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Monday, February 27, 2012

Carlos Castaneda Talking to Armando Torres

 in...  Encounters With The Nagual

"Disconcerting me even further, he seemed to read my thoughts, because he made a little
nod of agreement and murmured:
"That's it. You have to be crazy to let yourself commit to something like that, and even
crazier to believe it is possible to do."

"The refocusing of the Earth's attention is the product of the combined action of many
generations of naguals. The new seers conceived of it as a possibility, and discovered that
it was part of the Rule. They incubated it with their intent, and determined that now is the
time to begin it."
"What is the effect of that movement?"
"To move the fixation of the planet is the only way out from the dramatic state of slavery
to which we have been reduced. The course of our civilization has no exit, because we
are isolated in a remote location of the cosmos. If we don't learn how to travel along the
avenues of awareness, we will come to such a state of frustration and despair that
humanity will end up destroying itself. Our options are the way of the warrior, or
"However, I cannot know what the total effects of my task wilt be. The Earth's
assemblage point is very big; it has an enormous inertia. My mission is to start the fire,
but it will take time to get the blaze going. In fact, that task is not mine only, but belongs
to all the seers who must come.
"Knowledge of the assemblage point is an unprecedented gift from the spirit to modern
man, and it is the catalyst for changing the modality of this era. It is not a Utopia, but a
real possibility that is waiting there, just around the corner.
"I don't want to speculate on my chances of being successful with this task; I just persist,
because it is all that's left for me to do. Personally, I have no doubts. In my view, the
future is luminous, because it belongs to awareness, which for sorcerers means that it
belongs to nagualism."

Encounter in the Crypt
After describing his task, Carlos rose from the bench and went closer to the rail around
the entrance to the crypt below the church. I followed him.
Pointing at the stairway with his chin, he told me:
"You should go down there. Inside, you will see a circle in the floor, which corresponds
to the exact center of the main dome of the church. According to tradition, that is the
original place where Cuauhtemoc, the last Aztec emperor, was buried."
I asked him how historically accurate that information was.
He replied that he didn't know, but that the catacomb was an interesting place, regardless.
"All I want you to do is stand for a while in the center of that circle with your eyes
closed, to tune yourself in to the energy of the place. It is a place of power from the
sorcerers of antiquity, and it will help you in your task."
but it will take time to get the blaze going. In fact, that task is not mine only, but belongs
to all the seers who must come.
"Knowledge of the assemblage point is an unprecedented gift from the spirit to modern
man, and it is the catalyst for changing the modality of this era. It is not a Utopia, but a
real possibility that is waiting there, just around the corner.
"I don't want to speculate on my chances of being successful with this task; I just persist,
because it is all that's left for me to do. Personally, I have no doubts. In my view, the
future is luminous, because it belongs to awareness, which for sorcerers means that it
belongs to nagualism."
Encounter in the Crypt
After describing his task, Carlos rose from the bench and went closer to the rail around
the entrance to the crypt below the church. I followed him.
Pointing at the stairway with his chin, he told me:
"You should go down there. Inside, you will see a circle in the floor, which corresponds
to the exact center of the main dome of the church. According to tradition, that is the
original place where Cuauhtemoc, the last Aztec emperor, was buried."
I asked him how historically accurate that information was.
He replied that he didn't know, but that the catacomb was an interesting place, regardless.
"All I want you to do is stand for a while in the center of that circle with your eyes
closed, to tune yourself in to the energy of the place. It is a place of power from the
sorcerers of antiquity, and it will help you in your task."
Briefly holding my hand, he added that he could not accompany me this time because
someone was waiting for him somewhere, and he wished me luck. Without giving me
time to react, he turned and left.
Carlos' attitude - asking me to go down in the crypt, and then leave in a hurry - left me
confused. I didn't know what to do. With some misgivings, I leaned out over the
narrow stairway and felt a cold, humid breeze. Filled with an irrational apprehension, 1
went down the stone steps to the entrance door.

....move in a voluntary and conscious
way in the environment of dreams, in just the same way he moves in his daily life.
This technique is supplemented with what Don Juan called 'the art of stalking', or the art
of knowing oneself, and with a daily exercise called 'recapitulation' because it consists of
reviewing events of our personal history to find their hidden plot.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

THink from the Inner Self, Not from the Outer "Self."

BEtween Lucifer and Ahriman, One must Know Who their Own Self is. Otherwise the maligned indogtrainated being will be only working from the outside area which is ruled by the two just mentioned. Whereas the inner being is the gift of Christ. Even Lucifer and Ahriman have the Christ Consciousness within their Own selves. Lucifer and Ahriman were working with Christ when the start of all this occurred. They were having to work 'undercover.' Therefore it appears there is an illusion coming from them. Not so. They were actually working to remove the illusion which was already there. The rest of the beings were under that illusion. Christ asked these two who were not so carried away by the illusion, to help combat that problem and bring the rest of the beings into comprehension of the reality of what had occurred, and what is occurring, and what will occur.

I told the Lizards a few months ago, their main problem was in not staying where they were when they were first born, in order to find out who they are. Self knowledge first, then jump off to the group. Humans were the same. They didn't stay with themselves when they first came out. They immediately jumped to the group. Which obviously is the reason (well, to me anyway) why the teaching is said, I will bring a sword and separate you all. Because the most important thing for a well formed foundation is to know your own self. Then you may go to any group or beings you would like to be with. Your inner self, the spirit within, directs you. Would you to not know that inner director, then you may be in the wrong group at the wrong time. So, Lucifer and Ahriman's career was to help guide beings by their own influence into their own selves so they could see through the illusion and into the truth. The truth Will, haha, set you free.

What the government' do? They don't fuckin help themselves! They help You! Goodness! (They don't like it when I use the word 'fucken.' That's too bad. Change it in your own mind, and it will not mess with you. I've had to....being around all you. Sheesh. You can do it too. Ignore the ugly, take care of the lovely.) At the same time, to be the government, one first gets to know who their own self is, which is giving themself the food of the spirit. It doesn't matter who the government is, as long as they are doing what they're suppose to be doing, finding out who they are, they will be put by the spirit to work as the government when they have accomplished that deed. So you don't choose to be the government, you become that when you've fulfilled that certain task. It's not what you want. It's what's necessary.

The knowledge of self then takes you out of your inner self and directs you outward to govern over others...not for personal benefits, because once you know yourself, you lack nothing. Everything is there. All you need is now to see everyone else finds that pearl of great wisdom too. That's how a true and real government works. No one can rule over or govern another when they know not their own individual self. Thank you! Oh, and of course...once everyone knows their own self, there is no need for a government anymore. Friendship, joy, knowledge/love rules the day.

Most importantly then, at this Now-moment, is to think from the Inner Self, not from the outer 'self.'
(In a nut-shelf. As to the rest of you and you know who you are, continue with what you are doing.)

From: Encounters With The Nagual, by Armando Torres....

"The death defier is an entity of supreme awareness. He was born about ten thousand
years ago. But he appeared physically in the lineage at the time of the nagual Sebastian,
in the year 1723."

"Was the death defier a person?"

"He was a man in other times, when the thirst for knowledge was alive and mankind
surrendered himself to his love for the Earth. He is the typical exponent of that mentality.
When you spoke with him, you would notice we share the same yearning for
companionship, and an urge for expansion of awareness. But you would also notice
strange things. He lives in another vision. His sense of self is very different from ours,
because it embraces a very wide range of sensations. He doesn't have gender, age,
nationality, or a defined language. He doesn't have friends or relatives; and worse, there
is nobody in the world like him. He passes through the world like a ghost and spends
most of his time ensconced in some deep niche of dreaming.

"His contribution to our lineage, as much in techniques as in theoretical knowledge, was
monumental. That warrior knew all the arts of the ancients, and much more! You can say
it was his appearance on the scene that led to the germination of the cycle of modern

"The second sign which showed the time of change was near, was the presence of a
foreigner in the lineage: The nagual Luhan. As you already know, Luhan was Chinese.
Although he had received a high education in his own country, his adventurous
personality made him become a sailor, and he lived an erratic existence all over the
planet, until one day his luck put him in the way of power.

"The young Luhan had disembarked in the port of Veracruz, and was strolling around
in search of amusement, when a dangerous incident brought him staggering out from a
bar, where he collided head first into the nagual Santiesteban, who didn't have time to
react. This event, unusual in the life of a sorcerer, was taken as a sign.

"You can imagine the bewilderment of the new seers! The spirit had spoken in an
obvious way, and ordered that secrets guarded by generations of warriors should be put in
the hands of a stranger. In that way, Luhan was accepted as the new nagual and his
knowledge of martial arts became part and parcel of the heritage of the lineage.

"But the confirmation of these signs happened two centuries later, when another nagual
whose luminous constitution was not of the conventional kind came into the hands of a
certain strange old man, Don Juan Matus. Neither he nor I knew it then, but the destiny of
the knowledge of the new seers had been sealed."

"The task which my teacher gave me, and my mission as a nagual for the era which is
commencing, is to move the assemblage point of the Earth."


Friday, February 24, 2012

Khyla of Procyon Transmitted Information

Khyla of Procyon transmitted information

“….Tyrants have been defeated many times on many planets, in countless solar systems and galaxies. How strange it is that as soon as one tyrant of any species is thought to be banished forever, another always, but always takes his place. The idealistic revolutionaries who defeated King George III in America went on to oppress the Indians and the Blacks. Many of those who fought most courageously against the Axis powers of fascism later became fascists themselves, as is demonstrated by the present plight of the Palestinians, Afghans, Chileans and Nicaraguans (note: this was published in 1993).

