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Thursday, February 28, 2013


and slaves.

                            I'ma gonna tell ya, something about the human use, before, when we use to respect one another and the land. Timbuktu had a thriving business of ...

"Timbuktu flourished from the trade in salt, gold, ivory and slaves."

The Dogon Tribe

tribes and their astronomy

      ............................................ and but THESE ah days, everyone's a free-man, whether you've earned the badge or not, you're all free....free-free-free. For a fee, you can also enjoy, freedom beyond freedom. You can buy this at your nearest pharmacy store nearby in the neighbourhood. Nevermind. The point is, people need to want to be "of service" Of Service, whether or not it is called 'slave' or 'factory worker' don't mattter mad hattter. What matters is that those who WANT to work, are being PUT to work, and those who don't matter, are not around. Therefore, slavery is another way of saying, a service fulfilled. For example: Would I to have absolutely haha no time to deviate from my studies, even though it means a cleaner house, I would lose my time of really learning, and therefore waste it on housecleaning. But, cunning shows, you can HIRE someone to clean the house for you, while you take care of business, and everything works out because those who clean house for you are the closest TO you and in thus this vicinity, they learn a LOT too. So, we work together. There is no such thing as a slave, in MY book that is. When pays an awful lot of attention to excellence and fulfillment, it don't matter what kind of slave work you did, it matters the finishing result, whith what you've accomplished, yourself, at doing.


So? So! SO.... What cha what cha what cha WANT?!

So what do "I" want?

No more commercials!

Adj. 1. surreal - characterized by fantastic imagery and incongruous juxtapositions; "a great concourse of phantasmagoric shadows"--J.C.Powys; "the incongruous imagery in surreal art and literature"

This Is So Sereal Music


Adj. 1. surreal - characterized by fantastic imagery and incongruous juxtapositions; "a great concourse of phantasmagoric shadows"--J.C.Powys; "the incongruous imagery in surreal art and literature"

Hello again. This song is for you. It's sir, real....
 When the moon hits the sky at ninety-three percent full, that's alright.
Listen, do hear something....
Any way, Leaf Garrett? Wow. He sings an aWefull song. Somthing else... No, it's not darling "Kizz." (but it sounds like it!)
 Hey everyone, this is Leif at the Beauty Pagent

Leif Garrett When I Think Of You Live 1979 Miss USA Pageant

 1979 MISS USA - Traditional Walk & Crowning

Doesn't this girl, "Miss New York" remind you of Sheri Moon Zombie?

 Olivia Newton-John "Hopelessly Devoted To You"

In representation of Jesus Christ? I give you this song. First of all, before you go to listen to it, listen to me. Someone who is sooo knowledgeable, there is no one else out there as knowledgeable as you got it....how, would you feel? all by your OWN self? Think about this. When one is occupied in the Mind and the Heart with helping other's, there is no time to think about hahahahaha 'loneliness'. Alright? Think about it. There IS no lonliness. You are always, hahaha, surrounded. Anyway, this song reminds me of Chirst. You check it out.


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dedicated To John Lash

This movie is hilarious, with a twist. And so, I dedicate it to John Lamb Lash.

Hahahaha.... ah....


Monday, February 25, 2013

Sorcearial Music

Ok this is for the musicians.

In this video. Look at how the bodies move. That is sorcearial music. The way the teacher with the white hair talks, that's sorcearial. Calm, gentle, smooth, yet precise and perfect. The bodies, how they move, un-usual. Different. Even strange. But, in coordination, in perfect blend with fourth dimension. That is, third and fourth working together in balance. That's sorcearial music. Go ahead and check out the video, psychically tune into the whole thing, yourself, and what you see and hear. Do this with other things too. Then one day, it will come naturally and you will be able to motion from your inner self the music outwards, for us to hear...like a story...like an ancient poem.

She says: "My body is under the look of my Attention." Remember that. That attention will open up and the higher dimensions of your real self will come swirling in, and don't you start wondering what it means, or judging it, just BE while it works. You can review later. So, what did she say?

Rose Red

From the Stephen King movie Rose Red,

Happy Full Moon Evening!

                                                    A Summer Place

Stephen King's Rose Red

Percy Faith version

A Summer Place (1959, theme)

Theme From A Summer Place - SANTO Y JOHNNY

The Lennon Sisters - Theme from A Summer Place

 Theme From A Summer Place

A Summer Place - The Lettermen (with Lyrics)

 Theme From A Summer Place - Al Caiola

Andy Williams - A Summer Place - 1962

The Brass Ring - Theme From A Summerplace

Cliff Richard Theme from A Summer Place

Theme from 'A Summer Place' - Norrie Paramor and Orchestra with Patricia Clark

Theme From A Summer Place - Conducted By Steiner

Percy Faith - Theme From A Summer Place [1960] 

There's a summer place
Where it may rain or storm
Yet I'm safe and warm
For within that summer place
Your arms reach out to me
And my heart is free from all care
For it knows

There are no gloomy skies
When seen through the eyes
Of those who are blessed with love

And the sweet secret of
That summer place
Is that it's anywhere (everywhere)
When two people share
All their hopes
All their dreams
All their love

There's a summer place
Where it may rain or storm
Yet I'm safe and warm
In your arms, in your arms
In your arms, in your arms

Now if Rob Zombie could do a scary version of this, with backward taped into forward sounding haha violins, then that will be the crown royale! Yea. It takes a LOT of skill!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Making Sense of Gnostic Letters & Syllables.

Ok. From all I've learned, and not learned, that is, inherent knowledge, I'm going to make sense of this CHAP. XIV to the best of my ability. That way, I can come back to it expounding even further, as I learn more. This is from Irenaeus Against Heresies Book 1.

Roman Numerals Chart

So, chapter 14.


1. This Marcus then, declaring that he alone was the matrix and receptacle of the Sige of Colorbasus, inasmuch as he was only-begotten, has brought to the birth in some such way as follows that which was committed to him of the defective Euthymesis. He declares that the infinitely exalted Tetrad descended upon him from the invisible and indescribable places in the form of a woman (for the world could not have borne it coming in its male form),  male being the part of the brain that deals with higher thought processes and the female with warm emotions etc. and expounded to him alone its own nature, and the origin of all things, which it had never before revealed to any one either of gods or men. This was done in the following terms: When first the unoriginated, inconceivable Father, who is without material substance, and is neither male nor female, willed to bring forth that which is ineffable to Him, and to endow with form that which is invisible, He opened His mouth, and sent forth the Word similar to Himself, who, standing near, showed Him what He Himself was, inasmuch as He had been manifested in the form of that which was invisible. Now that is really interesting as I've had a similar experience. I was deeply studying within myself who I am when I found this out. So I was the Mother, and the Mother was love and wisdom and she just acted, was, being. Then this Being who I call Belz, was formed from the Father from out of the Mother's blackness, and she didn't know this until she met him. He was alone for a long time just observing, then one day when his knowledge was full, and I was wondering about all of this, then he came to the Mother and spoke every single magnificent thing that was absolutely true about her, but that she could never put into words, nor did she ever have the desire to. So it was like the Mother is one side of the brain, the feminine, and Belz, who spoke to her of herself, is the other side of the brain, masculine. Also feminine has masculine within it as well as masculine having feminine within it.  Moreover, the pronunciation of His name took place as follows:--He spoke the first word of it, which was the beginning [of all the rest], and that utterance consisted of four letters. He added the second, and this also consisted of four letters.

