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Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Hell Of It All

Yea, the Illuminati must go on... The show must go on.

No matter mad hatter what you so-called common folk may think, you are not half as ready for the Light as you think.

I was rushing along, desperate to get it all done and finished, I wanted peace love and beauty to resume once more. But Jesus came along angrily at me because I was not fathoming the complexity of the situation, that is, what's with the rest of the world. So He stopped me in my tracks and made me to look at the picture for what it was, instead of what I wanted to have done. Euw, terrible stuff, I was going to stop the Earth changes from happening by intercepting Nibiru on its path around the sun and hence practically right next to Earth, was going to put an invisible magnetic-like shield around the planet, but oh boy, I was in the wrong when Christ came storming at me to show how this would not be a beneficial outcome to the mostly sleeping occupants of Earth. So I stopped. Instead of full force on, I only did it half-way because why oh why in this day and Age of Enlightenment must we live like animals (worse than animals) and be tossed and turned by the elements whom God Our Father told us Himself that we are to be in charge over these forces? So to not utterly embarrass this whole Earth, I went half-way to calming those torrrrrrrrential energies from destroying the very fucking ground I walk on. O.K? Thank you, but no thanks is necessary. You've got a hell of a lot of work to do, people, on your spiritual selves.

Hence, the Illuminati as well has slightly changed. They aren't going to take the place of the vehement elements and destroy the planet instead, where they (the elements) would have without intervention. No. But they are going to test you to the max to get up off your law-rels and get into personal action in your lives, to create a better reality than the pathetic one you've been doing for so long, umpteen times. You can't blame the Illuminati for the things you've done on your own, in the meantime, the illuminati can't take the blame for your stubborn refusal to wake up and learn about this Holy life we've been given by Our Father, to explore. All they can do is irk you on to getting to it, and as the saying goes... Just Do It. Wake Up.

So, the show must go on, and the leader you had before, is still your leader today, as The Who song sings....


Merry Mary

It was hilarious. Moe Joe the D.J. in Detroit Michigan had started a call-in line to his radio station telling us listeners to call in and leave a short message telling us what you think. Hahaha, well the Devil decides to call...this was back in the mid-80s or so.

So I've got the radio playing in the background. It's a RUN DMC song. I called in and left a short message with my name at the end, but before I hung up, I put the receiver to the radio exactly when the part in the song was about the devil and cutting a head off. Terrible stuff I know, but how was I to know exactly what would be playing after I spoke my message.

Well, next thing you know, Moe Joe is very excited about the unusual calls he'd been getting, so he makes a whole show out of it, and one of my calls was played back on air. I had put a couple or three messages in. I think he was interviewing RUN DMC that night, and no doubt he had them listen to specifically that message which I had sent in when I closed with their song.

Next thing you know, a few months later, my friend the photographer Chris Catsoufis was talking to me and said he just recently met RUN DMC walking downtown Windsor (right across from Detroit). I was thinking daern, I wish I was there to talk to them because they said in their song they had something important to talk about. So, here are their lyrics, hahaha, for...

(The proof is in da puddin - http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/rundmc/raisinghell.html)

"Mary, Mary"

"Mary, Mary.." WHY YA BUGGIN?
"Mary, Mary.." I NEED YA HUGGIN

Had a fly girl Flo, called her honey
Next thing she spent up all my money
?? debt, you and your girl's dizzy
Stopped movin crack but you're still gettin pissy
You could call me everyday God sent
like you was Lois Lane and I was Clark Kent
I spend and I spend and you spent and you spent
Now my house with a mouse is a roach with a tent

"Mary, Mary.." WHY YA BUGGIN?
"Mary, Mary.." I NEED YA HUGGIN

Mary Mary Mary you cold thumb suckin
Lookin for you, but you keep duckin
I wanna find you, I gotta tell you somethin
So just be quiet and don't say NUTTIN
Mary Mary Mary why you out there stuntin?
Supposed to be with me, but not you're FRONTIN
We started out new, you used to be true
Now you're buggin, what's wrong with you?

"Mary, Mary.." WHY YA BUGGIN?
"Mary, Mary.." I NEED YA HUGGIN

This girl Mary I knew so well
I met her on the road in a fly hotel
High on the heels and never failed
(Clubs and the pubs is where she dwelled)
Story about Mary was well to tell
She seemed to scheme for a dream to sell
She spent a night locked in a cell
I knew Mary well cause she +Raising Hell+

"Mary, Mary.." WHY YA BUGGIN?
"Mary, Mary.." I NEED YA HUGGIN

It's not Mary who was quite - contrary
Talkin bout Mary who was always in a - hurry
The things she needed were necessary
She did not need, a busted cherry
True and blue just like a blueberry
Ask if she's crazy and I'll say very
Livin in a house that's out on the prairie
I worry about Mary cause Mary is scary!

"Mary, Mary.." WHY YA BUGGIN?
"Mary, Mary.." I NEED YA HUGGIN

"Mary, Mary.." WHY YA BUGGIN?
"Mary, Mary.." I NEED YA HUGGIN

"Mary, Mary.." WHY YA BUGGIN?

