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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Who Is Michael?

An Arch Angel?


Maybe he's Ramtha!

Let's take a Peek A Boo.

If you don't want to know the truth, don't buy this book....

"Parallel Lifetimes: Fluctuations In The Quantum Field" by Ramtha

Page70 - "Moreover, this is where we separate the wheat from the chaff."

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ramtha's "List" On Wallpaper

When you want to change your life into something more vibrant, then you think of everything and work it. So instead of only saying the affirmations from a book that I wrote them into, I've also put them into a tape recorder for night listening, and now I can sit at my computer, look at my wallpaper and refresh my mind. Here's Wallpaper One and Two with the whole list on them.

When you want them as your wallpaper, right click on the picture, open in new tab, and then you'll be able to copy the photo to your pictures folder.

And P.S. Don't listen to everything everyone ever tells you. I've said these things daily for two months, and nothing is happening. Ramtha says that a man takes 28 days, do you hear that, haha, 28 Days...to change the mind pattern, like a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. Hm. Hmhm. Wrong. It can take a fucking second of your life. But when is that second? Or perhaps a lifetime. And some...never... (shrugs)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Who Wrote the Reptilian Agenda? by John L. Lash

This is from John Lamb Lash's website.

Who Wrote the Reptilian Agenda?

The Origin of the Annunaki Script

A Collector's Edition entitled "Secrets of the Da Vinci Code," published by US News and World Report, features a brief interview with James Robinson, general editor of the Nag Hammadi Library in English. Correcting Dan Brown’s reference to the Nag Hammadi texts as scrolls, Robinson points out: “They are codices – books with individual pages. They are actually the oldest example we have of leather bound books.”

Amazingly, whatever the significance of their content—and we have yet to comprehend what that might be—the Nag Hammadi Codices (NHC) are the earliest surviving examples of bound books. Close reading of these arcane materials shows that Gnostics, as teachers in the ancient Mysteries were called, were deeply concerned with alien intrusion upon humankind. Entities they called archons appear to be identical to the ETs of modern UFOlogy. The codices indicate both Gray and reptilian types: namely, a reptilian or "drakonic" type and and a neonate type, suggested by the image of a prematurely born fetus. The former are the overlords, the latter, servile, robotic drones who obey a hive-mentality. The NHC do not contain graphic physical descriptions of these alien intruders, but present ample information to profile them comparatively with the two types of ETs most widely discussed today.

Alien Profile

Perhaps one-fifth of the intelligible material in the NHC concerns the origin, methods, and motives of the archons, also called "authorities, governers." Their name derives from arche-, "first, from the beginning," because, according to Gnostic cosmology, they emerged at an early stage of the solar system previous to the formation of the earth. These bizarre entities may be regarded as a locust-like species of cyborgs with silicon-based bodies so designed to permit only brief forays into the earth's oxygen-rich atmosphere. They inhabit the solar system at large, traveling among the planets in alien-engineered spacecraft. Gnostics texts hint that they may be compared to custodial engineers of the inanimate clockwork mechanism of the system. Some, but not all, UFO sightings and abductions may be attributed to them.

Although archons do exist physically, the real danger they pose to humanity is not invasion of the planet but invasion of the mind. They are intrapsychic mind-parasites who access human consciousness through telepathy and simulation. They infect our imagination and use the power of make-believe for deception and confusion. Their pleasure is in deceit for its own sake, without a particular aim or purpose. They are robotic in nature, incapable of independent thought or choice, and have no particular agenda except to live vicariously through human beings. They are bizarrely able to pretend an effect on humans which they do not really have. For instance, they cannot access human genetics but they can pretend to do so, in such a way that humans fall for the pretended act, as if staged events were taken for real. In this respect, archons are the ultimate hoaxers. The trick is, if humanity falls under the illusion of superhuman power, it becomes as good as real, a self-fulfilling delusion. This is the essence of archontic intrusion.

In the cosmic perspective, archons present a dynamic aspect of the evolutionary scenario of humankind, through which human potential is tested. The Gnostic view of their role closely matches the "flyers" in The Active Side of Infinity, the last book of Carlos Castaneda, who says that the flyers are "the means by which the universe tests us." There are numerous close parallels between Castaneda and Gnostic teachings.

This profile of the archons is not speculative. It follows what can be gathered from the Gnostic writings. For instance, NHC texts describe how the archons attempted to rape Eve—clearly a mythological rendition of genetic intervention. Such passages appear to support the claims of alien interbreeding so widely discussed today. But in the Gnostic account, the alien intruders did not succeed in this act of cross-species intervention: they tried but failed.

The notion that archons present a test to humanity—explicitly stated by Castaneda if one accepts the archon/flyers correlation—can also be traced in some NHC writings, especially The Apochryon of John. That text suggests that the Aeon Sophia, the cosmic intelligence of the earth, engages the archon species and uses their deviant and deceptive influence for such a purpose. The account of how the overlord of the authorities "committed adultery with Wisdom (Sophia)" and binds humanity to "a chain of blind compulsion (hiermarmene)" is baffling, to say the least (NHC II, 1:28.16). To sort out and clarify what the Sophianic narrative may have to say about the test of the archons is a great challenge to our understanding of the Gnostic message and how it can benefit humanity today.

Cosmic Error

The sacred creation story of the Mysteries (Sophia Mythos) explains that the archons arise due to an anomaly in the cosmic order. “The world system we inhabit came about by a mistake” (NHC II, 3:75.5). This startling line alludes to the Gnostic view that the planetary system we inhabit resulted from the impact of a massive power surge from the galactic center—in mythological terms, the "fall" of the goddess Sophia. Sweeping over a region of lifeless atomic matter in the galactic limbs, this tsunami of core energy produced a planetary system complete with a resident species, the locust-like archons. At first the planetary system was a merely whirlpool of agitated matter, like a beehive under construction with bees swarming around it. Then it became centered on a newborn star, the sun of our solar system.

The fallen goddess myth says that the earth was not formed in the same manner as the rest of the solar system. The other planets conglomerated from vast fields of inert atomic dust, but the earth grew organically from the original plume of core energy: that is, from Sophia’s alive, animating, self-awareness, a pure torrent of galactic luminosity (Organic Light). Weird as it might sound, this view is not incompatible with modern astronomy. Science affirms that the solar system at large is dominated by inorganic chemistry that does not support life as it occurs in the terrestrial biosphere, where organic chemistry is the norm. This being so, how did the organic, life-bearing part of the solar system, the planet earth, evolve from the non-organic part that does not support life as it appears in the terrestrial habitat? Are we to assume that the anomaly of organic life within the solar system evolved from the inorganic planetary matrix, that life evolved from the non-living? If that were so, how it could happen has not been demonstrated or proven by science. It has been assumed as a dogma (called abiogenesis), but not proven.

Were they here today, Gnostics would argue that the solar system has two distinct dynamics, organic and inorganic, because the earth is the metamorphosis of a surge of super-alive animating power from the galactic center, while the solar system, the habitat of the archons, is the product of inert atomic matter impacted by that surge. The observation of the difference between the inorganic and organic aspects of our solar system led James Lovelock to formulate the Gaia Hypothesis. In Not in His Image, I show how key points of Gaia theory correlate to the Gnostic cosmology of the gallen goddess, Sophia.

Sophia is the name Gnostics gave to the animating intelligence of the earth before it become this planet. In their view, the cosmic origin of our planet is present to us here and now as wisdom, the living, all-informing intelligence of nature. Sophia is the Anima Mundi, the soul of the world.

Cuneiform Lies

So, the earliest surviving documents in book form, the Nag Hammadi Codices found in Egypt in 1945, contain an account of alien intrusion with descriptive clues on the physical form of the intruders. But what about the earliest known writings in any form? Archeologists tell us that cuneiform writing was invented in Mesopotamia around 3200, long before bound books appeared. The cuneiform record on clay tablets presents a fascinating repertoire of stories about human prehistory. Cuneiform texts such as Atrahasis, Enuma Elish, and Enki and World Order, describe an alien race called the Annunaki, “those who from heaven to earth came,” as Zechariah Sitchin translates that term. Sitchin is well-known for densely researched books on the Annunaki, whom he identifies with the Biblical Nefhilim and “the Watchers” of the Book of Enoch. These are alien entities who “came into the daughters of men,” as Genesis says. In short, they interbred with the human race.

Assumed to be factual, the Sumerian tablets give an account of alien intervention upon humankind by a master race from another world or dimension. This is the Annunaki script, as I call it. Sitchin and many others take this script for a record of actual events in prehistory. The tablets describe two Annunaki leaders, Enki and his half-sister Ninhursag, who produce a hybrid slave race by mixing their divine genes with the inferior genes of the lu-lu, the indigenous ape-like peoples of the planet, Thus, an alien “interbreeding program” is central to the Annunaki narrative. This is also a key event in the "reptilian agenda." Indeed, it may be considered the foundation myth of that agenda. A foundation myth is a story that legitimates a social or cultural custom or order. It is worth noting that the Annunaki script is the foundation myth of theocracy, rulership by the gods or descendents of the gods. The ancient theocrats claimed descent from the reptilian alien race.

It is an indisputable fact that this story is written down in the oldest surviving records, but is the story itself a fact? And if Annunaki intervention were not a fact, but a fiction presented as fact, how would we know? How would we be able to tell the difference? What critical faculties would be required for such an exercise of discernment?

How amazing it is that the oldest known writings and the earliest surviving books both tell the same story! The cuneiform tables and the Nag Hammadi books both describe an alien intervention scenario. To my knowledge, no attention has yet been given to this remarkable coincidence.

But hold on a second. There is a huge difference in the way these two sources handle the foundation myth of the reptilian agenda. The cuneiform record presents alien intervention as if it were solid fact, an event that really happened in prehistory. By contrast, Gnostic writings in the NHC put the story of the Annunaki (there called archons) in the cosmological perspective of the fallen goddess myth, then analyze and deconstruct it in quite rigorous terms. The trained seers of the Mysteries had a definite fix on the Annunaki, including a view of their origins and motives, and within that view, they took a critical approach to intervention. In short, they deconstructed the Sumerian narrative and exposed part of it to be a fabrication, a lie.

The cuneiform record itself is just a story, without critical commentary. We are not told the source of the story, who authored it. By contrast, we know that the NHC texts come from Gnostic sects of the pre-Christian Mysteries. Although the authors remain almost all anonymous, we know them as having been participants in that ancient tradition of spiritual education, the Mystery Schools. The resident seers of those organizations took special interest in a panoramic view of human evolution, with particular attention to interference from non-human channels, but they did not report that the human species has been engineered by alien forces. Several passages in the NHC describe the "alien interbreeding program," yes, but always treating it as a failed venture:

The Archons came to Adam. When they saw Eve talking to him they said to each other, ‘What sort of creature is this luminous woman?’ … Now come, let us lay hold of her and cast our seed into her, that she may become soiled and unable to access her inner light. Then those who she bears will be under our charge… But Eve, being a free power, laughed at their decision. She put mist in their eyes [and escaped them].” (On the Origin of the World, NHC II, 5 : 116.10ff)

This is one of several riveting passages that show Eve, the primal woman who represents the human race, outwitting the archons. Another text describes how Eve leaves her “phantom image” for the archons to defile, but they are unable to access her body, i.e., human genetic structure. If the Gnostics knew what they were talking about, and were not themselves merely fabricating a tall tale, the Archon/Annunaki race did attempt to interbreed with humanity, but failed.