Yes you must try to regain control of your government, but if so much as one individual involved in this process has not first gained control of his or her selfhood, it will be for naught. One can never defeat or gain control of anything but oneself. Those destined to oust the Rigelians must always keep track of the state of their selfhood, and to learn first to defeat within themselves the essence of that which is tyranny.
Through this awareness, they will know when to act and when not to act. Through understanding a hostile entity to be but one of the Ineffable’s countless facades, it loses its power over you. Through the ability to wisely perceive a hostile entity, you may gain control of it…. Certain levels of conscious existence will always be subject to tyranny. It is the nature of the vibratory rate. Gain control of yourself by ceasing to try to control. Anything you try to conquer you only make stronger….

…Whatever path humanity selects is right for it. Souls do not cease to exit. If this planet is destroyed, they will go on to learn elsewhere. If you are free from the fetters of illusion, no force can harm you. To escape, one merely accepts. To accept is to transcend. When you know unceasingly that even in a nuclear holocaust both antagonists, the battle itself, and the perception of that whole event is the oneness of the Ineffable in a dance with its shadow, you will no longer need to exist at this level.

The entire cosmos is but the manifestation of the mind and light and energy of the one Ineffable. War is neither right nor wrong. Wisdom can be gained on any path. Even that which seems certain folly is only a play of light and shadow. There are countless ways to learn. It is merely more pleasant to select a curriculum that is less prone to being painful. If an individual or a collective entity elects to learn through suffering, so be it. There are less traumatic ways to gather understanding. The Rigelians and the CIA have put in motion the potential for a rather drastic mode of learning. This can be altered at any time. Whatever it may be, the outcome is always as it should be. However, this does not mean that we should sit back and take no action….”


Billion-year-old Psychological Implants ?

From the book "Matrix 1" by Valdamar Valerian:

Grey Species '2' :  "In electonic space societies of positive orientation, such as the Zeta Reticulans, knowledge and data are most often disseminated under duress. Training or education is accomplished by forceful means such as the electronic implant. There are several means of rapid inculcation, depending on whether the recipient makes use of a "meat body" (physical/organic), or an android body.

In one method, the individual is made to don a helmet covered with wires, a crystalline cubic affair is put into a niche in the top of the helmet and a strobe light is made to play on the individual's optic nerve in order to entrain patterns onto their brain waves. The recipient's initial reaction is his consciousness is aware of scrambled images which after the initial shock wears off, are aligned sequentially and impressed into his consciousness. In short, the person is given a programmed response system. In this way, individuals are trained in a brief time to do complex tasks without having to undergo lengthy training.

Sometimes the subject is hypnotized or made to sleep and a high frequency microwave emission is used as a carrier wave on which to transmit encoded data into the nerve complex. This information may be triggered into conscious awareness at a later time by a preset stimulus-response signal in the environment, such as a sub-audio or visual signal. It might be noted here, not only do different alien groups use this technique, but modifications of this technique are used by the Central Intelligence Agency and the National Security Agency. Many of the famous political assassinations in the United States were carried out in this manner. There are innumerable references to support that statement.

The carrier waves are usually emanations that will parallel the biological field frequency of the entity itself, or resonate upon it. They are often sound-code symbols or visuals in facsimile form.

The Grey Species '2' (Reticulans) have an interesting variation in technique whereby the recipient sits fully aware facing a screen and computer console and interacts with images on a holographic display. It is thought the events during the Bentwaters incident in 1980 which took place underground to one of the military members, was one of these processes. The subject was put before a similar screen, and even though there were others in chairs in the room, the screen was addressing him as an individual.

There is another process which occurs that involves the recipient lying on a table (or being suspended in the air) facing upwards where they can view a light bar of multi-coloured flashing lights. It is here where billion-year-old psychological implants may be restimulated. Some of these implants are responsible for humans not realizing their true nature, and also, for the system of self-imposed limitation that is rampant on earth. During this process, the recipient is reprogrammed to perform other activities which can be triggered at a later moment. There is some evidence that many abductees over the past several years have been programmed with instructions, but we cannot determine the exact nature of the instructions -- only that they are to be carried out in the next two to five years.

While these instructions serve to slow the evolution of humans, they do not bring anything to a halt. The Grey species in general will only gain a temporary interactive benefit from these actions, and eventually all Grey species will cease this type of interaction and will progress to other activities.

It is not at present in the interest of some of the EBEs to have terrestrial humans move into 4th density (specifically, development of telepathic abilities), and the Greys in particular do not want the old energy grids on earth reactivated again. Well, they are gradually being reactivated anyway, whether they like it or not. Reactivation of the energy grid, from what we can determine, will serve to open some or all of the dimensional doorways which interlink earth with other locations. This, the EBEs perceive, will interfere with their activities."

Page 61: "Crystalline technology plays an important part in the modification and manipulation of the human. Those of you who are familiar with the term "chakra" will know that these energy networks sustain the physical form and to some degree contribute to various psychological predispositions that affect the terrestrial human. Electronic and crystalline manipulation of human bioenergetic fields is the prime method used by EBEs to interact with humans, especially when they are after genetic materials or using humans for food. Food? Yes, they have been observed doing that too. Although rather rare, (is that a pun intended? er...) we have uncovered cases where humans have been placed in the category of "foodstuff" by the EBEs. (Make sure you smoke your cigarrettes every day and have an alcoholic drink every once in a while. They hate that. And so you won't be in the 'foodstuffs' category.) There is evidence that this was occuring at Dulce labs. (Yea they were probably having a drink and a smoke every chance they got!)

These EBEs perform some of the following actions:
- Cloning themselves in bladder-like wombs.
- Impregnation of human females for later extraction of fetuses.
- Creation of android humanoids with limited life spans.
- Acquisition of biological materials, such as DNA and tissue from cattle and human beings for genetic based research effort.

     The efforts of these EBEs to save their species is most determined. Efforts at cross-breeding are more difficult, if not impossible, because the genetic difference between the species are so vast. Yet they still persist at the attempts. They have achieved some limited success.

The degree to which the EBEs have interpenetrated our civilization is massive. They maintain bases all over the world, especially in the United States, and control virtually every aspect of our society at the root level. At the superficial power domination level, the Illuminati-related groups control areas that interface directly with terrestrial humans. What humans view as "conspiracy" is only a superficial perception of a deeper, multi-level problem.

Inside the Federal Government in the United States there is an inner government, including MJ-12, which makes use of the CIA, NSA, FBI, NASA, the military and the Federal Reserve banking system. Mind control of the populace to further preserve the status-quo is one of the reasons why thought-beam and implant technology became one of the driving forces to make an agreement with the EBEs.

Release of various substances, such as viruses and bacteria, to further reduce undesirable elements of the human population, and withdrawal of social programs to further factionalize the population, have been and are being performed under the guidance of the EBEs to enable further control of the population of the earth. These procedures are designed to benefit both the EBEs and the factions that maintain the ego-domination power structure that exists.

At this point, I feel it is necessary to say that what the people view as "the government" (or what Thomas Jefferson and George Washington had in mind) has long since been overthrown by these other forces, and the freedoms that Americans "enjoy" are contrived and well controlled "liberties." The human race as a whole has been betrayed and subverted.

The idea of what was "for the common good" has been transformed from a peaceful progressive process of evolution, into a devoluting process of dehumanization.

Now, the idea of "One World, One Government" that has been proposed is only an extension of current processes to envelop the entire planet. When the situation were quite different, and the human race were not being assaulted from so many directions, it might develop that way on its own, as more humans develop further into 4th density and become more telepathic. Being a telepathic society does not destroy individualism, but it does set the stage for a society which, in its interaction, is honest, loving and non-judgemental in its relationships with each other and other species. However, it will only develop this way when not diverted by other influences.

When the planet has been influenced this way, then it must be changed were we to advance and evolve into a peaceful progressive civilization."

Actually...let me say a few words here too. The hmhm, when the what? " the human race were not being assaulted from so many directions?" Ha! The not facing who you are, is like being assaulted by you when a being is facing who they are. Think about that. Someone who is truly their own self comes along and stands in the midst of this place with all you group of beings around with your so-called 'ideas' about life, and you sneer at that person, cut them down, feel envious, jealous, resentful of them, when in fact they didn't do anything to stimulate those reactions from you. It is YOUR responsibility to take control of YOUR Own self. Not for someone else to stop surrounding you, oh poor little you, and 'taking?' away your ability? to control yourself? Ha! Hahaha. It's up to you to take responsibility over your own self. Then you may find you will learn in every situation what to think, how to behave, thence not attracting so many fiends around you, by spreading more love, those fiends will become friends. Thank you very much. It's your individual problem. And it's all about getting an OBJECTIVE view of existence. That is how you may be free of the eebs.

Did you ever think of taking responsibility? What'd ya think, yer parents were gonna do it forever?


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Surprised That the Spirit Can Be So Flavourful?

It's beautiful!

Just continue to be yourself and everything will be all right.

It's all what Gurdjieff & Don Juan said it was... "Shock" & "Awe!"

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

THE Idea Of Other Worlds ...

THE idea of other worlds ... (and an idea is not an opinion...) lying beneath or behind the physical world, is very familiar to us. And, as an introduction to what I propose to put before you, I want to speak today of certain characteristics... of these worlds.

By widening and extending the knowledge we already possess, still other aspects of this subject will become clear to us.

(Such as the idiocy of whether I Mary am ACtually writing this, or is that so called "AHriMan" working through me, to get this work across, in the way, whell, haha, they best see fit. But what is fit? A Person's opinion of it? No. No personality can talk a fast talk and call it their own. On the other hand, the nagual always does a fast talk, fast walk and fast work, better than any so called arrogant claimer of the name 'Ahriman.'