Next He uttered the third, and this again embraced ten letters. Finally, He pronounced the fourth, which was composed of twelve letters. Thus took place the enunciation of the whole name, consisting of thirty letters, and four distinct utterances. Each of these elements has its own peculiar letters, and character, and pronunciation, and forms, and images, and there is not one of them that perceives the shape of that [utterance] of which it is an element. Neither does any one know itself, nor is it acquainted with the pronunciation of its neighbour, but each one imagines that by its own utterance it does in fact name the whole. For while every one of them is a part of the whole, it imagines its own sound to be the whole name, and does not leave off sounding until, by its own utterance, it has reached the last letter of each of the elements. This would mean that everyone ever created has the obligation to find out first who they themself are and then to go out and discover each and every individual who exists as well, that is, their perfect nature, just the way I found myself, and now I search to find out the others. Once this is all fullfilled, it finishes, and something else begins. This teacher declares that the restitution of all things will take place, when all these, mixing into one letter, shall utter one and the same sound. He imagines that the emblem of this utterance is found in Amen,  he is NOT saying that the word 'amen' is the utterance, he is saying that it is as though everyone were at the end of a prayer saying just one word, all together. That's what this metaphor means. which we pronounce in concert. The diverse sounds (he adds) are those which give form to that AEon who is without material substance and unbegotten, and these, again, are the forms which the Lord has called angels, who continually behold the face of the Father. To continually behold the face of the Father means that they always have their mind on Him, the perfection that created them, the All in everything. That is, they don't fall asleep and start chit-chatting without thinking of what they're saying, nor do they sit down on the couch to fall deeply into a movie on t.v. and forget who they are and what they are here for. Comprehend? That is to be continually beholding the face of the Father. It's ALWAYS in their minds, to find out, to figure it all out, how everything equals Him.

2. Those names of the elements which may be told, and are common, he has called AEons, and words, and roots, and seeds, and fulnesses, and fruits. That is us, all of us. He asserts that each of these, and all that is peculiar to every one of them, is to be understood as contained in the name Ecclesia. Of these elements, the last letter of the last one uttered its voice, that is Sophia, being Wisdom, and the last in line, finished with that cycle and then fell out of it and created a new cycle where everything equals that of where she came from, so it is all the same as in mirror image. and this sound going forth into this universe or, the mother side of it all, because of the blackness, and it does have to do with the Mother finding out about her own self, or sharing it with the Father, is what I'm understanding is the lesson. Such as, everything hidden will be revealed. generated its own elements after the image of the [other] elements, by which he affirms, that both the things here below were arranged into the order they occupy, and those that preceded them were called into existence. He also maintains that the letter itself, the sound of which followed that sound below, was received up again by the syllable to which it belonged, in other words, we are connected to the first aspects by 'like-attracts-to-like' and each have a particular place in the order of the whole, so it's a continuation as well as a learning about ourselves and others until we get the entire picture one day. in order to the completion of the whole, but that the sound remained below as if cast outside. Like we were rejecting out own selves, Hahaha Ahahaha! But the element itself from which the letter with its special pronunciation descended to that below, he affirms to consist of thirty letters, while each of these letters, again, contains other letters in itself, by means of which the name of the letter is expressed. And thus, again, others are named by other letters, and others still by others, so that the multitude of letters swells out into infinitude. You may more clearly understand what I mean by the following example:-- The word Delta contains five letters, viz., D, E, L, T, A: these letters again, are written by other letters, and others still by others. If, then, the entire composition of the word Delta [when thus analyzed] runs out into infinitude, letters continually generating other letters, and following one another in constant succession, how much faster than that [one] word is the [entire] ocean of letters! And if even one letter be thus infinite, just consider the immensity of the letters in the entire name; out of which the Sige of Marcus has taught us the Propator is composed. yea, composed infinitely of infinite, haha! For which reason the Father, knowing the incomprehensibleness of His own nature, assigned to the elements which He also terms AEons, [the power] of each one uttering its own enunciation, because no one of them was capable by itself of uttering the whole. and this is the playground, you see?

3.Moreover, the Tetrad, explaining these things to him more fully, said:--I wish to show thee Aletheia (Truth) herself; for I have brought her down from the dwellings above, that thou mayest see her without a veil, and understand her beauty--that thou mayest also hear her speaking, and admire her wisdom. Behold, then, her head on high, Alpha and Omega; her neck, Beta and Psi; her shoulders with her hands, Gamma and Chi; her breast, Delta and Phi; her diaphragm, Epsilon and Upsilon; her back, Zeta and Tau; her belly, Eta and Sigma; her thighs, Theta and Rho; her knees, Iota and Pi; her legs, Kappa and Omicron; her ancles, Lambda and Xi; her feet, Mu and Nu. This is the whole body of us, but we just need to come into comprehension of ourselves in order to understand just how we are all from Truth. When Sophia is the last letter, then it means the fullness of the whole, so when she came down here, she had the entirety in her, the Truth. And that is what is being revealed, and how we too are part of her, wherefore part of them, part of the whole, and now, no more parts, we are the whole. Such is the body of Truth, according to this magician, such the figure of the element, such the character of the letter. And he calls this element Anthropos (Man), and says that is the fountain of all speech, and the beginning of all sound, and the expression of all that is unspeakable, and the mouth of the silent Sige. This indeed is the body of Truth. But do thou, elevating the thoughts of thy mind on high, listen from the mouth of Truth to the self-begotten Word, who is also the dispenser of the bounty of the Father. What this last sentence means is that, as you behold with your mind the higher things, don't forget to listen to your own self speaking, because out of your own mouth, whether you know it or not, amazing things are being shown. So you have to listen to yourself speak to hear the nuances of what is being said, or spoken through you, because in you are the higher aspects which speak through you, but by your not valuing your own mouth, your own words coming from it, you miss the whole shebang of awesome things being revealed! So listen to your words when they come out.

4. When she (the Tetrad) had spoken these things, Aletheia looked at him, opened her mouth, and uttered a word. That word was a name, and the name was this one which we do know and speak of, viz., Christ Jesus. When she had uttered this name, she at once relapsed into silence. And as Marcus waited in the expectation that she would say something more, the Tetrad again came forward and said, "Thou hast reckoned as contemptible that word which thou hast heard from the mouth of Aletheia. This which thou knowest and seemest to possess, is not an ancient name. For thou possessest the sound of it merely, whilst thou art ignorant of its power. What is being said here is, by not having knowledge of her own self or of others, she would to think this progress contemptible, like someone who is called 'stuck-up' thinking only their stuff is the greatest. So she was in ignorance of the entire process, and she wasn't listening from her own voice to hear what the Father was speaking through her, an individual who needs learning, just like all of us. For Jesus (Ihsous) pronounced Eh-sous is a name arithmetically symbolical, consisting of six letters, six in numerology here on planet Earth is the number for "response-ablitiy" or responsibility. And as you can see, how many actually WANT to take responsibility? Hm? To put the nose to the grind-stone, the pedal to the metal? and is known by all those that belong to the called. But that which is among the AEons of the Pleroma consists of many parts, and is of another form and shape, and is known by those [angels] who are joined in affinity with Him, and whose figures (mightinesses) are always present with Him.

5. Know, then, that the four-and-twenty letters which you possess are symbolical emanations of the three powers that contain the entire number of the elements above.

