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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Some People Are Disintegrating, Dying Off...

Check it out. Have you noticed any of your family members, close friends, or acquaintances just acting really retarded? Like their mind is totally deficient? They don't make sense in what they're saying or doing? Yea. Hmhm. Tim, hahaha. The guy I've known for about 12 years now...I think he's disintegrating. He's acting reeeeaaaally retarded.

Here's an excerpt that'll help you realize, it's happening all over the place.

From the Cassiopaea Forum

Q: (L) Well. Alright then. Oh, what is up with the ZOMBIES?? Oh my god!!!

A: We covered that as well! People deteriorating!

{Session referenced 20 June 2009:

Q: (L) Well, in that respect, there's also some other things that are very strange that are going on. For example, I would like to know what is going on with D****? D**** has been writing us many e-mails that are more or less incoherent. We tried at one point to communicate with him and to persuade him that he needed to get counseling, to do something, and I don't know whether he has or whether he hasn't. But he seems to be mentally deteriorating. At the same time, I also got an e-mail today from a former member of the forum, and he has also been a member of QFS for a very short time, although he never participated - or very little - over a period of a couple of years. But anyhow, he says his name is M**** (Arabic name), and he says he lives in {Middle Eastern Country}, but his IP address points to Washington DC. His e-mails are very similar to D***'s: fairly incoherent, and actually threatening. I mean, reading his e-mail, I thought this was strange. If your name is M**** in this day and age, you don't go around vaguely threatening somebody with end of the world scenarios saying that something big is gonna happen. Nevertheless, that's what he did. And I would like to know is there any relationship between the apparent deterioration of the minds of these two people? {Added note: the similarity of writing styles actually made us think for awhile that it might be the same person. The best way to describe it is schizophrenic ideation.}

A: Yes.

Q: (L) What is the relationship?

A: It is not just "waves" beamed by such things as HAARP or microwaves, it is also a quickening of the cosmos. Those who are not integrated will disintegrate at an even faster rate than ever.

Q: (L) Are there any kinds of negative spirits or attachments involved here?

A: Not necessary when the personality is so fragmented.}



Weird stuff huh?

Get integrated folks!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Other Worlds; Aliens, UFO's, Etc.

This is a very well thinking author, so I recommend reading this book. Click on the title to read.

Other Tongues--Other Flesh

by George Hunt Williamson



Before the eyes of Milton's Satan peering into Chaos appeared a new expanse, another vast illimitable ocean without bounds--the distances of interstellar space; and for a moment Satan was appalled by Chaos and by space. So it is with modern man as he discovers new worlds like his own in the heavens about him . . . .

The world has not let the theme of cosmic voyage willingly die, whether in poetry and fantasy, satire or seriousness, pulps or in the comics. There has been the growing realization of the possibility of other universes than ours, a plurality of worlds, even an infinity of worlds. We have become more fully aware of the insignificance of both our satellite, the Moon, and this rather small planet, the Earth. Man began to think that would Life possibly not exist on other planets in this system, perhaps it would be found in other universes.

The idea that earthbound man may someday journey into the heavens to discover other men and women, like or unlike himself, seems to be a conception the world persists in entertaining. From the time of Lucian it has existed in European literature. Why the appeal of this perennial theme? Is it curiosity? Is it humility? Is it perhaps a result of the essential loneliness of man? Is it because within man's soul lies the truth -- that mortals exist on other spheres?

From a fanciful vision of other worlds where all is beautiful, good, and just, we come back in a somber mood to Earth which seems indeed a sad and silent planet. Man on Earth knows in his heart other worlds are also inhabited, but he is reluctant to admit even to himself Earth is only one small house of the many mansions in the Father's House; and worse, that she is a fallen house; a disobedient house; a wayward house.

In 1867, Matthew Arnold described the Earth well when he said: ". . . a darkling plain, swept with con-fused alarms of struggle and flight, where ignorant armies clash by night."

The people of Earth today are either confused, amused, or simply terrified by the reports of Unidentified Flying Objects and various types of extraterrestrial space craft seen in the skies and detected under the seas. When they accept the theory that life exists on other worlds besides our own, they cannot believe anything but stories of monsters, robots, sinister vegetables, or armies of evil, invading, mechanical Frankensteins.

Many people today are asking: "Were spacemen here, why don't they land and contact our leaders? Why don't they explain their mission?" Did these same individuals ever stop to think no sane Earthman would descend into a pit of crawling rattlesnakes? With all Earth's strife, bloody wars that carry thousands of men, women and children to slaughter worse than any Circus of Nero or Medieval Inquisition, is it any wonder spacemen have not landed here?

However, these brothers from outer space have landed here and have contacted those whom they knew would receive them in the spirit of brotherly love and truth. It is now reliably reported over one-hundred personal contacts have been made between Earthmen and Saucer occupants. They sought and seek those who have been looking for them. This is what they mean when they say: "We do not choose you; you choose us!"