For example, would Lucifer, or, right now as we know it, the Lizards, would the Lizards think it fit to try to do me in by making a name for me ahead of time and then me not being able to live up to....hahaha such HIGH expectations...then obviously, we are not dealing with Lizards alone. We are dealing with a creative energy who makes you own up to your self. Would you to not care about that self, it surely will be taken away from you, and dahling, it's real hard trying to escape slavery. Nevertheless, when you own up to your true self, ain't no body baby  who gonna come up to you and steal anything...of worth or value. . . that is.

So. To all you Hariman freaks out there. I love you. Mwah. Sending kisses. Hahahaha. Keep smiles on those faces. Oh by the way, those wh o who are not in the know by now, or yet? then, the Luciferic was and is the Matreya dude, however the fuck you spell it. Anyway. Let us go back to the darling, Rudolf Steiner Lecture...

As you know, the world bordering upon that known to our ordinary consciousness is the so-called world of Imagination. The world of Imagination is far more inwardly mobile and flexible than our physical world with its clear-cut lines of demarcation and its sharply defined objects. When the veil formed by the physical world is broken through, we enter an ethereal, fluidic world, and when we experience this first spiritual world, the feeling arises that we are outside the physical body. In this spiritual world we are at once conscious of a new and different relationship to the physical body; it is a relationship such as we otherwise feel to our eyes or ears. The physical body in its totality works as if it were a kind of organ of perception; but we very soon realize that, properly speaking, it is not the physical but the ether-body that is the real organ of perception, The physical body merely provides a kind of scaffolding around the ether-body. We begin, gradually, to live consciously in the ether-body, to feel it as a sense-organ which perceives a world of weaving, moving pictures and sounds. And then we are aware of being related to the ether-body within the physical body just as in ordinary life we are related to our ears or eyes.

This feeling of being outside the physical body is an experience similar in some respects to that of sleep. As beings of spirit-and-soul we are outside the physical and etheric bodies during sleep, but our consciousness is dimmed during the experience, and we know nothing of what is really happening to us and around us.

You will see from this that there can be a relationship to the physical body quite different from that to which we are accustomed in ordinary life. This is a fact to which attention must be called by Spiritual Science and it is an experience which will become more and more common in human beings as evolution leads on into the future.

I have said repeatedly that the cultivation of Spiritual Science (uh, and that means OBSERving the spirit within you ) today is not the outcome of any arbitrary desire, but is a necessity of evolution at the present time. This feeling of separation from the physical body is an experience that will arise in human beings more and more frequently in the future, without being understood. A time will come when a great many people will find themselves asking: “Why is it that I feel as if my being were divided, as if a second being were standing by my side?” This feeling will arise as naturally as hunger or thirst or other such experiences and it must be understood by men of the present and future. It will become intelligible when, through Spiritual Science, people begin to understand what this experience of division within them really signifies.

In the domain of Education, particularly, attention will have to be paid to it; indeed we shall all have to learn to pay more heed than hitherto to certain experiences which will become increasingly common in children as time goes on. It is true that in later life, when the whole impression made by the physical world is very strong, these feelings and experiences will not be particularly noticeable in the near future, but as time goes on they will become more and more intense. They will occur, to begin with, in children, and grown-up people will hear from children many things which in the ordinary way are pooh-poohed but which will have to be understood because they are connected with deep secrets of evolution.

We shall hear children saying: “I have seen a being who said this or that to me, who told me what to do.” — The materialist, of course, will tell such a child that this is all nonsense, that no such being exists. But students of Spiritual Science will have to understand the significance of the phenomenon. If a child says: “I saw someone who came to me, he went away again but he keeps on coming and I cannot get rid of him” — then anyone who understands Spiritual Science will realize that a phenomenon which will appear in greater and greater definition as time goes on,is here revealing itself in the life of the child. What does this really signify?

We shall understand it if we think of two fundamental and typical experiences, the first of which was particularly significant in the Greco-Latin age, while the other is significant in our own time, when it is beginning, gradually, to take shape. Whereas the first experience reached a kind of culmination in the Greco-Latin epoch, we are slowly moving towards the second.

Experiences deriving from the influences of Lucifer and Ahriman are all the time playing into human life. In this basic experience of man during the Fourth Post-Atlantean or Greco-Roman epoch, Lucifer's influence was the greater; in our own epoch, Ahriman is the predominant influence. Lucifer is connected with all those experiences which, lacking the definition imparted by the senses, remain undifferentiated and obscure. (Ahriman represents the 'loner' or the 'artist or scientist.' Whereas Lucifer represents the 'star' the groupies that go with it, the society as a sheep and shepherd complex. Shepherd is worshipped because he/she represents, haha, the care of the group. Meanwhile back at the ranch, they all get slaughtered eventually. Anyway, He's the sperm, She's the egg.) ["in our own epoch, Ahriman is the predominant influence." Can you see? All the so called hollywood 'stars' are becoming like you and me. Tangible. Wanting their own pedestrian life, unbothered by the papa-ratzy. Do you get it? Or do you need some spoon feeding?]

Lucifer is connected with the experience of breathing, (Air - Mercury) of the in-breathing and the out-breathing. The relationship between a man's breathing and the functioning of his organism as a whole must be absolutely regular and normal. The moment the breathing process is in any way disturbed, instead of remaining the unconscious operation to which no attention need be paid, it becomes a conscious process, of which we are more or less dreamily aware. And when, to put it briefly, the breathing process becomes too forceful, when it makes greater claims on the organism than the organism can meet, then it is possible for Lucifer (not he himself but the hosts belonging to him) to enter with the breath into the organism.

I am speaking here of a familiar experience of dream-life. It may arise in many forms and with growing intensity. A nightmare in which the disturbed breathing process makes a man conscious in dream, so that experiences of the spiritual world intermingle with the dream and give rise to the anxiety and fear which often accompany a nightmare — all such experiences have their origin in the Luciferic element. When, instead of the regular breathing, there is a feeling of being choked or strangled, this is connected with the possibility that Lucifer may be mingling with the breathing.

This is the cruder form of the process, where, as the result of a diminution of consciousness, Lucifer intermingles with the breathing and, in the dream, takes the form of a strangler. That is the crude form of the experience. But there is an experience more delicate and more intangible than that of being physically strangled. It does not, as a rule, occur to people that a certain familiar experience is really a less crude form of that of strangulation. Yet whenever anything becomes a problem in the soul or gives rise to doubt concerning one thing or another in the world, this is a subtler form of the experience of being strangled. It can truly be said that when we feel obliged to question, when a riddle, either great or trifling, confronts us, then something seems to be strangling us, but in such a way that we do not heed it. Nevertheless, every doubt, every problem is a subtle form of nightmare.

And so experiences which often take a crude form, become much more subtle and intangible when they arise in the life of soul itself. It is to be presumed that science will be led some day to study how the breathing process is connected with the urge to question, or with the feeling of being assailed by doubt; but whether this happens or not, everything that is associated with questioning and doubt, with feelings of dissatisfaction caused when something in the world demands an answer and we are thrown back entirely upon our own resources — all this is connected with the Luciferic powers. (Didn't I tell ya? Lizards. They make you qvestion what the fuck? Who are you? And what do ya want? Get the fuck out of my bedroom. Go roam the dessert. Pigs on wings.)

In the light of Spiritual Science it can be said that whenever we feel a sensation of strangulation in a nightmare, or whenever some doubt or question inwardly oppresses or makes us uneasy, the breathing process becomes stronger, more forceful. There is something in the breathing which must be harmonized, toned down and modified if human nature is to function in the right and normal way.

What happens when the breathing process becomes excessively vigorous and forceful? The ether-body expands, becomes too diffuse; and as this takes effect in the physical body, it tends to break up the physical body. An over-exuberant, too widely extended ether-body gives rise to an excessively vigorous breathing process and this provides the Luciferic forces with opportunity to work.

The Luciferic forces, then, can make their way into the human being when the ether-body has expanded beyond the normal. One can also say that the Luciferic forces tend to express themselves in an ether-body that has expanded beyond the limits of the human form, that is to say, in an ether-body requiring more space than is provided within the boundaries of the human skin.

Of attempts made to find an appropriate form in which to portray this process, the following may be said. — In its normal state, the ether-body moulds and shapes the physical form of man. But as soon as the ether-body expands, as soon as it tries to create for itself greater space and an arena transcending the boundaries of the human skin, it tends to produce other forms. The human form cannot here be retained; the ether-body strives to grow out of and beyond the human form. In olden days men found the solution for this problem. When an extended ether-body — which is not suited to the nature of man but to the Luciferic nature — makes itself felt and takes shape before the eye of soul, what kind of form emerges? The Sphinx!

Here we have a clue to the nature of the Sphinx. The Sphinx is really the being who has us by the throat, who strangles us. When the ether-body expands as a result of the force of the breathing, a Luciferic being appears in the soul. In such an ether-body there is then not the human, but the Luciferic form, the form of the Sphinx. The Sphinx is the being who brings doubts, who torments the soul with questions. (Ok. Sure. At the same time, let's look at it from a different perspective. Not mine in actuality, but as a whole. The perspective of beings not taking responsibility for their God-nature. For the fact that they DO have the capability to reproduce, which would, Duh, instantly tell you, you need to be responsible for your thoughts, actions, etc. So the Sphinx, the one who hides things, is not necessarily the one forcing upon you the question. Although it seems to be when one is finding themself in ignorance. No. The only thing the Sphinx asks of us is to take responsibility. Then doubts do not arise, and the Sphinx can lay happily in their shade under the tree.)

And so there is a definite connection between the Sphinx and the breathing process. But we also know that the breathing process is connected in a very special way with the blood. Therefore the Luciferic forces also operate in the blood, permeating and surging through it. By way of the breathing, the Luciferic forces can everywhere make their way into the blood of the human being and when excessive energy is promoted in the blood, the Luciferic nature — the Sphinx — becomes very strong.

