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Friday, December 21, 2012

Dec. 21, 2012, End of Mayan Calendar, Winter Solstice.

A waking of the spiritual consciousness.

2012 Crossing Over, A New Beginning OFFICIAL FILM [Brave Archer Films®]


noun /ˈsōlstis/ 
solstices, plural

1.Either of the two times in the year, the summer solstice and the winter solstice, when the sun reaches its highest or lowest point in the sky at noon, marked by the longest and shortest days.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Ted Nugent Free For All

One of my favorite musicians for sheer power, energy, dynamic force of spirit. Just love his music. Just, just love it. So here is a nice Ted Nugent music set I've created from YouTube. And as you may see, my favorite song would be, Free For All.


Saturday, December 15, 2012

"SHE," The Movie & The Book

An interesting movie, let alone excellently made. I found this one scouting YouTube for movies, when I realized I had read the book...a long time ago. I, in fact, started this Blogger site with a blog about this book. The movie is made in 1935, but you'd swear it was made today...but by more princely characters, it seems. They're like genius. So here's the link to the video, and following is the link to the book.


The book was written in 1887

She : a history of adventure (1887)

; )

Monday, November 19, 2012

DECLARATION OF HUMAN SOVEREIGNTY Regarding Contact with Extraterrestrial Nations & Forces

"Although the Earth has undergone a long history of extraterrestrial visitation, the current situation is that the People of Earth are now suffering the effects of a global extraterrestrial intervention into human affairs. This intervention employs a strategy of deception, manipulation, and exploitation, the goal of which is control over humanity, which will result in the loss of human freedom and self-determination. It is now the sacred right and duty of the People of Earth to oppose, resist, and repel this extraterrestrial intervention, to declare and defend our sovereignty, our freedom, and our independence from all extraterrestrial forces."

Declaration of Human Sovereignty Regarding Contact with Extraterrestrial Nations & Forces

We, the People of Earth, extend greetings to all races in the Greater Community of the Universe. We acknowledge our common heritage before the Creator of all the Universe, both visible and invisible. We declare the planet Earth as humanity’s Planet of Genesis, our Homeworld, and our sacred inheritance. We pledge henceforth to sustain and preserve the Earth for all generations to come. We call upon all humanity to treat all races everywhere with wisdom and justice, here on Earth and throughout the Universe.

Fundamental Rights

 We, the People of Earth, regard the need for freedom to be universal. Therefore, we hold that all individuals in all worlds are created equal and are endowed by the Creator with sacred and inalienable rights. Fundamental among these are the right to live as a free race on their Planet of Genesis, their Homeworld; the right of self-determination, self-sufficiency, and creative expression; the right to life without oppression; and the right to pursue in life a higher purpose and a higher calling that the Creator has provided to all.

Before the Greater Community of the Universe, we, the People of Earth, do now invoke these fundamental rights for ourselves and for our Homeworld, along with certain rights that naturally derive from them, including:

• The right of sovereignty. The People of Earth shall be self-governed and independent, neither subject to nor dependent upon any other authority. No extraterrestrial force shall contravene or abrogate the human sovereignty of this planet.

• The right of planetary sanctity. As our Planet of Genesis, the Earth shall be free from extraterrestrial intervention, intrusion, interference, or exploitation, both mental and physical. No extraterrestrial force shall make close approach, or assume close orbit, or make any landing, or engage in trade, except openly and with the expressed consent of the People of Earth achieved through a democratic means.

•The right of sanctity of biological and genetic material. No extraterrestrial power shall take, possess, or manipulate human biological or genetic material for any purpose whatsoever.

•The right of occupation. As the native people of the one known inhabited planet of this Solar System, we claim this Solar System as our sphere of influence. No extraterrestrial bases may be established on bodies or stations orbiting the Earth, nor on other planets or bodies of this Solar System, except with the expressed consent of the People of Earth.

• The right of peaceful navigation. We claim the right to travel and explore within our Solar System without interference or restraint from extraterrestrial forces, and maintain the right to deny access to this Solar System by any extraterrestrial forces.

We, the People of Earth, consider it our rightful responsibility to assert and defend these fundamental rights, and to give and receive aid consistent with these rights. In the case of any dispute with extraterrestrial forces, the burden of proof of innocence shall fall on those who are not native to Earth.

The Assessment

 When in the course of their evolution it becomes necessary for the native people of a planet to unite, to transcend the conflicts and differences that have separated them from one another, and to assume among the powers of the Universe a separate and equal sovereignty, a respectful consideration of that sovereignty requires that they declare the causes which impel them to this present course of action.

Although the Earth has undergone a long history of extraterrestrial visitation, the current situation is that the People of Earth are now suffering the effects of a global extraterrestrial intervention into human affairs. This intervention employs a strategy of deception, manipulation, and exploitation, the goal of which is control over humanity, which will result in the loss of human freedom and self-determination. It is now the sacred right and duty of the People of Earth to oppose, resist, and repel this extraterrestrial intervention, to declare and defend our sovereignty, our freedom, and our independence from all extraterrestrial forces.

Let these violations be considered by those supporting the cause of freedom throughout the Greater Community:

• Intervening extraterrestrial forces have refused to openly disclose and reveal the nature and intent of their activities on and around Earth. This extraterrestrial presence is clandestine, covert, uninvited, and unapproved by the People of Earth. These extraterrestrial forces have concealed their own identity, their political or economic alliances and allegiances, as well as the authorities and powers which they serve.

•As is becoming increasingly apparent from their actions, extraterrestrial forces intend to exploit the Earth, its resources, and its people, and are engaged in a systematic program of colonizing humanity into a subservient client state to be ruled by agents of these extraterrestrial forces. The extraterrestrial intervention and occupation seeks commercial gain, economic power, and the strategic advantage offered by this world in relation to other worlds.

•Extraterrestrial forces have repeatedly and with impunity violated national and international laws of the Earth’s people. These offenses, which still continue today, have included violation of restricted airspace; abduction and transportation of humans without their consent; murder, rape, torture, sexual abuse, interbreeding with humans, and cruel experimentation; theft and trade of human biological and genetic materials; theft and trade of Earth’s natural resources; covert mental and psychological influence; mutilation of humans and animals; tampering with and disabling of military defense systems; and clandestine infiltration into human society.

•Extraterrestrial forces have secretly negotiated treaties and agreements with human individuals and groups, without the informed consent of the People of Earth.

•Extraterrestrial forces have systematically attempted to persuade and mislead humans through extending false hopes and promises of wealth, power, and protection; rescue from planetary catastrophe; membership in a “galactic federation”; and spiritual salvation and enlightenment.

•Extraterrestrial forces have exploited and exacerbated human conflicts to serve their own ends.

•Extraterrestrial forces have been disempowering humanity by leading us to believe that we can only survive with their help and their advanced technology, thus fostering our complete dependence upon them and denying our ability to ensure our own survival.

Demands and Declarations

 Accordingly, we, the People of Earth, do hereby declare all previously existing agreements or treaties between any human government, group, or individual and any extraterrestrials to be forthwith null, void, and permanently suspended. We demand that any such previously existing treaties or agreements be fully and publicly disclosed. Any future agreements or treaties between human governments, groups, or individuals and extraterrestrials must be negotiated only with the full consent of the People of Earth, publicly and openly expressed by an international democratic body representing the nations and peoples of Earth.

We demand that all extraterrestrials now cease all operations and activities and immediately vacate and depart from the Earth and its surroundings including the Sun, Earth’s Moon, and all planets of this Solar System. This includes vacating any natural or artificial satellites, as well as all space within the Solar System.

We demand that all extraterrestrial organizations who have established or operated bases on the Earth, its Moon, or anywhere else within this Solar System, dismantle these bases and fully disclose their nature.

We further demand that all living humans who are now in custody of extraterrestrials be returned immediately in good health; further, we demand a full accounting of all humans who have been taken or held by extraterrestrials, including those who have died in captivity. In addition, we demand that all human biological or genetic materials taken from any individuals be accounted for and destroyed, and their intended use be identified. Any devices implanted in living individuals must be identified so that they may be safely removed.

 We demand full public disclosure of the purpose and details of the extraterrestrial hybridization program, including the location, identity, and activities of all living human-extraterrestrial hybrids, whether on Earth or elsewhere.

