caught in a timeline genocide. And your DNA was NOT SUPPOSE TO BE MIXED WITH IT. So
when the creational event came back around, you were soul-charded; part of yourself was stuck here, and
the rest of yourself was put back on Arcturius with full knowledge that it was still stuck here. And that
created in you what is called a "forked-source-stream." (I'm pretty sure he said "source" instead of "soul."
P.s. Andrew. You must be more clear enunciating when there are NEW terms which we've never heard
before, please, thank you.)
C: A what? The last sentence I don't understand. A forked?...
A: (spelling it) ef - oh - ar - k, like a fork, like there's two parts of you.
C: Ok wow...
A: One simultaneously living as a 6th density being on the home world of Arcturius, and one
simultaneously living here, that is, the you of the now. --Awareness of you: and you are in unawareness of
it.-- Until you go to resolve your paradox, which is, why are you dual located? as (meaning) not in a high
dream space? One of the reasons you connected to the material that I do, so deeply, is because it creates a
"No-Time" field, and as soon as an Arcturian is in No-Time field, they can understand why they are a
forked-source-stream. If they should choose to do the inner work on their HEART, where they allow their
mind to go into their heart...they allow their whole body to shrink back into the fetus in the mother's womb,
where you were just a heart, with a soul inside it. And from there is where you can truly connect into what
your DNA purpose is resolving karma. This part of you that is soul-charded and here, is the karmic
resolution machine, and the I AM Presence that is you in the NOW, has to, can make a choice at any point
to not be a karmic resolution machine any more. And then once you say "no!"... it takes a short while for
the system to stop working against you. That's why things like Contract Revocations are so important for
you in this phase where you're 'hitting the brakes' and saying "NO" to karma, and coming into a stillness to
bounds, going back to the center of your heart...so you can realize that you are in two places at once. And
every time that you go to sleep, you are looking for the "No-Time" frequency that your body can create as
a hyper-spark, right as your dreaming body opens up like a flower.
C: Ok. Wow...wow.
A: And so what other kind of questions do you have?
C: Well, uhm..so...what do I have to do with the Reptillian factor? I mean, that interests me also very much,
and maybe it's, do I have much Reptillian DNA as well?
A: Well, you are in DNA lineage technology that is karmic resolution technology, as you've said, your
Javanese parents. Well, what do you know about the Islands of Java? Who are the natives?
C: What?
A: Who are the natives of Java?
C: I can't understand ( your question. )
A: Who are the natives of Java? Do they really exist?
C: The natives?
A: Mhm. Their DNA stream has been so muddled down that there's no true Javanese..or else (garbled as
"C" was trying to say something) @$% 00)*8(); a linean sea faring people that have set lifes there over
hundreds of epochs. That means the DNA body you are in, has Reptillian in it. And that means you want to
resolve other lifetimes where you may have had more Reptillian DNA than you do Arcturian DNA right
C: Hm.
A: That's why going back to the HEART, at the zero-point in the fetus of the mother's womb is the key for
you to reconnect to the source that allows the soul-chards to naturally reconnect while you're in dream
space. You are a very very protected being by the Arcturians. On a scale of one to ten, I'm going to put
you at the bank vault level, like an "8" or a "9." Why? Because the DNA lineage that you made it in, has a
very unique "1-degree-of-separation." It's not giant, it's actually quite small, but your 1 degree of separation
touches souls that have been locked out of existence for (so long...https://www.youtube.com/watch?
v=tA6L8-lxaA8) millions and millions of years...........Many of them don't even have acces to this
nonparadoxical time existence yet.
BUT, because YOU exist here, WITH a "Light-Body-DNA" intermixed with the DNA lineage, there is an
opportunity, if you should create the potential, to not only unify your own soul-chards, but also aaaallll the
other soul-cchards of every being that's in your DNA lineage technology.
C: Mmm...
A: So not only would you heal yourself, you would heal twenty-five-thousand others instantly, by doing it
to yourself. (It's no wonder the 'powers that be' had made her too busy healing others and not thinking
about herself...they were trying to prevent this great good from occurring. Thank goodness for Andrew
Bartzis and his talents. I mean, he can't do it, she has to...but oh, all the good he's doing by pointing the
way!) Out of "love-for-yourself." That is how much they are implicated/intewoven to your time-traveler
DNA that started in Bali.
C: Well, wow....wow haha...ah it's profound yea...
A: So when you were writing the different radio shows into the Dutch language, did you have any
C: Ahh...well uum... Well sometimes I get insights.
