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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Illuminati And Witchcraft

The Cassiopaeans said something about the wicked witch of the west in the wizard of oz movie being the illuminati. This is John Todd's comic book, an ex-priest of the witchcollins. Did you know that Lucifer was a priest before he 'lost his mind'? What a strange twist of a story. This guy John Todd, following tradition, supposedly was mishandled and he too went and 'lost his mind'. Just weird stuff. I've been getting a lot of really weird things coming to me from listening to Fritz Springmeier, this John Todd, and even reading David Icke's book "Human Race Get Off Your Knees - The Lion Sleeps No More." I mean like check it out. The title says it also. The lion sleeps no more? You mean, he woke up? He's not blind anymore? He's finished with his 'job'? Gee...I better get it together. Things are moving so qvickly now.

Video Playlist Number 23 is the first video of about 45 in this set:   Ex Illuminati-John Todd Testimony
Click on the link to listen to him speak.

There is no one-way to learning and there is no one-way to truth. Therefore, what this guy John Todd preaches now, to me sounds like the doctrines of religion. He didn't leave the Illuminati, he just changed the car he was driving in. So instead of witchcraft, now he's in christianity. Same thing. But what the difference is, is that maybe he's getting something more out of it, you see? He perhaps has learned a whole lot more than he was learning in witchcraft. That's why you can't judge anyone. Nevertheless, one also must watch that one doesn't follow like a sheep into other's teachings just because they sound right. That is why they say "Know Thyself". Wherefore one isn't going to be blindly falling under someone else's ideas. They'll be leading their own lives, following their own inner Spirit. And that's what it's all about. That's what it in reality all comes down to. Listening to the Spirit which is within you, and being that. You. No one else can be you. And would they to be imitating you, they would be wasting their own time, for, there is no one like them, and they need too to be who they are, themself.

So listen to me when I say I love everyone, I mean I love everyone. Whether Angel or fucking Demon. To me, it's all the same. That's the higher picture, or as the saying goes, "the bigger picture."

Love is Knowledge and Knowledge is Love. You know? Get it? Got it. Good.

You wanna talk about wisdom? Now there we have a specific part of existing. You see? All kinds a stuff. Stuff, stuff and more stuff! Ha! Good day everyone.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Predators/Flyers Are Illuminati In Disguise

In this video I have excerpted something Fritz Springmeier said, and then used other sites and references to bring it to light so it can begin to be known who is behind the savage systems on Earth. Because while reading Armando Torres' work "Encounters with the Nagual" I have sensed the more complicated inner undercurrents of why those predators are here imprisoning and mixing with Humans. Ok, here we go:

At 1:31:32

in: Fritz Springmeier - The Top 13 Illuminati Bloodlines & their Mind Control

"A lot of people don't believe that there is such a thing as satanic ritual abuse, so I got this. It was in a museum, and as is typical of all illuminati oaths, they sign them in blood and this is an oath that says: "to satan to give you my body and soul and my life." (A piece of paper is shown on screen).

And this was an extremely secret illuminati castle until I began the circuit.

This is the gate, the entrance to a lane which leads to a castle. This castle is near the town of Muno and it's near the French border, it's in Belgium. And the town of Muno is rather strange in itself because the village is connected to the people that run this castle. This castle is used for a high level of Mother of Darkness rituals, and when you go down the lane and you go through these big huge doors, we're not going to describe it all in detail, but in any way, you come to a cathedral, you know, a church within this castle, and in the ceiling is a thousand points of light. Now you know what George Bush and some of these others are referring to cryptically when they say "a thousand points of light." And down, in the secret basement of this castle, hidden down there on a daily basis, they take a pregnant woman and they sacrifice her, and they take the baby and they sacrifice it and drain the innocent blood from the baby and use that as ink to write in this great white book the deeds that were accomplished that day in bringing in satan's reign of the anti-christ."

Mothers of Darkness Castle Chateau des Amérois in Belgium

Excerpted from: Reptilian Human

"What is called Satanism is the ruling hierarchy of the Brotherhood pyramid under the command of the reptilians. Like all the other parts of the network, it is strictly compartmentalized, The highest levels of the Satanic network lock into the highest levels of the Brotherhood, but the lower degrees are not allowed to know the true nature of the organizations they are involved in.

Some of the levels of Satanism are known as the Sisters of Light, the Five Star Generals, Master Counsellors, Keeper of the Books, Keeper of the Seals, and there is one position called an Asmodeus."

One of the global centers of Satanism is the Castle of Darkness, the Chateau des Amerois or Castle of Kings in Belgium, near the appropriately named village of Muno Bel. The castle is close to the French border and some 20 kilometers from Luxemburg. It is protected from view by thick forests, and guards keep out the curious. In the grounds is a cathedral with a dome containing 1,000 lights. When President George Bush talked of 1,000 points of light, he was speaking in code about this place of initiation for the highest initiates of the Satanic pyramid.

In this Satanic cathedral is the throne of the high priestess of the upper hierarchy, a position known as the Queen Mother." Every day, apparently, a child is sacrificed in the basement." Ceremonies are performed here to the Satanic 'goddess' known as Lilith, a demon in the Hebrew Cabala. In ancient Sumer the reptilian bloodline, as passed on through the female, was symbolised as a lily, and the main reptilian gene carriers were given names like Lilith, Lill, Lilutu and Lillette. Another demon used by some 'Mothers' is called Bilair, Bilar, and Bilid, cabalistic names for the force others call Satan, etc."

It is from these lands in Belgium and northern France that the bloodline families came, including the Bruces, to take over Scotland all those centuries ago. Belgium, this little country between France and the Netherlands, is also the home of the European Union, NATO, and, I am told, a massive computer centre where databases on all the people of the world are being compiled. It is known apparently as 'the Beast' and there are a number of these around the world. An Elite mind control operation called the Janus Group is also based in the NATO headquarters. Nimrod was Eannus, the god with two faces, who was later known to the Romans as Janus."

From the Luciferian Liberation Front.  An excerpt:

The Immaculate Deception

"Eventually, the Elohim returned to their home planet, leaving mankind millions of years more evolutionarily advanced than he naturally should have been. Since that time, our planet has been visited by numerous other alien races, some of which decided to camp out and use the sheep-like humans for their own purposes.

One of the alien races is composed of various energy entities which dwell on a plane of existence which cannot be detected by our limited ability to perceive. These energy entities are able to convert the electro-magnetic energies produced by the brain into an energy source for their own purposes. They thrive on intense emotional states such as fear, guilt and passion. For this reason they have found a home among the holy tabernacles of religion, sucking up the emotional energies of the congregations. From the days of Abraham, when one of these entities made a covenant to be the God of the Jews in return for a piece of foreskin from the males of the tribe, these entities have used mankind for their personal grocery store."

And in:  The Tower of Babel

Multidimensional Energy Demons

This race of beings is described in Don't Trust This Face. Through their reptilian allies, they have taken over the manipulation of the human race by infiltrating and subverting secret organizations which have existed since biblical times. The original organization which they infiltrated was known as the Brotherhood of the Snake and was formed by the rebel Elohim in an effort to aid mankind in his quest for independence.

This organization has splintered into numerous off-shoot groups which have been known by names such as "the Egyptian Mystery School," "Knights Templar," "Order of Orange," "Illuminati," "Rosicrucians," and "Freemasonry." These organizations have helped to keep man at war with his fellow man, keeping an elite few in power while providing a seemingly endless supply of psychic energy to the aliens through the misery of human suffering."

These guys are hilarious. Haha. Just like me. "Belialith." Here are their nicknames....

"Share your testimony with our friendly counselors.
Rev. Lou Siffer -- Senior Pastor
Rev. Bill Z. Bubb -- Associate Pastor"


And: British royalty dined on human flesh

'One thing we are rarely taught at school yet is evidenced in literary and historic texts of the time is this: James I refused corpse medicine; Charles II made his own corpse medicine; and Charles I was made into corpse medicine. 'Along with Charles II, eminent users or prescribers included Francis I, Elizabeth I's surgeon John Banister, Elizabeth Grey, Countess of Kent, Robert Boyle, Thomas Willis, William III, and Queen Mary.'

"Dr Sugg's research will be featured in a forthcoming Channel 4 documentary with Tony Robinson in which they reconstruct versions of older cannibalistic medicines with the help of pigs' brains, blood and skull.
The book, called Mummies, Cannibals and Vampires, will be published on June 29 by Routledge and charts the largely forgotten history of European corpse medicine from the Renaissance to the Victorians."