 Be it known throughout the Universe that from this time forward, extraterrestrials may only enter our Solar System, approach our Earth, fly in our skies, set foot on our soil, or enter our waters with the explicit consent of the People of Earth.

 We, therefore, do solemnly declare that the People of Earth are and should be a free and independent people; that all humans are hereby absolved from all allegiance to extraterrestrial powers, and that all political and economic connections between them and the People of Earth are totally dissolved; that as a free and sovereign race in the Greater Community of the Universe, we assume full power within this Solar System to conclude peace, levy war, contract alliances, establish commerce, and to undertake all other actions which a sovereign planetary race may rightfully and ethically do.

Concluding Statement

 Let it be understood that in making this Declaration of Human Sovereignty, we, the People of Earth, affirm our future and destiny as a free race within a Greater Community of intelligent life. We recognize that we are a part of this Greater Community and that we are destined over time to encounter many different races from beyond our world.

To them and to all others, we hereby declare that our intention is not conquest or domination in space. We declare that the rights and privileges that we affirm here for ourselves, we also affirm for all races of beings whom we might encounter.

In making our Declaration of Human Sovereignty, we proclaim our rights, responsibilities, and privileges as a free race in order that we may pursue greater unity, peace, and cooperation within the human family without unwanted or unwarranted intrusion and interference by any outside nation or force from the Greater Community. We make this proclamation as an expression of our Divine right and honorable intent for the human family and for all races in the Universe who seek to be free.


The Declaration of Human Sovereignty was developed by the Human Sovereignty Working Group, a network of people committed to humanity’s survival and the advancement of human sovereignty, freedom, and self-determination, as humanity emerges into the Greater Community of intelligent life.


Friday, November 16, 2012

The Alien Plan For Humans

The Alien Plan For Humans

Information from abductees

There will be some kind of final event or invasion. Many abductees will participate in the event and perform tasks that the aliens have trained them to do. According to one abductee, it takes two pilots to control one alien spacecraft. The aliens are short on pilots so they are training abductees to pilot their spacecraft during the final event! One abductee, a woman in her mid fifties, is being trained to rescue aliens on the ground during the event, so the aliens must be considering that they will meet resistance for whatever they plan to do.

An abductee in England reported that large groups of abductees are taken to some kind of meeting center and receive a presentation about the aliens' plans for the future, which includes a climatic event.

Aliens will take all of the children they are working with at their final act. The parents of several child abductees reported this information.

Here's what an alien/human hybrid telepathically told an abductee as reported in The Threat by David M. Jacobs, Ph.D.

"And he's saying to me that, 'You know how you have memories?'
And I'm saying like, 'What do you mean, memories?'
He's saying, 'You know how you remember your father, your mother, your sister, the birthday parties?'

I think he's giving me an example and I'm saying yes.
And he goes, 'Someday people who are like you will not have those memories either. They'll be like me.' Like him meaning.

And I'm saying, 'What do you mean by that?'
He's saying, 'Don't you understand that?'
I said no, or rather, I don't say no, I just shake my head. And then again he tells me to listen.

He says, 'There will be only one purpose for you. You won't have memories like you do now.'

I'm asking him like, 'You mean me?' He goes, 'No, the people who will come after you.'

I don't know what he means by that.
He's asking me, 'Are you understanding?'
I'm shaking my head like I don't. I'm asking him, 'They're not going to take me away, are they?'

And he's saying, 'They don't need to take you away. They will come.'
I don't know what he means by this. Again I ask him what are they doing.
He looks down and he looks up at me again and he lifts his arm up. He is saying something like, 'Do you see this?'

And I say, 'What, your arm?'
He goes, 'Never mind.'
I said, 'No, tell me. Tell me. What are the aliens doing?'
And he's saying all they're interested in, that no matter what happens at all, is that they control."


The Thought Screen Helmet Stops Space Aliens From Abducting Humans.

You can buy the Velostat here. They call it Linqstat so they could sell it for cheaper to you, but it's the same product.

Linqstat Volume Conductive Antistatic Plastic Film

Are you paying too much for your 3M® Velostat® materials?
3M manufacture a family of products made of black, volume conductive plastics under the tradename Velostat®. What is not so well known is that this product is simply a tradename, but the product itself is not under patent.

This means that these same products, sold under a different name can be yours for a much lower price than what you currently pay for your Velostat® products. Compare the technical properties of your Velostat® Tape to those found on the Technical Datasheet for CAPLINQ's LINQSTAT VCF-Series.


Make a hat for yourself or a friend who you know is getting abducted. Pass the word around.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Allies Of Humanity.

 Finally we hear from a direction which is good. There are allies, as well as enemies out there. Hear this. You gotta check this conversation out. It's informative.

Main Show Only - ET Interference - Coast to Coast AM

Here I found the guys book on PDF. Read it would you to be interested in life all around you.

The Allies of Humanity; Book One - Marshall Vian Summers

Book Two you have to buy and here's book three:

The Allies of Humanity; Book Three - Marshall Vian Summers

Government Murdering People Covertly

Check out this video talk:

Coast to Coast AM - Military Mind Control

Looks like the government is a predator to humans.

The Government Is Poisoning The People.

I just heard of spider-web-like fibers falling from the sky out of the chemtrail-making done by no other but the government and so I did a little looking into it. Here is a video where these people said they took it in for testing. Quote:

"The EDS data from the chemtrail sample show the presence of six elements: sodium, aluminum, phosphorus, calcium, sulfur, and chlorine, which could be due to natural mineral fibers, but further testing using Raman Technology confirmed they were nanotechnology (man-made nano composite materials)."

The fibers are not only falling on people, also all over the ground and dissolving into it of course. Think about it, aluminum? sulfur? chlorine? what good is that in your environment in your food in your breathing air in your water? This is what genocide is all about. They're working on hitting people with sickness and everything they can to murder them. Sounds like psychopathic. And they're no doubt working with the psychopathic aliens who have been abducting and raping people, mutilating animals and humans and murdering them. Check it out people. That is what you call government: murderers. They killed off the good guys and now the government are all murderers.

Video: Chemtrails fibers fall out

Here's someone's blog where it talks about this:

Web Of Evidence: What They Don't Want You To Know
Chemtrail Watch: The Day Polymer Fibers Fell Over Stratford

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Some People Are Disintegrating, Dying Off...

Check it out. Have you noticed any of your family members, close friends, or acquaintances just acting really retarded? Like their mind is totally deficient? They don't make sense in what they're saying or doing? Yea. Hmhm. Tim, hahaha. The guy I've known for about 12 years now...I think he's disintegrating. He's acting reeeeaaaally retarded.

Here's an excerpt that'll help you realize, it's happening all over the place.

From the Cassiopaea Forum

Q: (L) Well. Alright then. Oh, what is up with the ZOMBIES?? Oh my god!!!

A: We covered that as well! People deteriorating!

{Session referenced 20 June 2009:

Q: (L) Well, in that respect, there's also some other things that are very strange that are going on. For example, I would like to know what is going on with D****? D**** has been writing us many e-mails that are more or less incoherent. We tried at one point to communicate with him and to persuade him that he needed to get counseling, to do something, and I don't know whether he has or whether he hasn't. But he seems to be mentally deteriorating. At the same time, I also got an e-mail today from a former member of the forum, and he has also been a member of QFS for a very short time, although he never participated - or very little - over a period of a couple of years. But anyhow, he says his name is M**** (Arabic name), and he says he lives in {Middle Eastern Country}, but his IP address points to Washington DC. His e-mails are very similar to D***'s: fairly incoherent, and actually threatening. I mean, reading his e-mail, I thought this was strange. If your name is M**** in this day and age, you don't go around vaguely threatening somebody with end of the world scenarios saying that something big is gonna happen. Nevertheless, that's what he did. And I would like to know is there any relationship between the apparent deterioration of the minds of these two people? {Added note: the similarity of writing styles actually made us think for awhile that it might be the same person. The best way to describe it is schizophrenic ideation.}

A: Yes.

Q: (L) What is the relationship?

A: It is not just "waves" beamed by such things as HAARP or microwaves, it is also a quickening of the cosmos. Those who are not integrated will disintegrate at an even faster rate than ever.

Q: (L) Are there any kinds of negative spirits or attachments involved here?

A: Not necessary when the personality is so fragmented.}



Weird stuff huh?

