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Friday, April 3, 2015

Look Beyond What You Were Taught (indoctrinated with)

They brainwash you before you get here on this planet. And then when  you get here, they brainwash you some more. If you're not constantly looking behind the scene in front of you, looking inside to how you feel, how others feel, then you're just stuck on a pirates plank of static thinking, which is what was brainwashed into you.

For example, my brother when he was younger, thought that men were superior to women because that's what his dad taught him (the idiot that was my father who learned that from the roman catholic garbage). So he went about in life with this image in his mind where his nose was up above the females heads that were all around him, and he thought he was better than women. But later in his life when he started to see some life around him, he began to doubt what was taught him. He started to see that it was wrong, that women and men were equal. He told me this story a couple years ago, after our two sisters had passed away and all we had was each other to communicate with.

So you can see, in this video below, how people are so brainwashed to think only one way, that when the children have an experience, that is, seeing ufo's flying through the sky, then everyone out there who hadn't seen them starts to put them down, laugh at them, tell them they're imagining things, without even thinking without even looking any deeper than their pirates plank of static vision, they crush all those children around them, debilitating them, just because they're too lazy to look past the bullshit that has been brainwashed into them...they'd rather hold onto their fragile ego than to have any communication with any real person around them. They live in a fake world where the fake thoughts in their head rule their fake surface, which is their ego, and they hold onto that ego like it's some diamond, when in reality, it's the garbage that has been implanted into them, but they're too imbecile to look, to make distinctions, to ask themselves questions and get themselves free of that brainwashing.

Everything is 'touchy.' You're not going to get out of it. When you have alien beings holding you prisoner and you don't have a clue, that is touchy. Better to come out of it of your own self than have someone else bring a brickload down on your head when they do make you see it.

There are many things in life one has to be aware of, constantly. I have been discovering more and more things that I have been buried under; their attempt at not letting me see what's really there, so they build up masses of thoughts one on top of another, sometimes little details, sometimes a large story that sits there dumb in front of my face. And I have to, every single day look at these things and discern who the real me is as opposed to the lies they have implanted in my mind to deceive me with. It takes work. Other times it doesn't take work. All you have to do is listen to your intuition. When you can pay attention to your intuition so you can tell the difference between your intuition and everything else, then you are far better off than the common-(ego)-people who don't pay attention regularly. Because then you will be able to ferret out what is really going on.

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