~ Illuminati News ~

Confession No. 7: Researcher from Philippines Provides A Look At Satanic Worshipping In Vatican And Castle Of Darkness In Belgium
by Greg Szymanski, June 04, 2006

According to Bobby G. Limeta, who has researched the Jesuits for 16 years, they seem to "have their dirty hands in everything."

Brushy Creek Sunday Confession reader said the chain of command in America reads as follows:
Bonesman George W. Bush taking orders from his immediate master CFR Dick Cheney, whose master is Bonesman George H. W. Bush, whose master is Edward Cardinal Egan, whose master is Pope Benedict XVI, whose master is Jesuit Superior General Peter-Hans Kolvenbach---whose master is the Devil.

So this takes us without hesitation right to our subject of discussion in this week's Sunday Confession No. 7 - satanic worshipping in the "House that Lucifer Built," being the controlled House of the Jesuit Order, the Vatican.

A subject many people shun or are frightened to tackle, the veil of suppression is lifted this week since, according to a growing number of researchers, the Jesuit Order is at the helm of the New World Order, attempting as we speak to destroy America's sovereignty and very existence.

As written in the Arctic Beacon based on eye-witness testimony from an Italian victim, the underground tombs and catacombs of the Vatican provide a perfect cover for evil. Here is what one eye witness described:

While Mass is being said in the Sistine Chapel and tourists are being shown the works of Michelangelo, deep within the bowels of the Vatican sits a large, circular room with 13 separate chambers, each leading to a distinct catacomb.

When a mummified body is placed in front of each doorway, a young child is then brutally sacrificed with a long, golden knife during what is said to be a secret induction ceremony for new members of the Illuminati, better known as the New World Order.

                   Satanic mass

Most people can't imagine such a scene and immediately attack the credibility of the eye-witness and the messenger. In this case, the eye-witness who described the above scene in the bowels of the Vatican can no longer be attacked since she jumped or was pushed to death, falling to cobblestones on St. Peter's Square in the early morning hours in the 1980's.

But her memories and story lives on despite her untimely death as this week researcher and historian Bobby G. Limeta, a freedom fighter from the Philippines, provides two attached PDF files concerning the Jesuit Order and satanic rituals in the Vatican, as well as rituals in the Castle of Darkness in Muno, Belgium.

"I humbly wish to attached herewith Acrobat PDF File (security locked-code protected) concerning the Jesuit Order satanic rituals inside the Vatican," said Limeta, adding that the evil hand of the Jesuits are also destroying his country, the Philippines. "You'll be surprised that Roman Catholic hierarchy are practicing satanic rituals inside the Vatican, the late Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XIV (former Cardinal Ratzinger) knew that these satanism is happening inside the Vatican.

"It was revealed by the late Jesuit priest Fr. Malachi Martin. Fr. Martin did not recant anything he wrote in his authored book. I also humbly wish to attached herewith Acrobat PDF File (security locked-code protected) concerning the Jesuit Order's Satanic Rituals inside the Castle of Darkness in Muno, Belgium.

"You'll also surprise that the European Union (EU) members are members of the Illuminati. The Illuminati is a secret society founded by a Jesuit named Adam Weishaupt. The Illuminati is controlled by the Jesuits and the Jesuits are believed to be Illuminati.

"You'll also be surprised that EU is suppressing any information pertaining to Marc Dutroux being associated with the satanic-cult rituals. But the Al-Jazeera News in the Middle East did mention satanism.

Here are the two PDF files provided by Limeta on a taboo subject that is typically suppressed:

JESUIT ORDER - Satanic Ritual Inside Vatican.pdf

JESUIT ORDER - Satanic Ritual Inside Castle Of Darkness.pdf

In an effort to connect the dots in America, Limeta provides the following eye-witness testimony of what is going on behind the scenes in the Philippines, as he presently is seeking entrance into New Zealand for protection against the Jesuits:

"I'm permanently residing in the Philippines and we are thousands of miles away from each other. All I can do is to provide you authenticated news and up-dates concerning Jesuit operations in the Philippines. God knows as my faithful witness that our country is a Jesuit Republic of the Philippines like Jesuit Republic of South America "Reductions of Paraguay" like that.

"Our government officials and politicians or military, police, political analysts, elite and rich families and businessmen will quarrel everyday due to political crisis and social agitations and rebellions without seeing the true culprits behind or even the shadows or footprint of the Jesuits.

"Simply, they don't know the real story of the Jesuits. Since 1990 when I become a true Christian, I read the Bible and began seriously looking for the real trouble makers around the world. I started to read world history, buying countless reference books and articles as part of my investment to nourish my spiritual being and mind.

"You'll be surprised my habit every Saturday and Sunday was a continuous 20-hours of reading, analyzing and re-reading for understanding and not for pleasure. For a period of 16-years I poured my attention, dedication, focus and entire financial resources just to find out the truth. I was stunned and it almost toppled me out of my chair when I finally saw the faces of the Jesuits as being the real problem.

"Throughout 16 years of research, I found whenever events and tragedies occurred, the Jesuits were always there. Soon, I may migrate and live permanently in so called God's territory of New Zealand.

"The New Zealand government already shown their great interest to accept me and live in their country when I was interviewed last year. In fact, the New Zealand immigration personnel told me to leave my country. There, however, I will attack the Jesuits blow by blow."

More Information to Read:

Joanna spent time as child in the dungeons of the Vatican

The Vatican, Rome and the Woman Riding the Beast


Jesuit Infiltration and Americas Downfall

Maniacal World Control Thru The Jesuit Order Well-Hidden Soldiers Of Satan

Greg Szymanski. Greg also has his own daily show on the Republic Broadcast Network. Go to http://www.rbnlive.com/

Greg Szymanski is an independent investigative journalist and his articles can been seen at http://www.lewisnews.com/.

He also writes for American Free Press and has his own site http://www.arcticbeacon.com/

Listen to my Radio Broadcast live Monday night at 8pm Pacific time on LewisNews, returning Jan. 1 2006 Radio http://webs.lewisnews.com/radio/index.htm.

Greg is also regular on Rense.com the first Thursday of every month at 9-10 pm pacific time.

And now for the interesting news. Who thought that Carlos Castaneda's books were fiction? Well you were WRONG. Hahaa. Terrible I know. But the truth will set you free, as long as you face it.

ENCOUNTERS WITH THE NAGUAL: Conversations with Carlos Castaneda by Armando Torres

"The flyers control us through our traditions and customs. They are the masters of religion, the creators of history. We hear their voice on the radio and we read their ideas in the newspapers. They manage all our means of information, and our belief systems. Their strategy is magnificent. For example, there was an honest man who spoke of love and freedom; they have transformed it into self-pity and servility. They do it  with everyone, even with naguals. For that reason, the work of a sorcerer is solitary.

"For millennia, flyers have concocted plans to collectivize us. There was a time when they became so
shameless that they were even seen in public, and people made representations of them in stone. Those were dark times; they were everywhere. But now their strategy has become so intelligent that we don't even know they exist. In the past, they hooked us through our credulity, today, through our materialism. They are responsible for modern man's ambition not to have to think for himself; just observe how long somebody will tolerate silence!"

"Why the change in their strategy?"

"Because, at this time, they are running a great risk. Humanity is in very quick and constant contact, and information can reach anyone. Either they must fill our heads, bombarding us day and night with all kind of suggestions, or there will be some who will realize and warn the others."

"What would happen if we were able to repel those entities?"

"In one week, we would recover our vitality and we would be shining again. But, as normal human beings, we cannot think about that possibility, because it would imply to go against all that is socially acceptable. Fortunately, sorcerers have one weapon: Discipline."

["They are responsible for modern man's ambition not to have to think for himself." This is talking about the aliens from space who came here, forced us to accept them as Gods then deceived us into thinking they're always there for us, such as in miracles (which are made from their technology that we have no knowledge of) and things stolen from us, and regurgitated back to us such as the ability to teleport. Since they've closed our eyes through manipulating with our minds, we are surprised at the very things that are natural for us to do. So they forced us to be dependent on them and used fear to enforce it. It's no wonder man would be frightened to think, when they've grown into a slump, a stagnation of the same ole routine. Nevertheless, it's time to wake up out of that static and begin to see just what has occurred here, and make amends with ourselves.

It's like this saying, which most likely originated from this situation: You give an inch, they take a mile. And they will keep taking and taking and give nothing worth in return. Until you firmly put your foot down, the nefarious alien will keep their fingers in the cookie jar.]


This is the whole chapter:

Predators Of Awareness

Our conversation was not resumed before several years had passed. On that occasion - one of his informal meetings - Carlos brought up an entirely new and frightening concept, which gave rise to the most passionate controversies.