For you are to reckon thus--that the nine mute letters are [the images] of Pater and Aletheia, I'm thinking this here is Yaldaboath and Sophia, as, Pater is an Aries who starts the show in the zodiac, first one out, and Sophia is the Wisdom which brought it about that he came first, so she is like zero and he is 1. because they are without voice, that is, of such a nature as cannot be uttered or pronounced. You can't see her nor him, but they are nevertheless there. Just like the air you breath is there but you can't see it. But the semi-vowels represent Logos and Zoe, word and life, the beings - archontic, created out of Sophia and Yaldaboath because they are, as it were, midway between the consonants and the vowels, partaking of the nature of both. The vowels, emotions again, are representative of Anthropos and Ecclesia, inasmuch as a voice proceeding from Anthropos gave being to them all; for the sound of the voice imparted to them form. That is mankind, Anthropos, and the whole of all that is above, Ecclesia. Thus, then, Logos and Zoe possess eight [of these letters]; Anthropos and Ecclesia seven; and Pater and Aletheia nine. But since the number allotted to each was unequal, and there is no hierarchy in Father's Creations. He who existed in the Father came down, responsibly, having been specially sent by Him from whom He was separated, for the rectification of what had taken place, that the unity of the Pleromas, being endowed with equality, might develop in all that one power which flows from all. Thus that division which had only seven letters, received the power of eight, and the three sets were rendered alike in point of number, all becoming Ogdoads; which three, when brought together, constitute the number four-and-twenty. The three elements, too (which he declares to exist in conjunction with three powers, and thus form the six from which have flowed the twenty-four letters), being quadrupled  four 6's  by the word of the ineffable Tetrad, give rise to the same number with them; and these elements he maintains to belong to Him who cannot be named. These, again, were endowed by the three powers with a resemblance to Him who is invisible. And he says that those letters which we call double are the images of the images of these elements; and if these be added to the four-and-twenty letters, by the force of analogy they form the number thirty.

6. He asserts that the fruit of this arrangement and analogy has been manifested in the likeness of an image, namely, Him Autogenes, who is Him, who is the Christ and all of them who are Him. who, after six days, ascended into the mountain along with three others, so there were four of them. and then became one of six (the sixth), in which character He descended and was contained in the Hebdomad, so he created two of himself and one of these he sent to Yaldaboath to be his Son in the physical, so the fifth one stayed but the sixth one went down. since He was the illustrious Ogdoad, and contained in Himself the entire number of the elements, which the descent of the dove (who is Alpha and Omega) made clearly manifest, when He came to be baptized; for the number of the dove is eight hundred and one. And for this reason did Moses declare that man was formed on the sixth day; because only when Christ came were they formed and he came the sixth one and then, again, according to arrangement, it was on the sixth day, which is the preparation, that the last man appeared, for the regeneration of the first, Of this arrangement, both the beginning and the end were formed at that sixth hour, at which He was nailed to the tree. For that perfect being Nous, knowing that the number six had the power both of formation and regeneration, declared to the children of light, that regeneration which has been wrought out by Him who appeared as the Episemon in regard to that number. Whence also he declares it is that the double letters contain the Episemon number; double letters meaning the two who were created up in the mountain, one stayed and one went down. for this Episemon, when joined to the twenty-four elements, completed the name of thirty letters.

7. He employed as his instrument, as the Sige of Marcus declares, the power of seven letters, in order that the fruit of the independent will [of Achamoth] might be revealed. Gurdjieff says 3 and 7 are very important numbers. I figured the three out but had much trouble figuring the seven out. (One day it clicked. The two sets of three which make six are like 'fixed' as they call it in astrology. But the entrance of the seven makes it cunning, pliable, mutable, and opens a little place so the psychic energy can come through, and that is how history can be sent down the line from generation to generation without having to have it written down.) So the seven opened up the 'airways' in order to reveal what was in the Achamoth, what was in that one's will to have accomplish. Which are also the seven bands of awareness that don Juan talked about, who are these inorganic beings who work for the Achamoth.  "Consider this present Episemon," she says--"Him who was formed after the [original] Episemon, as being, as it were, divided or cut into two parts, and remaining outside; sort of like Yaldaboath the Hebdomad is one, and the seven bands of awareness, the inorganic beings, is two. who, by His own power and wisdom, through means of that which had been produced by Himself, gave life to this world, consisting of seven powers, after the likeness of the power of the Hebdomad, and so formed it, that it is the soul of everything visible. And He indeed uses this work Himself as if it had been formed by His own free will; as though he uses tools but the rest, as being images of what cannot be [fully] imitated, are subservient to the Enthymesis of the mother. meaning they have self-will and so cannot be used as tools therefore they are subservient to the mother and must clean themselves, i.e. make responsible choices to fulfill their part.

and these are the seven bands of awareness that don Juan talked about, and that gnosis spoke of when they say Yaldaboath had babies and their names were 'ga-ga' 'goo-goo' 'coooh' haha etc. And the first heaven indeed pronounces Alpha, the next to this Epsilon, the third Eta, the fourth, which is also in the midst of the seven, utters the sound of Iota, the fifth Omicron, the sixth Upsilon, the seventh, which is also the fourth from the middle, utters the elegant Omega,"--as the Sige of Marcus, talking a deal of nonsense, but uttering no word of truth, confidently asserts. "And these powers," she adds, "being all simultaneously clasped in each other's embrace, like don Juan said, they are clustered together these bands of light or awareness. do sound out the glory of Him by whom they were produced; and the glory of that sound is transmitted upwards to the Propator." She asserts, moreover, that "the sound of this uttering of praise, having been wafted to the earth, has become the Framer and the Parent of those things which are on the earth." so also, like don Juan says, these inorganic beings are a test to us, like this writing here says, they are like parents to us, who guide us, in which ever way they know best...and you know, your parents do the best they can, even if they aren't perfect, but they do somehow get the gist of the teachings of life across to you. So do, forgive your parents if they seemed cruel. They're just doing the best they can. "What can you do when you live in a shoe?!"

8. He instances, in proof of this, the case of infants who have just been born, the cry of whom, as soon as they have issued from the womb, is in accordance with the sound of every one of these elements. in other words, every bit of our physical structure was composed from them, from their individual work on each body part internal and external so as to create our DNA and genes.  As, then, he says, the seven powers glorify the Word, so also does the complaining soul of infants. For this reason, too, David said: "Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings Thou hast perfected praise;" and again: "The heavens declare the glory of God." Hence also it comes to pass, that when the soul is involved in difficulties and distresses, for its own relief it calls out, "Oh" (W), in honour of the letter in question, so that its cognate soul above may recognise [its distress], and send down to it relief.

9. Thus it is, that in regard to the whole name, which consists of thirty letters, and Bythus, who receives his increase from the letters of this [name], and, moreover, the body of Aletheia, which is composed of twelve members, each of which consists of two letters, and the voice which she uttered without having spoken at all, and in regard to the analysis of that name which cannot be expressed in words, and the soul of the world and of man, according as they possess that arrangement, which is after the image [of things above], he has uttered his nonsensical opinions. It remains that I relate how the Tetrad showed him from the names a power equal in number; so that nothing, my friend, which I have received as spoken by him, may remain unknown to thee; and thus thy request, often proposed to me, may be fulfilled.

Note: Under the heading Gnosticism in this website, I found a definition for the word Bythus, because I was wondering about it.


What is the meaning of Bythus?

A: Bythus is the name for the Gnostic abyss but like all things they seems to have placed a twist on it such that it existed as the abyss of Deity proceeding from the invisible and nameless heights of the perfect pre-existing Aeon which they called the first principle that is Progenitor and Bythus.

Hippolytus (vi, 37) speaks of the Gnostic Valentinus who he says: He whom Plato spoke of a king of all, this man postulated as father and Bythus and first principle of all the aeons.

The Valentinians held that to be a process of self-limitation. The Bythus evolved a series of pairs of aeons, male and female, any pair of which may be called the pleroma. The Aeon was a unity, which manifested itself as a plurality.