Hahaha, yea it's so fucking hilarious. I lived on the Last House On The Left. It was 5190 Ray Road, RR#3 Maidstone, Ontario NOR 1K0. How could I ever forget. That's where Prince first came and visited me. I was dying my hair, eating a snack and watching "Dynasty" on T.V. He sure picked a great time to first meet. Well I never went to the door, and neither did anyone else until he was at the car in the dark. My parents were calling my little brother because they thought it was his friend at the door. Damn Seven, sure knows how to surprise me. Oh yea, Seven is the dark seven foot tall shadow that I saw standing over and through Prince while he stood there at the front window. I just stared, shocked, I couldn't do anything. First of all my hair was under a towel and second of all I saw that seven foot tall shadow with points of light all through him, standing there superimposed upon Prince. It was freeeaky. And I was fuming mad at Seven for bringing him there when I wasn't ready. I had told Seven a couple weeks earlier that I wanted to use Prince's body to fuck Seven through. I just didn't know...I thought Prince was like 5 feet 10 inches. How are we going to get Seven, a seven foot tall being into a sweet and tiny hmhm, 4 foot something figure? Hm. I didn't think that was a good idea when I saw it. So I used Bryan's body because he was an asshole and was bugging me. He wanted to have me but I didn't want him and so he was manipulating, and I had enough of him so I had Seven possess his body, and haha, I made love with Seven through him. I did it three times. Once I asked Seven to not be in his body so I could see what kind of lover he was...euw, it was horrible. I told Seven to get immediately back inside. Then I left for Toronto because I didn't want to be doing that too much, otherwise I would get the karma instead of Bryan...who shouldn't be manipulating a girl for sex.

So yea. Mary can be scary. Watch out boys, She's after you....

 (That's why Rob Zombie has a wife. Otherwise, I'd be with him. Sorcerer and Sorceress of dark and light.)


Sunday, July 14, 2013

The METAL Man.

Do you see that picture up above, in the BELIALITH'S TALES front page? See that knight who lay sleeping? The Tin Man. Hahhaa

If I Only Had A Heart



The next day: I miss my sisters. It's so difficult some times. I see the plastic box on my table with Molly' shoes in them, and I wonder what to do with them. They don't fit me, but I don't want to get rid of them because they remind me of her and it feels like she's still here, but I know she's not, and I am so cramped in this apartment with all these boxes of Rosy's and Molly's stuff... I so want to have my freedom again, to move around, to use the dining table, to clean without all this stuff everywhere, but it all happened so fast and I just can't push myself to rush through it, so I stay crowded around with all their stuff. I know what it's like losing people who are dear to your heart, who've been close to you, and know that however many messages you get that they won't be around for long, are not able to be registered by you. It's tough. It's very tough to move along as though nothing happened when their memory is so fresh in my mind. I'll send comfort out to those who also experienced this tearing away of a loved one through death. Death is an evil terrible thing...it has no mercy.

What do you do? What CAN you do?

I'll Tell You.

I'll tell ya. What is life without life? No such place no such number. The demons of hell are all about us, in life. Hahaha. There is no death. There is only an illusion of it. But while you're living in the illusion, there is nothing else.

CREED - "What's This Life For?"

Wherefore. Wake up thee, my friends, and come along with me. Let me tell ya.

Once upon a time.....

                    There lived a great witch. So great was this witch, that everyone came to her for remedies, to anything, everything, whatever ailed them, they came to her for help. She did not speak much, but she knew the language. All she did was to show up and BE, and that is the rest of the story. For her life was so great in love, she didn't need to speak a word. She showed up with the desire to help, concern in her heart, for those whom she now held in personal responsibility. Never did she stinj (as in stinginess) on duty. Even when she got stuck and became stagnant. It was after all, Lucifer who came to her aid, and through him, she began life again, free of stagnation. This here is me. I'm the one, the devil's son. Not. Hahaha. I'm a female. I'm not the one, I'm not the Son

CREEDence Clearwater "For-tunate Son!"

So yea babies, you've got to listen to your heart. While you're listening to someone else, you got to listen to your own self too. I had to learn that. I had to go like, duh, this person over here is telling me all their stuff of what I should do and what I shouldn't do, and uh, I guess I should do what they tell me to because it would be rude not to. But then I find that while doing what they said, I was really fucked up since I was fucking up my entire life by not listening to what I had wanted to do originally, which was something WAY better than the ramble out of someone's mouth about what I or anyone else should do. So I had to stop, look, and listen. And when I finally could do that...hahaha...it took a while, then I realized that some people just ramble because that's what they're feeling at the time; doesn't mean you need to listen to them to follow everything they say...just listen, that's all. Then do what ever comes naturally to you. That way, you don't need to fight anyone about what's right and what's not right. You just do it. That's all. Sincerely, quietly, simply. Just be yourself.

That's what I'll tell ya.

I like rambling too, I'll tell ya. EspEchially when I'm drinking my wine and smoking my hmhm, cigarettes. Fer sure. There's nothing better than to do what fits best for you. How can you be anything other? Where else DO your lessons come from? Somewhere OUTside of yourself? No. Not at all. Everything you personally experience is ALWAYS from within YOU, the INDIVIDUAL who YOU are. There is no other but you. There is no face mask you could possibly be, even though you can pretend to be someone else, but that still is you being the pretender, you see?

So do that. Be. Enjoy. Do what pleases you, and fear less about what people think than what is going on inside of you...because you are a powerful person...and I would be afraid to miss any of that nourishment coming from myself if I were you.