A: Yea. (garbled as they both try to talk together)...the only way for them to understand the material was to
transcribe it themselves. And once they did that, they got into the "signature frequency" of the Akashic
Record at a Neutral Perspective in intonation and vibration...and it would open portholes in themselves,
created by themselves, in other timelines and dimensions. Once you had the "No-Time Frequency," your
other parts of yourself did the soul-surgery on you to fix whatever was broken in your timelines.
C: Oh hahah wow.
A: And that's something that I'm consciously aware of when I work with people... so it would probably be
very very very very beneficial for you if you try and transcribing this reading for you, after it's put back on
air....after, well we'll get you a download right away, too.
(Like what I'm doing right now. Transcribing it. But for your own personal self. Like I'm doing, for my
own personal self, but sharing it too, for you people as well......into the "signature frequency").
C: Mhm O.k.
A: And the reason why is, there are SO MANY LAYERS of information in here. (That for sure!). Many
many layers for you to begin to pick apart. And for those other people that are listening to this reading: We
are Beings of 'karmic resolution' until we say "No." And when we CHOOSE to say No, there are other
versions of ourselves that have already said No, and have "options" waiting for us, if we should begin the
translation and transcription of what's going on at the Infinite Level with us. So that we have some
scribblings or scratchings or long documents that our, THIS Presence can go, "Alright, I can absorb this,
because I wrote it." And it doesn't matter what anyone else says. Or does. (So This Presence of ours here
and now, can have some awareness, connecting to our fullness, and then get more awareness as we make
the effort.)
C: Mhm, mhm, wow. Yea. Well I must listen to this...Well I will transcribe this, of course, into Dutch. I'll
see what it does to me. So you say that...uhm...uh...the uhm... Am I still being abducted right now? Or, is
it, has it stopped?
A: Ok, you aren't being abducted in a negative way. Alright?
C: Ok.
A: I gotta....It's hard to describe when, when you lose time. What it is, is there is Consciousness
Exploration Vehicles that can predict if you become predictable and wake up before your time of waking
up, and what they would do to you is, they would come to you a few seconds before you woke up and
put a dimensional field around you so that you woke up and fell right back to sleep outside of time, and
then they would put you back into your body.
C: Mmm...
A: The Arcturians are the good guys. But they also know that if you wake up early, not only will you be
captured, you'll be turned against everyone else.
C: Wow yea this is what I feel, this is what I felt...that some force is holding me back in some way or form.
So this is the reason (garbled..)
A: And the reason why, is, you need what's called "Sacred Space"; Where your Heart is feeling good
enough to let down in such a way, that you can turn on the smile and create something out of Joy in that
Sacred Space...that evolves into a ceremonial expression of who you are this lifetime. I call this: "Telling
Your Story To The Fire."....
C: Mhm.
A: ....Where you have an indoor and an outdoor fire, and you go, "I'm gonna sit down next to this fire in
sacred space, and tell it my whole story." And no one else needs to be there. Just you and that fire. And
once you trust yourself to tell yourself your whole story, in the witness of an element, is where you'll get
inducted into being a fire shaman. And as being a fire shaman, is where you'll be connected to other
versions of yourself who have gifts waiting for you....because they knew you would ultimately do it. But
only YOU are the one who actually CAN do it. In NO-interference. That's why you have to find a sacred
space, or create one in your own place that isn't violated by others. And because you have so much 'slave
programming' built inside your DNA, from the system, I am going to tell you, you are going to have a very
hard time finding a place that is your own without interference, without the phone calling, without people
stopping over, so you can trust yourself enough days in a row, to tell your whole story to that fire, and
allow yourself to process all of the visions that come afterworld, afterwards as a dreamer. As a person with
no limitations in dreaming, connected to your dreaming. Disconnected from materialism and consumerism.
Connected to the lands you live in.
What I suggest for you is to get really "Witchy" for the next two or three months. To really look at your
C: Witchy?
A: Yeah, like the practicing of spirituality; "Witchy"... it's an American term, where you go, everything you
do is very, very respectful to Nature. You make sure that each day you get up, you give an offering to
Nature, whether it's an apple or a piece of bread, knowing that it fulfills something to the food-chain out
C: Mm...
A: Ok? There are other people out there who offer a shot of alcohol to the land. That is "Spirits," distilled
energy! That is something that'll be very very powerful for you. You have dozens of lifetimes where you
were a brewer of rum and alcohol and other stuff. That may be considering for you to start using alcohol
as your way of blessing or giving offering to the land. Too, you've gotta figure out, what can you do, to
make sacred space that has fire in it.
C: It has what in it?
A: Fire.