If this is true, the cuneiform record is a lie, a deliberate fiction intended to deceive. It is mythological disinformation. That possibility must be allowed, but can it be investigated? Consider this: actual alien intervention in human genetics would have an effect, obviously, but equally so would a false claim of intervention were it taken for real. The physical and evolutionary effect of genetic intervention would, however, be impossible to trace without samples of pre-intervention DNA to compare to modern DNA. So, even if it is literally true, the cuneiform story cannot be confirmed, or refuted, scientifically.

Testing Credulity

Consider what effects might arise if human beings held the fictional story of intervention to be true. To get an idea of what can happen when people believe a false story, consider the panic reaction to Orson Welles's radio program, "The War of the Worlds," announcing an invasion by Martians. The invasion was a fiction but it produced a massive panic, as if it were really happening. This famous stunt (regarded by some today as a government- backed psi-ops experiment on the public) exemplifies the archontic power of HAL, simulation. The power of a HOAX happens to be extremely strong in human reality, due to the gullibility of our species combined with our high imaginative talent, i.e., the capacity to live our mental fictions and inventions.

It is a well-known truism of psychology that the subconscious mind cannot distinguish fact from fiction. Normally, we rely on the conscious rational mind to make that judgment. Most people can rationally choose fact over fiction, if the choice is clear, and, most important, if the conditions for making a choice are provided. But what if they are not provided? If you are presented, say, with a fake terrorist alert, you will be strongly inclined to react as if it were real unless you have preponderant evidence to the contrary. Psi-ops tactics use the dynamic of the subconscious mind, unable to discern fact from invention, to subvert the operations of the rational mind, thus breaking down and overpowering the capacity for discrimination and choice. Trick someone in that way and you have them in control, under your "authority". Although in fact you command no real power of them, the fabrication taken for real commands the mind and actions of those so duped. In the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist events, many people around the world have had occasion to consider the archontic power of simulation.

There is no way to prove the effects of actual genetic intervention in a remote time, but the effects of a hoax purporting such intervention can be investigated. Gnostic seers appear to have understood that the interventional power of the archons is pure fakery, like the special effects of the Wizard of Oz. But for humanity, imagination is powerfully real and directs our purposeful behavior in a crucial way: we have first to imagine a goal or objective in order to pursue it. Presented with a decoy in place of a real objective, we will pursue the decoy and adapt our behavior to a false set of events. The Sophianic story about the testing of the archons may refer to the risk of pursuing fake objectives, such as a "war on terror," when we fail to apply our intelligence to the quest for a true version of events.

The archon story tests us, perhaps more than the Archons themselves do, or can do. The intervention story tests human credulity and poses a riddle: Do you accept the power of your imagination to invent something that comes true, and use it in that way, or are you in default imaginatively, overpowered by an invention that pretends to be true?

The “Reptilian Agenda” propounded by David Icke and others is an extrapolation of the Sumerian cuneiform story. If the Gnostic critique of the Annunaki script is correct, this would amount to the unwitting perpetuation of an ancient hoax. Icke and others such as Michael Tsarion and Jordan Maxwell appear to be completely uninformed about Gnostic teachings on the archons. If so, they cannot benefit from the critical commentary of those veteran seers and clairvoyants, the initiates of the Mystery Schools. Moreover, they do not question Sitchin’s weak points: namely, his inability to confirm the return of Nibiru, the home planet of the Annunaki, by astronomical science, and his failure (or refusal) to describe their physical appearance. Most ET speculators who follow Sitchin assume the Annunaki are reptilians: for instance, R. A. Boulay in Flying Serpents and Dragons—an excellent book, by the way, and more deeply researched than Sitchin in some ways.

Serpentine Wisdom

Another account of the failed rape of Eve occurs in The Reality of the Archons, NHC II, 4. Here again the Mystery teachers offer wise counsel concerning the reptilian factor in human evolution. According to the Gnostics, the serpent in the Garden of Eden was a benefactor because it advised the first humans to eat the forbidden fruit that opened their eyes to heightened or paranormal perception. The Reality of the Archons says explicitly

The female spiritual principle came through the snake, the instructor.

This passage identifies the psychophysical energy known in Asian mystical practices as kundalini, the serpent power. This electricity-like spiralling energy belongs equally to the cosmos, the earth, and the human body, integral to our corporeal and spiritual make-up. It has been universally equated with goddess divinities or shaktis. Raising kundalini is the aim of yogic practices that have persisted for thousands of years. The serpentine power is also the form of divine energy-intelligence witnessed by countless people who have undergone ayahuasca trance. Veteran shamans assert that this serpentine power is an actual dynamism of nature, a supernatural creature to be encountered in the altered state of ayahuasca trance, over and over again. Sacha Mama, the great serpentine wisdom goddess of the Amazon, is identical with the Rainbow Serpent of the Australian Aborigines. Countless other examples and parallels of the "female spiritual principle" could be given.

But note carefully: this telluric vision serpent is not a reptilian entity. A serpent is a reptile, but not every reptile is a serpent. An iguana, a salamander, a monitor lizard from Indonesia—these are reptiles, but not serpents. No one mistakes a lizard for a garden snake. The snake exhibits a particular legless morphology of the reptilian class of creatures, distinct and separate from other reptilians. But where in all the accounts and analyses of the reptilian agenda, does anyone make this obvious distinction? Nowhere. So far.

Wisdom Endowment

Whatever the threat to humanity, real or imagined, coming from reptilians such as the scaley overload of the Gnostic archons, the gift of the serpent power is clear. In all esoteric systems, eastern and western, the serpent is the agent and symbol of wisdom—Sophia. In Asia and the Western Mysteries, masters of the coiling energy were called "serpents of wisdom." They were teachers, healers, and guides, not power-crazed theocrats or tyrants who claimed descent from alien serpent gods. Gnostic initiates and their counterparts in the ancient world never claimed to be descendents of off-planet deities, as theocratic rulers did, citing the Annunaki script.

The benevolent and healing serpent power is a spiritual birthright that bonds the human species directly to the planetary goddess. Kundalini is essential to the wisdom endowment that nature has implanted in us for sanity. Countless myths attest to the beauty and power of the serpentine connection. Eve, the instructor, did not merely eat the forbidden fruit presented by the snake in Eden. She herself is an instrument of the serpent power. The role of this power as a teacher, healer, and visionary guide to the human species is immeasurably great, and the record of its presence stands out everywhere in ancient mythology, mystical and esoteric traditions, and indigenous lore.

Yet all through David Icke's references to ancient lore in his books, he does not indicate that the serpent power has been considered the ally, healer, and teacher of humanity.

The form of the archons or Annunaki ETs is reptilian (drakonic in the NHC text), but the faculty built into our psychosomatic structure, by which we detect and repel alien intrusion, is serpentine. To confound the divinely endowed serpentine power integral to our biopsychic functions with the alien reptilian menance is grotesque, a ridiculous error. The difference between the two is as clear as day, once it is pointed out. No one doing research into ancient esoteric and mythological lore could fail to note that difference. Yet David Icke gives no indication of doing so anywhere in his writings and talks. He dwells on the reptilian menace as the problem facing humanity, but ignores the serpentive endowment provided for the solution to that very threat. He explains in detail the fight-or-flight impulses of the R complex or reptilian brain without a word on the serpent power that resides in the spinal column, informs the subtle anatomy of the chakras, and enlivens the entire network of the autonomic nervous system.

Gnostics from the Mysteries taught that we must recognize our benign serpentine endowment to face the intrusive reptilian influence. The Gospel of Philip describes the use of the serpentine power Kundalini to repel alien intrusion. Mystery teachings on sexual mysticism and anointing of the human immune system with Light can be found in my commentary on that text in the Nag Hammadi reading plan.

Today we hear the wildest claims regarding reptilians, how they manipulated us genetically in ancient times, their horrific rites and shapeshifting powers, how they are running the world, etc. Unfortunately, most of the chatter on the reptilian agenda ends up providing hype for the scaly intruders, who are enormously overrated, I would warn. Gnostics taught that the signature of the archons is HAL, the Coptic word for "simulation." They warned us in no uncertain terms to distinguish between what the archons can actually do, and what they merely simulate with the alien technology of VR, virtual reality. These cosmic cousins of ours may be lolling in perverse delight at bringing humanity down to their level, turning us into monsters of aggression and conformity, slavish control-freaks. If they prevail it will be by tricking us to annihilate ourselves. What if arch-CON power looming over us depends upon the CON we perpetrate in our own minds, giving our power away to them?

It will be impossible to see the truth of the archontic test unless we recognize and own the wisdom that comes down to us from genuine adepts of the Mysteries, men and women who mastered the serpent power, kundalini. Those initiates of the serpent wisdom must be distinguished from the alien reptilians and their human accomplices. There has always been an intrepid corps of enlightened warriors who resist the alien game on this planet, but current discourse on the reptilian agenda, led by David Icke, fails to recognize the nature of the Mystery cells as bastions of resistance. Imagination fuelled by kundalini gives total immunity to alien intrusion, Gnostics taught. There is no hint of this solution coming from David Icke in his recommendations for facing the reptilian assault.

Icke on Ayahuasca

Icke himself has long maintained that the Mysteries were training schools for the Illuminati, programming centers for the reptilian controllers. He has conflated the ancient agenda of hierarchal mind control with the teachings and practices of the Mysteries. This is dead wrong, and not supported in any way by historical evidence. There is not one single fact or reference in ancient history that shows the Mysteries in that light. By tarring adepts of serpent wisdom with the same brush as the reptilian-inspired Illuminati, Icke grossly misleads his readers. By intention? I would say not. Rather, by lack of qualification in handling the material on sacred mythology and ancient esoteric traditions. Lately, perhaps, he may be taking a different view. His recent book, Human Race Get Off Your Knees, contains one sentence that qualifies his previous wholesale condemnation of the Mystery Schools as Illuminati think tanks: "Not all the Mystery Schools were of ill-intent." (p. 58). Well, fancy that, matie.

Also, just in passing, I would note that Icke now places a paramount emphasis on predatory felines, especially the lion. Icke makes the lion the icon and inspiration of humanity's strength to resist the alien predators and their historical game plan, now culminating in the globalist mafia takeover. With some allusion to Andromedan lore, as I like to call it, he traces the preterrestrial history of the human species to the Orion Nebula. According to Zulu shamanic teachings imparted to him by Credo Mutwa, Icke now asserts that "humans are from Orion" (p. 312). The claim that the human genomic template (called Anthropos in Gnostic writings) is nested in the Orion Nebula, and the crucial role of predatory felines in humanity's effort to right our course and align with the planetary animal mother are distinctive elements of the visionary practice developed on this site. And until now these two features have been unique to this site, as far as I know. Is Icke now borrowing some insight or thematic material from metahistory.org? That is up to him to say.

It is deeply concerning that Mr. Icke, with all his research into ancient cults and esoteric practices, has not been explicit in separating the benign serpent power from the reptilian menace. This omission verges on a flat-out dismissal of the divine shakti, the goddess power endowed in the human species. In some respect, Icke appears unwilling or unable to acknowledge this power. Consider his most recent book. where he describes his experience in an ayahuasca trance. Apparently, a disembodied voice pronounced to him a flurry of New Age platitudes about cosmic unity and divine love. His account of "The Voice" he heard after taking ayahuasca runs against the testimony of South American shamans and Western initiants of the ultimate snake medicine. Testimony on the repeatable and verifiable core of this experience is clear and consistent: namely, the ayahuasca trance invariably brings the subject face to face with a telluric serpent power, the sublime teacher and vision-giver of the medicine, often described as a huge, psychedelically illuminated anaconda. Isn't it odd that when Icke has the opportunity to meet, at first hand, the benign serpentine presence that he so scrupulously ignores in his expose of the reptilians, he entirely misses the chance?