Get integrated folks!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Other Worlds; Aliens, UFO's, Etc.

This is a very well thinking author, so I recommend reading this book. Click on the title to read.

Other Tongues--Other Flesh

by George Hunt Williamson



Before the eyes of Milton's Satan peering into Chaos appeared a new expanse, another vast illimitable ocean without bounds--the distances of interstellar space; and for a moment Satan was appalled by Chaos and by space. So it is with modern man as he discovers new worlds like his own in the heavens about him . . . .

The world has not let the theme of cosmic voyage willingly die, whether in poetry and fantasy, satire or seriousness, pulps or in the comics. There has been the growing realization of the possibility of other universes than ours, a plurality of worlds, even an infinity of worlds. We have become more fully aware of the insignificance of both our satellite, the Moon, and this rather small planet, the Earth. Man began to think that would Life possibly not exist on other planets in this system, perhaps it would be found in other universes.

The idea that earthbound man may someday journey into the heavens to discover other men and women, like or unlike himself, seems to be a conception the world persists in entertaining. From the time of Lucian it has existed in European literature. Why the appeal of this perennial theme? Is it curiosity? Is it humility? Is it perhaps a result of the essential loneliness of man? Is it because within man's soul lies the truth -- that mortals exist on other spheres?

From a fanciful vision of other worlds where all is beautiful, good, and just, we come back in a somber mood to Earth which seems indeed a sad and silent planet. Man on Earth knows in his heart other worlds are also inhabited, but he is reluctant to admit even to himself Earth is only one small house of the many mansions in the Father's House; and worse, that she is a fallen house; a disobedient house; a wayward house.

In 1867, Matthew Arnold described the Earth well when he said: ". . . a darkling plain, swept with con-fused alarms of struggle and flight, where ignorant armies clash by night."

The people of Earth today are either confused, amused, or simply terrified by the reports of Unidentified Flying Objects and various types of extraterrestrial space craft seen in the skies and detected under the seas. When they accept the theory that life exists on other worlds besides our own, they cannot believe anything but stories of monsters, robots, sinister vegetables, or armies of evil, invading, mechanical Frankensteins.

Many people today are asking: "Were spacemen here, why don't they land and contact our leaders? Why don't they explain their mission?" Did these same individuals ever stop to think no sane Earthman would descend into a pit of crawling rattlesnakes? With all Earth's strife, bloody wars that carry thousands of men, women and children to slaughter worse than any Circus of Nero or Medieval Inquisition, is it any wonder spacemen have not landed here?

However, these brothers from outer space have landed here and have contacted those whom they knew would receive them in the spirit of brotherly love and truth. It is now reliably reported over one-hundred personal contacts have been made between Earthmen and Saucer occupants. They sought and seek those who have been looking for them. This is what they mean when they say: "We do not choose you; you choose us!"

Would these highly developed beings care to contact those who have held the people in slavery for centuries? No, because their coming to Earth will eliminate all forms of greed and selfishness. The actual "owners" of the Earth are on the side of the negative-dark forces, while the "Sons of Light" of the Space Confederation are of a higher authority. And being of a higher authority, they seek out those who love TRUTH and Truth alone. Like Diogenes, they search long and unceasingly, but unlike Diogenes, they find a man here and a man there; not many, but some.

The people of Earth like to picture themselves as Lords of Creation. One well-known anthropologist believes far-off worlds may contain "gelatinous masses that control diabolic machines", but of men elsewhere, he positively states: "Never!" Those who do accept life as existing on other worlds believe this life will be much as it is on Earth: vain, full of pride, lust, greed; life that is warlike and aggressive as it is here.

While one hand turns thumbs-down on the idea of other planets being inhabited, the other hand writes on and on about the inhabitation of other worlds beyond Earth. People have been brought up on Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, Superman, and many other fictional heroes of outer space. They have lived in a world of fantasy and make-believe for so long they don't recognize the truth when it is presented to them. Yet, our world of fantasy has its purpose.

Many gaze at the starry heavens and ask: "Is it all part of some gigantic scheme; is there really a Creator? Or have we evolved from a single cell that originally developed because of a freak accident in nature? Are we alone in the Universe?" Reason tells them, out of billions and quadrillions of worlds life must exist on many of them. And those who have complete faith in their Creator realize He wouldn't create Man and place him on one planet alone. They know He wouldn't create other worlds to be merely floating balls of poisonous gas or vapor. First came inhabitable worlds, then came Man!

Men on Earth are afraid that would suddenly other men on other worlds be made known to them, they will face awful retribution; that their horrible crimes against humanity and the Creator's Laws will not go unpunished. And like naughty children, they are reluctant to give up their dangerous toys and their destructive ways. So, now that their brothers from outer space are here, they are going to hide in a "closet" until these older brothers go home. Then they can come out and start their foul play all over again. One word of acceptance on the part of Earth-men and these brothers are liable to step in and teach them something, and children never like to go to school -- especially when they have to be obedient and good.

Yes, there are brothers of ours in the skies over-head. They are not to be worshipped as gods; they are to be listened to as one listens to an older brother who has traveled much and who knows the pitfalls of life and who has knowledge tempered with love of fellowman and the Creator. This brother of ours is attainable for he is here on Earth today! Will the men of Earth accept him? Whether they do or not, it is their right to decide.

Since man on Earth has arrived at a place where only Truth will be able to survive, it is necessary to reaffirm and establish three truths. Namely:

(1) Science and religion are one and the same thing. "God Provided--Man Divided". There is no religion higher than Truth and truth cannot contradict truth.

(2) The entire Omniverse is magnetic in nature and even culture is influenced by the laws of magnetism.

(3) Space visitors, coming to Earth in space craft, are mentioned in the Holy Bible, ancient mythology, and in other documents thousands of years old. These visitors have been coming to Earth for several million years! They are now making themselves known to the world as a whole to lead mankind thereby into a New Age as the Earth enters the more intense vibrations of Aquarius.

During the nineteenth century on Earth there was a Great Influx of Universal Truth. Many fine writings appeared, especially in the late 1800's. These scattered reports and ideas have a definite relationship to each other and tie into the pattern of present day happenings. Although these various writers use different terminology, they are essentially saying the same thing. They are telling Man he is truly a god in his own right! This knowledge came to a select few so they could open the way for the world, to awaken to a New Age -- an Air Age to replace the ancient Fish or Water Age. What is the grand goal of it all? There is no goal, for we are heading for All Perfection but we will never get there. It is ever moving ahead of us as we progress. What then is the purpose of all our pleasure-pain experiences? We are to know perpetual expanding grandeur; thereby Spirit will come to know itself!

In this book, many references and quotations are given from the latest, authentic reports on the Saucer phenomena. Because many believe that there are contradictions in some of the reported happenings it has been necessary to show there is a great story and a purpose behind all of these experiences. These same things have been taking place for eons! Some may wonder why I refer to the Holy Bible so often in this book. It is true the Bible is inaccurate; but not totally so. For the most part it is the true history of a particular time and people. In order to get an accurate picture of the Saucer phenomena every possible avenue of investigation into the past and present must be utilized.

This book you are about to read is not an ultimate . . . no book is. It merely points the path, a signpost along the Great Way that leads to our Infinite Father. This work is dedicated to all men everywhere, with the hope that they shall know the TRUTH and the Truth shall make them free. Through Other Tongues--Other Flesh, may we learn to pray: "Father of us all, give us eyes to see, ears to hear, and hearts to understand!"

In brotherly love, I humbly submit this work to you.

George Hunt Williamson

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Music Mystro


Prong Presses On, Praising the Lord.


Sublime Lyrics

Album: Cleansing

I comprehend these laws with no particulars the trappings of it all can never give in turn a concept of counsel of the inner wealth
 Perception of the dark all in you stealth a sublime substance controlled abstinence sublime success unworldly happiness a pointed
 Eloquence in it's sublimity precision eminence of all solemnity for the inner wealth perception of the dark all in your stealth a
 Necessary call, a law a perspective change, a law

PRONG - Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck

The epitome uvevil.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Evil Sorceress by Tony Gray

In the Autumn of 2011, Tony Gray the comic book artist needed some action shots of a scary hahaha female so he could sketch the Evil Sorceress, for his next independent comic book. He asked me. (Boo!) Here's a couple of shots.