C: "Fire" in it, ok...ok.
A: Have you ever done any shaman work?
C: Sorry, I cannot understand you.. Have I, have I what?
A: Have you done any shaman work?
C: No! I didn't actually. No. no...
A: Ok. That's what I'm telling you that you need in your life so you can stop being a karmic resolving
being. You need to be connected to...(garbled)
C: So like, you know (garbled)... Do you have material for me where I can delve into?
A: Uhm, I'll have uhm, the way you got a hold of the email, I'll have someone send you a bunch of links
that you can go in and get into. A book I can recommend for you to read, is called "Dancing The Dream"
by Jamie Sams.
C: Ok.
A: And I'll have them send that to you in email too, it's a very good book, for anyone that's out there, it will
 help you understand the journey of the shaman. Jamie Sams is a Native American lady of Sue and Navajo
background, and it's about her story growing up in a broken home, taken away from her parents, then
becoming a shaman, recognizing her roots, and going through the different training processes. And what it
was, was her life of transformation. I read this book when I was 14 and I recommend it to many people
who want to understand what being shaman means. And it's called "Dancing The Dream."
C: Ok.
A: It's readily available on Amazon. It's been out since the early 90ies. Ok, do you have anymore
C: Hello?
A: Hi, do you have any more questions?
C: Well, maybe you could tell something about Holland. I mean, what keys does Holland hold for the 
spiritual awakening of the plans? Why I live here?
A: Aahh! Holland is a unique country. It has been flooded and destroyed hundreds of times and brought
back hundreds of times. Those people that are living in Holland right now?... Are resolving the energies of
the floods. Ok? People move into the most richest and fertile valleys and live there for thousands of years
before the waters start to rise again. And their homes and lives begin to be destroyed, and the very few
surviving go back to the top of the mountains and become very connected with the mountains until the
waters recede, and then they go back down to those fertile lands again. And that's what Holland is about.
For those who are going to say "No! The waters will not take my life this time. They will not take my land."
And it is the power of the people of Holland that could come together to hold back the waters, or to make
sure that the waters never rise, from the very beginning. Because in Unity-Consciousness, the healing of the
planet, is instant. Even though in 'time,' we perceive change. Holland is a very powerful sacred geometry
area of NATURAL Earth that has very powerful false-sacred-geometry buildings on top of it. It'll be the
people of those areas who will dismantle their own sacred-geometry-systems at a time where rising up is
not expected. And once those systems are dismantled? The rest that's hooked into that vital life force, that
almost Lung of the Planet that's known as that area, will suddenly change and ring out a bell...a bell of Life
Force that's now being coming out of the Earth. (Bells will be singing through that voice) And it'll be the
people of that area who go through the re-awakening and re-connection to Earth, much like you did, when
you connected to that statue.
C: Wow...yea. Are there important places in Holland like artifacts, you know?
A: All throughout Europe there are very powerful artifacts. Now, they're not hand-held artifacts. These are
the big ones that they couldn't move. Anything they could move with a tractor-trailer or a flatbed has
already been taken care of, (like buried space technology?) that I can assure you of. The big stuff that is
left is well hidden. Holland has some very powerful zero-point energy fusion-creation systems that are not
mechanical...they're literally built into the stone to be natural fusion energy when human DNA interacts with
them at a sacred neutral perspective. That means you have unlimited access to quantum energy as an
infinite being of the Light, TO  MANIFEST, AS A third or fourth dimensional physical being. There's
unlimited energy in the land. And that's the technology that's in Holland. And it's the people that live above
it (those artifacts) who learn how to tune their DNA so that their body becomes the remote control for
whatever stream of information or energy that they want to work forth for their creation, whether it's a
painting or sheep herding.
C: Hmh, wow.
A: Whether it's building a boat or a mountain, it doesn't matter, it has the infinite quantum creation
connection to it. And that's a legacy many many other people in our world are going to learn, and many will
go to Holland to learn those skills. And then there's about a few select other places that are similar to
Holland, such as the Caribbean Islands, the Gulf of Mexico, the Antilles Islands, parts of Brazil in the
Amazon, parts of Peru, parts of Java, Australia--The Great Barrier Reef... there'll be micro-sections there
where people will/can go and connect very similar to Holland. And there'll be a big section outside of Goa
India that will be just massive, where people will want to learn to connect to that energy...they'll just go
there for a few weeks and connect to that field. (Anyway, I think this guy is looking into the future, reading
it too.)
C: Wow...oh wow. And then, do you know also why I always have to go to Greece?