I don't miss nourishment from myself. I pay attention. I'm like a calf at the cows breast. I suck the milk's nourishment into my soul and it expands my consciousness. One must listen to themselves, one must observe themselves performing, because the Spirit lives within you, whether you deny it doesn't matter, because it IS inside of you, and everytime you look, it helps you to re-align yourself with your true self even better. That's where I get all MY wisdom from. By listening to my mouth speak, by watching myself behave, by hearing what's going on inside my emotional system, by feeling the instincts electrically spacing through the entire bodily structure to alert me to anything I may not be aware of. The intuition is a very high language. It doesn't just speak one language, which is to warn you of danger. It also speaks to you for growth, like poetry that is softly spoken and beautifully conveyed, your instinctual center also does that for you... you just need to be aware. Pay attention to it...to yourself.
You have to. You have nothing else.

Alright. Alright, one more song. Remember Robert Plant? Hmhmhm. Well, I wrote him some letters and he used my words as inspiration. Here's a song from that union.


(I LOVE the part where Robert Plant goes on the harmonica..ah, it's sooo bEAUtiful!(

Dark Brother... Ramtha.

This brother of mine, is most perplexing.

In the last post of mine, "Bark brothers, Dark Robes," I take a quote: That is what I can do. To take to give, is to receive, for-give ness.

For example there is a law that any individual on the earth plane must show on his physical form some sign or characteristics which identifies his true essence.

So. What about Ramtha shows a sign? O.K, what characteristics does one "see" about or in Ramtha?
And, for the more discerning; what in his "words" shows? What?

Complex identification. How could I be hoodwinked? I have been hood....winking all my life.

ThatS right. Life is not so easy to hide in, nor hide from. So get with it. What is Ramtha let alone, WHO!?



It's a game o Russian  Roullette, but nobody is rushing.

Love yous

Oh my gosh! It's taking some time to learn my new iPad2, but it's worth it... It helps me to take risks where I otherwise would not. For example, this post...a perfect place to experiment. Because the last time I put up a post on blogger with my iPad, it wouldn't go past a assert aim point in the page I was writing on, before de-livery. But this time, I got courageous and I just shoved in a word . . .  and BOOM, it went to where I left off from the first posting. As you know by now. This is an addition to
the first posting, up above. This is a second addition. Hahahaha. I like this iPad 2. And I like U.

The Devil in Disguise. I see your eyes. I like Rob Zombie music too. "The Devil in All of You"

One must root out the evil within one's own self, before they can go delving into someone else. Perhaps Ramtha was a God-Send, Uh? Oh t's true. Huh? Yes?



(Oh my God I had to come upstairs to my main computer to see what 'did on here. Well, the videos don't show up on iPad2, but they are here. Even so, there are bugs in it. Maybe it's because I didn't update my Google to crome or for that matter, anything else. I guess you gotta have the wisdom of the old with the enthusiasm of the new...otherwise, universeal topple. Hahaha.)

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Dark Robes, Dark Brothers by Hilarion

This is an extraordinary book.

Now I understand what they mean by when one has the totem of the Black Panther. One may either go all the way evil or all the way good, but in the meantime, they have to go through a lot to just get there, either side. Which reminds of me Ramtha. The guy said he only had ONE lifetime. Seeing it from that perspective, one can surely be kind to him seeing what he has to go through, if he had that certain combination to deal with. Just an example. Hmhmhm. Look at me as another one. Difficult stuff. Have some kindness. And you gotta wonder who he is if he only had one lifetime.

If I Only Had A Heart....

Ok. Here's the first chapter. You can click on the link to read the rest of the book.

Dark Robes, Dark Brothers, by Hilarion

Chapter One
The Background

The purpose of this small booklet is to show the nature and the purpose of what has been called the Dark Brotherhood, and to discuss some of the techniques which they are permitted to utilize in order to draw human souls away from their purpose. The dark ones do not seek to cast any soul "into hell", as the popular religious notion has it. Rather, they act as testing agents for the race of man, as forces whose task it is to weed out from among the human flock the souls whose dedication, wisdom and insight are not developed enough to allow them to move forward into the higher ground of spiritual achievement. 

This can be compared to the effect of the wolf on a herd of caribou. Among the caribou are the old, the sick, the congenitally weak specimens. The wolf attacks only these defective caribou, and would never think of wasting its energy trying to chase or bring down healthy specimens. By weeding out the weaker ones, the wolf ensures that the herd remains strong. 

So it is with the Dark Brotherhood. They know that many human souls would not be taken in by their seductions, that many individuals can perceive clearly whenever attempts are made to draw them away from the light. But they know too that multitudes of incarnated individuals on the earth have allowed the attractions of pleasure and materialism to sway them, have permitted the negative emotions of hatred, resentment, grief, worry and self-pity to cloud their days. And it is against these stragglers that most of the Dark Brotherhood's efforts are directed. They can only influence those who allow them the necessary access, and they would not waste their energy on souls who remain firm in the truth. 

We will speak first about the origin of the entities which we call the Dark Brothers. The early phase of the human race is far different from that which is believed by scientists. Man thinks that he evolved upwardly from unicellular creatures which appeared in the primaeval swamps of a slowly cooling earth many hundreds of millions of years ago. It is true that a number of the simpler animal life-forms were allowed to develop through natural selection from such primitive beginnings, but we stress that the evolutionary process as outlined by Darwin and others is an extremely limited technique for the development of life-forms. Almost all of the forms that evolved through natural selection from unicellular creatures are now extinct, and those that have continued to the present are mainly of the lizard variety - all being cold-blooded creatures of relatively simple metabolism and with no prospect of ever evolving into forms capable of the emotional or mental experiences of man. 