Later Gnosticism exhibits them as a confederacy of Divine existences proceeding in pairs from the supreme Father, each pair originating another, descending in dignity as it becomes more remote from the source (ERE, Aeons, Vol. 1, p. 149).

The doctrines of the Syzygies had its counterpart in Mithraism also and both are derived from the Babylonian system, which Gnosticism softened (cf. ERE, ibid). In this sense they also have their counterparts in Japanese Shintoism, Mahayana Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, the Platonic Ideas, Philos Powers and the Stoic Logoi and so on.

The Shinto system set forth in the Kojiki rests on pure pantheism. As Izanagi and Izanami the male and female principles are personified and depicted as grossly lustful. These procreative Aeons are derived from abstract deities.

In the Northern School of Adibuddha, the five Buddhas of contemplation (Vairochana, Aksobhya, Ratnasambhava, Amitabha, and Amoghasiddhi) emanate the five future Buddhas of contemplation, the source of the five worlds, which successively make up the universe. They became the five elements of earth, water, fire, air and ether or orthodox Brahmanism. The Zoroastrian has a similar but twofold system of aeons in the kingdoms of Light and of Darkness. Ahuramazda heads the kingdom of Light and Ahriman heads the kingdom of Darkness.

The Gnostic Pleroma was also a name given to the whole series taken together which then stands to the Bythus in the feminine relation as Tiamat did to Apsu. However, Gnosticism never formed a homogenous body of opinions.

Hippolytus warns us that there were many varying opinions among them concerning the Bythus itself. Some thinkers held Bythus to be outside of the pleroma while others held him to be within it but separated from the rest by the Horus which was a personified boundary (cf. ERE, Vol. 1, pp. 54-55) and perhaps this reflects the Egyptian mysteries, as the socio-economic origins of Gnosticism, according to Green, lay in the Alexandrian system.

Some also deposed the Bythus from the head of the series and made him follow the first ogdoad. Some thought of him as unwedded, others as androgynous or asexual. Others gave him Sige as his consort and others the two powers Thought and Will.

The relation of Gnostic speculation on the Bythus is indicated in one sentence of Irenaeus (ap. Epiphaneus xxxii, 7) "For some say that he is unwedded and is neither male nor female, nor in fact, anything at all." Perhaps this is the reference in question.

In some ways he was portrayed in a quasi-Buddhist sense being exalted above all contrarieties: The Absolute identical with Nothing; the Being of whom even existence might not be predicated. It is from this Gnostic concept that the Mystics developed the thought process:

"I saw and knew the being of all things, the Byss and the Abyss, and the eternal generation of the Holy Trinity, the descent and original of the world and of all creatures through the Divine Wisdom" (Jacob Behmen, quoted by James, Varieties of Religious Experience, p. 411 and also ERE, ibid, p. 55).

SO! Some of my comments. Yes Sophia did create us, like John Lamb Lash knew, but there is more to it than he has told us. In depth, when Sophia came here, it was out of the Wisdom of the Mother, because she could see the working on in the place, and that it needed restoration to its proper way of being. Hence we see the messes down here, in mirroring some of the messes that went on over there. But Sophia personally wasn't aware of all of this, the Mother was though. But just as the Mother is aware of things, Sophia too is aware of things, and neither of them are aware of the entire plan until it is revealed in its workings. So Mother had made something to cause something else to occur, and that was when Sophia fell into this place to begin creating a place of learning for all those who knew not themselves fully. That is when Sophia being out here, drew the Christ to work, Up there, and you get the two beings split, one in that world, one in this world. Which is another way of saying "how to Create."  Because you have to expand away from the Father, since going to the Father before you are ready can make you to not exist anymore. And what's the point of not existing when you were created TO exist, so the way of doing that, is knowledge.

Therefore, the Christ with his perfect mind, began correcting HERE what was amiss over there, as well as over here, as, this is the mirror image. I know many have been taught that everything is perfect in heaven and they believe this, without questioning. But when you take a REALLY close look at it all...you will find, it is not as perfectly set out as it was taught to you, hence, this seeming to be 'fallen goddess' that entered into this 'darkness'. The darkness, so far, has always represented ignorance. But it doesn't have to! There is knowledge there too. It's just that you can't describe light in darkness because light extinguishes darkness, which is obviously totally ignoring what darkness now is. What IS the darkness. What does it hold? Well were you to have first been created, and you weren't in darknes, then you would not exist. Simple as that. So, there is wisdom in darkness, albeit, invisible. Like the Mother. Invisible in darkness. She takes care of the creations that come through to make them visible. Then they have the responsibility to find out just who they are. Each one is unique and individual and are an expression of the GodHead they came from. And she loves the Father and his Ways, so obviously, she'll do anything to help everything that comes out of Him, to stay alive! The more beauty to behold! Hahahaha. I could go on and on. So anyway. Sophia created this place through 'accident.' And when Christ came to her aid, he reorganized eveything so it fits perrrfectly. That is why they say HE created everything, NOT Sophia....Christ. The higher, masculine mind of the pair. And she was the mother. Interesting. We could go on and on...ahahaha, and we do!.....


Sunday February 24, 2013, 3:33 PM

Now I know what He meant when he said, it's like planning and then planting a vineyard, but the only thing that comes out of it is wild grape, good for nothing. So now our work is doubled. We have to tear down the entire vineyard and build a new one. Hahaha. But that doesn't explain much. It's the arrogance, the self-centeredness, the childishness complete with temper tantrums, drama-drama, and 'look at me! ain't i great?" The cunning of trying to steal attention and glory, but the ignorance of the wild grape doesn't have a clue that all this is being seen, all those thoughts in the dim head, are all known. For an example, I had gotten rid of my t.v. a few years ago, only keeping one for viewing videos that I selected to watch. Then my boyfriend bought me a t.v. for Christmas, out of the thought that I need to keep aware of what's going on around the world, instead of relying on my sister to call me when anything out of the blue, or important happens. But I rarely watch it. And today, haha, when I turned it on, I saw that nothing has changed. There are still the immature shows, immature programs, non-truth telling, falsehoods, lies, idiocy! I couldn't even watch the end of haha the hour of a program, it was so ridiculous, nevermind the commercials and the idiotic 'drama-drama' music they play on the show to back up trite and stupid scenes. What a bunch of garbage. I was relieved to shut it off.

Well? Does anything ever change? Or is it stuck in static? Does anyone think of others, ever, without thinking of how they can benefit their own self? Is it such a deaf, blind, dumb, and dumber world that the spiral leads only down? To the alchemization pit? When is this EVER going to be done with?

I was reading some scientific papers on the problems of cancer etc etc, earlier today, before I even was aware the t.v. existed. They use a 'special language' that they all know, but one so special it is meant only to decieve you further, because you let them, so they tell you that they are still looking for a cure for cancer, and yet, knowing the pulse of society, and their own selling of themselves into the lucre, they just work to keep you stupid to the fact that there already is a cure, but it is so simple that you already know it, but you don't want to know, so they can keep getting paid to work in the laboratory, and sell drugs when your self-indulgence has overcome you and you need a different kind of candy, and more pity from others who are also like you self pitying and wanting reassurance of that self pity so they don't feel like they're in the sand box alone. It goes round and round, like a snake with its tail in its mouth, caught in an illusory frame of mind that they call "Time."

Ever seen the Dragon's symbol, the 8? Or the snake eating its own tail? What does that symbolism mean? Anyone? The Ouroboros. Our robotus selves burrowing in a hole of forgetfulness, ignorance willfully.