"Man," he said, "is a magical being, he has the same capacity to fly into the universe as any one of the millions of awareness that exist. But, at some point in his history, he lost his freedom. Now his mind is no longer his own, it is an implant."

He claimed that human beings are hostages to a group of cosmic entities who are devoted predators, and who sorcerers call 'flyers'. He said this had been a very secret topic among the ancient seers, but due to an omen, he had realized that the time had come to disclose it. The omen was a picture that his friend Tony, a Christian Buddhist, had taken. In it appeared the sharply outlined figure of a dark and ominous creature, floating above a multitude of the faithful gathered among the pyramids of Teotihuacan.

"My cohorts and I decided it is time to let you know our true situation as social beings, even at the cost of all the distrust this information may generate in the public."

When I had the opportunity, I asked him to tell me more about the flyers, and then he told me one of the most terrifying aspects of Don Juan's world: That we are prisoners of beings who came from the confines of the universe, and that they use us as casually as we use chickens.

He explained:
"The portion of the universe accessible to us is the operative field of two radically different kinds of awareness. One, which includes plants and animals, and also human beings, is a whitish awareness; it is young, a generator of energy. The other one is an infinitely older and more parasitic awareness, possessor of an immense quantity of knowledge.

"Besides men and other beings that inhabit this Earth, there is in the universe an immense range of inorganic entities. They are present among us, and occasionally they are visible. We call them ghosts or apparitions. One of those species, which seers describe as enormous, black, flying shapes, arrived here at some point from the depths of cosmos, and found an oasis of awareness in our world. They have specialized in 'milking us'."

"That is incredible!" I exclaimed.

"I know, but it is the pure and terrifying truth. Have you never wondered about people's energetic and emotional ups and downs? It is the predator, who shows up periodically to pick up his quota of awareness. They only leave enough so that we may continue living, and sometimes not even that."

"What do you mean?"

"Sometimes they take too much, and the person becomes gravely ill, and may even die."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. "Do you mean we are being eaten alive?" I asked.

He smiled.
"Well, they don't literally 'eat' us, what they do is a vibratory transfer. Awareness is energy and they can align with us. Since by nature they are always hungry, and we, on the other hand, exude light, the result of that alignment can be described as energy robbery."

"But why do they do it?"

"Because, on the cosmic plane, energy is the most powerful currency, and we all want it, and we humans are a vital race, stuffed with nourishment. Every living being eats other beings, and the most powerful always comes out the winner. Who said man is at the top of the food chain? That idea could only have come from a human being. To inorganic beings, we are the prey."

I commented it was inconceivable to me entities that  are even more aware than us could be predatory to that extent.

He replied:
"But what do you think you're doing when you eat a lettuce or a beefsteak? You are eating life! Your sensibility is hypocritical. Cosmic predators are no more and no less cruel than we are. When a stronger race consumes another inferior one, it is helping its energy to evolve.

"I have already told you, in the universe there is only war. The confrontations of men are a reflection of what happens out there. It is normal for one species to consume another; a warrior does not complain about it, he observes to survive."

"And how do they consume us?"

"Through our emotions, properly directed by the internal dialogue. They have designed our social environment in such a way we are constantly shooting off waves of emotions, which are immediately absorbed. Best of all, they like attacks of ego; for them, that is an exquisite mouthful. Such emotions are the same anywhere in the universe where they occur, and they have learned how to metabolize them.

"Some consume us for our lust, anger, or fear; others prefer more delicate feelings, like love or fondness. But they are all after the same thing. Normally they attack us around the area of the head, heart, or stomach, where we store the thickest part of our energy."

"Do they attack animals, too?"

"These creatures use everything that's available, but they prefer organized awareness. They drain animals and plants in the part of their attention that is not too fixed. They even attack other inorganic beings, but they can see them and avoid them, like we avoid mosquitoes. The only ones who are completely trapped by them are human beings."

"How is it possible that all this is happening without us realizing it?"

"Because we inherit the exchange with those beings almost like a genetic condition, and it feels natural to us. When someone is born, the mother offers it like food, without realizing it, because her mind is also controlled. Baptizing the child is like signing an agreement. Starting from there, she devotes herself to install acceptable behavior patterns; she tames the child, reduces its warring side, and transforms it into a meek sheep.

"When a boy has sufficient energy to reject that imposition, but not enough to enter the path of the warrior, he becomes a rebel, or socially maladjusted.

"The flyers' advantage stems from the difference between our levels of awareness. They are very powerful and vast entities; the idea that we have of them is equivalent to the one an ant will have of us.

"However, their presence is painful and you can measure it in various ways. For example, when they provoke us into attacks of rationality or distrust, or when we are tempted to violate our own decisions. Lunatics can detect them very easily - too easily, I would say - since they feel physically how these beings settle on their shoulders, generating paranoia. Suicide is the stamp of flyers, because the flyers' mind is potentially homicidal."

"You say that it is an exchange, but what do we gain from such plunder?"

"In exchange for our energy, the flyers have given us our mind, our attachments, and our ego. For them, we are not their slaves, but a kind of salaried workers. They bestowed these privileges on a primitive race and gave us the gift of thinking, which made us evolve; indeed, they have civilized us. Would it not be for them, we would still be hiding in caves or making nests on treetops.

"The flyers control us through our traditions and customs. They are the masters of religion, the creators of history. We hear their voice on the radio and we read their ideas in the newspapers. They manage all our means of information, and our belief systems. Their strategy is magnificent. For example, there was an honest man who spoke of love and freedom; they have transformed it into self-pity and servility. They do it with everyone, even with naguals. For that reason, the work of a sorcerer is solitary.

"For millennia, flyers have concocted plans to collectivize us. There was a time when they became so shameless that they were even seen in public, and people made representations of them in stone. Those were dark times; they were everywhere. But now their strategy has become so intelligent that we don't even know they exist. In the past, they hooked us through our credulity, today, through our materialism. They are responsible for modern man's ambition not to have to think for himself; just observe how long somebody will tolerate silence!" (that is, how many people will work on quieting their inner dialogue, in making their mind silent. How many people will actually work on that continuously until they get their mind back, that is, freed from the predator?)

"Why the change in their strategy?"

"Because, at this time, they are running a great risk. Humanity is in very quick and constant contact, and information can reach anyone. Either they must fill our heads, bombarding us day and night with all kind of suggestions, or there will be some who will realize and warn the others."

"What would happen were we able to repel those entities?"

"In one week, we would recover our vitality and we would be shining again. But, as normal human beings, we cannot think about that possibility, because it would imply to go against all that is socially acceptable. Fortunately, sorcerers have one weapon: Discipline.

"The encounter with inorganic beings happens gradually. In the beginning, we don't notice them. But an apprentice begins to see them in his dreams and then while he is awake - something that can drive him crazy, when he doesn't learn how to act as a warrior. Once he understands, he can confront them.

"Sorcerers manipulate the foreign mind, turning into energy hunters. It is for that purpose my cohorts and I have designed Tensegrity exercises for the masses. They have the virtue of liberating us from the flyer's mind.

"In this sense, sorcerers are opportunists. They take advantage of the push they've been given and say to their captors: 'Thanks for everything, see you later! The agreement you made was with my ancestors, not with me'. When recapitulating their life, they are literally snatching the food out of the flyer's mouth. It is like going to the store and returning a product to the shopkeeper, demanding your money back. The inorganic beings don't like it, but they can't do anything about it.

"Our advantage is we are dispensable, there is a lot of food around! A position of total alertness, which is nothing but discipline, creates such conditions in our attention that we don't taste good any more to those beings. In that case, they turn away and leave us in peace."

This is what I meant when saying earlier there is more to it than first appears.

"I have sensed the more complicated inner undercurrents of why those predators are here imprisoning and mixing with Humans."

First I ask the question, "What is love?" Look at it from every angle. It can be either a trap or it can be freeing, is what I came up with. I read somewhere that Humans are loving and peaceful beings, that is how they started, and therefore they became easy prey for the predators who had no understanding of those concepts, feelings. So now humanity must have wisdom along with love and peace...which is what you would call being 'sharp as a serpent and meek as a lamb.' That's what I've been meditating on.

It's from this chapter, the one just before Predators of Awareness; read this VERY carefully, slowly, and think it over...you'll see what I have been seeing:

Perceptual Homogenization

That afternoon, Carlos was talking to us about certain characteristics of perception. He told us human beings have inherited from the dinosaurs the trait of seeing the sky as a blue color. On the other hand, he claimed our relatives, the primates, see it as a yellow color.