By contrast, all warm-blooded life-forms on this planet have been "seeded" onto the surface of the planet and originate   in other parts of the galaxy. In many cases, specimens were deliberately brought to earth in space vehicles, and left to procreate on their own. This was the case for most of the early root-races of man, although in at least one case a root-race was developed on the earth itself by genetic engineers who were from another star-system, using certain techniques now recognized by man and called "cloning". 

We have digressed briefly in order to sketch the real beginnings of man on this planet, because it is important to realize that man has been the recipient of many additions and inputs from other levels and other parts of this galaxy. One of the most significant additions to humanity occurred hundreds of thousands of years ago, when entities from a higher plane - an astral one - came to the earth, took on certain - physical forms, and interbred with man as he then was. As a result of this miscegenation between the groups, a number of mutations occurred in the offspring, some times giving rise to creatures which would be looked upon now as quite fantastical. Among the mutations was one change which had extremely profound consequences for the human race: this was what Edgar Cayce referred to as the acquisition of the soul. To explain that concept, we must point out that, until this time of cross-breeding, the human group did not know death. This too will seem quite incredible to many readers, but it may help to understand that mankind then did not have the same dense corporeality as the animals did and still do. It was not necessary to go through an aging process similar to that which man now knows, because the bodies were capable of deriving from the ambience itself all the necessary energies to sustain life indefinitely. This was aided to a considerable extent by the -presence, in the atmosphere of the earth at the time, of a large quantity of the inert gas Xenon amounting to some 3% of the total. The rejuvenation of all bodies was also made possible by the fact that the human race was not then subject to the many negative emotional states which are now common. Greed, self-pity, hatred, anger, remorse - all of these were unknown. The damage which these negative emotions do to present physical bodies is incalculable. If man only understood that the aging and premature death now so prevalent is largely due to his negative emotions, he would surely make some attempt to stop them. But humanity has blinded itself to this truth, as to so many others. Most individuals think it is "right" to bear resentment against someone they believe has harmed them, that they ought to hate someone who hates them, and that they have every justification to feel sorry for themselves, or to worry excessively, or to grieve when parted from a loved one - never realizing that not a single positive effect can ever flow from such negative emotional states. For example, not only does hatred not harm or debilitate one's "enemy", it actually causes damage to the one doing the hating, while feeding strength to the opponent. The only way to disarm one's so-called enemy is to love him, for only in this way can the feud be sapped of the emotion that was feeding it. Without the negative feed-back, the enmity disappears for want of sustenance. So it is too with the other dark emotions: all of these harm the person harboring them; none of them produces any positive result whatever. 

Again we have digressed, but we did not wish to miss the opportunity to stress the true explanation of man's physical ills, in the hope that some readers of this small book will be encouraged to change the patterns of negativity and despair with which their lives are marked. We have said previously that one of the most significant results of the time of cross-breeding between man and the group which came to the earth from the astral planes was the acquisition by man of a soul. This requires a further explanation, relating to the idea of permanence. 

One of the qualities which is sought by all entities through the experience of incarnation on the physical plane is the ability to exist apart from any need for a body. This ability was not possessed by individual human beings at the epoch in question. It was a characteristic of the human family as a whole, but not of the individual fragments into which- the human life-stream had divided itself. In order to allow the individual fragments to acquire this quality of permanence without a physical body, there had first to be an experience of the body itself. By living for an extended period in a physical body (even one of less density than the present vehicle), the individual fragments of the human life-stream would learn to gather their essence, their uniqueness, around the body itself - in a sense to rectify their individual essence with reference to the physical body. It was intended that the human life-stream - which prior to its appearance on the earth as man was far more "amalgamated", far more homogenous and blended together than it is now - should learn through this initial phase to differentiate itself into separate but coherent individuals. Up until the time of the cross-breeding already mentioned, the process had not been completed. If the different fragments of the human life-stream had given up their physical bodies simultaneously, they would all have been drawn back together into a single unit of spirit-stuff, because they would not have acquired the necessary self-picture or self-realization to enable them to remain apart from each other. 

The matter can be compared to the physical substance, water. If a cup of water is tossed high into the air, it will disperse into thousands of individual droplets and come down to earth as a spray. But if all these droplets were again to be collected in another container, they would amalgamate into a single mass of water, and thus lose their individuality. 
However, if during the trajectory of rising and falling, a cold blast of air should suddenly freeze the individual droplets into particles of ice, then they would not merge together when again collected. It is a process comparable to that freezing into ice which was intended to take place for the human life-stream. 

The parallel can be carried a step further. The freezing of the droplets into ice particles causes them to become colder. In an analogous sense, the first effect of the "freezing" of individual human fragments was to make them emotionally colder toward each other. The warmth of emotional affection and love would have promoted a "melting" of the now more rigid self-ness of each individual, and there fore this had to be avoided until a stronger cast of individuality could be moulded. 

As the aeons passed, the individuality of each fragment did become stronger, but only in the last few thousands of years has it solidified - to the point where it is no longer dangerous to allow true love and affection to flower between members of the human family. That is why the major teaching of the most recent Way-Showers, including Jesus of Nazareth, has been that of Love for all. But we have got ahead of our story, for we have not explained in detail how the step of "freezing" the individual fragments of the human life-stream was accomplished. It is this process which has been called the "gift of the soul". 