Having taken ayahuasca a few times, I have to say, you can hardly miss that immense, writhing anaconda! Those glistening forty-foot coils are a little hard to overlook. I assume that Mr. Icke is reporting honestly on his ayahuasca session. Apparently, he experienced nothing of the sort. That would make his session a glaring anomaly, an exception to the many accounts of ayahuasca trance initiation. But in all fairness, it does take some people a number of sessions to break open and fully surrender to the awesome presence of the great medicine snake.

[NOTE: For the benefit of those who do not practice shamanic rituals with sacred plants, I ought to point out some, but not all, psychoactive plants, notably iboga, peyote, and ayahuasca, produce closely similar visions in everyone. The real hallucinations induced by these plants are consistent, repeatable, and predictable. Shamanic trance is not a game of "anything goes," although unfortunately it is often undertaken in that way by unprepared and untrained people who do not follow safe, well-tested guidelines, or who ingest the plants for the thrill of it, or mere recreational diversion.]

Channeled Fiction

To return to the coincidence that the oldest bound books and the oldest written records treat the same scenario: The "reptilian agenda" stands or falls on how we view the cuneiform accounts, the oldest version of the alien intrusion plot. It would be irresponsible to ignore the deconstruction of those accounts found in the Nag Hammadi Codices.

Finally, we might ask, Who wrote the cuneiform stories? The answer is, scribes in the service of the Sumerian theocrats. This answer is incomplete, however, because scribes just write things down, they do not originate what they write. Who then originated the intervention stories taken down in cuneiform by scribes? I propose that it was soothsayers and advisors in the service of the theocrats, the patriarchal tyrants of the Fertile Crescent. No ancient court was without a "Chaldean" or psychic medium, if not a whole team. Is it surprizing that psychics advising the theocrats would produce a story to please their masters: specifically, a story making the tryants out to be descendents of “gods" and, at the same time, slaves (albeit privileged ones) to the higher race that claims to have created them? This message is schizophrenically ambivalent, and as such totally consistent with the split-mind bias of channeled material and the mentality that produces it.

The Second Treatise of the Great Seth in the NHC asserts the bold heretical view that Abraham, Moses, the Patriarchs, and even Jesus the Messiah, were duped by archons. They suffered a false sense of grandiosity based on the illusion of being chosen by the off-planet father god, Jehovah, whom Gnostics identified with the archon overlord, a nasty reptilian called Ialdabaoth. The same observation of duping can be applied to the egomaniacal patriarchs who founded the first city-states in the Near East. They bought the Annunaki script hook, line, and sinker because it fed their pretensions of descent from superhuman masters, and legitimated their enslavement of the general populace. The story telepathically received by their advising soothsayers was highly appealing because it provided a divine mandate for their schemes of world domination. La plus ├ža change...

The more it changes, the more it stays the same. The picture of global realpolitik is not much different today. In fact, it's identical, and Icke is really on target on that point, but he misses the Gnostic warning about archontic fakery. Now as way back then, reptilians may appear to be running the show, but this can be so only if human complicity, and credulity, enable them to maintain the illusion of power they do not have.

In reality, the "authorities" rule by the power of illusion, not actual and veracious power. Gnostics would insist that actual power on earth comes from the earth through humanity's bond to the planetary goddess whose name is wisdom, and whose instrument is serpentine.

It may be that the archons fed the Annunaki script to ancient mediums to plant a lie in human imagination, as a test Sophia allows them to perform. (Such would be my best shot at a brief paraphrase of the baffling passage in The Apocryphon of John.) If the cuneiform stories are the product of psychic channeling in ancient times, they are no different than tales of Ramtha coming from j z knight. How reliable is such material? The scant material surviving in the NHC reflects the record of trained seers who worked in teams over millennia to explore the supernatural and investigate the prehistory of the human species. The Gnostics who detected the archons were experts in parapsychology who had a cosmic perspective centered on the divine intelligence of the earth. They learned directly from disciplined trance instruction giving them access to the planetary mind. They incorporated their learning in thousands of books and founded spiritual universities where they served as the teachers and vocational advisors of the ancient world. The preserved in imagination and practice the connection to the divine source of our species, the Pleroma, or galactic center. How reliable is that, compared to spoonfed revelations coming from a psychic medium?

The rigorous critical skills of the Gnostics can serve us well today. The reptilian agenda in its modern elaboration needs to be entirely reexamined in the light of archon theory from the Mysteries. The first step in confronting the reptilian menace is to set the story straight and see the disinformation in the cuneiform scenario, to name the game of alien deception, as Gnostics themselves did.

Jll March 27, 2005
Revised 16 October 2010 Andalucia


John Lash talks about a snake. Well I never did ayahuasca but I had an experience with a snake nevertheless. I think it was in the mid 1990's. All I remember of the situation is that I had some acid, I think it was blotter acid. I lay on my bed and then I felt a huge snake wrapped around my whole body, it felt like it was a black snake, and it was ever so slowly sliding up my body, just really slowly slowly creeping upwards. It felt so nice and comforting, like a big hug from a warm loving being. I just relaxed and allowed it to move. That was the one and only time I ever remembered having an experience with a super huge snake. This snake was, what felt like to me as wide as a basketball, wrapped around me and ever so slowly moving up from my lower body to my upper body.

Just thought I'd share that.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Reptilians & Planet Earth

"The Reptilians drove a large, hollowed out object into Earths orbit to begin the colonization process. This object is now called the Moon. Conventional science considers the Moon natural, yet it is the only known object in space that does not spin on its axis. The Moon faces the Earth in the same position all of the time, leaving one side in complete darkness. A sonic resonance sent to the surface of the Moon makes a pinging noise like a hollow object. If the Moon were solid, the noise would sound like a thump or thud. The Moon is hollow. A recent article in an astronomy magazine said that the Moon was being reclassified because it is considered to be hollow."
This excerpt is from Draconians. You can find it at:
"The Reptilians chose a large continental landmass to begin their civilization on the Earth, now referred to as Lemuria or Mu. This was a vast area in what is now the Pacific Basin, extending from Japan to Australia, and from the coast of California to Peru. The Hawaiian Islands are in the middle of this one-time landmass.

Here, an androgynous Reptilian culture developed. They brought with them the creatures that were their sustenance the dinosaurs. All beings create beneath them animals and plants that are a reflection of the mind-pattern. Reptilians create dinosaurs, humans create mammals. They are not designed to coexist on the same planet.

Additionally, the thinking process of the Reptilians differs from the human thinking process. Because Reptilians do not evolve rapidly and remain unchanging, their expansion is also slow moving and insidious. It would take several millennia for the Reptilians to decide whether or not they would coexist with humans. After all, Earth was still an outpost far from the centre of the Draconian Empire.

In the meantime, the Martians were now living underground with their hostile Maldekian guests. Something had to be done quickly to prevent them from destroying one another. So, the Martians petitioned the Galactic Federation to remove the Maldekian refugees to another planet. The Galactic Federation also received a petition from the Pleiadian Council at the same time, asking the Federation to remove the Atlans from their star cluster.

The Federation thusly decided to use the Atlans as a counterbalance on Earth. If the Atlans survived, the Maldekians would also be sent. The human/Lyraen descendants were literally throwing their own riffraff to the Reptilian colonists on Earth. In this way, the Federation would get rid of their undesirables. The undesirables would occupy the attention of the Reptilians. The Federation would gain valuable time to build their own forces against the Reptilians.

When the Atlans arrived on the Earth, they colonized what became known as Atlantis. Their continent stretched from what is now the Caribbean Basin to the Azores and Canary Islands, as well as several small island chains reaching up to what is now the East Coast of the United States, including Montauk Point.

The industrious Atlanteans rapidly grew to a large, prospering civilization needing more territory. The dinosaur population was rapidly increasing and becoming dangerous to the human colonists. The Atlanteans began destroying the dinosaurs to protect themselves. This did not sit well with the Reptilians. Soon major battles occurred on the Earth between the Lemurian Reptilians and Atlantean humans.

At the same time, the Maldekian refugees arrived on Earth. They created a large human colony in what is now the Gobi desert, northern India, Sumer, and other parts of Asia.

The Maldekians attacked the lunar surface where the Reptilians guarded their Earth outpost from invasion. The Maldekians also bombarded Atlantis and Lemuria with laser weapons. The dinosaurs were wiped out.

Additionally, the Martians also attacked the Reptilians from space since they, too, were searching for a Reptilian-free environment in which to live. This might be considered the real First World War on this planet. It was a mess!

The loss of the Martian atmosphere caused by Draco's playing billiards became the "Total Recall" legend (movie about Martian history and the oxygen war). The Draco bases there today still have no hesitation to shoot down a NASA probe, although increasingly as the US government becomes a satellite of the shape-shifters- they begin to let a few Earth probes in.

Conflict & Creation

To stop the fighting and make the Earth peaceful enough for colonization, a meeting was held by a council from the Andromeda Galaxy, on a planet called Hatona. This meeting took place outside of the Milky Way Galaxy with a neutral council because all civilizations within the Milky Way Galaxy were in some way connected to the fighting, and all had some sort of stake in belonging to the winning side.

Interesting prequel to lettersfromandromeda.com from Alex Collier (author of "Defending Sacred Ground").

The Hatona Council convened for many decades as the fighting continued in this solar system. Finally, with their intercession, an agreement was reached between some of the human factions and the Reptilian Earth colonists. Keep in mind that this agreement was without the participation of the Reptilians from the original Draco Empire.

The agreement stated that a new breed of humanity would be created on Earth that would contain the DNA of all interested parties who participated in the "peace" process. A designated area on Earth would be set aside for the creation of this new species. The Earth-based Reptilians of Lemuria agreed to this under the condition that the Reptilian body be the foundation for this new being. This is why the original Bible states, "Let us make man in our own image." This is a plural statement because it was a group project.

To achieve a new species from a Reptilian androgynous body, it was necessary to separate the genetics into male and female components. This is the allegorical story in the Bible of Adam and Eve. Creating Eve out of the rib of Adam is actually the story of separating the androgynous Reptilian body into male and female. This is why all humans on this planet have Reptilian DNA with Reptilian traits. This is also why human fetuses go through Reptilian-style development in the womb before looking humanoid.

Many prototypes were developed over millennia. Under the supervision of the Hatona Council, races were created and then destroyed when it was not acceptable by all parties. This explains why ancestors of mankind appear and then suddenly disappear in layers of archaeological analysis.

Twelve humanoid, and one Reptilian, groups donated DNA for this purpose. Mankind was developed in the area now known as Iran/Iraq, as well as parts of Africa. Hybrids were also developed on Atlantis and Lemuria. Remnants of these are seen today as the Bigfoot or Yeti in North America and Asia; the aborigines of Australia; and the pygmies and Watusi in Africa.

The African versions were created by beings from a nomadic, artificial planet known as Niburu, or Marduk. These Reptilian-like beings travel in a manufactured world looping our solar system. The Sumerians called them Annunnakki.