A: Heh heheheh ehh... Why you always have to go to Greece. It always comes back to: your DNA lineage
technology. Everything that you're doing is still resolving other people's karma. That is in your DNA
lineage, that are not YOUR memories. But because your I AM present-self doesn't know the difference
between your past life memories and someone else's past life memories (you're just slaving over others
until you say No), you stay as a karmic resolving being and it appears to be free-will to you. But "appears."
Until you say "No" to the debt you inherited being born into this lineage, and accept the lineage legacy
without debt.
C: Ok, alright, ok.
A: Ok? What other questions...
C: So....Hallo?
A: How ya doin? Do you have any other questions?
C: Ahh, no ah, You told me so many, so much for now, so, I want to really thank you for ah, everything
you do...and, and you've inspired me so much oh, yea... I wanna....
A: Well thank...You've inspired ME today.
C: Mh?
A: You've inspired me today I have to admit that.
C: Oh! hah ok...
A: To be back doing a "Reading Show" is very very a big deal for me, and for people that want to know
how to get on the reading shows, we are being selective about who we bring on, Uhm I'm not doing 12
calls like I was doing before...We're bringing on people that can help "Teach".  And um, she sent in a quick
bio of who she was, and that's the only thing that I knew about her beforehand. And in that bio that I read,
I saw an explorer, an explorer from the future. And when I got to read the being of the Now, I saw HOW
important it was for YOU to let go of karma. And that this being, here in the now, once YOU let go of
karma?... My god, what I can do will look like nothing!
C: Ha...so yea? it's my, my potential when I do that?
A: Absolutely, yea better than I'm doing right now, waaay better. And people think I'm impressive. Pft! Ah
there are people out there that I, that have, are, ah, may? come on the radio show? uhm, that that, are
impressive. Even at my, at my standards. And you're one of those people once you let go of karma, uhm,
you're the genius in the room.
C: Ah,haha, wow, hah...ok, this, this is, this is the special thing I think you were going to tell me, what I
dreamt about yesterday, haha wow...ok...wow...
A: You're special
C: Well I think that's my purpose here. And my intention is to do that, exactly that, so uhm, and I think
you've helped me uhm, ok...
A: And you have to make yourself....  
C: ...yeah...
A: You need to make yourself so you're special to YOURSELF.
C: Yup
A: You gotta know how much you're worth to this world.
C: Ok.
A: When you acknowledge that value? Is when you break the slave program.
C: Yeah. Yup. Well I'm...yea, like I said... (garbled)
A: (garbled) you are...inc?
C: ...I am going to do that exactly and so, and uh I feel that you have a very big puzzle in that, that to uhm,
help me with that, and ah you already did so, I will read the books, and I will...listen to this a hundred
times! and then... I'm gonna do it! Hah-Hah what can I say?
A: Alrighty, you have a really good day....Thank you for calling...Thank you everyone else...
C: YEAH! I wanna give you a big big big big kiss for uh, yea, for uh everything...(Bartzis in the
background giggling and lawfing hehehe (so cute)) for this reading and everything you do, so, well and,
well maybe we'll see each other one time, hmhm...
A: We'll, we're destined to meet whether it's in the dream world or the physical, that I know.
C: Ok. ok. well, see you then. Bye-bye now.
A: Alright. Alrighty. Danielle you want to come in here real quick?
Daniel: Oh, you know I do, hahahaha...
A: Haha. That was a special show. Thanks a lot everyone, for being on. Danielle do you have anything to
D: Just...wooooowwwwwww (Hahaha! YEA, really...woowwwww....) Hahahaa, your favorite word
"wooow" ahhhahahhaa.. (Bartzis in background saying wooowwww) No, just uhm, you know, for anyone
who wants to see this, we also did record a Google hang-out of it, and uhm, you can view that also, on the
facebook channel, and so view it, share it, just experience it again and again, this was an amazing show (it
was). And you know again, don't forget the Dragon stuff coming out. That's going to be big. We're doing a
whole webinar on that as well. So these are all things that are coming up. If you want readings, like Andrew
was saying, we are being very selective, but please, you know, go to the League, of Consciousness
Explorers and you can sign up for a reading there... Andrew
A: That is gonna wrap up a show for us. I want to thank everyone at the mega-powerhouse BBS Radio for
providing us this incredible service that takes us to the world and beyond....Santi my gremlin hunter in the
background, my intrepid co-host Danielle Lynn, Live from Yelm and Live from New Zealand and Live from
the whole Universe simultaneously existing, we are now going off Air until we come back on Air in two
weeks from now. Alright everybody, take it easy.
D: Bye bye.