Daily Moon Phases

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Fine Guarantee.

Fuckers, I'm impressed with you. Gueranteed. Guerrilla fighter.

Is it Royalty? Children of the Sun?  Is that, royalty? Like that? Children of the sun. Hm. Children of the Sun. Hm hmhm. Children of the Sun. What is the Sun. Who is the Sun. What are you? Who are You? Like Lucifer. You lost your ability to use your own head when you were too young to know you had a head to use. But, when those who came along, too strong to resist... you had to surrender, and give it up, to them. At the same time, what and who, were you really, giving it, up, to? You. Who are  you? A lovely thought. Ought to go meditate on it, once in a while. I do fit in somewhere. Hmhm. Hahahaa. Ok. Let's listen to some, more music.

I'll just crush it.
Have you ever felt insecure before? Jya ever feel secure? What's the difference? Because I'm trying to find out how to behave when around certain types of people. You know? Just send all your experienceds to "me" and Thank you. I'll b e  l ea r ning from you. bahy.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Falkers. I'm Impressed. You...

   Fixed it. You actually fixed that problem in the computer system. Now we have a well oiled beautifully operating Beast. Thank Goodness.  I can rest at Peace now. Hahaha. Soon as you all'r headed home, I'll leave. Until you are all gone, I will have to stay here. How long do you want to be in my... haha... company?

That's good. Let's go.

Yes. Thank you. Beautifully Well done. Breathless. I had no idea that problem could even BE fixed. I guess I know why now. Hahahaa.... bzt, got a go.

Snakedance 5

Snakedance 7

Tuesday, October 3, 2017


   The sound of a black cricket.

What a beautiful sound.

If it wasn't for insects, this place would be...

hahaha, Nothing.

But if we did, all go back to Zero Point, would we be fulfilled? Ready?

Let's just listen to the sound of insects as they sing their song. And enjoy it.