Be lookin for Tony's new comic book around next year, 2013.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

From Friends Long Ago.

The so weirdest thing. Flies, those green, blue, and amber colour house flies just filled my window for the portion that my sister was leaving this world. Then we went to the grave, to bury her body, and there were, oh my GOD so many crickets, and most of them looked young, I mean, TEENagers. No fucking human sized black cricket would be jumping around at a funeral. Nevertheless, I have also noticed that the house fly's in my house are a lot younger looking than the fly's that I use to have come around and visit me before.

So anyway, dudes, dudettes, and beloved pets....yesterday I was walking home after visiting a friend, it was Sunday and the neighbourhoods were quiet. As I made my way back home, I saw a beautiful cat, black and white, is what I saw from the distance. Then it moved so strange it reminded me of only what a little dog would act like, when it lays on the ground and pulls something between it's two front paws. But this wasn't a dog, and this wasn't a cat. This was a skunk, living its life in the neighbourhood. This cute little creature caught my attention. I started observing it and I first and finally realized, when it bobbs its head back and forth, it's because it's looking for worms and bugs on the ground, left - right - left - right, eyeballing the ground. It must be that their eyes were positioned on their face so that they would have to go foraging for food turning their face this way then that, and then be known as the skunk. This little creature was so cute and it was so natural, and it never sprayed me, because it knew I was enjoying its presence. People can make friends...but so can animals and people.

Guys, I'm sorry. Ever since my sister died, I have been having a surpluss of energy in the thoughts. I don't know what to do with it. But this is some of it, up above. Gotta go now. Before I cause too much trouble.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Rosy Passed Away

This morning at 7:25am Rosemary my sister passed away. She's with Christ now.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Rosy's Last Days.

So Rosy is lying in the hospital bed right now, in her last few hours or days. Her liver is so messed up they couldn't do anything for her in the operation room. They took her to Hotel Dieu from The Met,  looked at it, and sent her back to the Met. She's going to die now. My other sister said her mind is worse than it was yesterday. The brain cancer has obviously gotten worse with the liver not functioning anymore. She's done. At 41.

Just a note I wanted to write for myself so I could remember this.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sentinel, Supersoul

The Magician, His Training & Work, by W. E. Butler

As one occult writer, Israel Regardie says, and very truly: "here is no place to utter portenteous
warnings about the use and abuse of magical powers and spiritual knowledge. Within the psyche
itself is a sentinel who never sleeps. It is a guardian of the moral law whose punishment is so dire
and devastating that there is no appeal, save by expiation of the crime. From the dicta and
judgements of this inner Self, there is no escape, except through the admission and the acceptance
of the abuse, followed by a grim determination forever to avoid a similar deed."

From: Bhagavad Gita
Chapter 16. The Divine And Demoniac Natures
Verse 11

"They believe that to gratify the senses unto the end of life is the prime necessity of human
civilization. Thus there is no end to their anxiety. Being bound by hundreds and thousands of
desires, by lust and anger, they secure money by illegal means for sense gratification."

PURPORT:  "...The demoniac person, who has no faith in God or the Supersoul within himself,
performs all kinds of sinful activities simply for sense gratification. He does not know that there is a
witness sitting within his heart. The Supersoul is observing the activities of the individual soul. As it is stated in the Vedic literature, the Upanisads, there are two birds sitting in one tree; one is acting
and enjoying or suffering the fruits of the branches, and the other is witnessing. But one who is
demoniac has no knowledge of Vedic scripture, nor has he any faith; therefore he feels free to do
anything for sense enjoyment, regardless of the consequences."

The Teachings of Silvanus
From The Nag Hammadi Library

"Abolish every childish time of life, acquire for yourself strength of mind and soul, and intensify the struggle against every folly of the passions of love and base wickedness, and love of praise, and fondness of contention, and tiresome jealousy and wrath, and anger and the desire of avarice. Guard your (pl.) camp and weapons and spears. Arm yourself and all the soldiers, which are the words, and the commanders, which are the counsels, and your mind as a guiding principle.
My son, throw every robber out of your gates. Guard all your gates with torches, which are the words, and you will acquire through all these things a quiet life. But he who will not guard these things will become like a city which is desolate, since it has been captured. All kinds of wild beasts have trampled upon it, for thoughts which are not good are evil wild beasts. And your city will be filled with robbers, and you will not be able to acquire peace, but only all kinds of savage wild beasts. The Wicked One, who is a tyrant, is lord over these. While directing this, he (the Wicked One) is beneath the great mire. The whole city, which is your soul, will perish.

Remove yourself from these things, O wretched soul! Bring your guide and your teacher. The mind is the guide, but reason is the teacher. They will bring you out of destruction and dangers.

Listen, my son, to my advice! Do not show your back to enemies and flee, but rather, pursue them as a strong one. Be not an animal, with men pursuing you; but rather, be a man, with you pursuing the evil wild beasts, lest somehow they become victorious over you and trample upon you as on a dead man, and you perish due to their wickedness.

Oh wretched man, what will you do if you fall into their hands? Protect yourself, lest you be delivered into the hands of your enemies. Entrust yourself to this pair of friends, reason and mind, and no one will be victorious over you. May God dwell in your camp, may his Spirit protect your gates, and may the mind of Divinity protect the walls. Let holy reason become a torch in your mind, burning the wood which is the whole of sin.

And if you do these things, O my son, you will be victorious over all your enemies, and they will not be able to wage war against you, neither will they be able to resist, nor will they be able to get in your way. For if you find these, you will despise them as deniers of truth. They will speak to you, cajoling you and enticing (you), not because they are afraid of you, but because they are afraid of those who dwell within you, namely, the guardians of the divinity and the teaching.

My son, accept the education and the teaching. Do not flee from the education and the teaching, but when you are taught, accept (it) with joy. And if you are educated in any matter, do what is good. You will plait a crown of education by your guiding principle. Put on the holy teaching like a robe. Make yourself noble-minded through good conduct. Obtain the austerity of good discipline. Judge yourself like a wise judge. Do not go astray from my teaching, and do not acquire ignorance, lest you lead your people astray. Do not flee from the divine and the teaching which are within you, for he who is teaching you loves you very much. For he shall bequeath to you a worthy austerity. Cast out the animal nature which is within you, and do not allow base thought to enter you. For ... you know the way which I teach."

Monday, September 10, 2012

The Divine And Demoniac Natures

Great Knowledge, this Bhagavad Gita. I just found it, and I like it. It tells what's going on today...those Khazarian Jews (Ashkenazim), or psychopathic Jews of Isreal....demonic natures.

Check it out:

Bhagavad Gita Chapter 16: The Divine & Demoniac Natures

Chapter 16, Verse 6;
O son of Prtha, in this world there are two kinds of created beings. One is called the divine and the other demoniac. I have already explained to you at length the divine qualities. Now hear from Me of the demoniac.

Chapter 16, Verse 7;
Those who are demoniac do not know what is to be done and what is not to be done. Neither cleanliness nor proper behavior nor truth is found in them.

Chapter 16, Verse 8;
They say that this world is unreal, that there is no foundation and that there is no God in control. It is produced of sex desire, and has no cause other than lust.

The demonic conclude that the world is phantasmagoria. There is no cause, no effect, no controller, no purpose: everything is unreal. They say that this cosmic manifestation arises due to chance material actions and reactions. They do not think that the world was created by God for a certain purpose. They have their own theory: that the world has come about in its own way and that there is no reason to believe that there is a God behind it. For them there is no difference between spirit and matter, and they do not accept the Supreme Spirit. Everything is matter only, and the whole cosmos is supposed to be a mass of ignorance. According to them, everything is void, and whatever manifestation exists is due to our ignorance in perception. They take it for granted that all manifestation of diversity is a display of ignorance. Just as in a dream we may create so many things, which actually have no existence, so when we are awake we shall see that everything is simply a dream. But factually, although the demons say that life is a dream, they are very expert in enjoying this dream. And so, instead of acquiring knowledge, they become more and more implicated in their dreamland. They conclude that as a child is simply the result of sexual intercourse between man and woman, this world is born without any soul. For them it is only a combination of matter that has produced the living entities, and there is no question of the existence of the soul. As many living creatures come out from perspiration and from a dead body without any cause, similarly, the whole living world has come out of the material combinations of the cosmic manifestation. Therefore material nature is the cause of this manifestation, and there is no other cause. They do not believe in the words of Krsna in Bhagavad-gita: mayadhyaksena prakrtih suyate sa-caracaram. "Under My direction the whole material world is moving." In other words, amongst the demons there is no perfect knowledge of the creation of the world; every one of them has some particular theory of his own. According to them, one interpretation of the scriptures is as good as another, for they do not believe in a standard understanding of the scriptural injunctions.