When the cross-breeding between the human and the other group produced offspring with a parent in - each group, the offspring all had the one capability which human beings then lacked: the facility to remain focused and individualized without the aid of the physical body. This was due to the fact that the entities that ensiled the offspring were not part of the human life-stream, but rather were beings from another star system who had asked for and received permission to incarnate on the earth through the mutant bodies that were then created. 

For reasons which can now be explained, a decision was then taken by the guides of the human life-stream - to allow a speeding up of the individualizing process for human beings, to bring them quickly to the point where they could exist apart and separate from their physical bodies. One of the reasons was to allow the beginning of the reincarnation scheme, in which human entities would live repeated lives in different bodies and would sojourn in the astral realms between earthly lives. However, until each human entity became capable of retaining a separate existence   apart from the physical body, without allowing itself to be drawn back and absorbed by the life-stream as a whole, it was not possible to allow the death experience to begin. And of course, without death, rebirth into the physical level could not take place. 

The reason for wishing to initiate the death/rebirth pattern was related to the various effects which the astral group was having upon mankind, both during and after the cross-breeding. These entities were of many levels in terms of their understanding of the cosmic laws, and some of them were extremely base in vibration, motivated solely by selfish concerns. These latter proceeded to teach to the more innocent human group many techniques relating to the manipulation of others, hypnotism, and selfish pursuits - so that the original purity of mankind was rapidly becoming debased. It was recognized by humanity's guides that the only way to short-circuit this downward spiral which had been initiated by the astral group was to cut off the physical lives of men through death, to take them into the astral realms for higher teachings and a purging away of the dross of selfishness and materialism resulting from the physical existence just ended, and then to arrange for rebirth into the physical plane with the loss of complete memory regarding the earlier lives. 

Once the decision was taken, it remained to decide how the necessary additional individuating force could be applied to mankind. Because of the part which the fallen astral entities had played in the Temptation of man, it was decided that a portion of each of the ones who had engineered the debauchery would be removed from them, and then distributed among all of the human beings, in proportions which were just sufficient to allow each human entity to hold itself together as an independent unit. Although this distribution did succeed in bolstering the self-picture of humans to the necessary degree, it also had a negative effect: by incorporating into each human being a small part of one of the fallen beings, there was planted in each human a seed of negativity that could, unless purified and cleansed, lead to a downward spiral for that human entity. 

The plan was explained fully to the human group before it was implemented, and all human entities agreed. It was promised that, in order to compensate for the addition of the negative "seeds" to mankind, other members of the astral group ones that had not taken part in the cross breeding - would act as guides and guardians for human beings up until the end of the reincarnation arrangement. Among the astral beings whose vibrations were particularly low were several that could not be fragmented in the manner just described. They were the main instigators of the debauchery and the evil teachings that were conveyed to mankind, and for the part they played, the karmic burden was very heavy. These beings were allowed to "serve" the advancement of the human race in another way: by directing a Brotherhood whose duty it would be to try again and again to tempt man away from purity and spiritual advancement. The function of these entities would be to draw the weaker specimens off the path, so that those who remained strong could constitute a group of uniformly dedicated entities - who had passed through the tests of selfishness and materialism and had won. The Brotherhood is that which we have called the Dark Brotherhood. 

Although the worst of the fallen astral beings did not contribute fragments to the individuating of the human race, there were others whose vibrations were also extremely low, and who did contribute. There was then a problem as to how to decide which of the human group would receive these particularly dark fragments. It was realized that any who allowed such darkness into themselves ran a greater risk of failure because of the darkness within. It was decided   that any who volunteered to accept the darkest fragments   would be helped in two ways: 1) they would also receive a fragment from one of the astral beings who had not fallen and Who had remained pure, and 2) they would be given special help throughout their series of incarnations. 

There are still human beings on the earth now who were these special volunteers. They are generally those who appear to have more "essence" or "spirit" than others. Often they are responsible for the greatest good - and the greatest evil. Some among them lost the battle which they had assumed, and became the worst of men. Others succeeded, and became the best. 

The Black Brotherhood drew its members mainly from the astral entities who had fallen but some of them are souls who were originally human, who had received the powerful dark fragments along with the light, and who had allowed the temptations of materialism and selfishness to draw them into the downward spiral. They had enough unified essence (as a result of the extra contributions) to remain individualized even in the very difficult vibrations where the Dark Brotherhood are confined - an environment which most human souls could not bear. We have mentioned the confinement of the Dark Brother hood, and this will be explained in the next chapter.

Friday, July 12, 2013

This is Exquisite! Mike Quinsey Blogspot.

Galactic Federation By Mike Quinsey

Creating Space for the New Era

by Archangel Metatron

 Channelled through Natalie Glasson
  20th June 2013

I am aligned as one with the Creator; I choose conscious awareness of the Creator as my eternal existence and experience.

 With peace within my being flows the eternal welcoming of conscious attentiveness to the Creator within and around me.

 I am the truth that I seek, I allow myself to dissolve the pattern of seeking, I allow it to be replaced with a connected knowingness that flows throughout every cell of my entire being.
 I recognize inner unconditional love born from the breath and life of my being as a manifestation and form of communion with the Creator.