Answering a question from someone, he described the world in which we live as 'a conglomerate of interpretation units.'

Understanding that this definition was an obscure one for his listeners, he explained:
"Man belongs to the primate group. His great fortune is that he can achieve unique expressions of awareness due to his capacity for attention and analysis. However, pure perception is always interfered with by the way we interpret. Therefore, our reality molds itself to our description.

"The goal of sorcerers is to perceive all that is humanly possible. Since we cannot escape our biological condition, let us be sublime monkeys!"

"To perfect our understanding", he added, "the path of attention is all we've got."

That same night I had an opportunity to talk with him, and asked him to break his statements into smaller pieces for me. He said due to our biological condition, we all work as units of perception. And it is possible for us to make 'a miracle of attention: 'Perceptual homogenization'.

"What does 'units of perception' mean?" I asked.

"It means that, since we are autonomous beings, our perception could also be autonomous. But it is not, because by coming to an agreement with our fellow men, we all perceive the same thing. That extraordinary ability, which began as a voluntary consent aimed at survival, has ended up tying us to our own descriptions"

He affirmed the flow of the Eagle's emanations is continually new and disconcerting, but we don't see it because we live three steps removed from the real world: Our innate sensitivity, our biological interpretation, and our social agreement. Those steps do not happen simultaneously, but their speed is superior to anything we can consciously determine; because of that, we take for a fact the world we perceive.
(that is, those steps move faster than the intellect can keep up with. As Gurdjieff's teachings show us, the instincts and the feelings are the fastest. The intellect and moving center the slowest. So figure out what Carlos is saying here! It's brilliant. And even in Fritz Springmeier's video up top, he also noticed we have a lot to learn, therefore we can't just forget about everything like there's nothing to know. We must delve in to find knowledge, is what they're both saying, and find the truth.)

I asked him to to give an example.
He answered:
"Imagine at this moment you witness a group of the Eagle's emanations. Automatically, you transform it into something sensorial, with characteristics like brightness, sound, movement, etc. Then memory intervenes, which is under the obligation to give everything meaning, and you recognize it, for example, as another person. Lastly, your social inventory classifies it, by comparing the person with those you know; that classification allows you to identify him. Already, you are a good distance away from the real fact, which is indescribable, because it is unique.

(and it is so indescribable and unique, when you go read the Aprocyphon of John, it talks of the Mother-Father Spirit who first came out of the thought of the Virgin Spirit, and she asked for such and such beings, who were individuals, and yet, a whole flow of energy all together. She asked for example, for:
Thought and Foreknowledge, Indestructibility, Eternal Life, Truth
...."This is the pentad of the Aeons of the Father, who is the first Human, the image of the invisible Spirit. This is Pronoia, namely: Barbelo, Thought, Foreknowledge, Indestructibility, Eternal Life, and Truth. This is the androgynous pentad of the Aeons which is the decad of Aeons, the Father."

And then "his only offspring, the only-begotten of the Father, the pure light" had asked "to be given a fellow worker, which is Mind." So when Carlos here talks about "Memory" he is talking about a being, a person who is called Memory, and this memory he talks of, "intervenes and is under the obligation to give everything meaning"...fascinating! Do you see how brilliant those sorcerers are?) [So to use our great Mind...what do you think those "alien" forces are made up of? When The Great Light Elelith was, out of it was Sophia and her mate. But instead of creating with her mate, she went against him and the Virginal Spirit, she created alone. She created in a different place. This place. Hahaha. Then later when Man was complete, it was announced here. So there are elements, and there is Sophia. Put those two together and you kind of get a chaotic mess, with it being cunning. What have you come up with?]

"The same thing happens with everything we see. Our comprehension is the result of a long process of purifications or skimmings', as Don Juan called them. We skim everything, and in that way we modify the world that surrounds us to such an extent there is very little left of the original. Although this situation helps us to live under better conditions, it also enslaves us to our own creation, and makes us predictable.

"When we homogenize our assemblage points, the only things we allow ourselves to perceive are those which do not go against our preconceived idea of the world. We are like horses who after learning a path can no longer enjoy their freedom; all they do is to repeat a pattern. That homogeneity is frightful, it is too much. Start thinking!  Something is missing!"

He maintained that any preconceived idea, even something as simple as the names we give things, keeps us tied to reason, because it forces us to create mechanisms of judgement.

"For example, when you say: 'I believe in God', in fact you are saying: 'They told men certain ideas and I have chosen to adopt them; now I even kill for them'. Then you are not the one who decides! It is the other, the implanted judgement.

"The ideal thing is that you determine your life starting from your own experience. When your belief takes something away from you, beware! Everything that doesn't make you free, enslaves you.

"Being focused on a particular aspect of the human inventory has two effects: it turns us into specialists in our field, but, at the same time, it will fossilize the energy conduits, which will then only react to certain stimuli, saturating our self with ideas and opinions.

"A warrior cannot have the luxury of following people's ways, nor can he be a reactionary, because his freedom means to exercise other alternatives."

I asked him which alternatives he meant, but he gave me a pat on the shoulder and told me that it was too late. "We will continue another day."

Monday, November 14, 2011


   The greatest grievance of humanity, and some other alien species, is self-importance.

Excerpted from "Encounters With The Nagual: Conversations With Carlos Castaneda" by Armando Torres:

"The path which transforms an ordinary human being into a warrior is very arduous. Our
sensation of being at the center of everything, and the need to always have the last word, is
forever getting in the way. We feel important. And when one is important, any intent to
change is a slow, complicated and painful process."

For example, would mankind to be created in the image of God which makes him to worship himself so much, then what the heck does he need to eat plants for? And what the heck does he need to have pets for? Would them, plants and animals, not be created in the image of God too, then why the cohabitation, why communicate with them? Shouldn't you isolate yourself and put yourself on a large pedestal away from everyone else so that you can be admired for your self? I mean, that's what it sounds like. Selfish unthinking self-worship. Plants and animals too were created by the same God who created everything else.

It's time to let go of self-importance since it was taught to us by some extraterrestrial beings who were doing it themselves, and look at all the wars that came out of it. That teaching is a false one, and needs to be discarded. Everything is created in the image of God and everything needs to be understood and respected. Knowledge is a very important thing to acquire. It sets you free from ignorance. Get Knowledge!

"After experimenting for millennia with situations that alter our ways of perceiving the world,
the sorcerers from ancient Mexico discovered a portentous fact: We are not forced to live in a
single reality, because the universe is constructed according to very fluid principles which can
accommodate almost infinite forms, producing countless ranges of perception."

"Of all the gifts we have received, self-importance is the cruelest. It converts a magical, vivid
creature into a poor, arrogant, graceless devil."


Sunday, November 13, 2011

4th Density Awareness

Since we haven't been taught, nor have we been learning on our own time, generally, what the magical side of life is all about, I've decided to do some research to help comprehend the place beyond this place.

Here is my short personal story. Tim and I went to a restaurant then stopped in at a bar on Friday night. We left early and went to where the truck was parked. We both saw the large train caboose in the gardens on the river, a show piece from older days, now just a decoration. We both looked at the same time and saw the same thing. There was a reflection of light which made it appear as though someone had turned the lights on in the train. It appeared to have two large windows and you could see inside of it, that there were a couple of tables in a small room. When I saw it I thought there must have been some kids who got inside and were turning the lights on because the lights turned on, stayed on for a while, then turned off and turned back on again instantly, and were on for a short while.

I said to Tim did you see that? He did. I went to go over there, but he seemed frightened a little bit. He said he was going to get the truck and he'll meet me there. I went over to the train and saw there were no such windows. There was only a small tiny window at the engineer's area, and the whole thing had been what we call an illusion. But we both saw it. That is from 4th density. I got in the the truck and we left.

I'm an artist and so I see deeper than most into the surrounding 'physical' reality. When I look at the surface, I don't just see what is there, I also see what shapes the structure. I see energy alive. It's like the molecules are worked by not only third density to create what we see, but also there are other's who inhabit the exact same territory, at the same time. It's a different reality. When I look and see faces on the wall for example, then I begin looking around, I can see faces everywhere, which opens up my mind to a different reality. So now I am aware of two realities interposed within one another. I can communicate with them in their reality and with those here in this reality. But it has to be consciously done. You first have to recognize it's there before you can partake in it. That's my explanation for a 4th density experience.