Do you know how Dr. Emoto, the Japanese Scientist showed us about how water holds essences? And how crystals are formed? Or how no crystalline structure can come through out of useless sludge? Not that rock and roll is useless sludge. Because I know it to be a tool, and a good one at that. But yea, definitely, some of that stuff is not called music at all. And therefore, no crystalline structure shows up from those frozen pieces of water.

Ok, I'll get to the point. Seeing as there are people who ARE working at self-knowledge and taking responsibility, amongst the smoldering inflammation which contributes to proliferation and survival of malignant cells, yes carcinogenic beings who don't give a damn, and only want to fight fight fight, no matter what the war, arguement, bibble-babble, judo (the cunning way), chop-chop, anything they can get their derlict minds into for confrontation and the destruction of anything that's of worth?...

Well, we need to create cells of crystalline forms, groups who work together. Not a good example, but look at the way a honeycomb is set up, all those geometrical shapes fit snuggly into each other supporting the whole structure. I said, not a good example, as one's mind may wander off to the hahaha 'hive' mentality, which is the exact opposite of what I mean here. The crystalline cells of small groups are much more powerful than a large group. A large group may be led astray, and like animals, form a mob gone in sane, as though a stampede of wild buffalo fly off a cliff in their dementia. But small groups can keep their sanity, speak with one another and actually listen to each other hearing what one has to say as well as hearing one's own self speaking, wherefore being able to learn from one's self, as well as from those others from your group.

Now these groups do not close out other similar groups, because that would be their demise, since it isn't one little group that rules the world, because that is a weakness and meant to fall. They instead recognize the other crystalline cells and when the circles swirl around like water swirls around, they communicate with each other at the same time upholding their own crystalline cell. That way, it is similar to a honeycomb because all of them are in communication with each other. BUT...they do not allow smoldering unaligned misaligned asymmetrical (in violation of symmetry) self inflated carcinogenic beings to become part of their group, because they don't have any crystalline potential in them, they only perform sludge. That's how you know who's who, or what's what. It's in the heart of the man to know these things. (And when I said "carcinogenic beings" I was not talking about people who have cancer, I am talking about discordant-refusing-to-be-of-service type of people).

In fact, Dr. Emoto put this idea forward himself, and I'm backing it up because I have thought about it for a loooooong time now, and I see that it works.

Like my childhood dance instructor of the traditional Croatian dances, our Priest, who taught us these words...."together together, apart apart." That there is the tempo of the dance steps we take all around one another in order to communicate and share the things we've learned from our crystalline cell group, and through those dance steps everyone who is anyone of importance will learn. (Like Gurdjieff's choreographed dances.) And those dance steps naturally enclose us in safety, thus, keeping out nefarious influences who would to try to slip in. Those dance steps, those thought forms, those concentrations, those wills to do this and get it going and flowing, is. That is what they mean by "the meek shall inherit the Earth", after all, who else will take care of it were it not for the meek? Those who care ARE the meek. It takes some amount of self-limitation to do well. Self-indulgence all can see leads to a bitter end. Cancer self indulges until it is extinct!

So, start your group cell formation and get crystallized. Open up to one another whom you feel safe to open up with and go on and do the same to others so that these groups begin to form and swirl.

Damn! Now I Understand!

Oh man, this stuff is all popping into my head, all coming together. I also have been wondering for a very long time, how to transform the physical body into the spiritual body, for real. Like don Juan and the other sorcerers did.

Well, after reading further down the page of John Lamb Lash's website, I zoomed in on the answer to that one too!

Oh my goodness...this has been with me for so long, and it's been right there the whole time.

It's like this: You focus your attention so often on the other dimension, that one day you are focusing all of your attention there, and you just ... disappear. I'll show you what I mean. When I was 17, I met a spirit being through my radio. I fell in love with the way his voice sounded while he was singing and I wanted to rescue him from the pit which I felt he was in because I also heard a beast sound, like grunting sounds, harsh sounds, big beast. So anyway. When I prayed to God to set him free, suddenly he was in my area communicating with me through the mind. I communicated back. He stayed in the place where he was at. Then I decided I wanted to know what would happen were I to speak with my voice in reply to him. So I started talking out loud as though I were talking to another human. He came closer. I began to have more vivid experiences with him. My mother heard me speaking in my bedroom one day and asked who I was talking to. I had to go unlock the door to let her in, and told her I was just singing to the radio. She asked, "then why is your door locked?", (haha) and proceeded to go look through my closet because she thought I was hiding a boy in there. Hahahaaaaa....hilarious.

So I had to be more careful to not talk too loud. But nevertheless, I got closer and closer to his world. I began to see other beings, shadowy beings from that world. I think it was a lower world, nevertheless definitely higher than the 3D one I was in! So one day, it felt like I could walk into his world, since I was dreaming it, thinking it, and living it. I was hesitant, and I began to become suspicious of him so I started to cut him up in order to push him away from me. I stopped talking out loud to him, then I stopped thinking of him and the exact opposite happened as the first time. He began to recede and almost disappear. But he's still there. I could hear him to this day, except he doesn't intrude into my life, as, I won't let him. You have to go through a process. If I wanted to let him come back, I would spend about a month in focused communication with him. Then he would be as good as right there, standing before me. And since I'm not familiar with that world, I won't take any great chances. Because I don't know how, when he does come around in my space, how he can make bumping feelings and even sounds, under my pillow while my head is on it, as though there were something in the mattress trying to get my attention. So I'm careful. Until I know enough, I can't proceed.

But now I know how to go about becoming invisible, to this world anyway. You go into the higher world, where the lovely spirits go, not that he's not a lovely spirit, it's just that he is on a different plane, and it's kind of deserted. So you go and communicate to those higher level spirits, and you begin to take on their properties. When you get so consumed with that level, you naturally enter it, and know your way around. That's what don Juan was talking about when he said you have to break free from the brainwashing you've got from the time you were born, saying to you that this is the only way to be, imprisoned in a physical form, and that's your life, that's it, bye-bye. No thanks. I could never believe that. I always knew there was something more, WAY more! And now, haha, I'm finding it.

Well, this is the phrase I read when this came to me:

THE TOPIC OF TOPICS  Gnostic Parallels in the Writings of Carlos Castaneda

9, Don Juan’s description of the “luminous egg”: comparable to the oval of clear light in Gnostic revelation texts and the augoeides or "auric egg" of the Mysteries.

It all clicks together now.

Oh, and here we go again.

"In The Subtle Body in Western Tradition, Gnostic scholar G. R. S. Mead cites the lost writings of Isadorus, the husband of Hypatia and one of the last Gnostics who taught at the Mystery School (the Museum) in Alexandria. Isadorus’ original work is lost, but it was paraphrased by another writer, Damascius, so a few faint indications of his teachings can be surmised. Isadorus is said to have described the augoeides, “golden aura,” comparable to the luminous egg of Castandea. The nature and operation of the augoiedes, also called the auric egg, was one of the deepest secrets of the Mysteries. Apparently, a lost treatise of Isadorus stated that the augoeides surrounds the human being like an oval membrane, in such a way that the physical body floats in the oval. This is precisely how Castaneda describes the luminous egg. The Gnostic teacher also said that the luminous oval is connected or locked into the physical body at a point in the back, high up on the right shoulder blade."