Because man is open to the Cosmos in his breathing, he is confronted by the Sphinx. It was paramountly during the Greco-Latin epoch of civilization that, in their breathing, men felt themselves confronting the Sphinx in the Cosmos. The legend of Oedipus describes how the human being faces the Sphinx, how the Sphinx torments him with questions. The picture of the human being and the Sphinx, or of the human being and the Luciferic powers in the Cosmos, gives expression to a deeply-rooted experience of men as they were during the Fourth Post-Atlantean epoch, and indicates that when, in however small a degree, a man breaks through the boundaries of his normal life on the physical plane, he comes into contact with the Sphinx-nature. At this moment Lucifer approaches him and he must cope with Lucifer, with the Sphinx.

The basic tendency of our Fifth Post-Atlantean epoch is different. The trend of evolution has been such that the ether-body has contracted and is far less prone to diffusion or expansion. The ether-body, instead of being too large, is too small, and this will become more marked as evolution proceeds. If it can be said that in the man of ancient Greece, the ether-body was too large, it can be said that in the man of modern times the ether-body is compressed and contracted, has become too small. (But! Let us mention, don Juan expressed the ether body must be compressed and compacted...and yet, this is not the same as a feeble scaredy-cat man who sucks back and retracts his self from experience only to compress his soul further from conscious use. No. The lesson don Juan was teaching is "to be a man of knowledge" or not to be. That is the question. Hahaha.) The more human beings are led by materialism to disdain the Spiritual, the more will the ether-body contract and wither. But because the organization and functions of the physical body depend upon the ether-body — inasmuch as the ether-body must permeate the physical in the right way — the physical body too will always tend to dry up, to wither, if the contraction of the ether-body is excessive; and if the physical body became too dry, men would have feet of horn instead of the feet of a normal human being. As a matter of fact, man will not actually find himself with feet of horn, but the tendency is there within him, owing to this proclivity of the ether-body to weaken and dry up. (The dried up prune or the raisin makes a tasty place to camp for a while.)  Now into this dried-up ether-body, Ahriman can insinuate himself, just as Lucifer can creep into an extended, diffuse ether-body. Ahriman will assume the form which indicates a lack of power in the ether-body. (That is, She will in-form the body which lacks power of ether. It's not always the way it sounds, or in this matter, hehe, is read.) It unfolds insufficient etheric force for properly developed feet and will produce hornlike feet, goat's feet. (So anyway, what this lovely gentelman is talking about here is, have a heart. Know your likes and dislikes. Shorten the fight for what your ego wants by shortening the amount of time YOU have, haha, to reach a specific goal. Like say, not have goat's feet?) (In uther werds, you inherit the Devil Herself, or Himself, witchever way ya wanna go baby.)

Mephistopheles is Ahriman. There is good reason, as I have just indicated, for portraying him with the feet of a goat. (Yea, he just said, the dunce who doesn't take care of his Christhood, Man, then obviously Ahriman comes to take care of the animal.) Myths and legends are full of meaning: Mephistopheles is very often depicted with horses' hoofs; his feet have dried up and become hoofs. If Goethe had completely understood the nature of Mephistopheles he would not have made him appear in the guise of a modern cavalier, for by his very nature Mephistopheles-Ahriman lacks the etheric forces necessary to permeate and give shape to the normal physical form of a human being. (In other words, duh, Ahriman isn't going to infiltrate a Christ-Man form when that being is being their Christ-Man form. This being called Ahriman is specifically here to collect all that which refuses to be whom they are meant to be. I know, because once when I was told I was the Rose of Sharon, I ran away from it, and worked at changing the, what's it called? Destiny? Fate? Yea. I desired to see whether I could slip out of it. I couldn't. Lucifer's Sphinx slipped into me, and now I'm dealing with it. But Ahriman has taken over. There's a WAR INSIDE MY HEAD..."Association that I choose, A game I inevitably lose. Governed  by laws set up by me, fracture its jaw to let me be. A cut-out cardboard condo maze, filled with an insubordinate race. Irrational youths stop to stare as music rubber hosed the air." Just joking.)

Yet another characteristic of Mephistopheles-Ahriman is due to this contraction of the ether-body and its consequent lack of etheric force. (Uh, Yes, I See now. When I was running away from being who I was suppose to be, I actually even hmhm left my powers behind. That's right. I had become virtually? hehe, almost powerless. Before I knew who I was, or who they told me I was, I had huge power. No, hm, I had become impotent. Boo hoo. But there's always Lucifer for potency. Oh yes! He's male alright.) (No. Wholly shit.  I remember. When I was born as a baby in my muthers arms, I remember jumping into this body of the little girl. She had died. And it was very early on in her life. So I came in here. I had found out later, when my mum told me, that I  had been verrry sick as an infant. I did not understand what she was talking about. Whippy-doo I thought. Who doesn't get sick sometimes? But then I talked to two different psychic ladies at two different times and they both said and asked me too, whether I had died as an infant. What the fuck. I didn't know. My mother told me I had been ill, and that's all. Eh, hahaha. Yup. Ahriman has to take a form. Hm. Makes sense.) The best way to understand this will be to consider the nature of man as a whole. Even physically, the human being is, in a certain respect, a duality. For think of it. — You stand there as a physical human being. But the in-breathed air is inside you, is part of you as a physical being. This air,however, is sent out again by the very next exhalation, so that the “man of air-and-breath” pervading you, changes all the time. You are not merely a man of flesh, bone and muscle, but you are also a “breath man.” This “breath man,” however, is constantly changing, passing out and in. (Fuckin aye.) And this “breath man” is connected with the circulating blood. (My bro.)

Within you, separate as it were from this “breath man.” is the other pole: the “nerve man” (oh! the nerve man. How could you say all that?!) with the circulating nerve-fluid. The contact between the “nerve man” and the blood is a purely external one. Just as those etheric forces which tend towards the Luciferic nature can only find easy access to the blood by way of the breath, so the etheric forces which tend towards the Mephistophelean or Ahrimanic nature can only approach the nervous system — not the blood.  (Am, tripple fire. So my sister says...I don't know though. I live in here.)

Ahriman is deprived (engaged in crime I grasp my throat, enraged my mind starts to smoke. Enforce a mental overl oad, angry again, and again and again. Lillith. Ooops. I thought I was Ahriman. Hahaha! It doesn't matter -that you know not what I am talking about- listen to the rhythm.) of the possibility of penetrating into the blood because he cannot come near the warmth of the blood.(lovesic, that is, love ill. Come too close to that stuff and it melts my identity. he, hehe.) If he wants to establish a connection with a human being, he will therefore crave for a drop of blood, because access to the blood is so difficult for him. An abyss lies between Mephistopheles and the blood. (An abyss it is.) When he draws near to man as a living being, when he wants to make a connection with man, he realizes that the essentially human power lives in the blood. (Their overlord. The one who helped raise them, from teenagehood on. Yea. He's the devil's twin, Lucifer is.)  He must therefore endeavor to get hold of the blood. (That's right. Now I understand what they were saying when they said "Go to him." Well yea. It's that. Witch I was running away from having to do. Hahahaa!)

That Faust's pact with Mephistopheles is signed with blood is a proof of the wisdom contained in the legend. Faust must bind himself to Mephistopheles by way of the blood, because Mephistopheles has no direct access to the blood and craves for it. Just as the Greek confronted the Sphinx whose field of operation is the breathing system, so the man of the Fifth Post-Atlantean epoch confronts Mephistopheles who operates in the nerve-process, who is cold and scornful because he is bloodless, because he lacks the warmth that belongs to the blood. He is the scoffer, the cold, scornful companion of man.
(Yea. The Warrior. Toltec or Fuckin Not).
Just as it was the task of Oedipus to get the better of the Sphinx, so it is the task of man in the Fifth Post-Atlantean epoch to get the better of Mephistopheles. Mephistopheles stands there like a second being, confronting him. The Greek was confronted by the Sphinx as the personification of the forces which entered into him together with excessive vigor of the breathing process. The human being of the modern age is confronted by the fruits of intellect and cold reason, (and when don Juan says reason is the very root of self-denial, then he means that this time in existence, is not ruled by an idiot. Hahahahah. Perhaps a fool. But not an idiot. Hahahaha. Ego centric, or ego)  rooted as they are in the nerve-process. (In other words, don't root yourself to the nerve process with ego. Root it with reason, the kind don Juan teaches. The real stuff.) Poetic imagination has glimpsed, prophetically, a picture of the human being standing over against the Mephistophelean powers; but the experience will become more and more general, and the phenomenon which, as I have said, will appear in childhood, will be precisely this experience of the Mephistophelean powers.

Whereas the child in Greece was tormented by a flood of questions, the suffering awaiting the human being of our modern time is rather that of being in the grip of preconceptions and prejudices, of having as an incubus at his side a second “body” consisting of all these preconceived judgments and opinions. What is it that is leading to this state of things? (Oh I know. Ahriman! Blame it on Ahriman.)

Let us be quite candid about the trend of evolution. (wellsaid) During the course of the Fifth Post-Atlantean epoch, so many problems have lost all inner, vital warmth. The countless questions which confront us when we study Spiritual Science with any depth, simply do not exist for the modern man with his materialistic outlook. The riddle of the Sphinx means nothing to him, whereas the man of ancient Greece was vitally aware of it. A different form of experience will come to the man of modern times. In his own opinion he knows everything so well; he observes the material world, uses his intellect to establish the interconnections between its phenomena and believes that all its riddles are solved in this way, never realizing that he is simply groping in a phantasmagoria. (NightMaryFuckingPhantasmaGoreYa) But this way of working coarsens and dries up his ether-body, with the ultimate result that the Mephistophelean powers, like a second nature, will attach themselves to him now and in times to come.