 The gift of knowingness of the Creator I readily and happily bestow upon myself as an eternal gift that has always been mine to activate, receive, experience and express with ease, and will continue to be an  aspect of my being whichever form I take, whether on the Earth or the inner planes.

 I am that I seek, I allow myself to exist as and experience all that is my sacred self and essence.’

 The above words create powerful affirmations that denote a pathway of focus for those wishing to experience a deeper ascension path in this new era of creation and experience. As you familiarize yourself with the words, the intentions, meaning and form that they take within your being, you become as one with the affirmations creating a powerful surge of manifestation, connection, awakening and activation within your being. This is your truth erupting with great bliss, pleasure and power, restoring to you the power that has been taken away from you and which you have many times given away freely; this is the remembrance of your essence within all that you perceive consciously and unconsciously as your sacred self.

Your essence is your power, it can be interpreted through many expressions of power but it can never be diminished. Your essence which can hold many labels such as truth, soul or spirit can be limited, hindered, restricted and constrained by you and others sometimes intentionally other times involuntarily. Whether your remembrance of your essence and its flow which emerges as a power both strong and gentle is limited or not, it will always choose expansion. Sometimes frustrations and pains can emerge as a result of the essence or soul wishing to expand more fully therefore existing as a greater aspect of the Creator. You have the ability and the space within your current reality to expand your essence and truly see, sense and acknowledge its presence within everything that you are and experience, there is simply a need to familiarize yourself with the essence within your being, this will instantly allow for expansion and development of your truth.

 Imagine a seed held within your hand, it is the essence of something large, beautiful and magnificent but until it acquires and allows the expansion of its essence it is so tiny and could be seen as powerless. When the seed grows its power is still the same but the power is expressed, experienced and present in an expansive way that allows for greater realization of the essence that is held within the seed. The seed is also able to recognize all that it is and holds through its expression and expansion. Familiarizing yourself with your essence allows for expansion, continued expansion of your energy allows for greater realization of your essence, with the ability to positively weald your power within the divine flow, stream and will of the Creator.

 Becoming familiar with words and concepts that allow for the divine knowingness and the powerful essence within your being to emerge allows for this truth which is your truth to form with greater grounding, power and expansion within your being. One could recognize this grounding as confidence but it is identification within your being that allows for a current of divine and sacred energy to flow eternally. Expansion is the eternal flow of the Creator; it can be so easily described as the increase of energy or light with each exhaled breath, but expansion can only truly be ignited when there is a familiarity and recognition of the essence as a powerful source or form within the being.

 In this new era of creation, manifestation and experience, expansion of your essence, truth and power (which are all the same) becomes an essential focus.  Through the willingness and readiness of each aspects of your being, physical and energetic, to expand, to breath, to become free and flowing, you offer to yourself a beautiful space for creation, manifestation and sacred experiences, a foundation which is born from your essence and so remains aligned with your essence; the Creator.

 Dissolving barriers, boundaries, restrictions and limitations that you and others place upon you clears your consciousness to offer greater conscious focus to the beautiful awakening that is occurring within your being, wishing to expand, create, manifest and experience. Barriers, boundaries, restrictions and limitations that you create in your physical life can manifest as deeply as restricting your soul while past experiences of limitations upon the soul can manifest physically as energetic patterns of hindrance.  There is a need to focus upon freedom, bring freedom to your mind, emotions, spiritual practices, physical actions and all that you are and do. You can provide yourself with freedom by observing when you and others limit the creative flow that is your sacred essence within your being. The creative flow of the divine exists within everything that you are and do; it is therefore appropriate to observe how you limit yourself in all areas of your reality and spiritual practices. From doubts and judgments to dreams that seem impossible and beliefs that run unnoticed through your mind, allow yourself to observe with and through and unconditionally loving heart chakra. It is also important to realize the restrictions that you may place upon others, remembering that each restriction and limitation you place upon another is placed upon you as we are all one with and as the Creator.

 ‘I am the freedom and expansion of my soul and essence; I dissolve all limitations that distract me from my recognition of the Creator within’

 This is a powerful affirmation to use when you realize limitations that you or others have created for yourself. You may then call upon my energies, Archangel Metatron, to free and help you from the limitation, allow it to be resolved and released from its attachment to you and your attachment to the limitation. This is also a beautiful practice of developing, recognizing and expanding your essence; your inner power. In order for the essence of your being to be truly experienced in and as the physical form that you are upon the Earth there is a need to create space, expansion and freedom for the energy of creation to be present and a greater experience of the Creator to unfold. With the conscious expansion of your entire being through familiarizing yourself  with the Creator, feeling, sensing, trusting in your inner essence or Creator presence, as well as clearing your energies of limitations you create a canvas into which the creation energy of the Creator can seep becoming truly visual and experienced within your reality. Begin to allow yourself in the coming week to acknowledge, contemplate and register the vibration of freedom, expansion of your energy through observing and being with the sacred energies within your being as well as recognizing that you can always experience a greater freedom in all aspects of your reality.

 Freedom doesn’t mean that you relieve yourself of responsibilities but it means that you create around you and within you more space for the divine to merge and be present, almost as if you are creating more space for you to breathe freely and easily. I ask that you use, repeat and familiarize yourself with the words I shared at the beginning of my communication, experience them wholly within your being, energy and consciousness, experience the energy and meaning of the words and the journey that they may lead you upon. Repeat them with the understanding and consciousness I have reminded you of as I have proceeded with my communication and allow yourself to know and sense, the freedom, expansion and limitless existence that I speak of and that is your natural existence and form.