It is here - we would have to assume - the family of AN - with son's Enki / Enlil (Lucifer / Michael - Adon / Yahweh) arrived from Sirius techno craft - with all the Nephilim genetic disasters we called THE RETURN OF ENKI - soulinvitation.com/enki While people like Sitchin can add useful puzzle pieces like how their home atmosphere repair could gain the necessary gravity fractality using gold deposits - the Sumerian basically did not give him a clue as to the bigger galactic politic mess than triggered Enki's (Abraham) genetic experiments. After repeatedly encountering the Enki Enlil story in Australia - (fish or dolphin god vs snake god -LEVITE) - it was cool to listen to Creto Mutwa tell the Zulu KILIMANJARO means ENKI mountain!

The cosmic joke to this project is that all of the groups donating DNA secretly programmed sequences to cause their genetic strand to be predominant. This set the precedent for eternal conflict. Humanity was doomed to fight and be controlled. No one group would ever be in charge. The project was doomed for failure before it even began!

Such DNA programming invites tyranny and oppression. Soul-personalities attracted to such a planet have a victim mentality. Many advanced cultures call Earth a prison planet, and dump their criminals here as punishment. Once in a while, one of these soul-personalities reveal themselves, such as Richard Dahmer, Charles Manson, Richard Speck, and Vlad the Impaler (Count Dracula), to name a few.

DUNE was a prison colony - like Australia. Earth fits the archetype. Like in Dune however- in Earth's genetic cauldron of survival - the strongest DNA emerges: -- A 'VACCINE' for the Orion wars ? built by design? The current expression of the 2 brothers still tossing nuclear bombs then called East of Eden, today called the Middle East Conflict- may be a perfect healthy fractal of the Orion Wars - with the main warring galactic elements all nicely staged to work out a galactic conflict in a micro-cosm. This may be more however than a tempest in a teapot - because the galactic players appear to be willing to up the stakes with more intervention if their chess piece starts to lose. Enlil as Yahweh (the encoder in Bible Code) may not be willing to stand aside as his Israel under the hex Draco flag - is destroyed by yet another nuclear blast. (predicted by Bible Code and Fatima & others) . As wingmakers.com so nicely pointed out - only the TRON (BST technology) with (ignited) DNA more time travel capable can defeat such predatory ET's. These genes which time travel are precisely the jewel that always eludes Yahweh Enlil's reptile (levite) family. - they are stuck in THE CUBE - genetic software environment of the tetra- (Hebrew alphabet) which can only make a golem.

Israel was originally the genes of Enki when his Thoth Ptah line Akhanaton - took the gold from Egypt - assuming the Moses identity to start the Essenes. Trouble with the 12 tribes - genetic implosion symmetry - was when the oriental (queen Drac) Ashoka Ashkanazi - usurped the Sephartic - installing Enlil's control in Israel. (also founding the Bank of England- described below as owning the US banking).

The Reptilians ensured that the new Man would be forever attached to the Reptilian frequency because the foundational prototype was Reptilian. This meant that the new Man could easily be mentally controlled by them.

Upon discovery of this information that the Reptilians wanted control of the new race, the Atlanteans began a severe electromagnetic bombardment of Lemuria. This bombardment caused the bulk of the continent to submerge into the ocean, now called the Pacific Ocean. The only parts left above the water are the Hawaiian Islands, the California coast west of the San Andreas fault, Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific Islands, Japan, the Philippines, Taiwan, and the islands of southeast Asia.

The Reptilian survivors went to Northern India, the Earths interior, the planet Venus, and parts of Central and South America. Inner Earth became the "homeland" for most of the surviving Reptilians of Lemuria. Here, they created a vast underground civilization. This started the legends of hell and demons living in fire under the Earth. They built tubes containing fast, subway-like vehicles that can travel to any point on the Earth within a few hours. They created the famed underworld cities of Akkadia, Agartha, Hyperborea, and Shamballa that are sought by explorers to this very day. These cities are built along the inside wall of the inner crust that lines the interior of the Earth. Remember, the hollow Earth is not a theory, but a scientific fact caused by the cooling and spinning of a planet as it is ejected from a star or sun.

Shall we check to see if Meredith Lady Young, author of "AGARTHA" (book about the civilization of the inner earth) agrees?

The primary entry points to the inner Earth are via the North Pole, where there is an opening of 1300 miles, and the South Pole, with an opening of 950 miles. These can be seen from space. That is why commercial aircraft are not allowed to fly over these areas; not because of magnetic disturbances, which is the "official" reason. Admiral Byrd reported on these openings in the 1920s until his information was concealed by the government.

At the very centre, or nucleus, of inner Earth, there is a globe of energy left over from the creation of this planet that acts as an inner sun. It is the light from this object suspended by gravity and centrifugal force that causes the light of the aurora borealis.

Numerous cave entrances to the inner Earth exist in the Rocky Mountains and Sierra Mountains in the western United States, as well as less numerous openings in the Ozarks and Appalachian Mountains. Entries also exist in the Alps, Himalayas, Andes, and the Caribbean. There are also numerous sub-oceanic entry points, particularly in the deep trenches of the Pacific Ocean, the Caribbean Sea, and the Atlantic submarine mountain ranges especially on or near the Azores, Canary Islands, and the Falklands.

All of these areas are closely guarded by local governments and N.W.O. elite forces. Artificially created entrances exist under the new Denver airport, the Giza Plateau in Egypt, major Air Force complexes around the world, and many of the Temples in India and China. A major Chinese entry point is under the Shensi Pyramid that is out of bounds for everyone in Western China.

Of course, with the Reptilians off the Earths surface, the Atlanteans were free to play with this new mankind and establish humans as the ruler of this planet. They established colonies all over the remaining portions of land. They invited the Sirians to come and play with them. They booted the Marduk beings off-world and took control of their slaves. They created new hybrids for sea and land, one of which became the Merfolk, a genetic blend of human and dolphin. The dolphin species was brought here from the Andromeda Galaxy to monitor all of these events.

Whenever the Atlanteans detected underground Reptilian activity, they blasted the inner Earth with lasers and electromagnetic pulses to kill them. Unfortunately, this weakened the upper crust of the Earths top mantle riding over the trapped magma between the upper and lower crusts. After several millennia of these attacks, the Atlantean continent started to break up. Their civilization began to break up as a reflection of the physical deterioration of their continent. The Atlanteans became even more belligerent as fear and destruction overtook their mind-patterns. Black magicians and sorcerers took the place of scientists and religious leaders.

Fortunately, the population foresaw the destruction that was coming. Many refugees relocated to what is now Egypt, Peru, the Appalachian Mountains and Western Europe, just before the continent collapsed into the upper crust of the Earth. This collapse caused the Earth to flip on its axis, creating the legend of the Flood written about in the Bible, and in other world cultures.

This catastrophe was used as a window of opportunity by the groups that donated DNA to create mankind. They immediately began reorganizing the humans into new groups that became the basis for future nationalism. The Sirians helped to create the ancient Egyptian culture. Those from Tau Ceti organized the Slavic culture. The Rigelians were busy in China and the Orient.[3]

While all this was transpiring, the Reptilians saw an opportunity and seized it!


The inner Earth provided a subterranean locale for the Reptilians to regroup and formulate plans to retake the surface. At this point, the Reptilians were completely cut off from their home in the Draco constellation. Their spaceship, the Moon, was in human hands. They were alone, isolated on a now hostile planet. They needed to defend themselves.

They developed a plan to insidiously retake the surface by blending their genetics with the genetics of the surface humans. Because the human prototype already had Reptilian genetics, it was easy to access the mind-pattern. The Reptilian frequency was already established in the brain stem as well as the Reptilian brain section of these hybrid humans.

The population of Sumer was chosen as the starting point. These humans were primarily descendants of the Martian, Maldekian, and Lyraen refugees. The Reptilians have a preference for the genetics of blonde-haired, blue-eyed people whose mind-patterns and genetics are so easily controlled. They abducted members of the ruling classes, including political leaders.

Using these humans, they began a new hybridization program that took several generations to perfect. Their goal was to reach a human/ Reptilian genetic 50/50 split. This would produce a human-looking Reptilian that could easily shapeshift from Reptilian to human, then back again. Shapeshifting was accomplished simply by concentrating on the genetics the hybrid wished to open, or lock up, whatever the case may be.

For this program the Reptilians engaged the help of the Sirians who had the technology to implement such a program. The Sirians knew a lot about genetic alterations and mind-programming, which they freely shared with the Reptilians.

Once the hybridization program was complete, the Sumerian leaders were now shapeshifting Reptilians. The new Reptilian hybrid became the elite of that culture. Their blood, because of the increased Reptilian DNA, contained more of a copper content. Since copper-based blood turns blue-green upon oxidizing, these Reptilian hybrids were called "Bluebloods".

American government is probably the main focus of the current reptilian shapeshifters. Your attention is drawn to the vertical slit eyeballs which shape shift in to many US military leaders - Norman Russbacher, Rupert Murdock, etc. Pictures: were at wiolawa.com We suggested new rules requiring all government decisions and voting must take place in 20% oxygen air, to kill the shapeshifters.

The Bluebloods quickly realized that with a 50/50 human/Reptilian genetic split, it was necessary to intermarry to maintain the 50/50 split bloodline necessary to shapeshift. When the split increased too far to the Reptilian side, shapeshifting became difficult, and holding human form became impossible. In these cases, it was discovered that the ingestion of human hormones, flesh, and blood, allowed the Reptilians to maintain the human form.

Human form was necessary to maintain to avoid scaring the population, which was now not accustomed to the Reptilian form. Control of the masses was easier when the orders came from a humanoid. The Reptilian format was kept to religious icons and legends. The statues of their gods and goddesses reflect the Reptilian influence, even showing a female Reptilian holding a hybrid baby.

The shapeshifting Reptilian Bluebloods asked the Sirians for help with the daily maintenance of their human forms. The Sirians determined that feeding the hybrids human hormones and blood in an altered animal form would be the easiest way to do it unnoticed by the population.

The sacrificial animal used by most Middle Eastern people was the wild boar, so the Sirians chose it as the basis for this new animal hybrid. Human genetics were mixed with those of the wild boar to create the domesticated pig. This animal was served daily to the Bluebloods as a method of temporarily maintaining their human form until they could use an actual human in a sacrificial ceremony.

Because the domesticated pig is a combination of human and animal genetics, eating it is a form of cannibalism. This explains why the Hebrews considered it unclean to eat. This is also why the pig is considered to be the most intelligent animal on Earth, why pig skin can be grafted directly onto humans in burn cases, and why pig heart valves can be used in humans with little difficulty. Cancer drugs and other chemicals are often tested on pigs before humans.

The domesticated pig frequency, or group mind, is the perfect vehicle for animal species to enter before entering human form on their evolutionary progression. In many respects, pigs can be considered a form of humanity. To a lesser degree, the same is true about cats.

As time progressed, the civilization of Sumer declined and transformed into other cultures. Vast migrations from Sumer to other locations in Central Asia occurred. The migrating peoples took their Blueblood leaders with them, as they were their royalty and kings.