So interesting. There was a point when that being I was dealing with, actually jumped into my body. He flew in through the solar plexus area, and as soon as he did, I was thrown out of my body and was now floating what felt like 5 or 6 feet above it, and all around me in the room were these brilliantly golden rays mixed with silver rays and some were crystalline like rainbow colours glittering about an invisible ray of light, and very few of those, mostly gold and silver. And they were coming from my body below, which was on the bed. I was looking around the room, being somewhat sarcastic, thinking or talking in my own head about the one whom I call 'Seven' who had just made this all to occur. When I finally came back into my body, I could not move, stiff as a board. So I wiggled my baby finger until the whole body was limber, then I quickly sat up in bed and cussed at Seven about how he just raped me spiritually, the same as that boy raped my body of my virginity when I was 16 years old. So anyway, there's something interesting about "GOLD LIGHTS"...maaan, those rays were like SHINY golden rods...rays extending from the body on the bed. It was so weird, so cool, and utterly beautiful! The ENTIRE room was FILLED with them. Wow! I'm still amazed today, just thinking about it. I wish I wasn't so mean to him, as, he never came back to do that again, and I really wanted to know more about it. But it was too late, my impetuous language scared him off. (Maybe he's an al-eye).

Attention & Intent

Oh my goodness! I had a dream which I was working on figuring out, ever since I had it a few months ago, last year. And now, I just found the answer! in John Lamb Lash's website! Wow! This is so awesome!

I had a dream where I was out there in nature, the sky above, the ground below, and Mother was communicating with me. While she was, there were etheric aliens of a muddy greenish grey brown colour, kind of transparent, who were stretching themselves all through the ether from the ground to the sky trying to intercept her words so I wouldn't hear them. I was listening and then there was a dimness a fog a static that came inbetween some of the words, and I had to ask her what she said. I looked angrily at those aliens smudging up the atmosphere, then I went into myself quietly and began repeating everything I heard so I would remember it when I woke up. But I didn't anyway. What I remembered were the pictures she sent me when I was having trouble with picking up the words.

The image she sent me, was, a little circle and a large circle. Those two circles were coming together like one in the other, centering, and then at the same time, they also were coming to a point. I woke up from there, and ever since, I've been looking for the answer to that one. Hahaha. And now guess what? Read this....this is written by John Lamb Lash, and it's, bullseye!

Two Circles - Attention & Intent:

"Concentration might be defined as the coordination of attention and intention. To
concentrate is to bring a certain depth of attention (Bythos) to intent (Ennoia). In Gnostic
teachings, Bythos and Ennoia are cosmic deities or principles of the Pleroma, the
Wholeness, and they are also attributes of the human mind. They are symbolized as two
spheres. To concentrate is to bring the two spheres together at a single, unifying point, a
common center."

It's under the heading:
The Topic of Topics - Gnostic Parallels in the Writings of Carlos Castaneda.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Empty Gourd & The Cucumber

Hahahaha ahaha aaa  Hahahahaaaaaa aah!

This guy is So hilarious. Oh my goodness. When I started reading this, I hadn't laughed so much for a long time. This is absolutely hilarious. He has a knack for story telling. Shall we put it down as 'myth'?

It is Irenaeus I talk about. Here is his little story:

4. Iu, Iu! Pheu, Pheu!--for well may we utter these tragic exclamations at such a pitch of audacity in the coining of names as he has displayed without a blush, in devising a nomenclature for his system of falsehood. For when he declares: There is a certain Proarche before all things, surpassing all thought, whom I call Monoten; and again, wi+th this Monotes there co-exists a power which I also call Henores,- -it is most manifest that he confesses the things which have been said to be his own invention, and that he himself has given names to his scheme of things, which had never been previously suggested by any other. It is manifest also, that he himself is the one who has had sufficient audacity to coin these names; so that, unless he had appeared in the world, the truth would still have been destitute of a name. But, in that case, nothing hinders any other, in dealing with the same subject, to affix names after such a fashion as the following: There is a certain Proarche, royal, surpassing all thought, a power existing before every other substance, and extended into space in every direction. But along with it there exists a power which I term a Gourd; and along with this Gourd there exists a power which again I term Utter-Emptiness. This Gourd and Emptiness, since they are one, produced (and yet did not simply produce, so as to be apart from themselves) a fruit, everywhere visible, eatable, and delicious, which fruit-language calls a Cucumber."

To continue reading the rest of the paragraph press link then go to: Chap. XI. No. 4.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Nine, Nine Nine.

Down In The Park With A Friend Of Mine

Down in the park
 Where the machmen meet the machines
 And play 'kill-by-numbers'
 Down in the park with a friend called 'five'

I was in a car crash
 Or was it the war
 But I've never been quite the same
 Little white lies like "I was there"

Come to "zom-zom's" a place to eat
 Like it was built in one day
 You can watch the humans
 Trying to run

Oh look there's a rape machine
 I'd go outside if he'd look the other way
 You wouldn't believe
 The things they do

 "We are not lovers
 We are not romantics
 We are here to serve you"
 A different face but the words never change

Down in the park
 Where the chant is "death, death"
 Until the sun cries morning
 Down in the park with friends of mine

Oh yes. Two Nines, make a Ten.
                  (not exactly, but that's how it turned out here.)
(so we're talking about a different kind of mathematics, physics here, which belongs to a different universal system, but since all universes run under the same system, we can gleen the higher picture. Hear- hear.

This is a King.

( you're so, bute ih ful to me.)

Can I Kat-alogue some music? I don't have a way of hiding anything for privacies sake on this blogger channel. So you don't mind, do you? if I go and paste some music up for myself to check out and listen, a little while. Mh?

Great, you all shine up to charm, and get yourselves, haha, mez-mer-eyezd.
Never-the-less, let's, have fun!

0ut of Hell.

Happenstance, that this song came along:   Chrits!
It's as discordant as the way the name sounds. Up to you to know where you BEE- - Long. The more time you spend on something, the more knowledge you get out of it. In order to prevent stagnation, one must change their in-depth studies with other in-depth studies...otherwise, you may as well quelch your feelings and go for a dive into the most stagnant waters of all, Rob Zombie Swamp Land.

     ---  swamp thing,a thousand and one corpses ---

Hwlp me oh, hwelp me,  I shall drown...

But! I changed my mind.
Let's listen to some more, MuSic!
what I wanted, what I needed, what I got for me....

Means: What I thought I wanted, what I thought I needed, oh...........what I got   for me.

 "...Moon Zombie plays a radio DJ in Salem whose playing of a sinister tune awakens a coven of nasty 17th century witches...."

 --17th century witches--

......anyone.. Imagine walking through a field of sleep flowers. How are you to stay awake?
-- you gotta use your mind --

                                                                                            Let's, let's have some tea...            
 Lords of Salem    (Camden NJ)

Pa Pa & MaMa

Whether you go to Pa Pa, or you go to Mama, it don't matter....

It don't matter to me...oh, deviated.

So whether you are with da da, or with Ma ma...it don't matter. Ha! As long as you're having fun. If you're not having fun, you guys, over there, at Pa pa's, then, don't be afraid to call on Ma ma's because, they'll be there, just you ask.

Hey. This is a funny story. I'm seeing this guy Tim. I like to call him Time, because he's so excellent. Nevertheless, his lady haha, asks for more than he can giver her, and she comes to me, looking for him, and realizes, what she has been taking from him, I have been giving, and he, replenishing, and I? Hahahah, refreshing. I didn't know I was so valuable, until I met him, and I didn't know, hahaha, how valuable he could be to me, until I succumbed to him. Hmhm. Not my usual style, that is. Anyway, anyone can learn off each other, -  , you just got ta want to.

                                                         Queen - You're Making Me Live

Mama's and Papa's who the fuck are those, I don't know, let's check em out!

Whether you go Up or Down, don't matter....just TAKE a spot.


Father & Mother.

Let's check them out....

Signed.... ////\\\\ 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Animal Soul, Fleshy Part, Body, Spirit.

Irenaeus: Against Heresies

From Chap. V.  No. 6:

 "This, then, is the kind of man whom they conceive of: he has his animal soul from the Demiurge, his body from the earth, his fleshy part from matter, and his spiritual man from the mother Achamoth."