 I am with you in this most sacred process of awakening.


Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Channeled Ramtha & Seth Entities.

Because I didn't like everything that I was reading in the Ramtha books, and yes, I thought he was arrogant...I did some research outside and around on him. This is what I found.

From: Zeta Talk: Ramtha

"Note: written on Mar 15, 2002

The entity claiming to be Ramtha, speaking through a channel, is widely viewed as a male entity, and for good reason. This is not via a channel, but from a male associate of the channel, a woman. Why the deception? In the world of man, it is males who have influence, but females who are allowed broad scope in what they report, in that they are assumed to be illogical and emotional. This in conjunction with the stage presence and appearance and confidence of the individual who would be the public front, determined which of the pair would go on stage. The male contactee determines the content of the Ramtha messages, but the newscaster is a woman claiming to be a channel. This contactee is arrogant and in contact with Service-to-Self entities as was Tesla. He received information and projections allowing him to have a substantial track record on predictions, in order for the Ramtha message to gather a large following, which it did. As with the Service-to-Self aliens giving the original MJ12 group ships, supposedly to allow them to secure the technology, this was a false promise. MJ12 never secured any technology, as dissecting the ships energy source or navigation devices caused explosions. But the myths of a technology exchange for access to American citizens exists today. Thus, Ramtha, after establishing his initial repute, was no longer given information, as he was considered cutting lose from his bonds by his controllers. Frustrated in increasing his scope, he turned to petty control games, revealing his true orientation in these later days."


From: The Occult: On Channeling

"The hidden purpose of the spirits is to gain the confidence of men so they can influence and control them to bring their eventual spiritual ruin." (2 Cor. 4:4)

I was thinking how Yaldaboath must have given the demons, aliens, lower entities around Earth, the order to try to mess up man because he wants to get the power back that he stole from Sophia and blew with his breath into man, or he wants to decimate man to keep him out of the way so he doesn't have to compete with their brilliance. That's why all the channeled messages are the same, because they work off-planet with each other in a plan, and sometimes they compete with each other, fighting for "position," so their messages may be garbled and conflicting.

In the same site it says: "Channeled spirits who claim to be wise and loving entities or angels sent from God, are lying spirits which the Bible identifies as demons. Despite their seeming charm and benevolence, this is only a ruse to establish trust. As one channeler points out, "Guides have a vested interest in being friendly" (from "Companions in Spirit: A Guide to Working with Your Spirit Helpers" by Laeh M. Garfield and Jack Grant; 1984, page 42).

Potential dangers: Spiritual deception, occult bondage, demon possession, mental breakdown, physical harm, shortened life, financial and other risks perpetuated by fraudulent channelers, and other consequences."

"Shortened life," which reminds me of Jane Roberts, the one who channeled Seth. She was always becoming more ill, even though the entity Seth kept on teaching about 'Point of Power,' and how one is to focus on health, then every day to do one thing in which to demonstrate and express your intent and decision of health. Despite all his teachings, she died much too young of health complications. Illness, most likely brought on by the channeling of this entity.

And when I did an intense study of Seth, I found he too, like Ramtha, had controllers. They were unemotional robotic computer-like beings, who the people disliked very much when Seth stepped aside and introduced them allowing them to take over Jane's body to communicate their messages through her. So Seth was like the mask, the benevolent entertaining personality who was there as a ruse, controlled by his 'masters.' They didn't stick around long, seeing they would lose their entire audience; wherefore Seth was replaced to now do the salesmanship, the selling of their message to the public, because he had more charm, was easily lovable.

For some reason, this comes to mind:  "The Concept of Our Great Power" from the Nag Hammadi Library. Something to do with the "psychic aeon."

But let's check out the first bit:

"Know how what has departed came to be, in order that you may know how to discern what lives to become: of what appearance that aeon is, or what kind it is, or how it will come to be. Why do you not ask what kind you will become, (or) rather how you came to be?

Discern what size the water is, that it is immeasurable (and) incomprehensible, both its beginning and its end. It supports the earth; it blows in the air where the gods and the angels are. But in him who is exalted above all these there is the fear and the light, and in him are my writings revealed. I have given them as a service to the creation of the physical things, for it is not possible for anyone to stand without that One, nor is it possible for the aeon to live without him. It is he who possesses what is in him by discerning (it) in purity."


Ramtha, Seth, and all other entities, and all channelers aren't the bad guy.

Judgement of them and of ourselves is. Because we only limit ourselves, and in limitations, we cannot expand. So give it up

Friday, July 5, 2013

Enemy Of Humanity, Ray Kurzweil

I bought the book, "The Singularity Is Near." It is written by a psychopath, no if ands or buts about it. I see a donkey for what it is.

In this book Kurzweil takes on the role of salesman to try to sell to the world "the chip." But his salesmanship disguises that ugly fact by calling it "nonbiological intelligence."

The fucking nutcase is trying to sell you into submitting to the chip and those who are ignorant enough to be suckered into his dimwitted scheme, thinking they are going to become more intelligent, will only find themselves a slave to the aliens who brought that thing here to do just that, to enslave humanity the best that they can.... Hence their use of lies to persuade you.

He does everything he can to denigrate the natural human, and plays up the robotic-machine-computer-zombie mind. By cutting down the natural and playing up the synthetic he hopes to seduce humanity into a prison.