The Sumerians became known as the sum-Aryans, or just, Aryans. They spread out across Asia into the steppes of Russia and into the Northern Indian subcontinent. In India they encountered the dark-skinned Dravidians, who were Reptilian remnants from Lemuria. The Dravidians were driven to the central and southern parts of India, while the Aryan hybrids took control of the north, and into the foothills of the Himalayas. The Aryan leaders, all Bluebloods, became the Sultans and Rajas of legend and history. Sumerians also created Babylonia.

The Sumerians also migrated to the area known as the Caucasus Region, where the Khazars developed. From the Caucasus Region, the Blueblood kings and their people spread west toward Europe, developing into the Franks, Cambrians, and Teutonic nationalities. These nationalities were also being manipulated by various alien cultures like the Antarians, Arcturians, Aldebarans, Tau Cetians, and other remnants of the Lyraens, such as the Atlans. The Atlans located here eventually became the Celts.

To back-track for just a bit, I had said in a previous chapter that the descendants of the Reptilian hybrid Sumerians went into Central Asia and the Middle East. They mostly established themselves in the Caucasus Mountains and became the Khazars. From here, they spread west toward Europe, seeding the national identities for the Vikings, the Franks, the Teutonic peoples, and the Russians. Keep in mind that when Atlantis sank, some of those refugees went to Western Europe and developed into the Celts. Some went to Greece and others to the Italian Peninsula. These peoples were here before the hybrids moved in. It was during the interim time period from the destruction of Atlantis until the Sumerian descendants moved in that other alien groups started to add their genetic mix to the pot and develop individual cultures based on their home worlds.

These Blueblood leaders also infiltrated the Middle Eastern peoples, such as the Biblical Canaanites, Malachites, and Kittites.

At the same time in Egypt, the Sirians were reorganizing the Atlantean descendants there, known as the Phoenicians. The Phoenicians were blonde-haired, blue-eyed, with some green-eyed, red-haired people among them. The Phoenicians colonized the coastal Middle East and the British Isles. They even colonized parts of the North-eastern North American continent, all the way to the Great Lakes area. Some of their mines and writing son stone tablets can still be found in the woods of North America.

The Sirians were also genetically creating the ancient Hebrews. The Jewish people are actually a combination of these genetically manipulated Hebrews and the Sumerians. These Jewish people were then released into the Palestinian territory. The name, Palestine, comes from the ancient people, the Philistines, who were actually Phoenicians.

All of these mixed in the coastal plains of Palestine and created a new religion based on sacrifice and an avenging alien controller, that they called God, or Elohim.

Similarly, when the Aryans mixed with the Dravidians in India, they created the Hindu religion, which is actually a recreation of the Reptilian seven-tier hierarchy. The caste system of India is a direct copy of the Reptilian division of function.

At the same time that all of this was going on in western and central Asia, the Rigelians, were developing the remnants of Lemuria who escaped to the coast of eastern Asia. The Rigelians were a human civilization that was controlled, and eventually assimilated, by the Reptilians. The Rigelians assisted the inner Earth Reptilians in developing a hybrid that included Rigelian DNA. The Rigelian/ Reptilian hybrids set up dynasties in what is now Japan and China that developed independently of their western cousins.

In their mania for control, the Reptilians used the various races that donated DNA to the original human project. They fastidiously monitored these related sections of hybrids to determine which was best suited for overall control, and which for subservience. All the hybrids could be controlled through the Reptilian brain that hooked them into Reptilian mind-patterns, but some were more controllable than others.

In Europe, the Bluebloods insidiously took control of the various tribes and groups, becoming their kings and royalty. They infiltrated the Arcturian experiment, called the Etruscans and started to create a new global empire through the Romans. These European Bluebloods then entirely eliminated the Antarian experiment in Greece, and instigated their plan for globalization through the Roman Empire.

The Reptilians even offended the Sirians by infiltrating the Egyptian experiment and implementing their religion there.

The Reptilian hybrids became like the endometriosis of the known world, slowly growing into all areas and creating control through the Blueblood system.

Mind-Control Via Religion

The first religion on Earth was the Reptilian belief system brought by the colonists of Lemuria. Their religion believed in a God-Mind that contained a hierarchy, or caste system. This caste system was extrapolated to the several Reptilian species incorporated into the Draco Empire. Each species had its own place in the structure of their society. Every individual knew its functions and respected these boundaries. To violate these rules meant death.

The Reptilians operate as a group mind, meaning that no single Reptilian can make a decision for itself. Only the upper caste, or winged ones, have the semblance of individuality. They were, and are, the leaders.

When this religion was brought to Sumeria, the caste system was infused into society as a religious hierarchy. Remember that the colonists of Sumeria were refugees from Lyrae/Mars/Maldek. They, like the Atlanteans, maintained the original belief system of the Lyraen culture. The Lyraen belief system encouraged individuality, as well as promoted service to others as a pathway to self-growth. The Lyraens believed that red-haired people were connectors to God-Mind, and as such, used them as oracles.

The Reptilians worshipped the transparent beings from the astral planes as their creators. The transparent beings have a mass consciousness, like an Oversoul. They are basically genderless, although in terms of physical reality, their characteristics and traits render them more masculine than feminine.

When the Reptilians brought this religion to the Sumerians, they were careful to introduce it in a way that would be accepted and followed. First, they created a gender base for a gender-minded population. Then, they instilled fear to control the mind-patterns. Cleverly, they devised a religion based on a male-female, god-goddess control system. The male god was called Nimrod; the female goddess, Semiramus. They are depicted as half-human, half-Reptilian. Their appearances were designed to frighten the humans into submission.

Nimrod and Semiramis eventually became the Osiris and Isis of Egypt, and the Apollo and Athena of Greece, among many other gods. All used the male/female, god/goddess theme because it represented the original Reptilian androgyny and the separation of the human prototype into the male/female, Adam/Eve.

Because of the "masculine" tendency of the transparent people, and despite being androgynous themselves, the Reptilians prefer the powerful male over the female. They represented their androgyny in Sumer by placing three horns on the Reptilian God, Nimrod. There are many layers of symbolism to this:

-The penis and two testicles.
-Two energies uniting to create a third, i.e., the human prototype.
-The three levels of existence: hyperspace, astral, and physical.
-The three levels of awareness: conscious, subconscious, and superconscious.
-Androgyny leading to male and female sections.

Thus, the number three was an important symbol to the Reptilians on Earth. They represent this in many ways, including the lily, or fleur-de-lis with its three points. They also use the scorpion with its stinger and two piercing claws.

The advanced version of the scorpion is the eagle, which represents the scorpion in its higher form. Because of this, the eagle came to represent raising from a lower form to a higher one. It represented power and globalization. Because it was a bird of prey, it was able to capture everything beneath it, especially live food. For these reasons, the Romans always used an eagle on their staffs whenever they marched into a city or country.

Most people do not realize that all birds are descendents of Reptilian dinosaurs. Many corporate logos and superheroes of today have wings attached to them. The wings also represent the winged Reptilian leaders in the upper echelon of the Reptilian/Illuminati flowchart.

Half a continent away in China, the remnants of Lemuria created a male-dominated Empire system. Here, the male Emperor would always have a Empress. The people were told that the Emperor and Empress were descendents of the Sun-God. The symbol of the Empire was the dragon, another Reptilian figure. This "royal" family created a dynasty that ruled tight-fisted for millennia.

The Chinese Reptilian religion spread across Eastern Asia, while the Sumerian version meandered through Central and Western Asia. The spread of these religions was intentionally controlled from the underground Reptilian population, primarily centreed under Tibet. Looking at a world map, one can easily see that this is the best underground base location in Asia to reach all areas of the continent. These Reptilians were aided by beings from Sirius B who developed the Buddhist philosophies, as well as a group of renegade Lyraens trying to reproduce a Lyraen civilization under Reptilian control. Strange bedfellows!

At the same time in India, the Lemurian Reptilian refugees created a caste system that was a direct replica of the Reptilian hierarchy, from the lowly workers/untouchables to the Brahmin/winged ones. This Indian/Reptilian culture remained localized, writing the ancient Vedas and building temples to the various Reptilian gods.

Meanwhile, the Egyptians, who were Atlantean/ Lyraen refugees, were in the process of building a new civilization from the remnants of their two major ancestral ones that were destroyed. The beings from Sirius A helped them, as they were a major factor in the interactions of Atlantis.

As previously stated, in Egypt, the Reptilian gods were known as Osiris and Isis. The Egyptian panacea of gods included a large variety of hybrid creations, half-human, half-animal. This was reminiscent of the Atlantean hybrid experiments that found their way into Egyptian culture, and was promoted by the Sirians who were preparing that culture for a Reptilian takeover.

The Atlanteans were so entrenched in the original Lyraen belief system, that it took several millennia for the Reptilians to get a stronghold in that culture. Now that the remnants were scattered over the Earth and non-cohesive, it was easy to send in infiltrators (in-full-traitors) to sway the belief system toward a Reptilian flavor. This began with the introduction of the cat as a focal point of worship.

In the Sirius A star system, the main world is called Khoom. The ancient name for Egypt is Khem. There is also a correlation with Mexico. Some researchers say that the Bay of Campeche translates to the Bay of Old Egypt, indicating a connection between Egypt and the Yucatan Peninsula. This is not so. Sirians who interacted with Atlantis named this area after their home world, and then carried the name on to the new refugee culture in Egypt.

Our info- is that the word KHEM for Egyptaus (Egypt) meant from the BLACKNESS- for the black or dark copper based nubian blood of Thoth / Enki RA line- which founded it. Evidence would include the black Zulu culture whose name for God - ENKI as in the KILIMANJARO - suggests their own black genetic origins with Enki (RA - abRAham) and his son Thoth. Later the word KHEM meaning BLACK hole became alchemy and CHEMistry - from the IMPLOSION principle of the ABILITY to MAKE black holes (which Gold's electron valence fractality enables). Hence alCHEMy of the heart is the fusion ability which results from perfecting compression (compassion) implosion.

Another planet in orbit around Sirius A is a world called Kilroti. Here, the Sirians created high-intelligence cat-like beings. These cat-like beings are called the Lion People. In the 1970s and 1980s, the government created a cartoon for children that described these beings.

In the high astral levels, there is an etheric race of Lion Beings who are gold, have wings, and violet eyes. The name of the race is Ari. Ari is also the old Hebrew word for lion. Their frequency is more powerful than the dolphin frequency. The Ari created the Ohalu Council that governs the Sirius A star system.

This fits interestingly with Anna Hayes (Voyagers series books, and Amenti - see also soulinvitation.com/amenti ) who claims that the REASON the Sphinx is Lion or cat lion shaped is that the star elders of the interventionist Annunaki (Nephalim) were Leonine or cat/lion like. So it was politically correct for the fallen Annunaki to claim that THEIR God was the Lion being. If your God is stronger than your enemies God, you have a problem in war, so your statue (the Sphinx) proves you have the right God (The Lion elders of Sirius) on your side.

We wonder why Swerdlow did not suggest that ARY - an .... means LION-based An-nunaki - instead of sum-aryan.

The Kilroti were generated by mixing the genetics of the Sirians with the energy of the Ari. This is what was brought to ancient Egypt. As the non-physical energy descended into physical reality, DNA formed that could be used to create corporeal life.

This was then mixed with human and wild lion DNA to form the common house cat found on Earth. The cat was given to every home in ancient Egypt, and programmed to leave at night to report back to their alien controllers. This is why cats to this day have the urge to go out at night. This also explains their aloof nature.