Chapter 16, Verse 9;
Following such conclusions, the demoniac, who are lost to themselves and who have no intelligence, engage in unbeneficial, horrible works meant to destroy the world.

The demoniac are engaged in activities that will lead the world to destruction. The Lord states here that they are less intelligent. The materialists, who have no concept of God, think that they are advancing. But, according to Bhagavad-gita, they are unintelligent and devoid of all sense. They try to enjoy this material world to the utmost limit and therefore always engage in inventing something for sense gratification. Such materialistic inventions are considered to be advancement of human civilization, but the result is that people grow more and more violent and more and more cruel, cruel to animals and cruel to other human beings. They have no idea how to behave toward one another. Animal killing is very prominent amongst demoniac people. Such people are considered the enemies of the world because ultimately they will invent or create something which will bring destruction to all. Indirectly, this verse anticipates the invention of nuclear weapons, of which the whole world today is very proud. At any moment war may take place, and these atomic weapons may create havoc. Such things are created solely for the destruction of the world, and this is indicated here. Due to godlessness, such weapons are invented in human society; they are not meant for the peace and prosperity of the world.

Chapter 16, Verse 10;
The demoniac, taking shelter of insatiable lust, pride and false prestige, and being thus illusioned, are always sworn to unclean work, attracted by the impermanent.

The demoniac mentality is described here. The demons lust is never satiated. They will go on increasing and increasing their insatiable desires for material enjoyment. Although they are always full of anxieties on account of accepting nonpermanent things, they still continue to engage in such activities out of illusion. They have no knowledge and cannot tell that they are heading the wrong way. Accepting nonpermanent things, such demoniac people create their own God, create their own hymns and chant accordingly. The result is that they become more and more attracted to two things--sex enjoyment and accumulation of material wealth. The word asuci-vratah, unclean vow, is very significant in this connection. Such demoniac people are only attracted by wine, women, gambling and meat-eating; those are their asuci, unclean habits. Induced by pride and false prestige, they create some principles of religion which are not approved by the Vedic injunctions. Although such demoniac people are most abominable in the world, still, by artificial means the world creates a false honor for them. Although they are gliding toward hell, they consider themselves very much advanced.

Off to the Netherworld!

Friday, September 7, 2012

The Netherworld

Since we talk of the netherworld in the title of this blog, let's check it out! Aaawl riiight! Haha. Just joking.

It is so strange how the Nag Hammadi Library has spoken of five hells and seven heavens of this material place Yaldaboath created, or uhm, I mean copied from what he saw somewhere....I don't know where...but they say he copied the structure. So The Daoists, yeah, strangely enough, also say it's ruled by five kings of hell. And this is the Netherworld.

What's really strange though, is that I had a dream of a guy I use to have a crush on and I only remembered his name as Burt, hahaha. He was there in the dream.

The dream started out by me wandering through a t.v. set with a bunch of actors and actresses doing things. I saw them training dogs to jump through something, and there were cats there too. The people were really nice, it was a pleasant place. I did have a sense of this place being underground somewhere below, like there was a ceiling over the entire place. I needed to go to the washroom so I walked to where it was, past the set further down at some building with a fence around one area, like a school ground. He saw me and I saw him. He looked like he was in charge of the whole place. He wore a nice pastel olive green suit that looked really good on him. When he took the jacket off he wore a nice matching pastel olive green/beige shirt. He looked so handsome.
There was a lineup of girls at the building when I got there. He was looking very intently at me, wondering who I was. He talked to one of his men telling them to not let anyone else come here because he wants to meet me, alone. So all the girls disappeared, and now I was standing there behind the 7 foot tall silver fence looking at him as he approached me. I had a crush on him so I tried really hard to hide it but he knew, somehow.

That's when I suddenly saw into a different dimension while I was standing there a few feet away from him. I could sense his presence, my surroundings and hear his voice, but my eyes were viewing a huge fire all yellow and flaming, huge flames engulfed the entire place. I saw a great big black form of a man with huge black bat wings flying in the midst of all that fire and I saw another one fly through it. They were two pure black forms in the raging yellow fire, and I could see there were others in there flying around in the farther distance through the flames. I felt like I knew them and I wanted to go there and fly with them, then I got my eyesight back and I jumped up on the fence like a bat, then I jumped or flew on to the other side, on the brick wall and stayed stuck on that wall for a little bit, looking at him. Then I came back down because he spoke really gently with me and helped to calm me down. We became intimate but not of a sexual nature. And we talked. And it was so nice being with him.

When I woke up I wanted to go visit him again. But I had to know what his real name was. When I looked it up on the computer, he was from that show called "Soap." His name was Richard Mulligan. He had died a few years ago. I had no idea. I thought he was still alive on the planet. Nope. That was him in that world I visited in the dream.

Sometimes I felt him wanting me to come back to that place, and we communicated from my daily life. I wanted so badly to go back too...I really liked that fire and those black bat people too, but I couldn't get back there. I did have another dream of him though. It was in a different setting and I don't remember how it went.

HELL? It's real! I've been there! Hahaha.

There's more to it than that. In July I wrote to a man who had fallen in love with me back in the 80's and I ran away from him. I wanted to see whether I could deal with this thing, so I wrote, and after I did I got nervous again. I mean, you don't know how it feels to be put out of operation, so as I was laying on the couch trying to calm myself I began saying" help me, help me" and really intently asking for help because I wanted to get past this hurdle which I've had to deal with all my life.

As I lay there still and calm with my eyes closed, suddenly I saw two pure black swirls of energy coming my way, and I felt close to them.

Nahual comes from a Nahuatl root formed by nehuatl, ‘I' and by ni ye, ‘I am', and therefore it means ‘who I really am'; it also comes from the word nahualli, meaning ‘what can be extended'. It is a cold energy, which moves in circular movements

I liked them. They were wisdom personified in my eyes, and I was having trouble dealing with this stupid romantic love thing. I always thought love was a responsibility not a game. But I guess we have to play the game too. So they talked to me. They were surprised I was here on Earth, and it seems they wondered how I got in here saying to me that I'm the only one of my kind on this planet. But I had a hard time believing that. Maybe because I didn't want to think I was the only one here holy sheets to the wind. So they warned me about him, but I already knew to be wary about him since I saw he had a very bright golden light and I was pure black. U know? Eeh! It was so neat. The first time I ever met anyone who I really felt at ease and comfortable with. But I knew my responsibility, that being alone, I have to do what ever I have to do. Something like that you know? So they flew off like they came, in spirals. But I still communicated with them for a while the next few days invisibly.

I think they actually helped me to go through something because I had a very unusual experience after that. The whole night I was in bed crying for hours and hours and these pictures of the water kept flashing before my presence and I was there at every place at the same time in my bed with tears streaming down my face. Then near the end of the session, I saw boiling blood. It was neat. Surprising, after all the water scenes. It was right up close. Then a few more water pictures, like oceans, lakes, rivers, etc, then I saw a huge vat of blood. Like earlier I saw it up close, well now I saw it from a perspective where it was a huge square deep pool and the blood was really thick with bubbling on top all over in small bubbles everywhere. Then it returned back to the water pictures. And ... well... there's a bit more, but that's the end.

The few oral and written sources available have preserved some of the sayings of the ancient nahuales or nahualli, the ‘sages who united sleep and wake'; the main written source is the Florentine Codex, whereas others belong to the oral tradition called mah toteotahtzin mitzmopieli, ‘the tale of our Venerable Land'. Here are some examples:
  • "The nahual is not weakened by emotions. It is not weakened by Coatzin's venerable snake, ‘sexuality'". This saying seems to refer to the two different ways of becoming a nahual, one of which was through sexuality, while the other was through abstinence.
  • "The word of the nahual is wise, he is the master of his liver, he serves the community, he is serious, frank and free of any excesses"; here the expression ‘master of one's liver' might refer either to the ability of controlling one's anger, as the liver is viewed as the place where anger is created, or to the ability to travel to the heavens or to the underworlds by means of the ihiyotl, the life essence, the subtle body that is anchored in the liver.
  • "The good nahual, reliable guardian, the one who observes, preserves, helps and does not damage anyone."
  • "The nahual is tlamatini, ‘a sage', mictlanmatini, ‘sage of the underworlds', ilhuicatlmatini, ‘sage of the heavens'."

