Daily Moon Phases

Friday, September 19, 2014

Ideas Are Beullette Proof

Without this mask, you cannot see me, you cannot talk to me. Why? Because there are vibrations beyond the point of eyeball vision, and that's what elementary is all about. But because you keep refusing to accept the truth, the truth keeps on evading you. Not because the truth evades, but because  you do. Until you look at the invisible, how can you know the mask? The invisible is what created the Mask.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

That Was Exquisite.

What is Exquisite? That was exquisite.

Yea. It's exquisite

How did. I Mean, How, Isn't That Indian? American Indian.

"Q. How did the reprogramming that you carried out through the Sixties

counterculture and psychedelics movement compare in effectiveness with that

accomplished through religious mind control by Theocratic religious groups?

A. There is a tremendous difference, roughly that between doing something using a

high level of technology and doing it by human muscle power, with the psychedelic

drug being analogous to the machinery. We did more reprogramming in a few years

on more people than the traditional religious Theocrats do in the same number of

decades. Unfortunately, the Fifth-stage Theocrats now have access to mental

reprogramming techniques just as effective as those we used in the Sixties; but this is a

subject we’ll discuss later."

But this is a subject you'll discuss later?? No. You'll discuss it now. There is no difference. It is only in your 'difference' that things lie uncomfortably. Your dif fer ence isn't exactly intelligence. Naturally, no one goes on to accuse anyone of doing things they themselves would not do. But, because there are so many derelicts, one must choose very carefully how one is to deal with such idiosyncrasies.

Hehehe. Hahaha.
What the fuck?

Uono what? Music is the best agent for healing of any kind of stuff, in this condemned situation, than anything. Here is the truth.

Or this.... :

Monday, September 8, 2014

The Moon Is....100% Full

That's the good thing about the moon. No, it's not moooooooooo, it's just moon. U know?

In John Lamb Lash's book, "Not In His Image; Gnostic Vision, Sacred Ecology, And The Future Of Belief", on page 336 and 337 it says:

     "Science fiction writer Philip K. Dick said that Gnosis consists of "disinhibiting instructions" that allow us to access a vast store of innate, intuitive knowing. What I propose to call silent knowing is a state of rapturous attention to the presence of the Earth. This is the eloquent muteness of being awed. The testimony of people who have experienced a spontaneous upsurge of silent knowing can teach us a lot about communication with Gaia. One such testimony comes from the Irish mystic, writer and painter known as AE. George William Russell (1867-1935), who wrote under the pen name AE, asserted that "the immortal in us has memory of all its wisdom." In a simple yet far-reaching analysis of his own mystical experience, Russell connected the immortal wisdom-bearing memory with the faculty of imagination. "This memory of the spirit is the real basis of imagination, and when it speaks to us, we feel truly inspired, and a mightier creature than ourselves speaks through us."

     Page 338: "AE was an exceptional mystic in that his clairvoyant faculties did not operate by blind "channeling," as occurred say, with the "sleeping prophet" Edgar Cayce, and Jayne Roberts, the famous medium who produced the Seth material. His observation that the strict dualism of good and evil locks human awareness into a cognitive setting that cannot accept beauty, or "go with the flow" of nature's perpetual revelation, is a genuine Gnostic insight, and merits deep reflection.

     Russell's visions were entirely body-based, somatically grounded, and all that he saw was as alive as himself. "That Infinite we would enter is living," he testifies. As the visions come on, he felt "a growing luminousness in my brain as if I had unsealed in the body a fountain of interior light." The invocation of a fountain of light occurs in several revelation discourses in the NHC, as we have seen. AE's candle is a humble metaphor for the soft flow of the Organic Light. The candle burns for us all. "In every mind exists the Supernal Light of the ineffable Mystery" (The Second Treatise of the Great Seth, 67.10)."

Out of all the walks of life, I'd say this is a nice walk in the right direction. To have a fountain of interior light flowing through you. Let's see some of the worldly walks.....

Lik e o h myyyygAWD. I don't haf ta deal with this!

Deep, deep, deep, deep, deep, alright. That's a Rob Zombie sound.

Any way. Let's see whether we can match it! Marilyn Manson the Dope Show, is such!

But, nevertheless, let's have some Rob Zombie as well.

White Zombie - El Phantasmo and the Chicken-Run Blast-O-Rama

Oh my gawdd!

Can you show me a better way to fly other than a bat out of 'hell' ?

Alright. You're freed from your fucking hand and foot shakles. I'm setting you free. Do you see? Are you certain? Or am I just babying you around?

Ha, Ha, hahahahaha.....yup... nevermind.... I love Colbain. Black & Blue....the color of the crown chakra (Violet) except with more indigo blue in it. So what. If you never saw a color, It wouldn't mean anything..... other sensing aspects may be so present, at present that you cannot notice the difference.  I know. I'm just fooling around with you.

Monty Python - Cheese Shop

if  it don't make sense, it don't matter, just find the mad hatter!

Good afternoon, good evening, good morning....

Monty Python Silly Job Interview Sketch

John Cleese Despises Christianity.- Antitheist atheist
Wow, tbis is most Holey because of the brilliance of what it, hahahahaa, reveals. Like this, not much.