The Mephistophelean nature is strengthened by all the prejudices and limitations of materialism, and a future can already be perceived when everyone will be born with a second being by his side, a being who whispers to him of the foolishness of those who speak of the reality of the spiritual world. Man will, of course, disavow the riddle of Mephistopheles, just as he disavows that of the Sphinx; nevertheless he will chain a second being to his heels. Accompanied by this second being, he will feel the urge to think materialistic thoughts, to think, not through his OWN being, but through the second being who is his companion. (Like I spoke about in the last blog...where the female asks the false being who claims to be a Peiadian master or something, and she gets the answer, well..they wanted to show up as a preyig mantis at the time. Yup.)

In an ether-body that has been parched by materialism, Mephistopheles will be able to dwell. Understanding what this implies, we shall realize that it is our duty to educate children in the future — be it by way of Eurythmy or the development of a spiritual-scientific outlook — in such a way that they will be competent to understand the spiritual world. The ether-body must be quickened in order that the human being may be able to take his rightful stand, fully cognizant of the nature of the being who stands at his side. If he does not understand the nature of this second being, he will be spellbound by him, fettered to him. Just as the Greek was obliged to get the better of the Sphinx, so will modern man have to outdo Mephistopheles — with his faunlike, satyrlike form, and his goat's or horse's feet. (What, with his fan-like, starry-eyed form, goats feet and horses  hooves to you, who fall for it!_) Jump. The precipice is right there. What else would it be there for? other than for an idiot, hahaha, to jump!)

Every age, after all, has known how to express its essential characteristic in legend and saga. The Oedipus legends in Greece and the Mephistopheles legends in the modern age are examples, but their basic meanings must be understood.

You see, truths that are otherwise presented merely in the form of poetry — for instance, the relations between Faust and Mephistopheles — can become guiding principles for education as it should be in the future. The prelude to these happenings is that a people or a poet have premonitions of the existence of the being who accompanies man; but finally, every single human being will have this companion who must not remain unintelligible to him and who will operate most powerfully of all during childhood. If adults whose task it is to educate children today do not know how to deal rightly with what comes to expression in the child, human nature itself will be impaired owing to a lack of understanding of the wiles of Mephistopheles. (It's like, how stupid. The impairment of nature is already here. Just look at the way somebeings behave. Like zombies!)

It is very remarkable that indications of these trends are everywhere to be found in legends and fairy-tales. In their very composition, legends and fairy-tales which seem so unintelligible to modern scholars, point either to the Mephistophelean, the Ahrimanic, or to the Sphinx, the Luciferic. The secret of all legends and fairy-tales is that their content was originally actual experience, arising either from man's relation to the Sphinx or from his relation to Mephistopheles. (either ot the mest off a lean or the arimanic or the sphinx which is lucifer. Does any of this, kind of take you for a twist? I know I do feel perty fuckin twisted, listening to this idiocy. Hs@! Yes. It is very remarkable, "It is very remarkable that indications of these trends are everywhere to be found."

In legends and fairy-tales we find, sometimes more and sometimes less deeply hidden, either the motif of the riddle, the motif of the Sphinx, where something has to be solved, some question answered; or else the motif of bewitchment, of being under a spell. This is the Ahriman motif. When Ahriman is beside us, we are perpetually in danger of falling victim to him, of giving ourselves over to him to such an extent that we cannot get free. In face of the Sphinx, the human being is aware of something that penetrates into him and as it were tears him to pieces. In face of the Mephistophelean influence he feels that he must yield to it, bind himself to it, succumb to it. (Fuck it. I must obey.)

The Greeks had nothing like theology in our modern sense, but were very much closer to the wisdom of Nature and the manifestations of Nature. They approached the wisdom of Nature without theology, and questions and riddles pressed in upon them.

Now the breathing process is much more intimately connected with Nature than is the nerve-process. That is why the Greek had such a living feeling of being led on to wisdom by the Sphinx. It is quite different in the modern age when theology has come upon the scene. Man no longer believes that direct intercourse with Nature brings him near to the Divine Wisdom of the world, but he sets out to study, to approach it via the nerve-process, not via the breathing and the blood. The search for wisdom has become a nerve-process; modern theology is a nerve-process. But this means that wisdom is shackled to the nerve-process; man draws near to Mephistopheles, and owing to this imprisonment of wisdom in the nerve-process, the premonition arose at the dawn of the Fifth Post-Atlantean epoch that Mephistopheles is shackled to the human being, stands at his side. (U no? I'd say, that's a pretty fucking double edged sword, and my guess is, the good side is goin g in...uhhh hhhhh UUUHHHHhhh...pooh. That was good. ) [much more intimately connected]

If the Faust legend is stripped of all the extraneous elements that have been woven around it, there remains the picture of a young theologian striving for wisdom; doubts torment him and because he signs a pledge with the Devil — with Mephistopheles — he is drawn into the Devil's field of operations. But just as it was the task of the Greek, through the development of conscious Egohood, to conquer the Sphinx, so we, in our age, must get the better of Mephistopheles by enriching the Ego with the wisdom that can be born only from knowledge and investigation of the spiritual world, from Spiritual Science. (This guy is so fuckin wise, it is fuckin pathetic. I will have him in my dream world tongighgjt a nd get-him. LoL,) [o E Du pusss, was a wreck] (Suture your egos)

Oedipus was the mightiest conqueror of the Sphinx; but every Greek who wrestled for manhood was also, at a lower level, victorious over the Sphinx. Oedipus is merely a personification, in a very typical form, of what every Greek was destined to experience. Oedipus must prove himself master of the forces contained in the processes of the breathing and the blood. He personifies the nerve-process with its impoverished ether-forces, in contrast to those human beings who are altogether under the sway of the breathing and blood processes. Oedipus takes into his own nature those forces which are connected with the nerve-process, that is to say, the Mephistophelean forces; but he takes them into himself in the right and healthy way, so that they do not become a second being by his side, but are actually within him, enabling him to confront and master the Sphinx.

This indicates to us that in their rightfully allotted place, Lucifer and Ahriman work beneficially; in their wrongful place — there they are injurious. The task incumbent upon the Greek was to get the better of the Sphinx-nature, to cast it out of himself. When he was able to thrust it into the abyss, when, in other words, he was able to bring the extended ether-body down into the physical body, then he had overcome the Sphinx. The abyss is not outside us; the abyss is man's own physical body, into which the Sphinx must be drawn in the legitimate and healthy way. But the opposite pole — the nerve-process — which works, not from without but from within the Ego, must here be strengthened. Thus is the Ahrimanic power taken into the human being and put in its right place. (Meaning taking responsibility for your thoughts and actions, instead of blaming someone else for everything 'wrong' in your life, or even giving others credit for your own efforts such as in worshipping others and not taking the credit which is due you when you respond correctly. One must take what one does, in perspective, acknowledging they are a being with rights in existence. Then they will, by acknowledging themself, become truly, the sovereign being they are meant to be.)

Oedipus is the son of Laios. Laios had been warned against having a child because it was said that this would bring misfortune to his whole race. He therefore cast out the boy who was born to him. He pierced his feet, and the child was therefore called “Oedipus,” i.e., “club foot.” That is the reason why, in the drama, Oedipus has deformed feet.

I have said already that when etheric forces are impoverished, the feet cannot develop normally, but will wither. In the case of Oedipus this condition was induced artificially. The legend tells us that he was found and reared by shepherds after an attempt had been made to get rid of him. He goes through life with clubbed feet. Oedipus is Mephistopheles — but in this case Mephistopheles is working in his rightful place, in connection with the task devolving upon the Fourth Post-Atlantean epoch.

The harmony between ether-body and physical body so wonderfully expressed in the creations of Greek Art, everything that constituted the typical greatness of the Greek — of all this, Oedipus is deprived in order that he may become a personality in the real sense. The Ego that has now passed into the head becomes strong, and the feet wither.

The man of the Fifth Post-Atlantean epoch has quite a different task. In order to confront and conquer the Sphinx, Oedipus was obliged to receive Ahriman into himself. The man of the Fifth Post-Atlantean epoch, who confronts Ahriman-Mephistopheles, must take Lucifer into himself. The process is the reverse of that enacted by Oedipus. Everything that the Ego accumulates in the head must be pressed down into the rest of man's nature. The Ego, living in the nerve-process, has accumulated “Philosophy, Law, Medicine, and, alas, Theology too” — all nerve-processes. And now there is the urge to get rid of it all from the head — just as Oedipus deprived the feet of their normal forces — and to penetrate through the veils of material existence.

And now think of Faust standing there with all that the Ego has accumulated; think of how he wants to throw it all out of his head, just as Oedipus deprives his feet of their normal forces. Faust says: “I have studied, alas! Philosophy, Jurisprudence and Medicine too, and saddest of all, Theology” . . . he wants to rid his head of it all. And moreover he does so, by surrendering himself to a life that is not bound up with the head. Faust is Oedipus reversed, i.e., the human being who takes the Lucifer-nature into himself.

And now think of all that Faust does, so that having Lucifer within him, he may battle with Ahriman, with Mephistopheles who stands beside him. All this shows us that Faust, in reality, is Oedipus reversed. The Ahriman-nature in Oedipus has to get the better of Lucifer; the Lucifer-nature in Faust has to help him to overcome Ahriman-Mephistopheles. Ahriman-Mephistopheles operates more in the external world, Lucifer more in the inner life. All the misfortunes that befall Oedipus because he must take the Ahriman-nature into himself, are connected with the external world. Doom falls upon his race, not merely upon himself. Even the doom that falls upon him is of an external character; he pierces his eyes and blinds himself; similarly, the pestilence which sweeps his native city — this, too, is an external doom. Faust's experiences, however, are of the soul — they are inner tragedies. Again in this respect, Faust reveals himself as the antithesis of Oedipus.