The Sirians incorporated worship of the cat idol into the Egyptian religion to ensure the perpetuity of this method of spying. The Sirians also built the Sphinx as a symbolic reminder of the blending of human genetics with lion frequency. This was a way to energetically bind future civilization to the Sirians. The Sphinx was designed to face the morning star Sirius A every day. The face on the Sphinx is identical to the face on the Mars monument that looks down to the Earth at the Sphinx.

Sirian technology built the complexes at the Cydonia plateau on Mars, upon the arrival of the first Lyraen refugees. The new Martians were unaware of the close Sirian connection to the Reptilians.

The original pyramids, built after the destruction of Atlantis, were energy points. They were the same shapes underground as above, making them into octahedrons. At their centre is a tetrahedron. This master shape is the archetype symbol for God-Mind totality. Anything at its exact centre is absolutely protected. The octahedron is also the shape of the Delta-T antenna used at the Montauk Project. This shape, when energized in the proper color codes, causes interdimensional rifts, creating vortices and wormholes. Rituals performed at this centre point produce vast energies that can be transmitted through hyperspace to anywhere in creation.

We saw Preston Nichols spin the Delta T - octa antenna of Montauk - in model - at various psychotronic conferences. It seems neither he nor Swerdlow understood the reason it was later called DECA DELTA- as only when the octa/cube is tilt spun into dodeca ( soulinvitation.com/merkabbah ) do you get implosive compression that becomes superluminal and time penetrating acceleration thru C light speed. Observe to dodeca antenna required for time travel in the movie "CONTACT".

Some researchers claim that the pyramids were pumping stations for underground Nile tributaries. This is only partially true. Because water is an electromagnetic amplifier, it was used to surround the ritual chamber located in the Delta-T to boost ritual energy. Using these methods, the ancient Egyptians controlled weather, destroyed enemies, created stargates, and boosted their Reptilian energies in ceremony. This is also why the Montauk Project was located near vast amounts of water.

The Great Pyramid is part of a protective solar system grid, linking the Moon and Mars monuments together to produce a force field to repel invaders. The Great Pyramid is also connected to other points on the Earth such as Stonehenge, a submerged Atlantean crystal, Tiahuanaco, Ayers Rock, and the White Pyramid in western China. Together, they form an energy containment field similar to an electric fence. The HAARP project in Alaska taps into this.

Meanwhile, a dynastic culture similar to the Reptilian Chinese dynasties was forming in Egypt. The Reptilian control religion based on Osirus and Isis fanned out over northeast Africa and the Middle East. At the same time the Reptilian Sumerian cult of Nimrod and Semiramus fanned out over Central Asia.

A unification of these beliefs was necessary to accomplish the plan set forth from the beginning. This is why Abraham originated in the Sumerian city of Ur, journeying westward toward the Middle East. It was no accident that the followers of Abraham wound up in Egypt, where the Sirians then created the Hebrews. The Hebrews were destined to be the cultural prototype for the future world.  This is why they were programmed to wander all over the Earth and influence all existing cultures.

(again-Italics are Dan Winter comments) This would all imply that if Enki is in fact the RA in abRAham - that his genetic engineering exploits with his sperm to make Eve fertile using cro-mag egg implanted in his half sister Draco Inanna / Ninhursag - - - was part of a more insidious plan from his Sirian AN family? It fits that his exploits descend from UR because that is the name of the DRAC line. (n-ibi-URu, URushalaem / Jerusalem, il-UR-u, h-ibi-URu / Hebrew , ur-man /roman/romanian ,UR-ban ) We would have to expect that the (part DRAC?) Father he shared with Yahweh Enlil, was half borg machine (Hark-onen, Sarkdauer, Darth Vader...etc). more at Return of Enki - soulinvitation.com/enki It also fits that Enki's dad AN = antu the sirian SUN GOD (tuethe de dANaan- people of the Gods) (called BIKI by Australian aboriginals) - was able to act distant and aloof even seemingly heartless to the creature-lings of Earths seeming pathetic slave borgs. Today - Swerdlow's description of the Sirius A politics perfectly fits that picture. They will stand back, having sold guns to both sides, impartially waiting to see who wins- and assume education and evolution requires the blood spill. Very much connected to the politics of the west Europe arms munitions families (presumably in Bush's family group) who got great corporate return for their investment in paying for the sub-sonic scalar device (a near tower base lo frequency vibrator) that took down New York's twin towers (evidenced by the seismic trace).

Our supposition that Enki (Ra, AbRAham, Aton, Thoth, Hermes and the Akhanaton- Moses - Jesus myth / line they sired) was colored to try to prevent the total parasitic eating of the tak-adama (adam and eve) blood line (you and me) even against the more DRAConian wishes of his family- because he essentially fell in love with his own genetic creation. And even possibly that he perceived eventually that the blood lines he crossed could be the vaccine in the Orion wars giving the remnant humanoids from many star cultures a chance IF they could (bliss) ignite their DNA to enough gravity making to out-steer their creator parasite ancestors??? (the BST of wingmakers.com)

With all of this as a background, the Reptilian Bluebloods now needed to form a global empire that would encompass the cultures that they had inspired. They needed to counteract the other alien groups that had been working diligently in Europe to create more human civilizations.


Created by an ET group, the creators traveled back in time and space with genetic material to support the disintegration of the Lyraen civilization. With seven different types of Draco races, the leader group is a seven to eight foot tall winged reptilian-type creature. Above is pictured a warrior used to conquer and occupy a planet. The slender four to five foot Draco similar to a lizard performs menial tasks and aids in abductions.

Harsh, warlike beings who feel little emotion, the Draco have no regard for culture or other beings. Most Draco are androgynous and reproduce by parthenogenesis, or cloning. One special group that is completely male creates hybrid races that conquer others.

The Earths Moon is a Draco planetoid placed in orbit aeons ago during the time of the Lemurian colonization. With the intention to divide and conquer, they are known to be brutal, as with Rigel by boiling oceans, scorching landmasses, etc. The Draco have vast underground bases on Earth and colonies on Venus.

A second Moon has been stationed over the Earth. It arrive behind the Hale-Bopp Comet in 1997. These are pure Reptilians. The hybrids, Illuminati, are in control of the Earth.


1. The Sirians were at war with the Orion system. This hostility exists to this day.  It is intriguing since the beings in Orion were once very human, as Lyraen colonists, and then were taken over by the Reptilians. However, the Sirians and the Reptilians trade with each other and the beings from Sirius A sell weaponry to the Dracos! A complex political situation indeed.

2. The comet also caused the planet Uranus to flip on its side. It is the only known planet that rotates north-South instead of East-West.

There follows excerpts from the book:

Montauk:The Alien Connection, by Stewart Swerdlow

Edited by Peter  Moon, Expansions Publishing Co.

Comments in italics are from Dan Winter, the rest is a quote directly from the book- pages mentioned..


Speaking in succession from right to left, the first one was a large reptilian creature who looked like a lizard stuffed into a black uniform. He spoke with a hissing noise in a language that sounded guttural and severe. Simultaneously, I heard the meaning of his words in my head. A member of a vast empire that spanned a large portion of the galaxy, his people are attempting to occupy all of the star systems on the outer fringes of this galaxy, eventually working their way inward. A defector, he now advises this council on the possible activities of these invasion forces.

According to the lizard, the Earth was invaded many thousands of years ago by an army of his people that arrived in a huge ship that is now the moon of Earth.

numerous sources- including we understand NASA's seismic data - confirm the moon is a hollow metal framework, towed in here, and infested internally with Greys and Dracs

Another such ship is on its way, he said, destined to arrive before the end of this century (as we calculate time).

Several sources - among them Alex Collier, have insisted artificial planetoids - like Hale Bopp's tow ins - were headed here in comet gravity tails - filled with invading Dracos. The sun cruisers in the solar / mercury near orbit - visible on several web sites - are said to be examples of these. Alex's Andromedan material specifically predicted the comet would drop the invasion ships in a temporary near Mercury orbit.

After being driven off the Earth by settlers from the Lyraen Empire, his people went underground.

Most of the Lemurian epoch stories suggest that the end of the Lemurian continent was a war with a reptialian race, which the humanoids won against the reptilians - but at the cost of the environment- forcing the humanoid surviving remnant underground- where their blood became more red and dependant on iron to bond oxygen (as opposed to the humanoid remnant who fled at that point largely to Sirius and Pleades where they became more blue / copper blood.)

There, they remain in stasis until they are to be reactivated by the incoming ship. These reptilians also maintain bases on Venus and on some of the moons of the outer planets. Because his people are male only, they created females for the sole purpose of breeding. Despite this, cloning is their primary method of reproduction. In conclusion, the lizard added that I would someday convert his people to the Light because my soul was an emissary to them many years ago. Remembering me, they would respect what I said to them.

The next one to speak was an amphibian-type being who looked very much like the Creature from the Black Lagoon.Slimy and moist, his body was covered with a scaly, greenish-grey skin. Breathing heavily, his thoughts flooded my brain. His civilization was the original inhabitant of Earth before the others arrived. At that time, Earth was mostly water and marshes. Devastated by mankind and aliens alike, there remain only a few pockets of his people at the deepest depths of the oceans. From time to time they come to dry land to sun themselves, thus creating the basis for the legendary mermaids and mermen. This species worked closely with the Atlanteans before that continent sank. They served as liaisons between mankind and the whales and dolphins. He said that these sea mammals are advanced races from another galaxy. Most of his people were lifted off-world to underground oceans on Neptune. This maneuver was facilitated by benevolent ET groups. Continuing, he told me that I have dolphin DNA; therefore, I could learn to communicate with his species in order to help mankind and the dolphin/whale systems.

Next, a being on the opposite side of the table spoke. Looking like a small dark-haired human, his eyes were so dark that they almost shined. His eyes seemed to pierce right through my own, and I found it difficult to look at him. Claiming to represent the Federation of Planets of this galaxy, he said that there are over 120 different member civilizations. Someday, Earth will be asked to join, but only if they are successful in repelling the invasion force. Otherwise, Earth could become a target by the Federation until the reptilians are removed.

This dark-haired human said that I was selected to speak with all of these aliens because each species had contributed to my DNA creation. I was made for the express genetic purpose of belonging to many different groups. Because of that, each group would be more willing to listen to me and accept my ideas since I partially belonged to them. Continuing, he said that my soul-personality had agreed to this mission long ago, undergoing training in many galaxies and alternate universes. He said that much of what they told me now would stay hidden in my cellular memory until each piece of information becomes necessary. Future hardships and sadness would condition me for my mission. Not wanting to hear any of this, I tensed up to the point of vomiting. The next thing I remember, I was still in the chair with another being talking to me.

This creature was a pale greyish-white. He possessed large, round, black eyes and a long nose. A short curtain of material draped around the back of his large head. His thin mouth did not move as he spoke words inside my head. With a harsh attitude, this grey claimed to be from the Rigel star system. Although he did not want to be part of this meeting, his overlords insisted that he attend it. His job was to monitor the procedures since I was once a part of their race, too. His home world was once part of the Lyraen civilization. After that culture disintegrated, the reptilians invaded his planet. Now his people are part of that empire and as such, do their bidding. From time to time he would send his workers, smaller grey creatures, to check up on me. Most of the time I would not remember it except as a bad dream.