[Later today: Strange...when I was closing the curtains this evening, I heard a ringing sound like a telephone from the 1920's. Just one "rrrrrrriiiiing." It sounded distant and yet right there in the house. I never heard that here before. And immediately it reminded me of that train I saw on Friday. When I was going to explain it to myself, I made myself to say that it reminded me of what the phones sounded like in....the 1970's. Why would I say something like that, when I know I heard what I heard? Perhaps it has something to do with a past life, and I'm making comparisons to this life?]

[And today, Monday November 14, 2011, I was thinking about this incident because there is so much more to it than meets the eye. It's like when I look at an alien sighting in a video, I must go over and over that video in order to fully see what is there. So in my mind I went over and over the incident above. What I remember is seeing exactly two large windows with a room lit up inside. Tables, wall on the other side. Things that make up a live picture. Then the lights flickered off but turned back on and stayed on. Then when I asked Tim whether he saw that or not, he said yes, and then the lights turned off again. I said I was going to investigate because I wanted to know who was doing that, because that caboose is a beautiful structure and I would to keep it maintained as a beautiful structure. So it was my duty to go inspect to see who was playing around in that train-caboose. Responsibility you see? Well at the moment I said I was going to look at it up close, Tim got frightened and said that it's only the reflection of light shining from the street and he went to the truck saying he'll meet me there. As I was walking toward that train, I saw a reflection off the street, but that was a reflection. It shone on the train and I could see the flat black with the large screw covers on the train's metal framework. That perhaps, out of Tim's mind showed up because he was afraid to face what had been shown to us, so the spirit made a reflection to come upon the train soon after that experience so Tim could hold on to his frightened idea so he doesn't have to face what was shown. I on the other hand saw that last reflected light as exactly that. A veil covering the first vision which was clear. So would anyone to doubt their own self, that is their problem. I know what I saw and the whole thing fits.]

Tim was being timid. From "Encounters with the Nagual":

"Don Juan claimed that what limits human perception is timidity. To be able to manage the
world which surrounds us, we have had to give up our perceptual gift; that is, the possibility
of witnessing everything. We sacrifice the flight of awareness in exchange for the security of
the known. We can live strong, audacious, healthy lives; we can be impeccable warriors; but
we don't dare!"

But Wait! Tim may have been timid for a very good purpose! The more I think about this, the more answers come to me. He was cautious not fearful. And I sensed that something. I must be cautious myself. All these signs are coming through as messages. There is a train track just down the street from where I live and the trains can be heard from here, and even felt sometimes. I hear their whistle sometimes, when they must cross the street they warn traffic of their coming through, by the whistle. The ring. That movie. The bell. The telephone. The whistle. The warning.

When I was in Toronto at the age of 21, my friend Tony from Windsor had a dream and called me to warn me. He said I was in the dream. Tony is the guy who had an interestingly strange experience with a few friends one night when a person in their group became possessed. They were seeing strange things occur like markings show up on that persons body. They called their parents but their parents were not paying attention for some reason or other so they were left to deal with the situation themselves. When I first met Tony it was through John, a guy I went to school with. When he introduced us, of course I was already interested in the occult and had been reading up on it for a long time, so when Tony told me this story, I was interested in being a friend. When I went to Toronto, he called me one day, a month before a weird experience, to tell me he had a strange dream of something rolling down a hill, a black box, and it was coming my way, he called to warn me to be careful.

A month later it happened. It was a Saturday in August. I was reading playing cards all day seeing everyone's I knew future or whatever I could see out of these playing cards which I had just bought that day and decided to spend learning how to do this. It was about 8 or 9 o'clock pm when I began to hear what sounded like boom-boom, boom-boom, under the house. There was no subway under this area of HighPark. I had never heard that sound before. It was as though a train was moving under the house. It went on for some time. Then at around 9:30pm I heard two cats screaming like a cat fight. I was rooting for a cat to win, just for the fun of it, because I think maybe I was getting bored playing those cards. But suddenly something way too freaky happened and I knew it was a frightening situation. The two cats screaming turned into the sound of metal screeching against metal. The air felt electric and staticky. Like it was thick. And this metal against metal noise turned into the sounds of animals, like a bird screeching, and a pig squeeling, a horse neighing, and elephant sounding, a bear growling, and all kinds of other exotic animal sounds. In the middle of those animal sounds was the sound of a male voice crying. He was crying so hard I could hear his vocal chord trembling strongly. And all this was happening in my very backyard.

The weird sounds started approximately 10 o'clock at night. I made certain to check the time. I had went out into the back the moment I heard the first part of the sounds. I saw two cats, a black one and a white one. They were on other ends of the yard. I looked at both of them and they both looked at me and at the tree from where that sound had been coming from. Their fur was standing on end. And they bolted once I looked at them. I was half way down the stairs thinking to go look around. But the noise was so loud, and the only thing moving in the whole evening air was one branch near the bottom of the evergreen tree at the end of the backyard where I was.

As I was thinking to go over to the tree, while standing on the stairs and taking a slow step down, I had then remembered, out of the blue, that call from Tony. Ring-ring. Tony's dream warning me. As soon as I remembered this, I turned around and went back inside. I said to myself I think I should do like the cats did and get out of here. Probably they were giving me that message. It was like they were both there with the same thought, and it wasn't because of some cat fight, it was because of the possibly dangerous situation in the backyard, just a few feet from where I stood on the stairs. All night that very ugly, loud and totally strange sound was going on. Even at 3 in the morning. In the earlier part of the night when I became unnerved by that sound, I wanted to get rid of it. I didn't have a t.v. but I had a radio. So I turned on the radio and the first thing the FM station picked up was the sound of metal screeching against metal. It really freaked me out. I kept changing the stations until I got to a Pink Floyd song, "Wish You Were Here." Hahaa. It was so strange I just turned the radio off and put up with the sounds from the backyard. A little later I heard some lady on the other side of the street from my backyard talking to the thing making those noises. She didn't sound like she was having any luck calming it down. I went to look out the window and these people all had on long black gowns with a red colour at the collar area. They all came out of that house and I watched them as they all disappeared into the park across the street. I lived right across from High Park on Ellis street.

Anyway, the point of this is, that train sound under the house before the sounds started. The ring was the call a month ahead of time from Tony, warning me to be careful. Tim was telling me that light in the train caboose was only a reflection and when I wanted to go take a closer look at it, he declined and went to the truck instead of coming with me. Lately I've been hearing some unusual sounds coming from the ether. I keep running outside to see whether it's coming from outside but it's not. So tonight I heard what sounded like those strange sounds people were hearing all over the Earth and when I ran outside I found that it was the sound of the train just down the street. And when I realized that those sounds I had been hearing had interposed themselves into the sound of the real train going down the tracks, then I remembered that experience I had in Toronto and I think that all this is warning me as to who those strange sounds all over the Earth are actually coming from. And therefore, just as Tim had warned me in the way he declined to go there...I think that would be telling me, would I to, or when I am to hear that sound coming from anywhere, then I am to not bother with it, to keep my distance. That's it. That's the message I've been picking up, which is why I couldn't stop thinking of that incident. It's a warning. Thank you!

[Back to the subject. Today is Wednesday November 16, 2011. Yesterday, Tuesday night, Tim and I went to Papa Cheney's on Riverside Dr. We sat at the table where we could see out across the river and I could see the caboose. I asked Tim again whether he saw it and he said yes. I asked what do you think it was? And he said it could be anything. At the end of the sentence naming a few things off he said it could be paranormal. And I said well where did that light reflect from? He said it was coming from off the GM tower in Detroit. I had never thought that! And I said maybe there are ghosts over there and they communicated over here? He told me about a story that someone in his family had told him. He said in the 1920's they didn't have a bridge but they had a ferry boat which took people across the river. A couple guys he said came over to meet a couple girls in Windsor. They got really drunk and so on their way back home, it was winter and the river was frozen, they decided to drive across the river on the ice. Half way through the one guy heard the ice cracking and told the guy to 'slam' it. So the guy driving put the pedal to the metal and they sped across. They made it. We laughed about it. But we talked more and thought perhaps there were others who had the same idea and didn't make it. Maybe this area is haunted by all of them?

Oh and Tim said he only saw one large window. Whereas I saw two windows.]

Here is a link which describes the ego compared to the real mind:

Consciousness As Seer

And more links:

Accelerating World Events Are Assisting in the Shift of Human Consciousness

Arrival at your Destination

Encounters with the Nagual: Conversations with Carlos Castaneda by Armando Torres -pdf

Excerpt from Encounters with the Nagual:

   "In my quest for answers, I had looked into various spiritual traditions and wanted to find a teacher. But, from the very beginning, Carlos was very clear in this respect: "I don't promise anything," he said; "I am not a guru. Freedom is an individual choice, and each one of us must assume the responsibility of fighting for it."