In these two figures, both of them dual — Oedipus and Sphinx, Faust and Mephistopheles — we have typical pictures of the evolution of the Fourth and Fifth Post-Atlantean epochs.

When history, in time to come, is presented less as a narration of external happenings and more as a description of what human beings actually experience, then and only then will the significance of these fundamental experiences be fully understood. For then man will perceive what is really at work in the onflowing evolutionary process, of which ordinary science knows only the external phantasmagoria.

In order that the Ego should be strengthened, it was necessary for Ahriman-Mephistopheles to enter into Oedipus — the typical representative of the Greeks. In the man of the modern age, the Ego has become too strong and he must break free. But this he can only do by deepening his knowledge of spiritual happenings, of the world to which the Ego truly belongs. The Ego must know that it is a citizen of the spiritual world, not merely the inhabitant of a human body. This is the demand of the age in which we ourselves are living. The man of the Fourth Post-Atlantean epoch was called upon to strive with might and main for consciousness in the physical body; the man of the Fifth Post-Atlantean epoch must strive to become conscious in the spiritual world, so to expand his consciousness that it reaches into the spiritual world.

Spiritual Science is thus a fundamental factor in the evolution of the Fifth Post-Atlantean epoch."
(Special Sciences).

I have a question. Why do all the evil aliens have a snake in their logo?
(that's their feminine side? Wife is always discreetly with the 'pants' on huh?)
                                                                                -we're here to serve. (numero eleven)- 

"The word conditions is an english word used in context from the Sutras for the Sanskrit word Pratyaya which means (roughly): "the pre-existing conditions that allow primary causes to function." Which basically means if the conditions are absent, then the causes are prevented.

Conditions are the milieu, stage set, or playing field where acts or impulses unfold. They can be increased by other conditions, decreased by other conditions, or replaced by other conditions to accelerate or postpone results in the stream of events. Which means that conditions can, but not necessarily DO modify. They arise primarily on a broader scale from causes in the distant past. When conditions do manifest themselves they are for the most part not defined, that is, they are undefined or spent, meaning they cannot create or impact figuratively further downstream responses. However, even though they are spent, they are still extremely powerful in how they impose themselves on the immediate circumstances in which they are operating. To wit:

Any shift in any fashion in the conditions up or down or across the stream relative to the cause will impact the resultant outcome of that cause.

On the scientifc side of things, no matter how complex any system may be or appear to be AND, even though it may not be able to be determined or known, they rely upon an underlying order. To that extent very simple or small systems and events can cause very complex behaviors or events. This latter idea is known as Sensitive Dependence On Initial Conditions, a circumstance discovered in the early 1960s by Edward Lorenz the scientist usually credited with the discovery of the Butterfly Effect --- making reference to the fact that small, almost imperceptible happenstances or events, over time, can have huge and momentous consequences.

It is in those areas of conditions that the Shaman operates, where small yet powerful well aimed Shaman directed impluses ever so slightly nudge the conditions which inturn modify the outcome."


Mara is lord of all men who are bound by sense desires. His origin, according to Theravada commentators, was as a rebellious prince who seized control of our world from the supreme god of the highest heaven. As prince of this world, Mara can boast of possessing great majesty and influence. Though he has only a spirit body, he is endowed with the five modes of sensual pleasure, has plenty to eat and drink, and lives to amuse himself.

Many Buddhist scholars imply that Buddha's references to Mara are mere figures of  speech; but the Buddhist texts do not necessarily imply anything of the sort. In Theravada countries, veneration of good spirits, the placation of evil spirits, and Consulting Mediums are characteristic Buddhist practices. For example, the Burmese hang a coconut tied with a bit of red cloth near their home altars as an offering to the spirits. Special dances are also performed during the winter harvest season, during which a participant becomes "possessed" by spirits in order to bless the crops, while some participate in diviniation by casting bones. Even so, the following should be remembered:

The Buddha said that neither the repetition of scriptures, nor self-torture, nor sleeping on the ground, nor the repetition of prayers, penances, hymns, charms, mantras, incantations and invocations can bring the real happiness of Nirvana. Instead the Buddha emphasized the importance of making individual effort in order to achieve spiritual goals.


Listen. Who is this guy Vladamir? He's really something else. He
reminds me, of myself. Wow! What a trip. Haha. Anyway,
doves, you've t o r e a d this. This story
beneath this story.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Matrix I - Vladamar Valerian

The Matrix I - Vladamar Valerian

The Matrix. Understanding Aspects of Covert Interaction With Alien Culture, Technology
And Planetary Power Structures.
By Vladamar Valerian. Copyright 1988

-The government maintains underground facilities, some jointly occupied by alien entities.

-Different alien species are interacting with human beings. Some alien species maintain underground facilities. Humans are being manipulated in these facilities.

-Manipulation of the human species extends to very deep levels; levels of alien manipulation affect human evolution, genetics, and planetary power structures.

"By widening and extending the knowledge we already possess, still other aspects of this subject will become clear to us." - From the post up above.

From this book here, page 52:

"One of the other more insidious processes that can occur is that the human can be dragged out of his body and another consciousness can be inserted that will carry out the physical existence of that body.

Grey Species '1', has no individuation within its ranks as terrestrial humans do. The species was created before individuation of the essence of the Universal Intelligent Matrix took place. Only through individuation can the process of differentiation be maximized, in order to create the maximum number of probable realities, to manifest the potential which lies in the Matrix. Thus, in human terms, part of the Matrix is differentiated through each person, and allows the conscious universe to experience itself, in the maximum number of ways.
There is no duality system of good and evil, except from a certain perception."

And that certain perception Gurdjieff talks about in the book by P.D. Ouspensky, "In Search of the Miraculous," page 158:

"The only possible permanent idea of good and evil for man is connected with the idea of evolution; not with mechanical evolution, of course, but with the idea of man's development through conscious efforts, the change of his being, the creation of unity in him, and the formation of a permanent "I."

A permanent idea of good and evil can be formed in man only in connection with a permanent aim and a permanent understanding. When a man understands that he is asleep and when he wishes to awake, then everything that helps him to awake will be good and everything that hinders him, everything that prolongs his sleep, will be evil. Exactly in the same way will he understand what is good and evil for other people."


Extraterrestrial Account Of Tau Cetians - Human Type Beings

Excerpts pertaining to this, and some comments I made.

From site "Turquoise Energy"

Tau Cetians

I would like to say firstly there aren’t any pictures of Tau Cetians here because they look exactly like us, no difference. There are pictures on the internet of them (some are the same pictures used for the Alpha Centuries, which is incorrect). Now, on with the post!

 Other human populated worlds are apparently the star systems of Tau Ceti and Epsilon Eridani. The researcher, Frank Crawford, interviewed a number of individuals who had physical contact with the Tau Cetians.
The first and most significant was an alleged whistleblower who participated in crash retrievals of UFOs; a live occupant was captured and interrogated by US national security officials from a crash near Phoenix, Arizona in 1961.

‘Oscar’, the pseudonym used by the whistleblower, described to Frank Crawford the origins of the captured extraterrestrial who was nicknamed ‘Hank’:

It was later confirmed by Hank, the stars of origin of his people were Tau Ceti and Epsilon Eridani. In later sessions Oscar discussed some reasons for the presence of the aliens. He said they do not like the situation with some of the small grey aliens. He corrected us when we used the term ’grey’ and said they are actually white.

 The Tau Cetians feel the abductions being carried out by some of the Greys are a great injustice to humanity. ‘They are a parasitic race that has and is preying on human civilizations throughout the universe, Oscar relayed. He added, our government’s involvement with the grays is very dangerous and out of control….
The Tau Cetians have been preyed upon by these aliens before and are now working with other races and communities who were also victims…. (Oscar) wants people to know, when they are contacted by the Tau Cetians (humans such as he described) to not be afraid because they are here to help.

The revelations by ‘Hank’ suggest the Tau Cetians are present to help deal with the covert strategies and activities of the Grays.

They in particular are very concerned about the nature of agreements reached with them by the US ‘shadow government’, and in helping individual ‘abductees’. According to ‘Oscar’ the Tau Cetian ‘Hank’ was tortured and this nearly caused an incident with other Tau Cetians who wanted to militarily intervene on behalf of their captured colleague.

The events described by Oscar are consistent with the main activity of the Tau Cetians as described in the following telepathic communication:

“One of the races is from Tau Ceti. They are specialists in intrigue and determining motivations of cloaked societies. They understand the ways subterfuge can cripple a system. So they would be excellent contacts for undercover work.”

The second individual who had physical contact with Tau Cetians was an abductee, Jill Waldport, who described to Frank Crawford how she had been contacted by two sets of extraterrestrials, the Grays and a human looking race that attempted to help her in dealing with the Grays:

 Jill informed me the aliens told her they didn’t like what some of the aliens were doing to her without her consent. They had come to help her learn how to overcome the deceptions of the Grays and to protect herself. They explained she needed to psychically build a shield around herself, like a brick wall, when they came for her. This would help keep her from being deceived by their MIND TRICKS. She did it the next time the Greys came for her and it worked.

Crawford then revealed how Jill described the origins of the benevolent extraterrestrials as Tau Cetians:

At this point the correlation counter in my mind was working overtime, so I decided to go for the gold and ask her whether they told her where they were from. Believe it or not she replied, ’Tau Seat-eye, does that make any sense?’ Later I mentioned to Oscar I was investigating a case involving intense interactions with Grays, and Tau Cetians showing up to help. He asked where the case was from. I told him near Springfield, Illinois. He rattled off a very accurate description of Jill and said he was aware she had been contacted.