Michael Ash - the supposed chief time empath from Montauk - had described to me how unpleasant and interventionist the many Rigelians were - who he encountered at Montauk. Also notably in the Buehler / Thoth materials- Thoth ( son of Enki / Adonai / Ra / Hermes) insists his blood is blue / black because HE WAS FROM RIGEL IN ORION. I suspect this was the ancestral family of Enki / Ra 's mother AIDA who was winged Drac.. "Ptah Taal" (Thoth - Nubian - blue black blood - was the reason the original name for EGYPT was KHEM - which means from the BLACKNESS - the term alCHEMy therefore means- science of making black holes. It was Thoth - Hermes family who impregnated Aksenpaten - which became the Tut / Magdalen story - and BLACK MADONNA). In Alex Collier - Andromedan papers (Defending Sacred Ground - etc.) Read about the origin of the term PTAH in Egypt (RA /ENKI'S line ) from the term PTAH TAAL - meaning 11th dimensional or Bird Tribe - but more probably WINGED DRAC or CIAKAR or MOTHMAN - The source of the psychokinesis in the DNA - ENKI - RA - AbRAham - used in his own sperm to make Adam and EVE fertile. (read Return of Enki- soulinvitation.com/enki )

There would come a time when these greys would be at war with some of the worlds represented at this meeting. My job would then be to monitor the activities and report the findings to my controllers. My body contains chemicals needed by his race. The grey said that his race also looked human until war contaminated their environment, genetically degenerating them. My body was presented to them as a temporary token of hope and peace. Allowed to use my genetics for the purpose of upgrading their dying species, they could not purposefully harm me, permanently kidnap me, or allow me to remember what they did to get what they needed from me. These were the rules that all abided by to keep the status quo while at the same time benefiting from my creation.

If my mission failed, or if any of the participants in this project no longer wished to continue, then I would be removed to a safe place while the others fought amongst themselves, possibly even on the surface of the planet Earth. Finally, he told me that his people merely wished to correct the errors committed against them in order to evolve. They wished to become independent of the reptilians and recreate their old civilization before it was too late. Their dilemma was that, if they attempted this, they would be destroyed completely by their masters. On the other hand, if they continued with their masters orders, they would be targeted by the Federation planets. Because they felt hopeless, they looked out only for themselves.

At this point, the last being at the council tale, who sat in the middle, interrupted the Rigelian. This being was very tall. Standing up, he raised his arms to either side. The beautiful white robe he wore was trimmed in a blue that I had never seen before. His large head was round on top with a pointed chin. Standing with his arms outstretched, he remarkably resembled a living ankh. His oval eyes were brilliant blue; his skin ivory white. By far, he was the most impressive being at this gathering. When his thoughts filled my head, I could not even think of my own name! As he spoke, I saw words in a strange language swirling ethereally around his head.

Sequences of brain cortex charge domains in compression symmetry - origin of ancient alphabets - (compare- Hebrew - the software environment for a central borg computer doing genetic intervention - versus OPHANIM - bird tribe- origin of STARGATE the movie).. and physics symmetry elements of creation..

He told me his name, but I cannot remember it. Coming from the planet Khoom in the binary Sirius star system, his people were descendents of non-physical beings who inhabited hyperspace, a region of consciousness existing outside of linear time and space. They created the ancient Egyptian civilization as well as the Jewish people and gave them the Torah. The Crystal Skull was their creation, and they were in charge of many events in the galaxy and beyond. My soul-personality was from his people because it was the only type advanced enough to animate such a hybrid body as my own. Possessing the most advanced technology in the universe, all the other species came to these Sirians for information. Now, as an adult, I realize that this group also plays one civilization against the other to benefit evolution as well as their own species.

We know Enki / Enlil (Adonai - Lucifer - versus Yahweh Michael) father was most likely from Sirius. In a holdout position trying to save the last humanoid remnant against the onslaught of the borg machine Empire (Empire Strikes back become real). We suspect he (ANTU / or BIKI as the abos call him- literally SUN GOD / AN ) was half machine - but not happy about that (correct history describing Muab Dib's father line - Harkonen - half machine in DUNE - and Luke Skywalker's father Darth Vader - half machine in Star Trek - a Phyllis Schlemmer originated story). What is confusing is the Andromedan material - has insisted Sirius A was non-interventionist in it's political relation with EARTH - while Sirius B was more interventionist (interfere with indigenous genepools without regard to the PRIME DIRECTIVE).

This note hints that all the good DNA called Hebrew - actually descended from Enki in Egypt (the books: OUT OF EGYPT, & HOUSE OF THE MESSIAH & COPPER SCROLLS - present overwhelming evidence- the Rabbi's lied about Israel being Moses origin - Moses was the name Akhanaton took - when Enlil / Amun - took over Egypt & while he swiped the family gold to found the Essenes). The thing missing here is the SOURCE of the good Sirian DNA - which is actually winged Draconian.. Enki's mom. The crystal skull was a decadent control device used later by a fallen MAG matriliny who lost the skill to pass racial memory in a real skull touch. - see origins of BAPHOMET.

Stewart Swerdlow relates: 

That night, the session was most interesting. After I was entranced, a small white being, who looked like a typical grey, entered my body. Speaking at first in a strange language that only Duncan understood, it then spoke in English as the tone became more ominous. This being said that it had every right to take possession of my body because I was one of them! Challenging this remark, Preston said that I was a human being with a soul from God, and no one was allowed to use the body except Stewart. The entity cursed Preston and called him Pressed On. It said I worked for them and was carrying out a mission vital to the success of their program on Earth.

Both Preston and Duncan saw the physical shape of my body change as if it were a grey alien body. The outline of my face similarly changed. Then, the being started to move my body. Getting up, it walked around while making nasty comments about those present. Although my eyes were closed, my body walked around the room as if it were wide awake.

When Preston started to ask questions about their agenda, the being hesitated. Next, an extremely powerful entity literally pulled the grey from my body as it took over. Identifying itself as a Draco commander, it gave its name as Gengeeko. Preston immediately understood the Draco to be powerful, reptilian warriors. The creature told Preston that an invasion force was on its way to Earth and that nothing could stop it. The moon orbiting the Earth was their first craft. It had arrived here aeons ago to control the planet. After creating the Lemurian civilization, they had been removed from the Earth by the Atlans and the descendents of the disbanded Lyraen Empire with the help of the Pleiadians. Now, the Draco were returning to reclaim the Earth and use it as a military base for entry into the rest of the galaxy. At this point, I realized that this was why so many races were interested in the Earth. If this planet falls, then the rest of the galaxy is in danger.

The Draconian then stood up and rasped a warning at Preston not to use his equipment or Pleiadian contacts to try to stop them. Next, he physically attacked Preston! Both Duncan and Preston had to restrain this being in my body until it finally sat down and resumed its speech. Claiming that humans were weak, it said that humans needed the order that an invasion would bring. This way, the invasion would benefit everyone. The Draco would receive the raw materials, workers, and food that they needed for their invasion into the rest of the galaxy. The Earth would be protected forever by the Draco Empire.

Our leaders were well aware of the impending invasion, gradually preparing the world population via television shows and movies. Even rulers in some countries were humans with Draco soul-personalities. The reptilian within my body expanded upon his ideas by saying that the United Nations would be the forum for a central planetary government. United States leaders were in league with Draco allies without realizing it. Some of the leaders of this planet had prepared escape plans to Mars where equipment was already being activated, as well as to other planets and moons in this solar system. Mars has a huge underground facility built by the Sirians over 500,000 years ago.

Gengeeko said that my body could be used since I was once an ambassador to their home world from the Ohalu Council, the ruler of the Sirian star system. I was neutral and not really concerned about who was in power. This is basically true for me; I am not a political person. My main interest lies in helping individuals to advance their souls and minds. Continuing, Gengeeko stated that I was created with alien genetics and that my soul-personality was not human nor from this star system. This explains why I have so many mental abilities that are considered unconventional on Earth.

When I came out of this trance several hours later, my body was dehydrated and extremely cold. Disoriented and confused, I did not return to normal for almost two days. In addition, I suffered rectal bleeding, shortness of breath, and severe shivering. Overall, it was not a pleasant experience.


The next time Preston used Wilhelm Reich procedures, he brought his tape recorder. An entity calling itself Tubor entered my body with such force that I shuddered hard and nearly fell to the floor. Claiming to be the Draco controller of a mission to prepare Earth for occupation, Tubors main concern was other alien and human influences on the population that might thwart their plans. These reptilian beings were extremely nasty and hostile toward anyone who questioned them. Tubor commented that it was disgusted with my body and detested the way a human felt. Humans were considered to be weak, fragile, and too prone to emotional reactions.

Insisting that I had a contract with them which permitted them to use my body before their official arrival, Tubor said that I was also destined to be a liaison during the invasion. Using a human in this way would allow both sides to understand the mind-set of the other. I had supposedly agreed to this because I was once the Sirian ambassador to their home world as well as to Arcturus and a planet called Umo. As the Sirian ambassador, I had successfully negotiated a technology contract between the Draco and the Sirians, Sirius A agreed to provide the Draco with high technology in exchange for free trade and passage of their vessels anywhere within the Draco Empire. This contract upset the Orion Confederation because, being controlled by the Draco, they would never be free. The signing of this contract eventually provoked a war between the Orion Confederation and Sirius A which continues to this day.

Tubor also told us that the Montauk Project employed Sirian technology. The Draco observed all experiments but were especially interested in the ones that involved genetic manipulation. Because they are an androgynous race, the Draco are exceptionally interested in species that procreate sexually. Using sexuality as a means of programming people and gaining mind control over the masses was particularly fascinating to them.

Whenever Preston asked questions or stated an opinion, Tubor became angry. He called Preston Pressed Onand referred to Duncan as Dunk Can.At times, Tubor hissed and swung his arms toward them. Tubor even tried to hurt my body by hitting or twisting parts of it. About an hour later, another entity pushed into me and threw Tubor spinning away. After falling limp to the floor, my body then stood up again.

Claiming to be a Sirian, this being gave its name as Mishka. He said that he forced his way into the body to show me how to deflect hostile use of my body. Since I had Sirian DNA, I could easily learn how to defend myself using my abilities. Mishka said that he lived on a large Sirian space station called Calumba which orbited between Earth and Mars. This station was designed to monitor interference on Earth and surrounding planets. The Sirians were independent and considered to be the merchants of the universe. With the highest technology available in their possession, many races came to them for help. Even all the weapons used by the Draco came from Sirius. When Preston remarked that this made them guilty of hurting others, Mishka had an answer. He replied that without Sirian weapons, the Draco would use brutal force to overwhelm their targets. In this way, the Sirians considered themselves to be a mitigating force in the galaxy.

Over the next several months, Mishka, Mishkas assistant Marshak, Tubor, and Gengeeko used my body to deliver warnings and ultimatums. I was given information that the USSR was in league with the Draco and allowing them to use Soviet bases for advance operations. But, the USSR would eventually break up into smaller nations and disrupt the agreement. When this happened, I was told that this was a deception to lull the rest of the world into a false peace. The various Soviet governments were closely aligned with each other. When the opportunity was right, the Soviets would pounce on the unsuspecting countries. In this way, the Draco had a powerful ally on Earth to do their dirty work for them.