O.K. So when Rosy died, what left this plane of action was her animal soul, her fleshy part, and her spirit. Because the only thing that was left was the cold stiff earth, the body. And when you go outside to the ground and touch it, you know it is cool to the touch and it is stiff. Pick it up in your hands and it crumbles, or if a stone, it doesn't crumble but it is cold. And if you heat it with your hand, it picks up the heat, but if you burn it straight through, it too crumbles into dust. That's the earth part then.

So don Juan was saying that, as a sorcerer, you must recapitulate every experience in your life, take what is yours and give back what is not yours, and you do this through the breath. The breath is important because the Demiurge blew into us his animal soul, and without knowing it, Sophia's spirit. So when you do this and it is time to leave the planet, well, this "Eagle" which is probably the "Indescribable Force", comes and snatches back every soul that he has given to the human being. But don Juan says, when you recapitulate you create an imitation of you, your experiences, and the Eagle can't tell the difference between imitation and real, so it snatches up that imitation soul, and you, as spirit, are free to go. That's how you escape the world of matter and its elements, is what I'm comprehending here, from all I've read. Oh, I see something more. The reason why don Juan was talking about that kind of way of escaping without being seen by the Eagle, is because a lot of people don't go all the way, and get great knowledge. So that would be the best thing to do in the first step. But he talks about those who "burn from within," which means that knowledge has filled them so much and so long, that they have fed their spirit until their spirit is bursting, and when a spirit is on the other side of reality, that is, what we call 'after death,' then there is "matter, the elementary forces" which need to be dealt with. So the person isn't absolutely free. In other words, the only way to be absolutely free, is by being full and overflowing with knowledge, so that your spirit is pure. They have to burn from the inside so bright, that they can now teleport themselves into the Spirit place where Sophia is, instead of where the Demiurge is. That is where they all wait, until all of this is fulfilled. So get on those books and that experience, people. Hahaa. You've no time to waste. GET KNOWLEDGE! Hahaha.

They said that the spirit incubates in the body. As it grows, the sorcerer turns toward getting knowledge. Don Juan stresses that very much. Because without knowledge, you can't do anything or go anywhere. So the spirit begins to grow as the knowledge feeds it.


"6. But they further affirm that the Demiurge himself was ignorant of that offspring of his mother Achamoth, which she brought forth as a consequence of her contemplation of those angels who waited on the Saviour, and which was, like herself, of a spiritual nature. She took advantage of this ignorance to deposit it (her production) in him without his knowledge, in order that, being by his instrumentality infused into that animal soul proceeding from himself, and being thus carried as in a womb in this material body, while it gradually increased in strength, might in course of time become fitted for the reception of perfect rationality.(4) Thus it came to pass, then, according to them, that, without any knowledge on the part of the Demiurge, the man formed by his inspiration was at the same time, through an unspeakable providence, rendered a spiritual man by the simultaneous inspiration received from Sophia. For, as he was ignorant of his mother, so neither did he recognise her offspring. This [offspring] they also declare to be the Ecclesia, an emblem of the Ecclesia which is above. This, then, is the kind of man whom they conceive of: he has his animal soul from the Demiurge, his body from the earth, his fleshy part from matter, and his spiritual man from the mother Achamoth."

And now, let's talk about Gurdjieff's teachings. He taught that when we eat food, yea sure, we eat some physical matter which nourishes our bodies. But! He says, there is also the higher, invisible aspects in the food, that when we are aware of this, we can turn it into food for our spirit. Which itself is the food, the knowing haha, that this is in fact food for the spirit so it can grow. So instead of just eating food when your body is hungry, remember to feed your spirit by realizing there is a high, light, invisible structure in the food, that when you eat it, your spirit is being fed. That my dears is another way to strengthen your spirit. And would you to be burning within, or working at it, you will find every way possible to get food into that spirit so it grows. I mean, don't be desperate or anything like that, as, don Juan teaches that this only deteriorates your progress. You have to do it lightly, with a sense of fun. You know? Something like that. But just keep on your path. That's all!

And another excerpt. From Chap. VI. No. 1.

"1. There being thus three kinds of substances, they declare of all that is material (which they also describe as being "on the left hand") that it must of necessity perish, inasmuch as it is incapable of receiving any afflatus of incorruption. As to every animal existence (which they also denominate "on the right hand"), they hold that, inasmuch as it is a mean between the spiritual and the material, it passes to the side to which inclination draws it. (in other words, when you think of the food you eat as holding spiritual nourishment, then your animal side goes onto the side of spiritual and you grow from thence.) Spiritual substance, again, they describe as having been sent forth for this end, that, being here united with that which is animal, it might assume shape, the two elements being simultaneously subjected to the same discipline. And this they declare to be "the salt"(1) and "the light of the world." For the animal substance had need of training by means of the outward senses; and on this account they affirm that the world was created, as well as that the Saviour came to the animal substance (which was possessed of free-will), that He might secure for it salvation. For they affirm that He received the first-fruits of those whom He was to save [as follows], from Achamoth that which was spiritual, while He was invested by the Demiurge with the animal Christ, but was begirt(2) by a [special] dispensation with a body endowed with an animal nature, yet constructed with unspeakable skill, so that it might be visible and tangible, and capable of enduring suffering. At the same time, they deny that He assumed anything material [into His nature], since indeed matter is incapable of salvation. They further hold that the consummation of all things will take place when all that is spiritual has been formed and perfected by Gnosis (knowledge); and by this they mean spiritual men who have attained to the perfect knowledge of God, and been initiated into these mysteries by Achamoth. And they represent themselves to be these persons."

And like Gurdjieff teaches, you have to struggle real hard for real long, and then some, before you get to that place of perfection. And then, when you're there, the entire picture changes. And now, you must go help others to get there too! Which means, you partake of the animal existence where they're still at, and teach on their level, because they don't know any higher level, and were you to show them any higher level than they knew, this might scare them off, like an animal is impulsively ruled by its structure, and that is not what is needed. Some gods walking around perfect, scaring the others into thinking it is an instantaneous thing that you gain over-night. Well you don't. Like I said, one has to work long and hard, and then some. Then you reach that place, then you go out, and you help others to find it as well. That is why the perfect are allowed to act foolish, retarded, eat all kinds of meats, afterall, aren't the animal man eating all kinds of meat too, acting foolish and retarded too? So like attracts to like, but this kind of "like" has more knowledge in them, which they will help to impart into the animal man so they too become, haha "like," and proceed on, to help others, to do the same, until all is completed. So with this in mind, read the next excerpt.

Chap. VI. No. 4.

"4. And committing many other abominations and impieties, they run us down (who from the fear of God guard against sinning even in thought or word) as utterly contemptible and ignorant persons, while they highly exalt themselves, and claim to be perfect, and the elect seed. For they declare that we simply receive grace for use, wherefore also it will again be taken away from us; but that they themselves have grace as their own special possession, which has descended from above by means of an unspeakable and indescribable conjunction; and on this account more will be given them.(6) They maintain, therefore, that in every way it is always necessary for them to practise the mystery of conjunction. And that they may persuade the thoughtless to believe this, they are in the habit of using these very words, "Whosoever being in this world does not so love a woman (their Spirit) as to obtain possession of her, is not of the truth, nor shall attain to the truth. But whosoever being of(1) this world has intercourse with woman, shall not attain to the truth, because he has so acted under the power of concupiscence." On this account, they tell us that it is necessary for us whom they call animal men, and describe as being of the world, to practise continence and good works, that by this means we may attain at length to the intermediate habitation, but that to them who are called "the spiritual and perfect" such a course of conduct is not at all necessary. For it is not conduct of any kind which leads into the Pleroma, but the seed sent forth thence in a feeble, immature state, and here brought to perfection."