No. It's time to shake those fucking intruding aliens off of our planet, and get back to the business of developing our natural inherent god-human capabilities. Christ said, what I'm doing now, you can too, and will do even greater. It's time we put that into experience. Our nonbiological mind is our spirit mind, who we are, where we came from, the Spirit, not some false synthetic construction of the lower alien intelligence, who some don't know where they came from, and in their arrogance are trying to destroy the true fabric of existence, the Spirit.

In "Allies Of Humanity, Book 1, by Marshall Vian Summers," page 47-48 it says:

"This is a time to contribute to the world, to strengthen the human family." Not break it down to part robot part human.

On page 46 it says:

"It is so necessary for people now to learn a greater Knowledge, a greater Wisdom and a greater Spirituality, so that they may find their TRUE abilities and be able to use them EFFECTIVELY."

And on page 45, "...a natural spirituality - the ability to know, to see, and to act."

On the very first page of Ray Kurzwiel's book, he mentions some guy "Tom Swift Jr." who he read about as a little boy. (He sez all 33 of the Victor Appleton II - the second series of the Tom Swift books out of three series, placed there by them things we call secret societies, or 'elite'? - were not out at the time of his reading, I think he said he only read 6.) He says everything Tom does always leads himself and his friends into peril and he would to even bring humanity to peril. So what kind of icon does he want to emulate? Lucifer, i.e. Tom Swift.

Last night I was talking to a friend of mine, Frode (who is from Norway, a Viking). He told me a little story of when he was a boy. He said a girl moved into the neighborhood, a negro. He said he never noticed her skin color, that the thing which stuck out in his mind was she had a broken arm and a cast on it, but her name was Armstrong. He thought it was strange.

Well here we are at Wikipedia.org Tome Swift:

"In his various incarnations, Tom Swift, usually in his teens, is inventive and science-minded, "Swift by name and swift by nature." Tom is portrayed as a natural genius."

Strange huh? That I would have heard that story of the Armstrong yesterday, only to read this...hahah...today.

And then we go to Project Muse - The Three Generations of Tom Swift.

First of all, let me mention something. Ramtha said that in the Altantean times, those hard-headed Atlanteans who worshipped technology also had a religion of worshipping three gods...which represented technology. That's how they ended up destroying themselves, through technology. Anyway... it starts with Tom Swifts father, goes to his son Tom Swift Jr, and I haven't read the books, but I can imagine, somewhere down the road Tom Jr. got married and had another, U Know? Tom Jr. jr.  Not very creative with names, huh?......

"His father and founder of the Swift Construction Company, Barton Swift, is also a talented inventor, but gradually gives way (like the original Lucifer who gave way to the exterior personality instead of staying with the divine that he found in himself), as the series continues, to his more brilliant and gifted son. Mrs. Baggart, the housekeeper, functions as a kind of substitute for the mother Tom has lost."

Mrs Braggart would represent the 'mother' when Tom got rid of his right brain thinking, his spiritual side, so he had to fill that hole up with braggadicio to keep his inventions, his left brain, surface, physical male side, on the up and up...through bragging about what he could do.... yup.

 "His best friend and companion, Ned Newton, (Ned Newt...you mean Lizard) becomes financial manager of the Swifts' company (The build-a-burg Bankers). Mary Nestor, (nesting with Mary huh?) Tom's childhood sweetheart, eventually marries him; unfortunately, the marriage seems to have been detested by young readers, and it led to the series demise." (Yea, everyone who wanted Lucifer or wanted to be like him, all hated when someone took his attention away from themselves. Their utter selfishness was their ungodliness and undoing. Fight Fight Fight...as Marilyn Manson said, uh? It's like what Frode and I were talking about yesterday. When John Lennon found Yoko, the crowds were green with envy and fear. They weren't producing their own love or their own joy. So when Lennon came along he was feeding them love and joy, and when someone came into his life, they all feared that they were going to get less joy and less love, hence they hated her. Then along comes the 'elite' with a brainwashed kid who they had blow John away with so there wouldn't be anymore love or joy, since they were fearing they were losing their power stance. They needed him out of the way.)

"There is also a Swift entourage: Wakefield Damon, (Yea, the awake Demon, haha, in the netherworlds) a neighbor of the Swift family, (who assists them, hahaha) whose favorite expletives involve blessing a variety of objects;

Eradicate Sampson or Rad, (speaks for itself) Mr. Swift's black valet and the butt of jokes which are blatantly racist; and Koku, (Kookoo, Lunatic, the side of Lucifer which is always a problem for his friends' Radical attention, vying for his awareness, instead Lou's mind is turned to his lunacy), a gigantic South American prince rescued by Tom, his bodyguard and Rad's rival for Tom's attention and approbation. All the characters are two-dimensional, and undergo no significant change except for a gradual aging which apparently also contributed to the decline of the series and its eventual death."

Alright, and now to conclude:

This last excerpt is taken from "Awakening To The Extraordinary" by Ramtha. Page 36:

"In your modernized world, there is a threat to do away with the mind of man and woman, in the context of the dreaming mind, the dreaming consciousness, because it is not seen as being technically wise. I say to you that without the dreaming consciousness of man and woman, technology as it is so celebrated would not have been invented. It is like the child trying to destroy the mother."

Do you understand?

      ( and I will rip them out by the roots, those festering weeds... )

                                                 (  FIRE, I bring you fire... )