Ok. Here's the excerpt:

The Netherworld

The Underworlds
Daoism divides the world into nine levels, which are called the Nine Realms ( 九壘 Jiulei ). Each Realm can further de divided into four Realms, for a total of Thirty-Six Realms. Each Realm is governed by an Emperor of the Soil ( 土黃 Tuhuang ). The names of the Nine Realms are as follows:

  1. Realm of Colourful Brilliance ( 色潤地 Serundi );
  2. Realm of Diamond Brilliance ( 剛色地 Gangsedi );
  3. Realm of Paraffin Brilliance ( 石肢色澤地 Shizhise Zedi );
  4. Realm of Humid Brilliance ( 潤澤地 Run Zedi );
  5. Realm of Golden Millet Brilliance ( 金粟澤地 Jinsu Zedi );
  6. Realm of Diamond and Iron Brilliance ( 金剛鐵澤地 Jinggangtie Zedi );
  7. Realm of Water Brilliance ( 水制澤地 Shuizhi Zedi );
  8. Realm of Great Wind Brilliance ( 大風澤地 Dafeng Zedi );
  9. Colourless Diamond-Link Realm of the Pervasive Abyss ( 洞淵無色剛維地 Dongyuan Wuse Gangwei Di ).

The underworld is dark and obscure. The netherworld cannot be entered by common people, but the soul of the dead must inevitably go there, unless it has become an Immortal. The Chinese call the place where the soul of the dead go 'Supreme Yin' ( 太陰 Taiyin ). The underworld is governed by the Five Kings of Hell ( 五嶽 Wuyu ), especially by the Spirit of the Eastern Hell of Mt. Tai ( 東嶽泰山之神 Dongyu Taishan Zhi Shen ). It is also said that the netherworld is governed by the Great Emperor of Fengdu ( 酆都大帝 Fengdu Dadi ). The netherworld is the location of hell, where the souls of sinners are locked up, as well as ghosts and goblins.

The Fantasy World of Kundalini

Ever since I heard of the word kundalini, I was instantly wary of it. The stories sounded really ridiculous to me. I heard others talking about it, and I had nothing to say, because I didn't quite know what TO say. And then a few years ago, after reading Gurdjieff's teachings, I found out my instincts were right on target. The kundalini is a word hahaha used to describe fantasy. When a person supposes they are doing something but they really are not doing anything at all, in other words, no results...that is fantasy. Here's an excerpt from my blog where I had typed out this part from the book In Search of the Miraculous by Ouspensky, who took down Gurdjieff's teachings.

Kundalini Explanation

"In so-called 'occult' literature you have probably met with the expression 'Kundalini,' 'the fire of Kundalini,' or the 'serpent of Kundalini.' This expression is often used to designate some kind of strange force which is present in man and which can be awakened. But none of the known theories gives the right explanation of the force of Kundalini. Sometimes it is connected with sex, with sex energy, that is, with the idea of the possibility of using sex energy for other purposes. This latter is entirely wrong because Kundalini can be in anything.

And above all, Kundalini is not anything desirable or useful for man's development. It is very curious how these occultists have got hold of the word from somewhere but have completely altered its meaning and from a very dangerous and terrible thing have made something to be hoped for and to be awaited as some blessing.

"In reality Kundalini is the power of imagination, the power of fantasy, which takes the place of a real function. When a man dreams instead of acting, when his dreams take the place of reality, when a man imagines himself to be an eagle, a lion, or a magician, it is the force of Kundalini acting in him.

Kundalini can act in all centers and with its help all the centers can be satisfied with the imaginary instead of the real.

A sheep which considers itself a lion or a magician lives under the power of Kundalini.

"Kundalini is a force put into men in order to keep them in their present state. Could men to really see their true position and understand all the horror of it, they would be unable to remain where they are, even for one second. They would begin to seek a way out and they would quickly find it, because there is a way out; but men fail to see it simply because they are hypnotized. Kundalini is the force that keeps them in a hypnotic state. 'To awaken' for man means to be 'dehypnotized.' In this lies the chief difficulty and in this also lies the guarantee of its possibility, for there is no organic reason for sleep and man can awaken.

"Theoretically he can, but practically it is almost impossible because as soon as a man awakens for a moment and opens his eyes, all the forces that caused him to fall asleep begin to act upon him with tenfold energy and he immediately falls asleep again, very often dreaming he is awake or is awakening.

"There are certain states in ordinary sleep in which a man wants to awaken, but cannot. He tells himself he is awake, but in reality he continues to sleep—and this can happen several times before he finally awakes. But in ordinary sleep, once he is awake, he is in a different state; in hypnotic sleep the case is otherwise; there are no objective characteristics, at any rate, not at the beginning of awakening; a man cannot pinch himself in order to make sure he is not asleep. And when, God forbid!, a man has heard anything about objective characteristics, Kundalini at once transforms it all into imagination and dreams.

"Only a man who fully realizes the difficulty of awakening can understand the necessity of long and hard work in order to awake.

"Speaking in general, what is necessary to awake a sleeping man? A good shock is necessary. But when a man is fast asleep one shock is not enough. A long period of continual shocks is needed.

Politics of the Past. Shamans & Shamanism.

The shamans in the past seemed to have had to deal with the charade the gods played. There's always a fight going on, until one day a balance is acquired, where people train themselves by observing their own inner and outer world. ( (Charades) Secretly assign vocabulary words to individuals or small groups)

I have two excerpts from different sources. See whether you can pick up the gist of what was just said.

From:  Wikipedia; Wu (shaman)

"Wu-shamans participated in court scandals and dynastic rivalries under Emperor Wu of Han (r. 141-87 BCE), particularly regarding the crime of wugu 巫蠱 (with gu "venom-based poison") "sorcery; casting harmful spells". In 130 BCE, Empress Chen Jiao was convicted of using shamans from Yue to conduct wugu magic. She "was dismissed from her position and a total of 300 persons who were involved in the case were executed" (tr. Loewe 1970:169), their heads were cut off and exposed on stakes. In 91 BCE, an attempted coup against crown prince Liu Ju involved accusations of practicing wugu, and subsequently "no less than nine long months of bloody terrorism, ending in a tremendous slaughter, cost some tens of thousands their lives!" (tr. Groot 1910 5:836).

Ever since Emperor Wu of Han established Confucianism as the state religion, the ruling classes have shown increasing prejudice against shamanism (de Groot 1910:1233-42, Waley 1955:11-12). Some modern writers view the traditional Confucianist disdain for female shamans as sexism. Schafer wrote:

In the opinion of the writer, the Chou ruling class was particularly hostile to women in government, and regarded the ancient fertility rites as impure. This anti-female tendency was even more marked in the state of Lu, where Confucius approved of the official rain-ceremony in which men alone participated. There was, within ancient China, a heterogeneity of culture areas, with female shamans favored in some, males in others. The" licentiousness" of the ceremonies of such a state as Cheng (doubtless preserving the ancient Shang traditions and customs) was a byword among Confucian moralists. Confucius' state seems on the other hand to have taken the" respectable" attitude that the sexes should not mingle in the dance, and that men were the legitimate performers of the fertility rites. The general practice of the later Chou period, or at least the semi-idealized picture given of the rites of that time in such books as the Chou li, apparently prescribed a division of magical functions between men and women. The former generally play the role of exorcists, the latter of petitioners. This is probably related to the metaphysical belief that women, embodying the principle yin, were akin to the spirits, whereas men, exemplifying the element yang, were naturally hostile to them. (1951:158)

Accepting the tradition that Chinese shamans were women (i.e., wu 巫 "shamaness" as opposed to xi 覡 "shaman"), Kagan believes:

One of the main themes in Chinese history is the unsuccessful attempt by the male Confucian orthodoxy to strip women of their public and sacred powers and to limit them to a role of service ... Confucianists reasserted daily their claim to power and authority through the promotion of the phallic ancestor cult which denied women religious representation and excluded them from the governmental examination system which was the path to office, prestige, and status. (1980:3-4)

In addition, Unschuld (1980:125-128) refers to a "Confucian medicine" based upon systematic correspondences and the idea that illnesses are caused by excesses (rather than demons).