In conclusion, the Tau Cetians main activities lies in: raising awareness of how to deal with the subversion of societies by extraterrestrial races; identifying corrupt elites and institutions; uplifting human consciousness; developing strategies for negating advanced mind control techniques.

The global solutions they can assist in include: exposing government/financial corruption and elite manipulation; monitoring extraterrestrial infiltration; deprogramming of mind control and implant removal; promoting multidimensional consciousness; diplomacy and conflict resolution.


Cosmic Conflict & The DA'ATH Wars (Part 4)


“’He was conscious and in great pain. One leg was partially pinned by the shifting interior. I was
examining cuts on his cheek and lip when I first touched him. An overwhelming feeling of
compassion came over me as I heard his voice in my head. I could understand him clearly even
though his mouth did not move. The communication was strictly telepathic

“’I perceived his fear of being harmed and told him I would not let anyone hurt him. Suddenly, a
voice from the doorway refocused my attention on the duties at hand.

“’I called back that we had a live one. The craft filled with gloved, masked medical personnel to
help free the occupant. He was quickly carried outside and placed on a gurney. I remarked how he
felt heavy for his size and a few others who assisted agreed. As the alien was whisked off for
medical attention, Professor Bear examined the inside of the craft.

He found what he thought was a star map depicting the constellation Eridanus and wondered
whether that might be where the alien was from. After a brief discussion concerning the nature of
the communications, Bear asked me to accompany him to the medical lab. As we talked along the
way, I referred to the alien being as ‘Hank.’ The professor asked whether that was the name the
alien had given me. I explained it was not, but that I had chosen the nickname based on its native
American reference to a ‘troubled spirit.’

The professor smiled and said, ‘Hank it is,’ and the name immediately stuck. In the antiseptic,
impersonal medical room Hank’s discomfort was compounded by his complete undressing. While
still in great pain he was examined from head to toe. No stone was left unturned, so to speak. They
treated him as though he were a baby of some rare animal species being first born into captivity. It
became evident Hank could not communicate with everyone involved so I was asked to be
translator. I had no trouble understanding the normal anesthetics we were administering had little or
no effect. Suddenly, with Hank’s discomfort still a concern, everyone’s attention became divided
between the being and a new person arriving on the scene.

“’This new person was obviously important yet seemed to make everyone uneasy. Even Hank
recoiled in fear when he came close. He barked a few stern orders and several people, myself
included, marched into a nearby conference room. The man introduced himself as Frank Drake
and told us he was the head of the operation. The reports would hence forth be titled ‘Project
OSMA’. As the sound of his continued briefing faded into a day-dream, I thought about how my
regimented life had just jumped track and was now speeding off in a totally new direction...’

Forest Crawford, commenting on the incident, states: “This extraordinary story, according to the
witness, is not fiction. Oscar is a simple country person from rural Missouri where he lives with his
wife, three children, and a menagerie of stray animals. His life is seemingly uncomplicated and
unhurried. However, his eyes reflect a clarity indicative of inner knowledge and understanding.

“We first came to meet this man as the result of a lead from nuclear physicist renowned Ufologist,
Stanton Friedman. At the ‘Show-Me UFO Conference 1989’ in St. Louis, Friedman asked Bruce
Widaman, State Director of Missouri MUFON, whether he would attempt to locate a witness that
called responding to the ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ show on the Roswell crash. The person in question
had possibly been involved in a crash retrieval while in the military. The tip had come from a
former neighbor of Oscar’s.

“Widaman of course agreed to follow up since Friedman felt the witness did not have a phone. So
with little else than a name, town, and rumor to go on, the search began. Widaman and Alex
Horvat, Public Information Officer for Missouri MUFON, arrived in the small town near St. Louis
after dark. After questioning a girl at a local convenience mart no further leads were found.

Horvat suggested checking the local bar. This produced a description of a front yard which might
be that of the elusive witness. After driving up and down the lane several times, one yard seemed
more appropriate than the others so they hesitantly stopped. Stepping from the car into the
country night proved harrowing enough as several large dogs snarled and barked from the
surrounding darkness. Widaman was further unnerved when a large black dog began licking his
hand as he knocked on the door.

Not knowing whether he was being greeted or tasted by the animal, Widaman was relieved to see
someone answer. After a brief explanation of who or what our investigations were, an invitation to
sit and talk came as a positive sign. The stranger said he did not know where ‘Bill,’ the name given
Friedman, was, but that he was his brother. After Widaman and Horvat explained their purpose,
some of their feelings and ideas, he finally conceded he in fact was the man they were looking for.
He explained his real name was Oscar and the name ‘Bill’ had been given so he would know where
any inquiries were coming from.

“As Oscar told the story that began this article, it became obvious because of his military
background, the name given was for his protection. The account unfolded further to reveal
horrible injustices to Hank, and Oscar himself.

At the direction of Drake, the team conducted medical experiments such as spinal taps, marrow
sampling, taking organ specimens and other exploratory surgery on Hank WITHOUT anesthesia.
Oscar had spent many hours over three months communicating with and growing close to the
alien. One day he stepped between Drake and Hank with his .45 cal. pistol drawn and demanded
an end to the torture. Drake withdrew but the next morning Oscar had new orders to depart
immediately for Saint Albans Hospital in Radford, Va., where he was incarcerated for debriefing.

He remained isolated for several months until the efforts of Lt.Charles Turner, Oscar’s
Commanding Officer, got him to move to a psychiatric ward. His family, who had now been out
of touch with him for almost three months, was told Oscar had suffered a head injury during a
submarine accident. After spending time under psychiatric care, which would damage his military
record, he was oddly enough given an honorable discharge.

“After having returned to civilian life he and his father embarked on a hiking trip to North Dakota.
They purposely entered the restricted area surrounding the base where Oscar had been stationed.
Perimeter patrol picked them up for removal from the area. While in their company Oscar asked
how Hank was doing. One of the guards confided that the alien had died several months earlier.

“The next trip out to the country included myself and David Rapp a physicist with 13 years
experience in the aerospace industry and Director of Investigations for Missouri MUFON.
Because of our backgrounds in science the discussion focused on technical questions about
Oscar’s experiences...”

As for the alleged home of “Hank’s” people, Crawford states:

“The pattern from the panel inside the ship was confirmed by Rapp to match stars of the
constellation Eridanus as seen FROM EARTH. It was later confirmed by Hank, the stars of origin
of his people were Tau Ceti and Epsilon Eridani.

In later sessions Oscar discussed some reasons for the presence of the aliens. He said they do not
like the situation with some of the small grey aliens. He corrected us when we used the term ‘grey’
and said they are actually white. The Tau Cetians feel  the abductions being carried out by some of
the Greys are a great injustice to humanity.

*****[ From: http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message233918/pg1
This info is from someone who spent 25 years in black op military projects, whose grand father
was the first President of the Soviet Union.

These human-like beings are the archenemies of the grey races, vowing to destroy them wherever
they find them in the universe. Long ago, the Rigelians tried to prepare the Tau Ceti system for
invasion. To create a grey race with Tau Ceti genetics, their main targets were kidnapped children
who were killed for their cells and hormones. The Tau Cetians drove the greys off their world
before their race was decimated.

Following the greys to this planet, they signed an agreement during the 1950's with the Soveit
Union in exchange for bases and atmospheric freedom to travel. Their goals were to help the
USSR retain global domination (slavs have Tau Ceti genetics), destroy the greys, and then make a
deal with the invasion force. It is believed the Russians recently reneged on this agreement by
giving similar agreement to the Draco advance guard and throwing out the Tau Cetians.

Tau Ceti retains large colonies in the Epsilon Eradanus star system. They have dense bodies due to
the atmosphere and gravity on their home world. They are approximately five and a half feet tall,
with slender pointy faces. ]*****

 “They are a parasitic race that has and is preying on human civilizations throughout the universe,”
Oscar relayed. He added, our government’s involvement with the grays is very dangerous and out
of control. Oscar is adamant 'the bug people' are using human fluids for sustenance. They feed by
immersing their arms in vats and/or rubbing the fluids on their bodies.

“...Oscar, based on what Hank communicated to him, claims they are kidnapping children. The
Tau Cetians have been preyed upon by these aliens before and are working with other races and
communities who were also victims. One such race, Oscar claims, was run off their home planet
by the bug people, that race being called 'the Nordics' or 'Pleiadians.' He claims because of his
ongoing contacts he was made aware of the Billy Meier case in Switzerland and feels it is a real

“...(Oscar) wants people to know, would they be contacted by the Tau Cetians (humans such as
he described) to not be afraid because they are here to help.

“This attitude reflects in correlation to a totally independent case involving a woman near
Springfield, Illinois. Jill Waldport was having ongoing, very serious involvement with grey aliens.
After Budd Hopkins spoke to her at length the case was recommended to John Carpenter, State
Section Director of Missouri MUFON, and then to myself. The intensity and detail of the case is
reminiscent of Debbie Tomies’ (Cathy Davis) experiences.

“In my first interview with Jill she asked whether anyone had ever been abducted/contacted by
more than one race or group of aliens. I told her it was reported with some frequency and asked
her which other one she had seen besides the Greys. She said it was a totally separate contact and
they did not like the Grays.

“When asked about their appearance she reported they were human, approximately five and a half
feet in height, 180-200 pounds but not fat, tanned looking skin with short hair cuts that laid flat
against their heads. I asked her to describe their eyes, ears, nose and mouth. She said all features
were essentially normal except the nose was broad and flat and their eyes were brown. Oscar
reported the weight of Hank to be 190 pounds and five feet seven inches tall, he also noted the
broad, flat nose.

“Jill informed me the aliens told her they didn’t like what some of the aliens were doing to her
without her consent. They had come to help her learn how to overcome the deceptions of the
Grays and to protect herself. They explained she needed to psychically build a shield around
herself, like a brick wall, when they came for her. This would help keep her from being deceived
by their mind tricks. She did it the next time the Grays came for her and it worked.