In one of the first talks I attended, he severely criticized the kind of human idolatry that induces us to follow others, and to expect ready-made answers from them. He said this attitude is a remnant of our herd mentality.

"Whoever sincerely wants to penetrate the teachings of sorcerers does not need guides. It is sufficient to have a genuine interest - and guts of steel. He will, by himself, find everything he needs through an unbending intent."


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Very Strange Alien Sounds Heard In Sky Throughout Earth

Something strange happening in 2011....

In video number 22, the lady in Florida asks "what is this loud noise?" I think I know after watching this many videos. It's a bunch of very large UFO Alien Ships. And they're communicating through sound to each other. And being a pain to the rest of us. Why do I suppose this? Because they are coming from the air not from the ground, even though they may be underground as well, seeing how many underground tunnels and cities have been built into this planet...but they are in the air since everyone senses it from there, and because they have come from a different star system. The lady knows what a hurricane sounds like, and that is what she thought it was. But there was no wind. It is the atmosphere, air, ether. Then just after that flash of light showed, the sound stopped. Which means the ship/beings manifested elsewhere. It disappeared from the area.

The sounds as I listened to them throughout the videos, remind me of 4th density. I've been listening to a lot of possession videos, and bigfoot videos, and watching ghost videos. All of those things have a basis in 4th density. So you have the third density where our acoustics are just from one source, whereas the acoustics from 4th density have multiple sounds which blend in together. Like a group of beings all in the same boat, cloud, circle, like psychic connection. Like the voice of the bigfoot, they're very much from 4th as well as being on 3rd density. I could hear the way they communicate. It's a group instead of individual separated from one another. Something like that. It's difficult to describe. Like Chris Thomas said, we don't have the vocabulary. This is the Nagual side. The tonal is the reasoning side. Not much to say about the Nagual. It's speechless. It demonstrates instead of speaks or is spoken of. Like dancing. How do you describe what it's like to dance?

Yea. The Cassiopaeans, from Laura Knight's studies, have told us, a large number of huge space ships from the Lizard beings are coming at this time, between 2011 and 2012, and on their ships they have those bigfoot type beings who they use as slave workers. They pop in and out of this place. Teleportation. That's what I think is going on. They've poked through our atmosphere. Time traveled. They make themselves invisible, and they hide within cloud structures from what I've noticed, when they're visible, that is. When you watch video number 12, you can see how the extraterrestrial moves. It's jittery, quck moving, from a fourth dimension of physics, uses light, looks any size it wants to be, large or small. It is energy with some kind of awareness, but different from our energy/awareness as humans. It is what don Juan called the inorganic beings. That's what I perceive.

 What can you do? Don't have any fear. Have joy. Those emotions/feelings/thoughts are energies. And everything works on energy.

Author, Spiritual teacher, reader of the Akashic, Gary Bonnell has been presented with some kind of information from the Akashic. He isn't into aliens, ufo's or conspiracy, so this makes it very unusual that he was approached in the Akashic with this info. I was given permission to show this to you all, from:

Off-World Alien Announcement
by Gary Bonnell » Sun Apr 10, 2011

"....The off-world aliens that long ago visited Earth have once again arrived. I did not look for this info, it was presented to me. The gist of what was given:

In the very near future there will be a collective event that will indicate their presence to all life simultaneously. This simultaneous format is being used so that no one peoples, or class of peoples will be able to claim a special relationship with those who will be announcing their arrival. These aliens are not from any of the systems often written about; they come from a system of stars hidden behind what we call Orion. Their mode of travel is unlike anything we have considered: they have the ability to take on the inherent qualities of all adjacent energy forms, moving through space/time as they ‘morph.’ Their velocity has to do with ‘minusing’ time.

They will cause a three-dimensional holographic image of our solar system to appear in our atmosphere. It will show earth with its moon as the third position from the sun – as we all know it to be. This will signal their intention as having predetermined Earth as their destination, as opposed to just happening upon us out here in the middle of nowhere. This event will either be done as a manipulation within our atmosphere or as a mass psychic impression, it’s simply not easy to tell the difference in how they will do this.

They will appear in the image of us with the one exception: they will have a translucent like quality to the substance of their bodies. Their intelligence is unrecognizable – meaning, they will find a manner with which to communicate with us, we will not be able to knowingly communicate with them. Once they have quickly learned our communication forms, we will begin to know their history with us as they directly relate how they first encountered and slightly manipulated human forms to allow souls to inhabit dimensional reality.

This is the same off-world group that inspired humanity toward impressions of a greater reality.



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      I found another video that shows how the inorganic being moves!
      (For some reason the video starts near the end, so make sure you start it  from the beginning
       otherwise you'll miss the whole structure of the alien when it starts moving back and
       forth real fast in the tall grass.)


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45  Sasquatch Vocalizations: Clips from the Berry/Morehead Recordings

Very Strange Phenomena Happening.

Something Wrong With The Sun Moon & Earth




Strange Phenomena of All Kinds - Thus Far in 2011 - Sep. 24, 2011

alien grabs boys arm slow mo flv

two people get attacked by alien

Ghost caught on tape during radiation leak testing in old Japan WWII tunnels

Japanese ghost: the haunted hospital (FULL FOOTAGE)

10  Странное явление в лесной роще Ravenholm

11  Weird CLOUD falls To The GROUND.


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21  Strange rotating cloud over Canada !!

22  Lightning Over Montreal - July 21

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25  UFO light caught on camera in Faroe Islands


27  'Mile-wide UFO' spotted by British airline pilot

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29  UFO Fake Plane!! Orb Division - Real Life Transformers!!! Believe Your Own Eyes!

30  UFO -- Luminus entity enjoys local tree habitat.

31  UFO Morphing Object Seen Again! -- Possibly Chemtrail Related

32  UFO Close Up!!!! Sparkling! Pops up about 70 feet away!!! A close encounter!!!


From Earthfiles.com 

                "Some suggest there is a war going on below our feet, possibly with aliens."

Subject: Earthquakes in Central Oklahoma. Date: September 30, 2011
To: Linda Moulton Howe <earthfiles@earthfiles.com>

You're aware Oklahoma averages about six seismic events a year, but has had more than 900 in the past approximately 30 months. They've all been single spike events and look like detonations on the seismograph. I heard only one, it sounded like an extremely energetic explosion that I could locate precisely although it was 20 miles away and miles underground.

I wrote on a TV station bulletin board over two years ago that I considered these were underground detonations and not earthquakes and gave support for the idea. I was immediately banned from posting. I wrote a note to the morning news show about it, and the girl handling it said she would henceforth ignore my notes. There is an asserted effort to squelch discussion of the topic, whatever it might be, on local news blogs and message boards.

I'd heard for decades rumors there is an elaborate, secret-military, deep underground facility and tunnel system below Oklahoma City. I never believed it until all this started happening. Some suggest there is a war going on below our feet, possibly with aliens. See how that compares with these accounts of the earthquakes in Virginia and elsewhere:

6 Strange Anomalies With The Virginia Earthquake

Seismic evidence reveals underground nuclear detonation south of Washington DC.

They are similar -not preceded by tremors or followed by aftershocks. Why all the concern someone might discuss this? In that earthquakes are not visually observable, one theory is as good as another. The lay of the land in Oklahoma City strongly suggests there is a large underground, engineered space that is probably ancient in origin, and that's what the legends told here suggest."

The World Has Now Changed For the Better!

Deep Underground Military Bases

More Explosions As US Military Races To Destroy Globalists' Underground Havens.

The Fall of the Illuminati Appears Near

The PowDer Elite....from dust to dust.

"....the events were, in fact, a final warning to the elites in D.C. that their days are numbered.
“’They have now been warned…they went over the line’..."


Friday, November 4, 2011

Some Perception On Christ vs Jesus

We need to question everything. We've been told mostly only lies. So why stay in slavery to lies? Question everything.                      

"When they don't understand mind control, they are not going to understand what's happening in their backyard or in their schools or in their churches or in politics. They need to understand how they have been totally controlled from the cradle themselves -- that most everything they have been told is a lie."

Why would someone in high spiritual advancement, glory in the gory?

What? To satisfy your lust for blood?

Because the foreign installment which don Juan talked about is alien. And when I was ignorant of it, I wondered why I enjoyed the look of blood, the colour red. I didn't have any desire to gaze at an accident, though. In fact I always walked away from a scene, never bothering to crowd round it like many others did. It was something inside me. And I could never figure it out. Until I realized what don Juan was talking about, and what David Icke was talking about.