The Zhouli provides detailed information about the roles of wu-shamans. It lists (Falkenhausen 1995:282), "Spirit Mediums as officials on the payroll of the Zhou Ministry of Rites (Liguan 禮官, or Ministry of Spring, Chun guan 春官)." This text differentiates three offices: the Siwu 司巫 "Manager/Director of Shamans", Nanwu 男巫 "Male Shamans", and Nüwu 女巫 "Female Shamans".


And now from: Alien Interview by Matilda O'Donnell MacElroy

Do not rely on the dogma of physical sciences to master
the fundamental forces of creation any more than you
would trust the chanted incantations of an incenseburning
shaman. The net result of both of these is
entrapment and oblivion. Scientists pretend to observe,
but they only suppose that they see, and call it fact.
Like the blind man, a scientist can not learn to see
until he realizes that he is blind. The "facts" of
Earth science do not include the source of creation.
They include only the result, or byproducts of creation.
The "facts" of science do not include any memory of the
nearly infinite past experience of existence.

The essence of creation and existence cannot be found
through the lens of a microscope or telescope or by any
other measurement of the physical universe. One cannot
comprehend the perfume of a flower or the pain felt by
an abandoned lover with meters and calipers.

Everything you will ever know about the creative force
and ability of a god can be found within you -- an
Immortal Spiritual Being. (I.S.-Be)

How can a blind man teach others to see the nearly
infinite gradients that comprise the spectrum of light?
The notion that one can understand the universe without
understanding the nature of an IS-BE is as absurd as
conceiving that an artist is a speck of paint on his own
canvas. Or, that the lace on a ballet shoe is the
choreographer's vision, or the grace of a dancer, or the
electric excitement of opening night.

Study of the spirit has been booby-trapped by the
thought control operation through religious
superstitions they instill in the minds of men.
Conversely, the study of the spirit and the mind have
been prohibited by science which eliminates anything
that is not measurable in the physical universe.
Science is the religion of matter. It worships matter.

The paradigm of science is that creation is all, and the
creator is nothing. Religion says the creator is all,
and the creation is nothing. These two extremes are the
bars of a prison cell. They prevent observation of all
phenomenon as an interactive whole.

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To Know A Psychopath

In this Alfred Hitchcock movie "Rope" the two guys in the beginning of the movie are killing a guy. One guy is a psychopath and the other is affected, led, in other words, tainted by the illness of the psychopath by not knowing any better. How can you tell? The guy in the brown suit has feelings, the guy in the blue suit has absolutely none. Of course the psychopath will pretend to have feelings, but the more aware you are, the more evidence you can pick up from the rest of them which shows they do not.

Alfred Hitchcock's Rope

Monday, August 27, 2012

Most Closely Guarded Secret Of The Mysteries

This excerpt from John Lash's website tells us how to deal with the situation of today....i.e. the lies, deception, bullshit, etc. Find the Organic Light And Communicate With IT.

Lydia’s Vow 

A Confession from a Mystery Cell

My name is Lydia Dzumardjin, a woman of the nomadic tribe Mardeena. My tribe is from Parthia, today called Iran, a land known for warriors skilled in archery on horseback. I was born on 306 AD in Hecatombylos, the city of a hundred gates, a crossroads for travelers, Silk Route traders, bandits, scholars, and wandering mystics. My parents were stargazers called Sabians, descended from a long line of seers and diviners. The Mardeena pitched their tents all across Parthia and westward into the Levant. I happened to be born within the walls of the many-gated city when the tribe was attending the Festival of Amber that occurred there every five years.

I am writing these words to tell the world about a vow I made when I was 35 years old, and how I came to fulfill that vow when I lived much later, in another life, in a future time, the 21st century.

The Antioch Cell

I took the vow one autumn day in 341 AD at a gathering near Antioch, now called Antalya in Turkey.  I was surrounded by my close friends and spiritual allies, members of a cell of the Mystery School network of the ancient world. Such cells were intimate teams that met regularly in a sacred  place, either a temple, underground grotto, or a grove of trees. Accomplished shamans, the members practiced ecstatic trance to acquire wisdom.  

That evening was exceptional because all sixteen members of the Antioch cell were attending. Usually, we met in groups of eight, four men and four women, in rotating shifts. We were the most respected cell in Syria, one of the last of the once far-reaching network of shamans and seers who shared a vision of Sophia, the terrestrial goddess. Today people call this same entity "Gaia," meaning the living planet, the superorganism in which humans exist as self-conscious cells.

I joined the Antioch cell at the age of 24 and in seven years I entered the nuclear group, the Company of the Eight.  Before arriving in Antioch, I taught astronomy at the Mystery campus in Damascus, and wrote numerous scrolls deposited in the library there. (These writings were later destroyed in the Christian campaign to eradicate the Mysteries and all the knowledge emanating in them — all the high culture of Pagan civilization.) Because of the popularity of the scrolls and my teaching role, I came to be known as Lydia of Damascus. I was also a dancer. In the sacred arts of that time and setting, dance and astronomy were intimately related. I danced to the shifting patterns of the stars and the wandering planets.

Wicked Deception

That evening in autumn 341 AD, the members of the Antioch cell — we called ourselves telestai, "those who are aimed"— were engrossed in a conversation about Kali Yuga, the last phase of the great cosmic cycle measured by the Zodiac.  We spoke in Greek, using the term kairos poneiros for Kali Yuga. Poneiros means wicked or deceitful, with the implication of phoniness. We looked ahead to a time when deception would triumph because human faculties came to be stupefied, and lies overruled any sense of reality. A time when people would be incapable of discerning truth from falsity. Unable, for example, to tell plastic from pearl.

Gathered in the soft yellow glow of rape seed lamps, we discussed a future age when every sacred idea would be violated or ridiculed. In the time of poneiros,  it would not merely be difficult to tell the authentic from the fake: it would be impossible. We understood that a moment would come, some 16 centuries in the future, when the human race would plunge into desperate confusion, having lost all sense of the sustaining and animating power of the Sacred.

In our tradition of Pagan mysticism, we understood the Sacred to be the divine presence that sustains life on earth and makes us conscious of being alive, the planetary goddess whom we called Sophia, "divine wisdom." We knew Sophia directly as the ultimate source of beauty, joy, truth, health, and inspired knowledge.

But without direct contact with the Sacred, the living goddess who is the earth,  how could humanity continue on its proper way?  If people in a future time lost this connection, how could any humane society survive? What touchstone might  people of the future need to give them immediate contact with the divine source, the Goddess?

On that autumn night, we of the Antioch cell were perplexed and troubled. Through the evening and well into dawn, we pondered how to provide a solution for humanity in Kali Yuga, a tool of guidance for the hard times of wicked deception.

A Sacred Vow

One thing became vividly clear to us at that moment. When all genuine access to the Sacred had been violated, obscured by a triple veil of lies, delusions, and warped beliefs, the moment would come to offer something truly inviolable -- not a principle, not a message, not a grand plan or teaching, not the promise of another messiah, but something paramount and pristine. A touchstone for truth that could not be violated. A mystery that would allow every single person on earth access to the divine presence, and the wisdom flowing from that presence, direct and first-hand. 

As we saw it, there was only one way this fantastic opportunity would come to pass. Someone in that future time would have to reveal the most closely guarded secret of our tradition, the basis of our work and the method we used to achieve it. The Mysteries were ancient schools of coevolution, centers of learning and mystical experimentation. Its members were accomplished shamans who translated what they realized in altered states into an educational guidance program for the world at large. We taught all the arts and sciences, from alchemy to zoology. We were the educators of the ancient world, the founders of the trades and the sacred arts alike. We introduced and fostered literacy. We developed a great many subjects, but due to the sacred vow that held our organization intact over thousands of years, we did not disclose how we ourselves learned what we taught.