Would these highly developed beings care to contact those who have held the people in slavery for centuries? No, because their coming to Earth will eliminate all forms of greed and selfishness. The actual "owners" of the Earth are on the side of the negative-dark forces, while the "Sons of Light" of the Space Confederation are of a higher authority. And being of a higher authority, they seek out those who love TRUTH and Truth alone. Like Diogenes, they search long and unceasingly, but unlike Diogenes, they find a man here and a man there; not many, but some.

The people of Earth like to picture themselves as Lords of Creation. One well-known anthropologist believes far-off worlds may contain "gelatinous masses that control diabolic machines", but of men elsewhere, he positively states: "Never!" Those who do accept life as existing on other worlds believe this life will be much as it is on Earth: vain, full of pride, lust, greed; life that is warlike and aggressive as it is here.

While one hand turns thumbs-down on the idea of other planets being inhabited, the other hand writes on and on about the inhabitation of other worlds beyond Earth. People have been brought up on Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, Superman, and many other fictional heroes of outer space. They have lived in a world of fantasy and make-believe for so long they don't recognize the truth when it is presented to them. Yet, our world of fantasy has its purpose.

Many gaze at the starry heavens and ask: "Is it all part of some gigantic scheme; is there really a Creator? Or have we evolved from a single cell that originally developed because of a freak accident in nature? Are we alone in the Universe?" Reason tells them, out of billions and quadrillions of worlds life must exist on many of them. And those who have complete faith in their Creator realize He wouldn't create Man and place him on one planet alone. They know He wouldn't create other worlds to be merely floating balls of poisonous gas or vapor. First came inhabitable worlds, then came Man!

Men on Earth are afraid that would suddenly other men on other worlds be made known to them, they will face awful retribution; that their horrible crimes against humanity and the Creator's Laws will not go unpunished. And like naughty children, they are reluctant to give up their dangerous toys and their destructive ways. So, now that their brothers from outer space are here, they are going to hide in a "closet" until these older brothers go home. Then they can come out and start their foul play all over again. One word of acceptance on the part of Earth-men and these brothers are liable to step in and teach them something, and children never like to go to school -- especially when they have to be obedient and good.

Yes, there are brothers of ours in the skies over-head. They are not to be worshipped as gods; they are to be listened to as one listens to an older brother who has traveled much and who knows the pitfalls of life and who has knowledge tempered with love of fellowman and the Creator. This brother of ours is attainable for he is here on Earth today! Will the men of Earth accept him? Whether they do or not, it is their right to decide.

Since man on Earth has arrived at a place where only Truth will be able to survive, it is necessary to reaffirm and establish three truths. Namely:

(1) Science and religion are one and the same thing. "God Provided--Man Divided". There is no religion higher than Truth and truth cannot contradict truth.

(2) The entire Omniverse is magnetic in nature and even culture is influenced by the laws of magnetism.

(3) Space visitors, coming to Earth in space craft, are mentioned in the Holy Bible, ancient mythology, and in other documents thousands of years old. These visitors have been coming to Earth for several million years! They are now making themselves known to the world as a whole to lead mankind thereby into a New Age as the Earth enters the more intense vibrations of Aquarius.

During the nineteenth century on Earth there was a Great Influx of Universal Truth. Many fine writings appeared, especially in the late 1800's. These scattered reports and ideas have a definite relationship to each other and tie into the pattern of present day happenings. Although these various writers use different terminology, they are essentially saying the same thing. They are telling Man he is truly a god in his own right! This knowledge came to a select few so they could open the way for the world, to awaken to a New Age -- an Air Age to replace the ancient Fish or Water Age. What is the grand goal of it all? There is no goal, for we are heading for All Perfection but we will never get there. It is ever moving ahead of us as we progress. What then is the purpose of all our pleasure-pain experiences? We are to know perpetual expanding grandeur; thereby Spirit will come to know itself!

In this book, many references and quotations are given from the latest, authentic reports on the Saucer phenomena. Because many believe that there are contradictions in some of the reported happenings it has been necessary to show there is a great story and a purpose behind all of these experiences. These same things have been taking place for eons! Some may wonder why I refer to the Holy Bible so often in this book. It is true the Bible is inaccurate; but not totally so. For the most part it is the true history of a particular time and people. In order to get an accurate picture of the Saucer phenomena every possible avenue of investigation into the past and present must be utilized.

This book you are about to read is not an ultimate . . . no book is. It merely points the path, a signpost along the Great Way that leads to our Infinite Father. This work is dedicated to all men everywhere, with the hope that they shall know the TRUTH and the Truth shall make them free. Through Other Tongues--Other Flesh, may we learn to pray: "Father of us all, give us eyes to see, ears to hear, and hearts to understand!"

In brotherly love, I humbly submit this work to you.

George Hunt Williamson