I sense a lie out of this Jesus crucifiction story. Did someone hate spirituality so much they made a story up that they killed spirituality, through an icon called Jesus? Then what they're teaching is fear. The opposite of spirituality.

They want to so frighten humanity from loving one another, they cunningly showed a person called Jesus who had all the love there ever could be for humanity and murdered him. The subtle message in there is, whoever models this behavior will be murdered as well. Hence, spreading fear covertly. People seem frightened to love one another.

I feel the story is not true. It was all made up just like religion and taught to you like Santa Claus is force fed to little children to make them be nice instead of naughty so they get all those wonderful material gifts at christmas time.

What does it mean, Christ? Christed? I perceive it to be like a crown to a high spiritual knowing, meaning fullness, fulfillment. The Mind was meant to be used. It is the Crown on the head of Man. The Spirit is the Mind. Christed.

It's inside of you, not outside. Why do humans need kings? Because they're force fed that they are idiots and they'll be persecuted when they don't act like idiots, by the ill-uminati who created kings above them to manipulate them and make them follow like sheep to their slaughter house where the illuminati feed. They are manipulated by the 'kings' and their 'kingdoms,' to continue being slaves without thought, without questioning...blind faith they have you believe in. And so Jesus the King of the Jews.

Blood. Slaughter. Obey.

O.K.? Don't obey. Think for yourselves as well. Don't take my ideas for your answers. Find  your own.


They like to create drama in which to immerse the human mind in, so that it forgets itself and becomes a slave to the promptings they lay at your face. They work both sides and make you to think they are only on one side...whichever side that is to you, well that's just fine, as long as you never figure out they work both sides to keep your energy level where they can feed off it. For example, from Michael Tsarion's book:

"In the ancient Ramayana, there is mention of an iron thunderbolt capable of killing hundreds of thousands
of humans. It was also said to be so powerful that it could have destroyed the Earth. These weapons could only be used by royal decree. There are even passages where it mentions the fact that the weapon was used as retaliation for the other side using it first."

Revenge is not Christ-like. It's a low form of energy. When one masters oneself, they don't need to use revenge. Hence, the aliens are fighting each other and trying to teach man that it's perfectly alright. Bloodshed and more blind bloodshed.

From "The Active Side Of Infinity," don Juan teaches that they stimulate dramas in your life so you respond with full negative energy, on which they feed:

"He said that the glowing coat of awareness was what the predators consumed, and when a human being reached adulthood, all that was left of that glowing coat of awareness was a narrow fringe that went from the ground to the top of the toes. That fringe permitted mankind to continue living, but only barely.

As though I had been in a dream, I heard don Juan Matus explaining, to his knowledge, man was the only species that had the glowing coat of awareness outside that luminous cocoon. Therefore, he became easy prey for an awareness of a different order, such as the heavy awareness of the predator.

He then made the most damaging statement he had made so far. He said that this narrow fringe of awareness was the epicenter of self-reflection where man was irremediably caught. By playing on our self-reflection, which is the only point of awareness left to us, the predators create flares of awareness that they proceed to consume in a ruthless, predatory fashion. They give us inane problems that force those flares of awareness to rise, and in this manner they keep us alive in order for them to be fed with the energetic flare of our pseudoconcerns."

They feed on man's energy, as well as his flesh and blood.
U Know?

A second thing I noticed is, there is nothing TO die for. Unless you're glorifying death and misleading humans into perceiving death is the only way, so you can be master over them and feed off them, of course. When the Mother-Father visited humans in their prisons, ie, their physical bodies, she told them the way back from where they came is the same way they first got here. Jesus on the cross is MEANT to deceive you to keep you prisoner here. How does that story deceive you? It makes your mind dependent on someone else, who doesn't have the answer. Only you have the answer and it is inside you, not outside you. There are no teachers or rulers or kings like the so-called Jesus of the bible that will save you. It is up to you to look UP. Find out who you are and remember where you originally came from. Don Juan spoke of the luminous being that we all are. That's a good start.

"You're very well loved, remember that." This is a message I've been given to tell you.

In Stevan Davies translation, in:              "The Providence Hymn"

I am the Providence of everything.
I became like my own human children.

I existed from the first.
I walked down every possible road.

I am the wealth of the light.
I am the remembering of the fullness.

I walked into the place of greatest darkness and on down.
I entered the central part of the prison. 

The foundations of chaos quaked. 

I hid because of their evil.
            They did not recognize me. 

I came down a second time
            continuing on. 

I emerged from among those of light
I am the remembering of Providence 

I entered the middle of darkness,
            The inner part of the underworld
            To pursue my mission.

The foundations of chaos quaked.
            Threatening to collapse upon all who were there
            And utterly destroy them 

I soared upward again
            To my roots in light
            So as not to destroy them all yet. 

I descended a third time.

I am light
I am dwelling in light
I am the remembering of Providence 

I entered the midst of darkness
I came to the deepest part of the underworld. 

I let my face light up
            Thinking of the end of their time
I entered their prison
            The body is that prison 

I cried out:
            “Anyone who hears,
              Rise up from your deep sleep!” 

And the sleeping one awoke and wept
            Wiping bitter tears saying
            “Who calls me?”
            “Where has my hope come from
                          As I lie in the depths of this prison?” 

“I am the Providence of pure light,” I replied,
“I am the thought of the Virgin Spirit
            Raising you up to an honored place.
            Rise up!
Remember what you have heard.
            Trace back your roots
To me.
            The merciful one.
Guard against the poverty demons.
Guard against the chaos demons.
Guard against all who would bind you.
            Stay awake!
            Rise out of the depths of the underworld! 

I raised him up
I sealed him with the light/water of the five seals.
Death had no power over him ever again. 

I ascend again to the perfect realm.
I completed everything and you have heard it.”


"Guard against all who would bind you."
What did they do to Jesus on the cross? They bound him.
Wake up. Listen to Mother-Father who is the thought of the Virgin Spirit. Unbind yourselves.

Here is an excerp from Michael Tsarions book "Atlantis, Alien Visitation, and Genetic Manipulation," from chapter ten. Link to pdf book is in "Question Everything!

"We are told by the religions that man has two natures, good and evil. One is then compelled to ask why God would instill such propensities in his own creations who are made in his image?

We read that God created man and woman. This implies that God is not man or woman “himself.” Yet, consistently, the post-diluvian religions all over the globe, constantly depicted and referred to God as male? They do this even when, in the case of Hebrew, the name for deity is of feminine gender.

We are told that man was not originally evil. He became that way after the disobedience of Eve in the Garden. Why would God create something born in his image and then deny him some aspect of knowledge and then even banish him from paradise after it had been received?

We must also ask why God would condemn his creations for something that was not a conscious transgression? Why the tests imposed on those who must already be innocent in nature?

Then we are told that the parents sinned, only after they fell under the influence of the evil one, Satan. So we ask, why would God allow his newly created beings to be in the proximity of this “evil one?”

Who created the serpent?

~Nowhere in the Genesis account is there any mention, direct or indirect, of Satan’s involvement, and yet it has become common practice for the Church to portray the serpent as anemissary of  Satan, or even as Satan himself. (Laurence Gardener)

Why would God himself know evil, before man was even created, unless God had already brought evil into the world?

Why, as we read in the Book of Job, would God give Satan, a being that cannot be trusted, the right to test Job? Why would God not already know whether Job was a true servant or not. Is there a limit to the omnipresence of Jehovah?

One cannot also conceive of the reason for the existence of any being, like Satan, who has no good in him at all. What would be the point of creating such a being, or in sending him to test those who themselves must be morally pure?

If Satan could even have the ability to aspire toward supreme Godhead, and if there are hierarchies of angels, etc., then perhaps God can indeed be surpassed? What are we to make of this?

We find that Jehovah told a lie. Eve did eat of the prohibited “tree,” but did not, as was warned, die. So how and why would a God that puts such currency in morality tell lies?

God promised Noah after the Flood that he would never visit the world with like calamity again...but there have been innumerable devastations unleashed on earth, which taken together would rival and even surpass the horror and death-toll of a prehistoric aeon.

Why does God create mankind and then lamenting his great evil nature proceed to destroy all his creations? Why not confine the act to mankind alone? And would it not have been simpler to create man and, thereafter, not expose him to sin?

If it is true, as the Bible declares and theologians state that the “sin” involved Adam and Eve being made conscious of their “nakedness,” does this mean that God and the Serpent and the others that were around were clothed?

We read that Cain after slaying Abel is banished forever by the Lord, but is then endowed with the “mark” to prevent anyone from slaying him. But why would the Lord want Cain’s life spared?