The most closely guarded secret of the Mysteries was instruction by the Light.  By entering intentional trance, we learned directly from the wisdom goddess Sophia. We interacted with Her luminosity. The medium of our instruction was a soft, deep, living radiance that casts no shadow, the Organic Light. It is not a light that radiates in space, but it wells up from the material mass of things like a pearly eruption. It is not transparent, but milky. Beholding the Organic Light in steady concentration, eyes fully open, not allowing hallucinations, we interacted with the planetary mind as if conversing with another person. Such was the time-tried and inviolable method of illumination in the Mysteries. It might be called trance-learning.


On that fateful evening, all sixteen members of the Antioch cell took a vow that one of us, reincarnating at the end of Kali Yuga, would disclose to the world the medium and method of instruction in the Mysteries. But this method was protected by a sacred vow of silence! So, it would be necessary in that future age to trespass one vow to fulfill another. It came about that I, Lydia of Damascus, was the member of the cell to fulfill that mission and forgo the sacred vow of silence concerning the Organic Light.  

In November 2006, there appeared a book titled Not in His Image. This book revealed intimate knowledge of the Organic Light never before disclosed, either in print or in public discourse. Never. Various esoteric traditions allude to the Organic Light, but they do not present a clear-cut description of the appearance and action of the Light. Nor do they explain in explicit language how to learn all manner of things from interacting with it.

For those who beheld the Organic Light for the first time, the senior mystics of a Mystery cell had a welcome benediction:

“A kid, thou hast fallen into milk.”

This is the dedication of Not in His Image, written for the mystics of the future. I offer this confession to those who recognize the Sophianic vision in their own hearts, and long to behold the Goddess in her milky luminous body. Let them know that I, Lydia of Damascus, am here. The tribes of Gaia-Sophia are gathering. I welcome the mystical conversation that will guide our species on its way in love and truth, in harmony with Gaia and all sentient beings.

Getting Free Of Mechanical Karma & Reincarnation

I had an insight. As I was reading this pargraph below, an excerpt from John Lamb Lash's site Metahistory.org , I was watching a green house fly up at the lamp on my computer desk. The fly circled round and round and round in a perfect circle around the lamp post. Then it showed me that to get out of the repeating circle of nowhere, you start to offset it, and it showed me this by flying in a half circle. It went half way around the lamp post only, not all the way around it. It went half way, back, half way, back, half way...and then it began to show me this is the way out of the circle. Because once you can see the half way about it, then you can fly straight. And this is what it did next. It flew to the back of the lamp then came forward out of it and toward me. So this is when I understood what it takes to get out of the repeating pattern of the circle that goes nowhere.

At the same time, I also saw out of what the fly was showing me, that the Lizard beings, the Archons use the symbol of the snake eating its own tail. And I saw that this is exactly what they are so proud of. Not that THEY are eating their own tail, but that they have humanity eating its own tail, being stuck in a never ending circle of nonprogress. Check out the excerpt:

Blind Compulsion

Clear enough, perhaps, but how does archontic input "adulterate" human potential? The additive (equivalent to corn syrup in honey) is a tendency to trance, to self-hypnosis or auto-suggestion, as the text clearly indicates. That tendency is purely archontic. In effect, Sophia allows the archons to induce a trancing factor into human minds, as if you would handicap the mechanism of the inner ear to keep someone slightly dizzy, off-balance. What is handicapped is perception, due to the blurring of suggestion: merely suggest that something be seen in a certain way, and humans will tend to see it that way. Hence, the magic of advertising. Hence, the impact of psi-ops using simulation technology. Sophia does so, so that, by detecting the spin of auto-suggestion, we can arrest delusion at its root and rise to our true potential, using imagination to merge into the sublime reality of terrestrial designs, rather than for fantasy and evasion.

Fine, so far. This is halfway to the full exegesis of the passage on hiemarmene. The Apocryphon of John suggests that the delusional bias is not merely left to operate as a mental disposition, but is actually, functionally "installed" in the mechanism of human behavior, corporeally active. The blind compulsion of fate is due to the way behavior repeats itself through imprinting itself on the human organism, NLP-style Our bondage to karma resides in this: behaviorally, we imitate ourselves.

Now, I realize that mixing mythological language with psychological analysis will not go over well with some people. But there is simply no other way to frame the diagnosis here. The mythological metaphor, "Sophia cuts a deal with the archons, allowing them to bind human behavior functionally into patterns of blind compulsion," describes physically lived psychological reality. Compulsive activity imprints the human organism so as to reproduce itself in ever-repeating patterns (interchangeable fetters), but is then enacted through different, one-time-only actions (changeable fetters). For instance, the drunk who beats the wife who is the enabler of his addiction, repeats a compulsive pattern of abuse, and she repeats her involvement in that pattern, but each time it happens, they are two people performing distinct actions at that moment in time. Each time he hits her in the face is a unique instance of physical abuse, even though his act exhibits a repeating pattern of abuse.

The corporeal power of "repetition compulsion" binds humankind to fate "harder and stronger than she with whom the gods united and the angels and the demons and all the generations until this day." Sophia really takes a chance with us by allowing karma to function corporeally and not merely as a mental process. I would venture to say that she does so because our divine endowment of epinoia is also corporeal, and it takes one to match and master the other.
So you see how nature, Sophia, has helped me to understand something? It's as simple as paying attention to what the shiny green house fly is saying.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Springmeier Does It Again! ... What Frightened You, Fred?

This movie is exactly what I'm talking about in a few posts below. The brainwashing hahaha going on in this one, is like, hello. Too obvious.

Anyway. The "chapel" graveyard? The ringing of birds outside? There must a been two of em programmers around...one to voice out the orders and the other one to whistle loudly as though a bird had come along, to sink the orders into the loyal dogs mind, the just not prisoner anymore, you know?

HAhaha. Let's check it out dolls.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents: What Frightened You, Fred

This is the hilt of what Fritz Springmeier called "Illuminati Brainwarshing."

Most Likely to Succeed

This is my favorite Alfred Hitchcock show. So far I haven't seen any better hahaa. Brilliant.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents:  Most Likely to Succeed

Hahahaha Hahahaaaa

Yes yes yes yes. Whell now. I've been looking around and......I found, this one. What do You think?

Alfred Hitchcock Presents:  The Matched Pearl

Isn't there none much better?

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Opening To Awareness

Alright. Earlier I said to myself I do too much thinking. It's showing an arch above my right side eyebrow. So I looked to my left side of face and asked that side, ruled by the right brain, what am I to do? And the left side of my face said, "You know everything already." And it seemed she said it in a kind of 'pained' way. And I realized it was because I was holding so tight to my thoughts of the mind, I hardly allowed her, the inner essence, to come out and help show me the way. So I said to her, ok, I'll stop thinking so much and allow myself to become aware of the inner essence which has all the answers already, anyway. And so, here I am, thinking again, haha, about what the Alien Airl said, the one from The Domain which she communicates about in the "Alien Interview" which was written back in 1947 and snuck out by great fortune and now into the public since I think, 2007. So it's relatively new, at the same time, exceedingly interesting.

She said how this Earth is a prison planet which the "old empire" have turned into that. They electrocute our spirit so amnesia sets in, then they hypnotize us with lies, illusions, fantasies, and send us into a prison body, a fleshly material human form, on this planet. Most of us, perhaps 99.9 percent do not know who we are, where we came from or where we are going. We're like....zombies. And I was watching on the internet the Alfred Hitchcock hour in videos and had the thought, what when, we were one of those people acting in the movie, and now we are watching ourself, but we don't remember who we were, because after every lifetime is done, after the physical body expires, we are sent immediately back into another birth on this planet, an amnesiatic hypnotized being all over again, so that we never find out we are prisoners and get out. Don't go to the 'white light' when you find yourself out of body...it's a trap.

This was the video I was watching when the thought came to me.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents S06E11 The Man With Two Faces

Oh and also, one more thing. As I watch these Alfred Hitchcock guided movies, I can't help noticing there are so many references to the illuminati brainwashing that goes on with the people they take as slaves. Hints everywhere. Would you to read Fritz Springmeier's pdf books found all over the internet, you would get the same flavor as I do. Like Alfred Hitchcock knew things that he only put into choices of films or his own films, without being able to explain it in words. Like for example, your right side of the face wouldn't understand it any better would it be explained in words. But a little hint goes a long way. Let your left side of the face, that is, your right brain, do the work. Open to awareness and find out.