P.142 143

The rest of the conversation involved information about the Sirian interest in Israel and the Jewish people. The Jews, he said, were created as a joint effort between the Sirians and the Draco. The genetic stock came from the Hebrews, a race of Sirian origin. The Ohalu Council, comprised of the leaders of the Sirian civilization, provided the Torah (the first five books of Moses, i.e., the Old Testament of the Bible) with its coded information that I would learn to decipher. In fact, the Ohaluans are nonphysical beings who remain in hyperspace. The Sirians are their physical descendents. Ancient Hebrew is the language of this council. A holy language, it comes directly from the Mind of God. Each letter is a symbol, number, archetype, and geometric shape that is used to translate from the spiritual into the physical.

In fact, each chapter of the Old Testament can be decoded to letter patterns. When recurring patterns are matched against one another, geometric shapes are formed.

These include a doughnut shape, diamonds, three-dimensional triangles, etc. When all the patterns are enfolded on one another, a tetrahedron is formed in multidimensionality. That is to say, the shape can only be demonstrated on paper by drawing a three-dimensional tetrahedron. However, its actual shape goes far beyond anything that can be shown graphically with current technology. All letters of the Hebrew alphabet can be seen within the shape of the tetrahedron.

In the ancient Hebrew alphabet there are four letters that have a stylized crown on top of them. No one knew why. However, if all of the other letters were somehow forgotten, except for those four special ones, by using these four, the tetrahedron could be reconstructed and all the other letters again found within the shape.

Scientists in Jerusalem and New York are only now realizing the information encoded within the Old Testament as they review it by computer and research the various letter patterns. What type of mind could have created such a timeless document? Certainly not a human one.

At the conclusion of our conversation, Elsinob told me to return to bed. Walking back to my room, I noticed that the glow suddenly stopped. The moment my head touched my pillow, I went into a deep sleep. At 4:45 A.M., the alarm rang. When I awoke, I remembered everything. That is when I became afraid.


I also learned that there were originally twelve root races on the Earth at the beginning of life on this planet. What this means is that there were twelve original alien races that agreed to genetically manipulate and seed life on this planet as part of a great experiment. The purpose was to determine if all of the man frequencies in the galaxy could live together harmoniously or if they would destroy one another.

These twelve alien races monitored their contributions to the experiment over the millennia. Some lost interest while some completely altered their original ideas. In any event, the twelve races are returning to remove or aid their part of the project before invasion forces arrive on Earth and usurp all of the resources and people. The outcome of this invasion is yet to be determined.

Many of the original races keep bases in this solar system to watch the Earth. A Sirian base on Mars has existed for many thousands of years. The Amphibians have bases on Neptune and on Titan, a moon of Saturn. The Draco, who are the invading reptilians, have bases on Venus as well as under the Earth. The Pleiadeans have a base on a moon of Jupiter. Many others maintain platforms or stations in orbit around the Earth and other planets in this solar system. Most of them do not want to be discovered yet.

In the early 1990's, I was contacted by a man in Los Angeles on behalf of Marina Popovich, the Soviet cosmonaut who was on a lecture tour in this country.  Secretly, she was investigating the disappearance of a Soviet spacecraft that had been on a reconnaissance mission to Mars. While approaching Phobos, a Martian moon, a strange- looking craft emerged from behind that moon, fired something at the Russian probe, and the ship was never heard from again.

Ms. Popovich knew my family history in Russia (remember, my great-uncle was the first president of the Soviet Union), and she knew about my background and training. She was interested to hear what I had to say about the missing Russian craft.

After several attempts to converse via phone, Marina was suddenly sent back to Moscow. To my knowledge, she never returned. I never had the chance to tell her that a Sirian vessel destroyed the Soviet probe on behalf of the U.S. government and the Israelis! Apparently, there were those people who did not want the world to find out about the monuments on Mars. These same people did not want the public to know that Americans were already working with beings from Tau Ceti who were the progenitors of the Slavic races. Although the Sirians, Tau Cetians, Russians, Israelis, and Americans were theoretically all working together against the Orion Confederation and the Draco Empire, each had their own agenda and withheld information from each other. The Americans and the Israelis wanted primary control so they can eventually dominate the world. They reasoned that the government with the most exclusive information and technology would win.


Montauk: The Alien Connection Reveals the most amazing story yet to surface in the area of alien abduction. This is an autobiographical and factual account from Stewart Swerdlow, a gifted mentalist who was born clairvoyant but haunted by strange time-space scenarios. After suffering alien abductions and government manipulations, Stewart found Preston Nichols and discovered his own role in time travel experiments known as the Montauk project. After refusing to break his association with Nichols, Stewart was incarcerated by the authorities, but the truth began to reveal itself. Struggling for his life, Stewart used his mental abilities to overcome the negative influences surrounding him and ultimately discovered the highest common denominator in the alien equation an interdimensional language which communicates to all conscious beings.


Montauk: the alien connection is an intriguing new twist to the Montauk saga which elevates the entire subject to a higher octave.

Lizard-like aliens descended upon ancient Mayans and interbred with them, producing "a form of life they could inhabit, they fluctuated between a human and iguana appearance through chameleon-like abilities." [1] 
[1] Trance Formation of America, by Cathy O'Brien with Mark Phillips.

Quetzalcoatl: the Mayan god whose name means "feathered snake." Suggestive. What sort of reptile has feathers? A flying reptile?

A feathered snake. A flying reptile. A dragon. Draco, the Athenian "lawgiver" ("law", from the Old English word "licgan" meaning "to lie.") He, the aforesaid Draco, meaning "dragon", gives lies (laws) to the Athenians. They say his laws are draconian.

Edgar Allen Poe, according to an article in New Federalist, was a counter-intelligence operative serving the U.S. government in the first half of the 1800s. Thus, Poe's stories possibly hint at an insider's knowledge of events. From what vision-world did H.P. Lovecraft perceive and write about "the Great Old Ones who lived ages before there were any men... They had shape but that shape was not made of matter... the Great Old Ones spoke to (the first men) by molding their dreams; for only thus could Their language reach the fleshy minds of mammals... (One day, the Great Old Ones would appear openly.) The time would be easy to know, for then mankind would have become as the Great Old Ones, free and wild and beyond good and evil, with laws and morals thrown aside and all men shouting and killing and reveling in joy. Then the liberated Old Ones would teach them new ways to shout and kill and revel and enjoy themselves..." [2]
[2] "The Call of Cthulhu", by H.P. Lovecraft

In Ohio, a strange ancient mound in the shape of a serpent. What creature tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden? Perhaps it was a feathered snake

We have, to varying degrees, an area in our brains called "the reptile brain." "This ancient area of the brain is driven by another prehistoric segment which some neuroanatomists call the R-complex." [4] "Blue bloods" are the progeny of the Draco/Eve copulations: they, the "blue bloods," have a more pronounced R-complex than we do. These lizard-like beings are peculiar; they are cold-blooded. From the fish to the lizard... And even the venerated H.P. Lovecraft had a strange atavism: "He (Lovecraft) seems to have developed a rare, little-understood affliction called poikilothermism. The victim loses the normal mammalian ability to keep his body's temperature constant, regardless of changes in the ambient temperature. His (Lovecraft's) body assumes the temperature of its surroundings, as if he were a reptile or a fish." [5]

[5] Lovecraft, by L. Sprague de Camp.
Understand that H.P. Lovecraft need neither have been necessarily evil nor good: that struggle was his. But Lovecraft, through traces of atavistic throwback, had an ability to tune in on a more subtle vibration. His dreams and visions were assisted by his poikilothermism and evidently heightened R-complex.
Robert MorningSky described in detail the difference between the great Angelic "Aku" vs "Dracu" forces in spiritual history. The Aku translate to "bird tribe, " Ophanim", a lineage focused on the use of spiritual power of the mind and visualization. The Ophanim appear to be the inspirers of the great body of the bird shape in the Templar Cathedra Zodiac landscape. The Aperture from Sirius to Orion in the transmigration of souls, being again the magnetic issue.

The Dracu translate to Draconian, Reptilian, Setian, forces focused on technological and mechanical evolution, generally associated with control by fear and aggression.

In the Gnosis article about John Dee booby trapping the future, the message is indeed that the planting of the Ophanim inspired Enochian letters was leverage to avoid apocalyse. If we translate Apocalyse at one level as an Epoch of the Ellipse as Jay suggests, then Enochian calls become leverage to face the Draconian/Reptilian presence on the Ellipse of Hale Bopp. (The Fourth HorseMan??).

Interestingly, when John McGovern, our Australian shamnic friend, told the Aboriginals he was going to call down the Angelic forces, they responded with fear at the anger the Angelics would have.

They believed there would be retribution for not have kept the strict martital breeding laws of the ancient angelic ones. This rang a chord from the Morningsky description of the origins of our sex guilt coming from the early DNA experiments which required strict attention to which breeding pairs were permitted to mate, to preserve the most self-aware self-replicating forces in the genepool. Mating decisions were sacred, and required elaborate rubrics for permission. This is still true of Aboriginals today.

Vincent described the attempt of the Shadow government to re-incarnate/ contact the forces of Set. You described the danger of the incarnation of Ahrimann. The parallels are too dramatic to ignore. The terms Draconian, Typhon, Reptilian, Sauroid, Set, Ahrimanic etc.. seem rather interchangeable.

Angelic communication apparently has the pure principle of symmetry operations based on recursion. This would be our way of embedding our lives inside their waveform. According to Vincent, the Ophanim need to know that we have attempted to speak their language. The symbol set they have given us is the Enochian keys. The wave guide shapes of the Enochian alphabet are reminiscent of the black hole geometries which Bentov saw as the cookie cutters aligning the eddies within which galaxies were created (in his Cosmic Book). Their name and shape and waveguide in principle were all one.

The heart of the Enochian script seems to be this pent (5) inside a 7 spin. This is clearly the 5 cube hypercube in the seven spin tetra inside icosa. The five spin space of the Hypercube/dodeca nests in the seven spin of the Heart muscle, based on the 7 spins of the tetra, note parallel to Enochian:

This is much more fractal than the cubeocta (unpacked tetra) geometric root of the Hebrew symbols. Clearly, the Iburu script for gene spicing the the Hebrew was a more regional and parochial kind of symmetry set.

John Dee could not or would not shake our world by practicing the Enochian he was taught. Apocalyse awaited. Now with Apocalyse apparently here, the time for "calling all angels" may well be at hand.

Robert Morning Sky, half Apache and half Hopi "Indian," has authored two books: Guardians of the Grail and
The Terra Papers. Mr. Morning Sky says that his grandfather found one of the creatures which survived the crash of an unusual aircraft near Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947. The creature, it is said, told Morning Sky's grandfather some secrets. In his book, The Terra Papers, Mr. Morning Sky reportedly claims a reptilian race from Orion, a constellation seen in the night sky, conquered Earth long ago and made us their property. Intermediaries between the reptilians and the humans were what is called the plutocracy. These "human servitors of the snake-people founded the Bank of England... to control the world by financial hocus-pocus." [7]

[7] Everything Is Under Control, by Robert Anton Wilson. ISBN: 0-06-273417-2

The politics as described by Morningsky, were of an alliance between a more rebellious Sirian Prince geneticist and the Aku- Bird Tribes. The undertow was of a seed to a gene pool which could link the heavy emotions and passion of the Reptilian/Draconian, with the high spiritual intention of the Bird Tribes. The result could be a species able to use powerful Serpent Force emotions, in the service of Angelic creation directly. Up to this point, in a sense, we have high spiritual beings, with limited leverage into matter. The human experiment created the possibility of human nervous systems and emotions, with feeling bodies capable of bending galaxies.