How would anyone know Cain’s past deeds and want to kill him?

And how could any “mark” matter one way or another?

Is there a mark that denotes that one has committed fratricide? And furthermore, who would be in the
position to kill Cain, since he and his parents were, supposedly, the only beings alive in Creation?

We read that when Moses encounters Jehovah at the “Burning Bush” God tells his prophet that He is the “God of Thy Fathers.” How can this be? And what does it mean?

Moreover, why does Moses ask to know God’s name, if the “Chosen People,” the Israelites, already knew it?

Among the many Commandments that were levied by Jehovah was one categorically forbidding “magical” practices by any of the “Chosen.” Why, in this case, were Moses and Aaron doing the “rod and snake” trick in front of the Pharaoh and his priests?

Where do the exceptions begin and end?

Why does Jehovah, who commissioned Moses to secure the freedom of the “Chosen People,” then continually “harden Pharaoh’s heart” to prevent their easy release? Does this not smack more of human politics?

Why is it that we read of Jesus experiencing Baptism from John? Why would the sinless son of God need to go through a ritual that is reserved for the sinners seeking repentance and conversion?

Jesus openly rebuked all public prayer. So why was this made the staple thing in later Christianity?

There is no precedence for celibacy in the Bible, so why did this become vogue in Christianity?

And what of the character of Jesus?

We are told that he is the embodiment of love,compassion, and forgiveness. But we read of him turning over tables, talking about bringing a sword rather than peace, and stating in Luke: But those mine enemies which would not that I reign over them, bring hither and slay before me...
And regarding the mission, destiny, and message of Christ, why would God send his son, a pure soul, into the so-called vale of death to rise again from that state back to the godhead that he already once enjoyed?

Was this necessary for the simple transmission of a spiritual message?

What would be the purpose of such an exercise?

What does it say about the omnipotence of the God of the Testaments?

If paradise could be lost once and then regained, what is to prevent the scenario repeating ad infinitum?

And what of the character of Yahweh (Jehovah)? Is there not inconsistency there also?

If he, Jehovah, is in reality the only God or the only real God, then why the constant remonstrations about worshipping other gods? What would Jehovah have to fear?

Is it the free will of people that is remonstrated against?

According to conventional interpretations, does he not banish Satan and human sinners to perpetual agony in hell?

Satan could not be the creator of hell, for nowhere does it say that he was, and if he was, why would he stay in it?

Is Jehovah not the creator of both evil and hell? Nowhere in the text does it state the contrary. And if God is good, why send any of his creations to everlasting perdition for any reason?

Why not just destroy that entity, since, according to Genesis, this is what was done to the first creation. Surely, this would be less misery to the wretch. God condemns eternally and his mortal creations suffer interminably for the slightest moral deviation or infraction?

So we ask, who is evil, the one who acts it out, or the one who created the propensity in the first place?

Does it not seem strange that the God who promised to take care of all his people and never bring another deluge would be so conspicuously absent during all the subsequent horrors of history?

So it goes on and on throughout the Bible text. No wonder that Pliny the Younger when asked by the Emperor Trajan about Christianity replied that it was a:

~...degenerate sort of cult taken to extravagant lengths.

~I do not believe in the creed professed by the Jewish church, by the Roman church, by the
Greek church, by the Turkish church, by the Protestant church, nor by any church that I
know of... Each of those churches accuse the other of unbelief; and for my own part, I disbelieve
them all. (Thomas Paine)

~I have examined all the known superstitions of the world, and I do not find in our particular
superstition of Christianity one redeeming feature. They are all alike founded on fables and
mythology. Millions of innocent men, women and children, since the introduction of Christianity,
have been burnt, tortured, fined and imprisoned. What has been the effect of this
coercion? To make one-half the world fools and the other half hypocrites; to support roguery
and error all over the earth. (Thomas Jefferson)

~The clergy converted the simple teachings of Jesus into an engine for enslaving mankind and
adulterated by artificial constructions into a contrivance to filch wealth and power to themselves...
these clergy, in fact, constitute the real Anti-Christ. (Thomas Jefferson)

~What influence in fact have Christian ecclesiastical establishments had on civil society? In
many instances they have been upholding the thrones of political tyranny. In no instance
have they been seen as the guardians of the liberties of the people. Rulers who wished to subvert
the public liberty have found in the clergy convenient auxiliaries. A just government,
instituted to secure and perpetuate liberty, does not need the clergy.
(President James Madison)

Here are some excerpts from a gnostic writing called:

"The foolish - thinking in their heart that when they confess, "We are Christians," in word only (but) not with power, while giving themselves over to ignorance, to a human death, not knowing where they are going nor who Christ is, thinking that they will live, when they are (really) in error - hasten towards the principalities and authorities. They fall into their clutches because of the ignorance that is in them. For when only words which bear testimony were effecting salvation, the whole world would endure this thing and would be saved. But it is in this way that they drew error to themselves. ...
... (3 lines unrecoverable)
... they do not know that they will destroy themselves. When the Father were to desire a human sacrifice, he would become vainglorious."

"... he stood [...] they asked what they have been bound with, and how they might properly release themselves. And they came to know themselves, who they are, or rather, where they are now, and what is the place in which they will rest from their senselessness, arriving at knowledge. These Christ will transfer to the heights, since they have renounced foolishness (and have) advanced to knowledge. And those who have knowledge ..."

"Do not expect, therefore, the carnal resurrection, which is destruction; and they are not stripped of it (the flesh) who err in expecting a resurrection that is empty. They do not know the power of God, nor do they understand the interpretation of the scriptures, on account of their double-mindedness. The mystery which the Son of Man spoke about, [...], in order that [...] destroy ..."

"Those who receive him to themselves with uprightness and power and every knowledge are the ones whom he will transfer to the heights, unto life eternal.
But those who receive him to themselves with ignorance, the pleasures which are defiled prevail over them. It is those people who used to say; "God created members for our use, for us to grow in defilement, in order that we might enjoy ourselves." And they cause God to participate with them in deeds of this sort; and they are not steadfast upon the earth. Nor will they reach heaven, but [...]"

"No one knows the God of truth except solely the man who will forsake all of the things of the world, having renounced the whole place, (and) having grasped the fringe of his garment. He has set himself up as a power; he has subdued desire in every way within himself. He has [...] and he has turned to him [...], having also examined [...] in becoming [...] the mind. And he [...] from his soul [...] there [...] he has ...
... (1 line unrecoverable)
... in what way [...] the flesh which [...] in what way [...] out of it, and how many powers does he have? And who is the one who has bound him? And who is the one who will loose him? And what is the light? And what is the darkness? And who is the one who has created the earth? And who is God? And who are the angels? And what is soul? And what is spirit? And where is the voice? And who is the one who speaks? And who is the one who hears? Who is the one who gives pain? And who is the one who suffers? And who is it who has begotten the corruptible flesh? And what is the governance? And why are some lame, and some blind, and some [...], and some [...], and some rich, and some poor? And why are some powerless, some brigands? ...
... (4 lines unrecoverable)

... he having [...] as he again [...], fighting against thoughts of the archons and the powers and the demons, not giving them a place in which to rest. But he struggled against their passions [...], he condemned their error. He cleansed his soul from the transgressions which he had committed with an alien hand. He stood up, being upright within himself, because he exists in everyone, and because he has death and life within himself, and he exists in the midst of both of them. And when he had received the power, he turned towards the parts of the right, and he entered into the truth, having forsaken all things pertaining to the left, having been filled with wisdom, with counsel, with understanding, and with insight and an eternal power. And he broke open his bonds. Those who had formed the whole place, he condemned. But they did not find [...] hidden within him.

And he gave command to himself; he began to know himself and to speak with his mind, which is the father of the truth, concerning the unbegotten aeons, and concerning the virgin who brought forth the light. And he thinks about the power which flowed over the whole place, and which takes hold of him. And he is a disciple of his mind, which is male. He began to keep silent within himself until the day when he should become worthy to be received above. He rejects for himself loquacity and disputations, and he endures the whole place; and he bears up under them, and he endures all of the evil things. And he is patient with every one; he makes himself equal to every one, and he also separates himself from them. And that which someone wants, he brings to him, in order that he might become perfect (and) holy. When the [...], he grasped him, having bound him upon [...], and he was filled with wisdom. He bore witness to the truth [...] the power, and he went into Imperishability, the place whence he came forth, having left the world, which has the appearance of the night, and those that whirl the stars in it. This, therefore, is the true testimony: When man comes to know himself and God, who is over the truth, he will be saved, and he will crown himself with the crown unfading."