Uhm, that pink writing in paragraphs is my intention for you to understand that when you value your spirit in yourself and in others then you will tend to it. Would you to 'fuck around' without thought, hm, well then, you're only defeating your own purpose, which is to grow in knowledge.

And therefore, it isn't good to STAGNATE... sitting in a church listening to a surmon, falling asleep, looking for fantasies in your head to occupy yourself until mass is over. You need to get knowledge where ever you are and what ever you are doing. By only INTENDING to get knowledge, you can even sit in a satanic church and still get inspirational thoughts popping into your mind every once in a while. It's because you set your mind on the intent to get it..and so when you're sitting there, you are anticipating that some of this will happen. And keeping a close look-out, paying attention to the tiniest dot, maybe the color of the pulpit, anything, it can come from anywhere, and this inspiring thought suddenly catches into your mind, and now you have another little piece of the puzzle. So, you weren't sitting there stagnating, you were actually at work.

I'm not putting down anywhere you go. Go to church if that's what makes you happy. But don't put down those who don't. And while you're there, pay attention. There are some truly superior teachings that the person ministers at the pulpit. I have listened to the one at Rosy's funeral and was so impressed. It was a most beautiful teaching he spoke. I wondered whether others out there were picking up on the subtle nuances he was speaking. I was so amazed, it felt like listening to an angel speaking. I had to look around to see the faces of the others and whether or not they were hearing what I was hearing. I was so amazed at the beauty of the impressions out of the words that I was hearing, I thought to going back there just to listen to him speak again. Unfortunately, being such an indoor person and constantly at work, I haven't yet went back. But I just might, this Spring. So, be aware. You never know what morsel of excellence will come out of the preachers mouth. Heck it could come from a toddler or your grandmother! So be lightly alert always.

I Call Don Juan

The Christ Of Sorcerers.

Don Waun is Won Don  ....  Jack Chalkley.

Hey? Is there any danger of us being evilly dangerous? Then tell us, and we'll change our aspects.

So any way. Like I've told you before, Sorcereres are very misunderstood creatures. They say one thing, and mean another. So would you to understand them you would have to play along, with them.

Anyone who is a big enough predator, can come along and play    with anyone. Right? Right.

Come along if you dare, come along if you care...

We are Sorcerers whether we know it or not. I have worked undercover for a long time, and just as soon as I started, they were there proving to me, haha, I was not the only Sorceress around.. THank You.

You know what's the weird thing? Sometimes the Spirit gets to ya, in  different place..same as usual, but just different. Places everybody.

YOU. You, You, You.

     What ARE we to do with you?

Here's an 'imitation' a mirror image, just you check it out.

It's not pretty, but it will do.   ---  Black Sabbath - When Death Calls

It's kind of dull, I'll tell you the truth, but also, how exciting it was when that man put that skull in my hands. It was a rigorous exercise in control. I had to make sure he didn't know what I was thinking, or feeling for that matter. But, I needed to know what this exercise was all about.

There are many things in life someone doesn't talk about. Everytime a joke comes out, that might be a place it was hidin at. You never know, unless you're observant. . . where the bunny's at.



This is not for fun, but we're going to have fun while making it. O.k. Get out your dictionarys. Did I spell that right? Here is the definition to the word "paradox" from my internet dictionary.

noun /ˈparəˌdäks/ 
paradoxes, plural
  1. A statement or proposition that, despite sound (or apparently sound) reasoning from acceptable premises, leads to a conclusion that seems senseless, logically unacceptable, or self-contradictory
    • - a potentially serious conflict between quantum mechanics and the general theory of relativity known as the information paradox
  2. A seemingly absurd or self-contradictory statement or proposition that when investigated or explained may prove to be well founded or true
    • - in a paradox, he has discovered that stepping back from his job has increased the rewards he gleans from it
  3. A situation, person, or thing that combines contradictory features or qualities
    • - the mingling of deciduous trees with elements of desert flora forms a fascinating ecological paradox


I'll be back in a few moments while giving you time to think.
              However many moments go by.... We are not dealing with literal reality at this moment.

(moments later: )
                       Here we are!

Let's commune.                  (and) "from her smile all that is lucent"

wow now, that is poetry. How most beautiful! Imagine it. A person you love smiles...
This person emanates light, to you, when they smile. Someone, put this to good use. I
like it. It's too gorgeous to go unnoticed. Where are all our poets? Come out, come out
where ever you aaaare.

This Irenaeus guy is really sweet. He has poetic ability. Oh my! Where did he go? Let's
pull him out of the darkness and put him into good use.

"They are, on the contrary, abstruse, and portentous, and profound mysteries, to be got
at only with great labour by such as are in love with falsehood." Maaan, I like that too.
That is his writing. It is! It is very good. Exhonerated. This stuff is just too good to go
unnoticed. We'll definitely make a road trip out of this one. Pack the vehicles. We're going
to find this guy. He can be our poet in the New aquarian age. Such, such paradox in his

And I am in love with falsehood. It is such an inspiration. Makes me think, makes me
work hard, figuring this and figuring that out, and making good sense out of it all. Like
putting up a building. First the foundation must be strong, then the structure must be
tight, the interior must be beautiful. Yes. Let's make the blue-print!

We have a poet in the house. The pretty words we'll hear, as the incense burns its rich
sweet sophisticated scents, and the divine smell reaches us, as the music in the
background enchants us all together, we have ourselves a poet worth his weight in gold!

We're walking the tight-rope and extracting the most exquisite essences out of the

Would you to join us, all that is required is your pleasure of enjoyment.

"in passion, seas, and fountains, and rivers, and every liquid substance derived its origin;
that light burst forth from her smile"

That's him writing. Those are his words. What do you make of it? I call it a paradox.

                                                                                                           Won't you, shine the light, shine

the light...won't you shine the light on me, Philadelphia Free!

I ran eaounus, orangeatang uandus. Colors are coming out. Aren't you happy for this? Aware of it? Opening up with it? Well, that's a decision you make, nevertheless, it is expected, you are comfortable?

We're like a world of babies. Enjoying our fluff. Plushy feathersblankets and pillows, all kinds of pretty stuff. Let's make music together. Who's going to start crying first? Hey! do you notice babies are really good confidence artists? Yea. I've seen it many times. Just when you think you're being insulted by them, they say something even funnier and you have to laugh. Hahahaa..Yea. We're all babies.

pair 'a foxes

Someone who LOVES deception can only, learn about this kind of stuff.
You get it? Got it? Good.

So Sophia and the rest of the Company she came with
I thank thee. Most kindly.
f' Quite some time...I've been sittin it out...didn't take "no" chances, I was a prisoner of hahah doubt. Ann... what else???

Oh ha, aren't they gorgeous? That's the kind of music I'm talking about. Good stuff. I like the way she kicks her leg out at the end while facing the drummer. Hahaha. Human emotion. And observation of it. This lady is a Mother. I told you all about mothers. I showed you, too! Hmhmhm. This lady, is a mother. Hahahaa... I'm comin straight on for you. She's coming to protect you. Maybe from yourself, I don't know? But he's a brother, Irenaeus, my brother...

Come on, this is a foxes fuckin channel, stay with it.

Paradox, huh? Hahahaaa....

Portions of that video...had such a glassy look to it...it reminded me of Goldsmith's
awesome music.
Let's check
it out!
Oh man
It's So Beautiful!

The Smile? The Eyes.