“At this point the correlation counter in my mind was working overtime,” Crawford continues, “so
I decided to go for the gold and ask her whether they told her where they were from. Believe it or
not she replied, ‘Tau Seat-eye, does that make any sense?’ Later I mentioned to Oscar I was
investigating a case involving intense interactions with Grays, and Tau Cetians showing up to help.
He asked where the case was from. I told him near Springfield, Illinois. He rattled off a very
accurate description of Jill and said he was aware she had been contacted.

“Horvat showed several pictures of people from the archives of ufology, one of which was Drake;
Oscar immediately picked Drake’s photo from the stack and one could see the anger come over
his face at the sight of this man. Follow up research by Horvat produced an interesting set of
circumstances. The crash in question happened in 1961. Drake headed the OZMA program, the
predecessor to S.E.T.I.  In 1961 Drake announced OZMA in it’s search for intelligent
extraterrestrial radio signals would first look to the stars Tau Ceti and Epsilon Eridani...”

During one interview with Oscar, Crawford became concerned about the “logistics” of a tunnel
system stretching from California to North Dakota to Washington D.C., etc., attempting to
correlate this with their background in science. According to what Oscar revealed to Crawford and
his research companion:

“...it became evident that this was not feasible. With careful questioning it was discovered,
according to Oscar, the tunnels went only a short distance and did not actually connect to the
North Dakota base. The capsule shuttle was accelerated and then a time/space window was
opened. The ‘exit door’ of the time/space window simultaneously opened at the prescribed
destination where the capsule would appear in a tunnel and decelerate

“The technology was supposedly a combination of our own knowledge, rooted in the Philadelphia
Experiment, and acquired alien technology. Oscar also talked about the geological location of
time/space/dimension doors. These places allow an easy entry of extraterrestrial craft into our
atmosphere. Two such large natural doorways were reported to be just northeast of Seattle,
Washington, and south of the Apostle Islands in Lake Superior.

“An interesting possible correlation with the predicted natural time/space windows can be found in
studying patterns on special energy maps. One such map is the Bouguer gravity anomaly map.
Oddly enough a fairly local, low gravity area, can be found at the locations mentioned by Oscar.
(Not only near Seattle and the Apostle Islands, but also in Missouri where Oscar has said to have
had most of his subsequent contacts-meetings with the Tau Cetians - Branton)

Cooper said the “secret government” refused to ally themselves with the “Nordics” or human-
aliens who warned them about the malevolence of the Grays, and instead chose to go ahead with
their ignorant ego's and form an alliance with the reptilian “grays” figuring a U.S-Gray alliance
would seemingly help the cause of 'the power dazed groups' who were making a “killing” from
exploiting the masses. Or, of course, the serpent cultists working in the government, already had
an age-old pact with these draconian powers (Lizards/Grays), and because of it refused
knowledgeable and wise solutions from Nordics or Tau Cetians. That would mean having to
"grow up" and take true responsibility, and no more playing with boy-toys as a recreation to facing
reality. But immature little-men with large ego's defended by temper tantrums and revenge ploys
have to play. So throw them in with the chaff.

Apparently these did not desire to accept the “conditions” required by the “Nordics” which
included the discontinuation of nuclear weapons proliferation and the cessation of multi-billion
dollar war efforts, which according to many sources have filled the pockets of the secret
government which covertly operate in nearly every country. Such wars-conflicts-revolutions-etc,
many feel, have been directly influenced and orchestrated by the serpent-cult-secret-society
groups. And immature denial to grow up and take responsibility for life. Always thinking
someone else is going to pay for their crimes, just as the mass of society think that some
goverment is going to take responsibility for them and therefore they can forget about real reality
and go on living in their day-dream world, replete with buffers all round and horse blinders for
their eyes.

In relation to the apparent “tug-of-war” between “Grey’s” and “Nordics”/Tau Cetians, etc. over
individuals, as in the case of “Jill,” we have a similar situation described in an “Intelligence Report”
released by “Leading Edge Research” (Formerly Nevada Aerial Research). This report stated:

“One contactee who has been contacted by the blond/Nordic race was captured and examined (by
the greys) after it was discovered by them, the blue beam used to paralyze people failed to have an
effect on him. The implant device the Nordics put in, evidently neutralized the paralysis beam. It
was said the Greys came in a football-shaped craft.” (Known as the Lizards type of craft)

This is one more confirmation, among others, that actual conflict/warfare exists between certain
segments of the “Nordic” and “Gray” aliens. A confirmation of this comes from a correspondent
of ours from Pasadena, California by the name of Penny Harper. Penny is the Pasadena director
for a group called UFO-RUM. She claims to have had contacts with beings “claiming” to be from
Tau Ceti and a separate contact from “Pleiadeans”. However, the “Tau Cetians” she encountered
were, as she described them, “praying mantis” or bug-like beings. (Disinformation)

She was told that THIS IS NOT THEIR ORIGINAL FORM, (yea, originally they're Gray/Lizards
masquerading to deceive others away from those who may help them) but for various reasons
these aliens chose to show themselves in this form to her. Were these beings really from Tau Ceti
as THEY claim, then there seems to be some conflict here between her account and the Forest
Crawford account as related by “Oscar”. (I guess. It depends on how much "mind/heart muscle"
you choose to use in order to comprehend what's going on here. Or whether you're going to be
smug as a bug in a rug complacent.)

These beings “claim” to be humans who do not wish to show themselves in their “true form”
during Penny’s contacts, so that she does not, they explained, become “too attached” to them.
(Yea Right! They are insinuating "Confusion" and putting out disinformation. Chaos demons, right
there! They look just like what they are, not human, not Nordic, not Tau Cetian, and not

(Note: This mantis-like description is the same one given by the early “contactee-psychic” Ted
Owens, who alleged that these creatures had the power to influence the aerial environment, change
weather patters, initiate destructive hurricanes, etc.- Branton)
Demonic, right there!

In Miss Harper’s case this EXPLANATION for appearing in this mantis-form would be a first, as
we have not encountered any other incidents where the “aliens” have bothered to appear in another
form for this specific reason. Were they human, then one must wonder why they would appear in
“mantis-like” form when the human Tau Cetians according to Crawford and others are at war with
such a race. Were the beings described by Penny Harper from Tau Ceti, and they utilize that
“form” while there, perhaps they operate in underground bases where they will not be observed.
(Talk about fantasy-oriented-thinking there Branton. Did you ever ponder perhaps they are using
confusion and disinformation to mess with the mind, MIND TRICKS that is... because that is the
epitom of deception, and the excuse they give, utterly ridiculous. Why would she become "too
attached" to them? Idiotic. The Tau Cetian's are not here to become playmates, but to fight a war
against criminals. And were it them contacting the lady, they would NOT don stupid costumes of
insect-beings for any reason. For anyone interested in knowing the truth, it's right there. All you
need do is look. And stand your ground. Stop wishy-washy wondering whether you're seeing it
correctly or not. Stand your ground. Be sovereign. That's how we become informed. By allowing
our inner feelings, knowledge, insights to come through to us, and having faith in ourselves we are
receiving it correctly. Intend it.)

Were they in fact from Tau Ceti as THEY claim. Quoting from Ms. Harper’s account:

“...these aren't the same Tau Cetians as you describe.” That is, the humans mentioned by “Oscar”
who we informed Penny of in a previous correspondence. “Mine are 7 to 7 and a half ft. high,
green grasshopper (or praying mantis) looking beings with huge black shiny wraparound eyes and
two antennae on their heads.”

“...I still talk to my main (alleged) Pleiadean contact. I asked him about the Tau Cetians and why
they had giant bug bodies. He said they can appear in any form. They chose the grasshopper
form. The bug form makes me keep a distance from them. They use to scare me simply from the
way they look.” (Maybe your alleged main Pleiadean contact is not really Pleiadean at all. Only
says they are. Geez Louis, it doesn't take a lot to figure that one out. One ought question things,
circumstances they find themselves in etc. Talking to liars gets you nowhere. Oh my #`\<^\/^>/`#!, some people have no center at all! Wouldn't you ask yourself questions and get answers, from your self? But noooo, she asks them questions, stupid questions, and gets stupid answers in return. Hollow.
Some people are so ignorant they cleave after worshipping something, anything. It's no wonder
money is a god to so many. They're hollow. There's no center. There are no questions being asked
of their own self. There is no search for answers. There is only a dull serving of the physical
senses replacing a center of substance. It's so pathetic I feel no pity for them.)


Here's something totally 'off-base' (pun intended) which describes why so many people are dully oriented into thinking there is no such thing as life out there in the Universe, that only the idiot things going on in their utterly boring lives are all that is. Excerpt:

The SPECTRUM October 3, 2000

"When  our  astronauts  first  landed  on  the Moon  in  1969,  they  were  greeted  by  a  fleet  of disks  sitting  on  the  rim  of  a  crater.    The astronauts  asked  their  superiors  whether  they  knew about  these  disks.    They  were  told  “yes”,  that they  were  American  disks.    The  astronauts were  angry  at  being  used  as  public-relations men  by  the  government  and  had  not  been  told the truth.
     [Editor’s note:  The point Al is making here is  that  NASA’s  1969  Moon  mission  was  simply a pageant to entertain the public with an event that   was   supposed   to   be   demonstrating “advanced”  technology  of  the  day.    This  is  a common technique which helps to subconsciously    cement    into    the    public awareness  the  idea  of  technology  that  is nowhere near as advanced as is the truth of the matter.  In a sense, it is a form of mind control to keep the public thinking (and living) in terms of, so to speak, the horse-and-buggy, while the supersonic   aircraft   remains   secret   (and typically used for no good).]"